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I wake earlier than I have in a while

before alarms or alerts, just my eyes on the sky

blooming into gradients blushing

a quietness, a peace, an evershifting artwork

is this the quiet before the storm

before the birds wake and tweet away

the uncertainty of how we’ll move through this day—

one nation, divided, into factions of various

realities cemented by our digital space

will we wake up to this earth,

rub our eyes and see the legacy of trauma

we’ve been steeping in for generations

going cold and bitter but saying: this is water.

how do we heal a body aflame

and indignant, stoking fevers only further

but to burn is not the only way through this—

to rest, to nourish, to sweat through the discomfort,

to turn off our devices and step outside

I have faith in these ways

that I heal myself and hold my heart steady

but what if their fires and rage swallow me

sitting still and upright, waiting?

will my roots anchor me through the forest fire

long enough to grow anew

will our collective pain metamorphize?

so I do all that I know how

to water my roots and ground in case of storm

holding my being ever so gently

as we ride the crashing waves of our realities

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You don’t know me, and I don’t know you

The only characteristic we share is our birth planet

Each of us is facing each other in a different view

Compared to the universe, both as insignificant as granite

Our stories not known by each other

Our pasts buried in mystery

I wonder if your family fought with one another

Is it happiness or misery that plagues your history

Well, in spite of our personal storms here we both are

So for that let me give you my respect

For regardless of your struggles you still made it this far

Though I can tell the storm is getting stronger and more direct

The buffeting wind is blowing you back

The path you’ve chosen is flowing out of your command

You can’t fight it alone, it’s not anything you lack

All you need is someone by your side, I’m begging you to take my hand

This storm is fierce, but together we can withstand it

The storm is tough, but is nothing compared to our spirit

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Desires cannot stay locked away forever. They will writhe and moan underneath all the layers you place upon them. They will slip out in dream, in conversation, passing them off with a subtle smile. To conceal them is to torment them, to stoke this fire which will inevitably burst forth. Oh how I long to be there. When it is all stripped away and your soul is laid bare, naked and yearning for what it truly wants. ~ B.T.

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i miss it when times were simpler and growing old didn’t feel so wrong

am i even making sense anymore

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you always protected

and cared more 

for those forsaken four walls

than me

and so i hope

for it all to perish to ash

for you to finally see

all the importance

which once stood beneath

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I dream of a world in which we no longer

need to tear our hearts out and dissect

them like dead frogs in

biology class, those rooms were always too cold for no reason other that they

could be

Where our hearts are less like

wild animals in cages

Where our hearts are meat instead of

whatever abomination we’ve made them into

Im begging for forgiveness like

I could ever let myself be forgiven

God could look me in the eyes

and I’d still be looking at my feet

Don’t tell me I think I’m guilty

I know I am like you know I’d drop dead

If only you would just ask me to

Fawn is such a soft word

Far to soft for what has happened to me

I speak to much for a boy who was

taught to never talk at all

You deserve love, they tell you,

or at least that’s what they want you to hear

What they actually say is much worse -

You will never make me happy enough to stay. The world has no room for you left in it.

You have accepted this

You smile when they tell you this

You know it’s true.

The world turns sideways

Everything looks so different from

this angle

The world turns sideways and I let myself

fall off

The world turns sideways and

no one tries to save me

The would turns sideways and

I can’t say I blame them

I just wish they wouldn’t say they didn’t

see it coming

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This poem is for my cat, Blue


she’s made of shadows
with jagged edges
and a soft soul

she’s made of ash
it coats her skin
and spills from her pores

she’s made of the moon
silvered and regal
from the far realm above

she’s made of stars
they burn in her eyes
violent and everlasting

she’s made of rage
consuming her whole
always lashing out

she’s a mother
she’s a fighter
she’s a survivor

she’s forever

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One day, one rhyme- Day 2564

Everything is damp on Makron,

It’s a slippery, muddy place.

The locals all swear by the clay’s

Anti-aging mask for the face.

I’ve heard that they live far longer

Than all of us here on earth.

They make ceramics and statues,

And have great mud-fights for mirth.

The people here are masters at

Relaxation, guidebooks say,

So while I’m here, I may as well

Enjoy a soothing spa day!

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i was the storm

you never wanted

so i will be the rainbow

you will never see

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Write a poem with the following lines:

Your majesty, queen of this heart in me
Is there anything you aren’t willing to be
Taking over every breath I breathe
And causing this turmoil with every heartbeat

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Write a poem with the following lines:

Creativity courses through my veins
Now watch me make a story of my pain

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I’m not sure.
Is it worth it here
inside my head?
Would I be better off dead
instead of clenching my jaw
until my head aches?
I’m making mistakes and they’ll soon find out.
I’m not really one of them. I don’t fit in. 

I dove for days through tragedies that broke both our hearts
though we couldn’t slow down. There were fears that unfolded
like maps of your side of town, unafraid of what it means
to lose your way when you’ve always known where you want to be.
This isn’t me, but nothing really is when you haven’t decided
nothing is as good as taking sides is, especially if you believe.

Go ahead and join me if you’re brave, if you realize
that the perfect path isn’t visible by daylight.
Only in darkness can you find the fear to overcome 
and face the day. 

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Write a poem with the following title:

I Don’t Get It

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my sacred heart, why do you drum me down?

a ticking clock, fingers counting down

hail mary, hail mary, hail mary, glory be

what goes quietly? what stays with me?

what plants do i water? how quickly do they grow?

will this holy water work, knowing what i know?

will the moon always tell the tides when to run?

maybe she’ll leave them one day, take off with the sun

the tides, so sure of new shells each day

choosing which ones they’ll keep, and which ones they’ll take

i’m glad some are left behind in the wake

they’ll sharpen my feet or love me for the day

treasures in my pocket for the end of the week

next to them, my sacred heart appears bleak

i burn from the sun like a pearl in the street

wearing shackles in disguise that smell so sweet

they try to guide me along like the moon

but i am not the tides, and i control the afternoon

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