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if brutal honestly was acceptable
id ask you to sleep over just to feel
your warm body next to mine
i wouldnt want to fuck you but
i would want to kick you out the
moment i wake so i can shower and
start my work. i really cant handle
anyone being in my space, specially
when im trying to work.

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Hi guys I need your help!

1) Desperately needing poetry prompts to complete my poetry pamphlet (for my poetry module).

2) A lot of what I write is around personal experiences usually negative ones and written from an angry place because this is what I relate to. Am I the only one who can only write good poetry when it’s personal?

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I peer out my sights into the darkness

as I wonder who can see the farthest

I study alone on the empty floor

trying again, finding an open door

I weep in my sorrows as I collapse

every place I go, it has its traps

the ignorance is bliss.. they do not care

not many have positive vibes to share

A calm breeze rushes past me when I glance

the beauty that attracts me, in a trance

if the world hates me, then I will be kind

expressing my true colors that I shine

I protect my family from the storm..

I pray for the heroes to fight the swarm

life will test us, breaking us all down

I keep looking up at the one true crown

the sky.. the beautiful heavens up there

such a light that is brilliant.. its glare

amidst such trials, we reach the triumphs

I am still optimistic.. I take the jumps

fighting through the hell that projects its hate

a love that is forever, after fate

they might take advantage.. but we fight back

why do we hate, whether white or black?

they will keep separating and divide

but the spirit will connect us in time

connecting the dots in every part

exerting the vibes that we hold in heart

we are capable of amazing things

fighting off the chaos that the bad brings

achieving great heights, inspiring more

birthing the new at its central core

I keep looking up, at the aether sky

staying strong amidst such demons that lie

we shatter the perception we have held

breaking the barriers, out of this shell

no matter what happens.. I will smile

I breathe out the air that will last a while

I release the tensions I have held in

wondering if this life will be bright again

I collapse on the ground, sobbing soft tears..

I have failed so much in all these years

this us an option that many do face

the light at the end is what we do chase

with so much going on, we feel lost..

he saved the world, by dying on the cross

another chance to get back up and try

before the day starts, I heave a huge sigh..

the light you shine will make the path more clear

having a faith when there is so much fear

we send the message.. but few will listen

it seems like I am stuck in this prison

with the noise so loud, the silence will give

it speaks volumes, a reason why you live..

so let’s keep fighting and embrace each day

enjoy each good moment.. we work, we play

each part is a piece that connects the dots

in each corner, loose end.. we tie the knots

good afternoon on this peaceful filled place,

observing the awe in this wide, grand space

humbling ourselves to the giants

that protest the doubts, that are defiant

shattering what was once impossible

with countless attempts through each obstacle

they inspire us as we do follow

as we fight the beasts that try to swallow..

the power we hold inside will never fade

it sparks a ripple effect, a cascade

washing away the bad that does reside

as we keep hoping that it will subside..

to close this passage that I sing with love,

to the angels that came down from above

the intense pressure we all endure

will soon pass like all things that come before

I hold you close and protect you from hell

your story will be known as you do tell

but for now, live for the page that you write

no matter what, it will soon be alright..

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I tried to help. But you were too selfish to admit that your habits were toxic , the people around you were fake , your self love was low and your attitude was off… I kept trying to help you without forcing anything but you pushed me away. We were not meant for each other … I was just there to give you signals to wake up from this nightmare ….

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People think a soulmate is your perfect fit, and that’s what everyone wants. But a true soulmate is a mirror, the person who shows you everything that is holding you back, the person who brings you to your own attention so you can change your life.

Eat, Pray, Love

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