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insomniac-dot-ink · 2 days ago
“I saw this and thought of you” has that wallop of tenderness in it in the same way receiving presents not on your birthday, but because they saw it. And thought of you.
Some version of the phrase What you love, you mention exists. And maybe they have no passion for impressionist painter Mary Cassatt or Golden Age super hero comic covers or Pusheen the cat. But you mentioned them, you made a little speech and maybe feel mildly embarrassed about having ranted about it for a bit long or bit much.
And really, they might not have any kind of passion for art or comics or stuffed animals, they don’t “get it.” But you think of Pusheen, and they think of you, and we are all connecting over entire oceans of self and faulty words, infinitely imperfect language and the inherent isolation of consciousness. Humanity makes symbols of our cluttered, decaying world with every breath.
It’s just a movie, just a toy, just a thing, but we are experts in patterns and understanding what a thing is not. Your mother covers your cut in a Spider-Man Band-Aid because it’s all you talk about at 7. Your uncle buys an entire gallon of green tea flavored ice cream despite the fact you are the only one that eats it. A friend buys you a shirt of a horror movie they themselves can’t watch.
Clumsy words and clumsy minds. The world would go on without ice cream or cartoon Band-Aids. And yet. And yet. We are experts in patterns and attempting to overcome the horrors of self, alone, and consciousness, continuing. 
It is not the thing itself. It is this, only this:
“I saw this. I thought of you, I thought of you, I thought of you.”
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tugbauysals-blog · a day ago
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Kendime gelemiyorum, sana gelsem olur mu?
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whendidmythoughtsgocrazy · 2 days ago
I love waking up and falling asleep to your texts.
k.b. // i think i'm falling in love now
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scriptedsilence · 2 days ago
* pulsating *
can you feel me when I think of you?
breath on neck. suckle of lips. bites on shoulders.
fire in chest. pulsating desire.
my name covering your tongue.
I would burn through countless lifetimes just to get to you.
beg you to fill me with your ache. swallow me like honey.
never stop breathing life into my lungs, my bones.
you climbed effortlessly over my walls to guard my heart after you pulled it from its cage.
your words dress my skin
until my blood is flustered and butterflies dance upon my ribs.
today my heart will beat only for you, as if there is no tomorrow.
and tomorrow it will do it again.
and then again.
loving you so deep, the ocean cannot understand.
© ScriptedSilence.All rights reserved
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snehadarkacademia · 2 days ago
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- Sneha
An excerpt from // the songs of the universe //
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homeinthelabyrinth · 2 days ago
I honestly do not know what's going on in my life. But one thing that I am sure of is that this is not how I wanted my life to be.
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timetraveller1111 · a day ago
Just let them be
You can't force things
If they really care
They will come back
And try to fix
This broken relationship
And if they don't
Then it's time to move on
Cause what's meant to be
Will be
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itsfats · 2 days ago
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- virginia woolf, the waves
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beatificwords · 2 days ago
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Simran, known unknowns
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ambermaitrejean · 22 hours ago
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One shy little star was in love with the moon. Afraid to confess his feelings, for fear of rejection, he said nothing, to which the sun advised: "Then you have your answer; for you have already accepted the very rejection you fear. Just as the faithful sunflower waits through the night for my loving gaze, let love be the lamp that lights the way- for it may very well be that the moon waits for thee."
Photo and poem by Amber Maitrejean
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itsokaytodreamincolor · 3 days ago
I would rather be alone than dragged down
with this collapsing illusion of love.
- [i.r.] // [05.20.22.]
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kumsal--things · a day ago
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Şimdi ben... Hangi hesabı kapatayım?
Kaç yılı zarardan yazıp, kaçını kâr sayayım?...
Hebâ olmuş anlarım, Umutları yakan zamanlarım var.
Baharı görsem ne olur?
Boynumda mühürdar ah''larım var.
Şu yitik hayatta, kaç para ederdi ki varlığım? 
Şimdi verin hadi beni bana!
Hakkım olan, beni bana...
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tugbauysals-blog · 17 hours ago
¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸🌹•*¨) •°´💘💚💜
🌸(¸.•´🍃(¸.•´ .•´ 🌹
İyi insanlara çıksın gittiğiniz bütün yollar
Tumblr media
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illbeyouranchor · 3 days ago
Don’t I get to taste your lips?
You must know I’ve dreamt of this
Countless scenarios in my mind
A coffee shop in a different time
My mouth on yours, your mouth on mine
Curiosity is my favorite crime
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coldcoffeecigar · 16 hours ago
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-Debasmita, @coldcoffeecigar
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aaronawbra · a day ago
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victormalonso · a day ago
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evening poems | © víctor m. alonso
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timetraveller1111 · 2 days ago
It was never hard to fall in love
It was hard accepting the fact
That i fell in love
With an imaginary version of you
That you pretended to be
In order to get me attracted to you
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heartofmuse · a day ago
The way I look at you is so unique. What you see in the bottom of my eyes staring back at you, the shine, the warmth, the deep pool of clear, honest love, the multitude of sincere feelings, the thousand unsaid words. You fill me to the brim, eyes, heart, and soul. There is room for nothing more.
e.v.e. ( Letters to my love)
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whendidmythoughtsgocrazy · 2 days ago
Everyone has people and events from their past that they look back on fondly. I guess we only grow when we realize that those things aren't coming back.
k.b. // thoma - genshin impact
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