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wordsbyhisheart · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
"Show me your scars," he said.
"But why?" she asked.
"I want to see how many times you needed me and I wasn't there," he whispered.
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certainbirdqueen · 2 days ago
I heard many birds screaming about paradise
In the lungs of small Flowers bleeding
Your heart is a red dry pomegranate
Your soul is a sister to mine
I thought about rose hips
I found a bear in hibernation tiredly dreaming of peacefulness
Tomorrow came and I let go
I wear rose quartz to attract love
Maybe the bear will turn into a prince
Although I found nightmares in his eyelids
I secretly wanted a huntsman
Playful with a stone apple cake
Beating drum's
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doriantomybasil · 2 days ago
I am turning nineteen. Volume II.
Looking back at my teenage self.
She had been hurting so much. I wish I could go back and tell her that I love her and she’s perfect and that everything is going to work out. Everything hadn’t worked out, but she needed to hear that it would. I wish I could tell her how many more times she’s gonna love and laugh and smile and how many more times life would be good to her. She needed to hear it. Life will be good to her. Life is good to her. She needs to be good to herself too. The pain will cease. New, better, more comfortable pain is gonna take its place. Pain that isn’t sharp, pain that is kinder. Pain that will make home in the deep of her chest, in the round corners of her mind, pain that will remind her how good it is to love and to have loved. Pain that will make everything all more worth it. It’s a good kind of pain that lets her love more deeply and more appreciatively. A beautiful kind of pain.
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shareapoetry · 2 days ago
In The Moment
Either the start or the end,
One is always merrier than the other,
But the moment in process that we spend,
Is the merriest no matter what.
Messy may be the hair after twirling,
But so lively is the moment,
Spent with our curly threads hanging in the air.
Clothes might be wet,
And sick might we get,
After walking in the rain,
But the smile in between will always be worth it.
Again the poem comes to an end,
Excited may I be,
But happier I was,
While writing this just a moment ago.
Saumya Thapliyal
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adorningwords · 2 days ago
All my life I have waited for other people to love and accept me but during this process, I lost myself and now I don't know if I am worthy of their love anymore.
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sharkygiovanna2 · 2 days ago
december's identity
an early tramride reveals a massive flooding
of pretty citylights to bring travellers in the
mood for a well deserved feast only weeks
stepping into the outside air i am being
welcomed by icy wind which feels as if
sharp knives are cutting slices of my
face quickly reminding me winter
has done its utmost best to be present
at all times
as i arrive at the marketplace
i see an old lady selling some woolen scarfs
and similar socks to keep feet warm
dressed in a far too big coat wrapped around
her frail meagre body she seems half frozen
but nonetheless smiles when i praise her
pretty decorated pinetree branches of which
I take home two
a month when people seem even busier
than usual but if you manage to forget
that you still can just enjoy it's special
@sharkygiovanna 2🗿🗿2021
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2soulscollide · a month ago
E.A. Deverell - FREE worksheets (characters, world building, narrator, etc.) and paid courses;
Hiveword - Helps to research any topic to write about (has other resources, too);
BetaBooks - Share your draft with your beta reader (can be more than one), and see where they stopped reading, their comments, etc.;
Charlotte Dillon - Research links;
Writing realistic injuries - The title is pretty self-explanatory: while writing about an injury, take a look at this useful website;
One Stop for Writers - You guys... this website has literally everything we need: a) Description thesaurus collection, b) Character builder, c) Story maps, d) Scene maps & timelines, e) World building surveys, f) Worksheets, f) Tutorials, and much more! Although it has a paid plan ($90/year | $50/6 months | $9/month), you can still get a 2-week FREE trial;
One Stop for Writers Roadmap - It has many tips for you, divided into three different topics: a) How to plan a story, b) How to write a story, c) How to revise a story. The best thing about this? It's FREE!
Story Structure Database - The Story Structure Database is an archive of books and movies, recording all their major plot points;
National Centre for Writing - FREE worksheets and writing courses. Has also paid courses;
Penguin Random House - Has some writing contests and great opportunities;
Crime Reads - Get inspired before writing a crime scene;
The Creative Academy for Writers - "Writers helping writers along every step of the path to publication." It's FREE and has ZOOM writing rooms;
Reedsy - "A trusted place to learn how to successfully publish your book" It has many tips, and tools (generators), contests, prompts lists, etc. FREE;
QueryTracker - Find agents for your books (personally, I've never used this before, but I thought I should feature it here);
Pacemaker - Track your goals (example: Write 50K words - then, everytime you write, you track the number of the words, and it will make a graphic for you with your progress). It's FREE but has a paid plan;
Save the Cat! - The blog of the most known storytelling method. You can find posts, sheets, a software (student discount - 70%), and other things;
I hope this is helpful for you!
(Also, check my blog if you want to!)
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elegantaesthete · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
' I put my heart and soul into my work, and have lost my mind in the process '
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
— Vincent Van Gogh
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adorningwords · a day ago
I tend to notice a person's mindset while interacting with them because I am inquisitive to know the way your mind works, I want to discern how you think.
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sarahtoninxox · a month ago
The end of ADHD awareness month is
coming near. So let me tell you what
ADHD has done to me.
It's not just fidgeting.
It's not just trouble focusing.
For me, it's not even hyperactivity.
ADHD makes my brain late.
To everything.
ADHD effects my everyday life.
It has made me depressed.
I have difficulty maintaining relationships.
Because of executive dysfunction, some
days I don't get out of bed.
Chronic unemployment.
I forget to pay bills.
I can't focus. Even with no distractions.
Just can't focus.
All or nothing thinking. Black and white.
Mood swings of the worst kind.
Unintentionally scaring my loved ones.
Choice paralysis.
I can't make up my mind.
I can't decide.
I'm not confident in any decision I make.
I have poor sense of time.
My emotional regulation is almost absent.
I can’t stick to one task.
always look like I'm not listening.
Even though I'm always listening.
Even though I care what you're saying.
I'm listening. I swear.
I can't focus on anything.
Not even things I'm interested in.
I want to read this book I'm interested in.
I can't get past the first page.
The words make no sense.
I can't understand what they mean.
I forget to eat.
I forget to go to the bathroom.
Sometimes I even forget to sleep.
I'm always tired.
Always. Tired.
It's not just fidgeting. It's not just trouble
It's debilitating.
If you can relate, offer yourself some grace.
Medication and therapy can help.
But your brain will always be different.
Because we are wired differently.
It's not all bad. We just have too much
It's not a deficit. It's too much attention
with no idea where to put it.
Hang in there.
You're not lazy.
You're not a bum.
You're different. Like me. Like many of us.
Tumblr media
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2soulscollide · 17 days ago
Tumblr media
Hello! In this FREE Notion template for writers that I made, you can:
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
I hope this was useful! Please consider checking out my blog and maybe subscribing to my newsletter! <3
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