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panting on your doorstep / like a wet dog / in heat

begging to be let in, scratching paint off

the white painted entry point.

i’ll lay by your feet, let you kick me around in your sleep. i’ll either keep you safe or be the one who kills you.

is that a risk you’re willing to take?

you know i’ll bite your hand if you feed me, so you’ve always kept your distance.

you just wanted a friend / uncomplicated / soft and gentle. you wanted something to love, and i left a mess. your fingers bloody, your sweater torn to shreds, footprints on the floor that won’t go away no matter

how much time you spend on your knees.

your desire was your destruction. i’m rabid,

and need to be put down.

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Medicine The Size Of A Brick (11/25/20)

The dutiful pills we swallow,

Can make life seem so boring and hollow,

But disregard that terrible feeling.

Focus on growth and healing

To fill the hole

In your beautiful soul.

Someday you’ll reach your goal,

Not out of obligation,

But because you know it’ll make you whole.

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i’m kneeling on a wooden bridge over a canyon
of summer fire & i’m singing ever hymn i know
in case there are gods listening. there’s no point
in begging for my life or a savior when war rages
at every avenue of escape. here’s a serenade for
the full moon i won’t live to see & the dawn that
will come after. here’s a song for everyday i won’t
live. don’t worry, mama, you can’t hear me but i
need you to remember that i’m flying even when
i’m falling. haven’t you taught me that i can look
at death with dignity? you once said that only
the dead understand peace within the next world
& i hope that’s true but hope won’t do anything
for someone already condemned. i can see it
every time i close my eyes. i’m touching the sky
even as i’m hitting the ground. my fingers pale as
the clouds in my grasp. they’re burning every
tree in sight & i don’t think they understand nature
will eat them alive. at least this entire canyon will
be my funeral pyre. mama, i’m terrified even
when i say otherwise. the smoke swallows the blue
of the skies & through the grey, the fire almost
looks like the sunsets back home. my heart
hammers against my ribcage like the war drums
ringing through the forest. i’m still singing, i’m
still singing, even if my voice grows soft & weary.
the gods are still watching, the gods are still listening.
mama, don’t you forget, i’m still alive even if i die.

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Poe tribute..

“Dark despair, scared of the dark with beasts eyeing me from beds lined in demon sweat dying like breeds of liars, don’t deny the darkness.. cause when you do, you let in the light.”


I just saw this Edgar Allan Poe bench and I thought I would write a poem in dark poesque fashion - eUë

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“Kiss me as if a breeze brought my lips to yours over a sea of my love beneath your heart, tumultuous as waves, as red as your lips, and sexy like a tongue kiss dragging along my esophagus..”

Just kiss me heatedly and kiss me with fire but do it softly and sweet - eUë

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We play these games much too often, with open arms and broken hearts yearning for devotion amid the scant passing moments of forgotten effigies we’ve had engraved into our beings.

Will you be the one to set me free, heal me, or simply, bury me?

-H. Murcia 6:53PM 11/24/2020

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I turns into we

We start to think, you choose to believe

A magnificent truth, the one we dare to share

Do you remember

The scent of her hair

Caving, it all turns dark

The way you like it

Oh don’t forget where to start

Begins with the fall

The fall turns to winter

It was the opportunity

Your chance to win her

And so you won

A token of affection

Oh its just begun

Until it returns

The feeling inside your heart which burns.

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I pour into my naked skin
listless with worry,
I am all vapour and water without
my skin holding me into shape.
I am everything that will drip away
with time and float
into another dimension…
and now as the skin ages, brittle
and wrinkled like un-ironed clothes
hanging loose on me,
I remember how your touch felt once
and without knowing
how the skin remembers that one thing
more than me.

© SoulReserve 2020

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