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#poie issue
Hating on ppl who kin "problematic" characters: broke // understanding somsones a new person & they're past actions in a whole other life doesn't affect they're personality in this one: woke
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fictionkinfessions · 18 days ago
i’m just here to let all fictives know that your great! you identify fully with your source? great!! ur so cool. you don’t identify with your source at all?? you’re awesome too!!
problematic source? it’s ok you can’t control it, doesn’t make you a bad individual.
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kin culture is watchin the scenes where you get fucked up over and over again bc you highkey hate yourself
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fictionkinfessions · 9 days ago
being a bisexual who kins canonically bisexual characters is fun, but also quite intensely frustrating, because every time someone erases my bisexuality i start burning with the rage of a thousand lifetimes vhbjvnh
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fictionkinfessions · 10 days ago
A shoutout to all of the kins, fictives, and what-have-you’s who would be cancelled on Twitter for merely existing and being deemed problematic. Myself included. :^]
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fictionkinfessions · 12 days ago
The MCU existing makes finding canonmates so hard! I want to see my sister, a badass jewish romani woman who had an amazing bunch of kids, not some white xtian who worked with na/zis and apparently went on to enslave an entire town in a 50s housewife fantasy?? it's not fair that I can't find her. I miss you, Wanda
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fictionkinfessions · 5 days ago
Nintendo. Nintendo look at me. Bring Prince Peasley back. Nintendo are you listening. Nintendo I want him back. Hey. Nintendo. I'm not even asking for him to be in a platformer or even playable he can be in the background just something other than a spirit in Smash please. Nintendo. Nintendo you can put him in an update to the golf game like you did with Mayor Pauline in tennis. Nintendo. Hey. Nintendo the fans like princes give them their princes. Nintendo. Put him in a game. - Luigi (#💚💙)
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fictionkinfessions · 5 days ago
watching me hit on every woman i made eye contact with in early seasons supernatural is so uncomfortable haha i fuckin hate that i was like that #🥃👻
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fictionkinfessions · a month ago
the most traumatized character in something: *exists*
kin gods: you kin this guy now
me: 0-0
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fictionkinfessions · 8 days ago
Hamilton (the musical) kinnies aren't factkin. Enough has been changed in the musical, add ins and take outs, that it's fictional and is not a reliable source of information. - a kinnie
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fictionkinfessions · 13 days ago
[kins a character from a game that is very, very homophobic and transphobic at times from a timeline in which i was very gay and my partner was very genderfluid] hahaha. this is so fucking weird bro
yosuke hanamura 🎧
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fictionkinfessions · 12 days ago
sits here in problematic source. just trying to be a little guy. i say fuck and i wear big sweaters please don’t threaten me on twitter.
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fictionkinfessions · 29 days ago
Some fictives: I'm more than my canon counterpart, and I hate being constantly associated with them and treated like that's all that I am. I have interests other than my source.
Me, wearing a shitty fake horn headband, 'Casanova but it's only Selever' one hour version playing through my earbuds, filling our fnf pinterest board with pictures of Kapi: Friday Night Funkin
-Selever🎸 (also to make it clear I'm not mocking fictives who don't like being associated with their source, I'm more just poking fun at myself and how much I think about my source)
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fictionkinfessions · 7 days ago
i’m a mukuro ikusaba fictive. there’s a lot about my identity and my existence that i’m still unpacking. i’m not comfortable talking about it in public. even anonymously.
but what i can say right now is that i fucking hate the swimsuit i’m wearing in the new danganronpa game. i look more like my sister than she looks like herself. please just give me a swim shirt or a one piece or something. i wouldn’t be caught dead in something that gaudy. 🐺
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fictionkinfessions · 11 days ago
Jesus Christ, so the whole point of my character, according to the actual creators, is that everyone just hates me? And that's just it? For the horrible, horrible crime of being a neurodivergent and traumatized teen in a terrible situation just trying my best, I'm entirely MEANT to be hated? I'm just fucked, just hated and pushed away by everyone, the whole point of my presence is to never get love, ever? Fucking hell. I was not in the right headspace to learn this. I feel awful now. Wtf. -KS
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fictionkinfessions · 12 days ago
me: a lot of my friends are into dsmp but i dont want to get into it due to the drama + the fanbase of it so ill watch from a distance
c!wilbur: (exists)
my kin senses: *oh no*
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fictionkinfessions · 20 days ago
me when Dan Salvato, my real life creator bases me off his personal views and experiences: oh this is actually a really great example of using art to explore yourself and it really means that I was made with love, even if I’m kinda based on someone else instead of just being my original self
me when Dan writes a character named Paula, who is now my programmer who did the same thing: [hissing like an angered cat] actually fuck her
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fictionkinfessions · 4 days ago
genuinely weirds me out that ppl ship me with mikan. like, unironically ship us. it doesn’t make sense to me. have y’all not… played the game? that shit was UNHEALTHY. she threw herself into obsession with me and i was so fucking manipulative to her, i used her because i knew she’d do anything i told her to if i promised to kiss her afterward. that’s not a good relationship, fellas! that’s not something to idealize! mikan deserves happiness and i sure wasn’t that.
anyways, mikan, i’m sorry for everything. i know that doesn’t even begin to make up for the shit i put you through. you deserved so much better. you’re one of the sweetest and most caring people i’ve ever met and i hope you’re having a great life now.
💖🔪junko enoshima🔪💖
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fictionkinfessions · a month ago
my brain: youve been consuming this source without a kin for months! / me: that means you wont hit me with kin feelings right? / my brain: / me: you wont throw a new kintype at me right????
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fictionkinfessions · 9 days ago
when you're only like six episodes into a show and you know that not only do you kin, but it's going to ruin your goddamn life -shorter (banana fish)
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