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#point clear
mega2wheellife · 2 years ago
crimes of my mother
the first big one
was running away
with the tv repair man
leaving her kids behind
the second was leaving me
with the memories
of her frightened terror’d face
& with the people
who gave those to her
they hoped I had no memories
of her & those times
but I did
there were other crimes
but these are the ones
that matter most
in the life of a frightened kid
& there never came an apology
any understanding from her
that they were the same to us
as to her
& to make the point clear
she ran away again
no forwarding address
no phone
& she was dead five years
before I found out
neil benbow
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domestic-builds · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Home interiors in Point Clear, Alabama
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one weird thing about being the target of mass harassment over a long period time is how random it becomes. there are things you can predict—old smear campaigns popping back up because you’ve spoken out about a controversial issue, or because you’ve recently been particularly active and visible. that is always a risk; I’ve learned to mentally prepare myself for an uptick in harassment before starting new projects or posting about certain issues.
But. But. a lot of times it has nothing to do with your actions. which means you can’t predict it, you can’t prepare yourself. you are always on edge. because you can do everything right, or nothing at all (and the first will piss off way more people than you would expect), but once trolls have set their sights on you, there is nothing you can do to prevent being targeted again and again, years down the line, for the same old shit. this is how harassment culture works—it enables the harassers, ad nauseam. because at the end of the day, it’s about other people’s actions, other people’s whims. you can tread on a tightrope, anxious not to step on toes or invite discourse, but eventually someone who already hates you will remember you exist, and will take the opportunity to drag you through the same traumatic shitshow you’ve been through before, as many times as they are allowed.
and I wish I had a solution to share. but I don’t. this will keep happening and happening for as long as we, as a community, enable it.
we live in an age of constant misinformation and normalized harassment. please be careful how you treat other social media users, be careful what accusations you believe, and remember there is a human being on the other side of the screen. read critically and with doubt.
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dauntless-sakura · 7 months ago
If people wrote about other conditions like they do about autism:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(in short, we’re sick and tired of being treated like infants who are shallow and incapable of basic comprehension. we aren’t your circus animals to parade around and cluck at. don’t think we’re “too stupid” to know what you’re doing. we know exactly what you’re doing. stop infantilizing us. you’re the ones who are really acting like babies.)
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closet-keys · a year ago
A TERF is a white supremacist whose gateway to white supremacy is anti-trans bigotry, instead of anti-Semitism or anti-Blackness or anti-migration or misogyny. As with any gateway, many people engaging in this ideology may not be aware of their proximity to white supremacy. This is the standard radicalization pathway that we have seen over and over and over with, for example, anti-Islamic sentiment. Personally, [I] find it is most comparable to how anti-Semitism gateways are used. Often, we see white supremacists exploiting legitimate grievances with the financial systems by turning into an anti-Semitic issue. White supremacists take legitimately frustrated and class-oppressed people's anger at banks, and carefully plant the seeds of anti-Semitism. They'll point out the irrefutable fact that there exist Jewish people in executive positions in banking and vilely twist this. TERFs take a legitimate grievance: patriarchal oppression of women and homophobia and turn it into a movement based on systematic exclusion of a specific class of people. This is the redpill. [We] need to stop the good-faith engagements with their ideology and start treating it like the gateway to white supremacy that it is.
Emily Gorcenski, Source:
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vampscylla · 2 months ago
cindy berman lesbianism real: a bullet point formatted presentation 
these are my cindy is 100% a lesbian thoughts, as i cannot stop thinking abt it
ryan, who plays alice, has confirmed that they definitely played alice from the angle of being in love with cindy, and later spoke to emily, who plays cindy, and the director about it, and they both went yeah this was totally gay  (said here, at 3:30)  
the whole set up for cindy’s character is that she’s trying to escape the image that being a shady sider immediately puts on her, she’s trying to be the perfect girl, with the perfect boyfriend, and the perfect clothes, which for me very much parallels what we see from sam in part 1, where she’s trying to sort of run away from who she really is, a lesbian, and present herself as the perfect girl  
tommy is very much cindy’s peter (but at least tommy was actually nice, and cindy clearly did actually care about him) 
 i think while her not going ‘too far’ with tommy is definitely part of her trying to present herself as pure, i think also she just genuinely did not want to do any of that with tommy, becuase GAY 
sam’s arc in part 1 is coming back together with deena and fully being herself again, because deena helps her feel comfortable with being a lesbian. again i think this is a parallel with cindy, where cindy’s arc of part 2 is becoming herself again. she swears, she gets dirty and she doesnt care, she makes up with alice, such as sam makes up with deena
THE MOSS STAIN listen if u think getting the polo that represents cindy trying to present herself as perfect and pure getting stained with the moss that represents hundreds of years of lesbianism means nothing idk what to tell u 
finally i will present u with this
Tumblr media
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punkypoodle · 11 months ago
Benefiting from privilege is not like. A decision that ppl make, necessarily. A man who makes more money than a woman coworker most likely didn’t personally decide that would be the case. But he is getting paid more, because the system is geared in his favor. This isn’t a moral failing of his, that he has privilege over someone else. It is however, a moral failing of his to learn abt this and do nothing, or to willfully remain in ignorance for lack of caring for disadvantaged ppl. But stop taking it so personally when ppl point out that u benefit from the system in ways that hurt other ppl. Your reaction shouldnt be to get defensive, or to try and make yourself pitiable. Listen to the ppl who are at a disadvantage to you, help them in the ways that they ask you to help.
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oliviarodrigoisaterf · a month ago
literally no situation ever will ever justify the rape or sexual assault of any woman anywhere on earth
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greglephant · 2 months ago
I swear people need to block more on this website like you curate your experience here, I've blocked a person because they said my favorite character was boring, I blocked someone cause I was in a mood and they said they hate all shades of green, like my point is just fucking do it.
You don't need a reason, you don't owe your energy to anyone if you don't like their vibe then block them and people can die mad about it 🤷‍♂️
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lumity-rights · 8 months ago
chase: julia, i need your help
julia: ok you’re gonna have to make an appointment sorry bud i’m a super busy woman :/
carmen: jules,
julia, shoving everything off of her desk: yes what is it, what do you need, i can help you with anything-
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limelocked · 3 months ago
I venture into the minecraft tag
And in it I find hermitcraft
Cringe crosstagging
For real tho, mcyt stuff doesn’t have a place in the minecraft tag and since more people are joining hermitblr I feel like I have to say that you shouldn’t tag hermits that aren’t mentioned in the post and you shouldn’t tag minecraft
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yourmypenguin · a month ago
You: ask questions about the reversed sides? | Me: *vibrates intensely* okay so. I love reversed aus like this and I'm kind of curious what everyone's roles are. Like is Patton still Morality? But I'm also just in love with the concept of Virgil bothering the dark sides and them slowly being at least nicer because of this stubborn, pastel, smarmy-pants.
Haha, I've only had a brief idea of what they might represent, it's not very concrete nor makes very much sense and I'm trying to ponder more upon it. So far we have:
+ Patton - A very jaded morality who believes in living for yourself, owe no one nothing and no one owes you anything, makes self-preservation into rudeness and isolation, controlling and should not be dad of the year
+ Logan - Ignorance. While he certainly knows his stuff very well, promptly chooses to ignore them and is overall kinda irrational, probably persuaded Thomas to spend $2000 on a board game once
+ Roman - Creativity but overly prideful, pushy, still lame, kinda dictatorial because he believes he's the most important side. He kinda is, since he forced himself to stand on top of everyone else
+ Virgil - Optimism, courage, therefore very stubborn and is a little shit
+ Janus - Honesty, self-awareness. Trying his best to make Thomas aware of how shitty of a person he's been. It's not working
+ Remus - Creativity but the kind that wants to create out of passion, not beating everyone up to get on top like his brother (that's why he's been pushed away haha what a loser). He's still demented but he sure knows how to channel that into his craft
My take on them is that they're a mix of the opposite of what they originally are and what the worst/best version of themselves can be. It's not absolute so I'd love to hear you guys' take on them and what they can represent
And yes!!! Virgil instead of brooding over his acceptance is now forcing himself onto the dark sides, if that's what it takes to help Thomas become a better person and for their famILY to get back together
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redphlox · 9 months ago
I'm angry and disgusted that Momo and those kids not only had to find their teacher like that but that they were placed with the responsibility of finishing a battle their teacher couldn't in the first place. That responsibility won't end there on that specific battlefield. They'll carry that torch with them, especially Momo. I can't imagine the trauma those kids will have to unpack. Yeah they took down Gigantomachia, but they're going to live with the guilt that they couldn't do more because you know that's how those kids are. Obviously they went back and looked for their teacher where they last saw her (god I can't even say her name, I'm so angry, and not at her but at the circumstances of her death) - and it was too late. They're lucky they themselves didn't die. Out of all the hero casualties, it's a miracle none of the students were lost. Wouldn't THAT have been an eye opener for the public, though...
And, it's incredibly ironic that Dabi, a villain, points this out in canon without hesitation. He recognizes the situation for what it is - the kids are there as tools, as bodies to build a large army. Even though he probably has no idea Hawks told Endeavor to build up the hero numbers in anticipation for a confrontation with the villains, Dabi KNOWS this is the case. He knows what it's like being a child used only for his quirk's usefulness, right?
Hero society is flawed. They were wrong.
Those kids had no business being there.
Those kids had no idea what they signed up for that day.
Tumblr media
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biggersons · 7 months ago
no see the thing about angel with a shotgun is that it CAN’T be a good song. and it can’t be any other song. it’s not MEANT to be an objectively Good song it’s not meant to be like Deeply Musically Moving the whole thing is that this shitty cliche choral intro soft rock song by the fucking CAB at this point means nothing else to anyone else in the world other than its DEEP and intrinsic entwinement with early-2010s destiel. like no one who isn’t acutely aware of this horrible little show is going to have an emotional reaction to angel with a shotgun. ever. but no one with SOME kind of investment in the little gay angel cultural symbol of all that is cringe and glorious is immune. and THAT is its beauty. and THAT’S why Thee Hackneyed Destiel Song that causes one’s muscles to convulse as though pulsed by an electric current could not possibly be anything else
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