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Ivy by artist Kathryn Mannco.

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Genuine question please don’t laugh at me for asking…would Ivy be a vegan because it’s highly beneficial to the environment? Or would she not eat plants because that would be weird considering her powers? Or is that fine for her? Does she photosynthesize? Ansnns I need answers

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Just started watching this show and I think I’m in love

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Back story headcanons be warned trauma triggers and I think NSFW stuff. Don’t read if you are under 18 🔞. It gets better at the end, and it’s a bit long.

*28 yrs old 5'4" Pale and a nerd and psychic healer, and can manipulate energy, sense spirits and call upon them also is an empath. In other words very sensitive to energy.

*has been abused by her family, was assaulted by her father 2 times, once while young which made her loose her innocence and once at 19 with a combat knife.

*has scars from the knife and trauma, emotionally has many breakdowns.

*is more in love with who a person is rather that what they are, hence her discovery of her panromantic demi sexual nature

*her mother remarried and had a new family and ragdoll was just more the servant instead of a child while growing up.

*she first met crane and tetch on one cold gotham day, they were looking for shelter and found ragdoll in a building in the narrows.

*ragdoll being cautious stood her ground until she saw hatter and crow were cold hungry and hurt. Instantly she explained that she had gifts to heal them both all she wanted in return was to be left alone.

*healed em up and gave them food, then snuck out. Two weeks later they found her again and hatter tried to control her which was a bad idea, he quickly saw what she went through in her life. It literally took both dorks and dread just to get her to a safe hideaway.

*tetch is about 40 5'7" and crane is about 44 6'2",both have had their fair share of family issues but for some reason they both adore their new company. Both men are bisexual and open to having a third member in their life. Oddly it was crane who found out about ragdoll being pan, he had his mask off and was shocked ragdoll didn’t flinch from his looks and was still attracted to him. She explained how she felt and both he and tetch have agreed to “share” her. Even though they are bi they never had any romance, just simple caring affection.

*after 2 months of getting used to each other, they all decided to show scars, ragdoll could show affection but was scared of receiving it and the guys want affection but can barely give it cause of nerves lol.

*both men want to send her father to Arkham, on a day with joker. Also both men have been her acknowledged “first time” And she was the perfect puzzle piece for them.

*has worked out a deal with bats, she will heal him and his crew if he treats her dorks with fairness including the sirens.

*speaking of sirens, she has girls day with them a lot more now that she’s learning to trust

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…am I having a stroke?

Anyway, Harley and Ivy are married in DC cannon, and they definitely fuck.

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Haven’t gone through my new Ivy pictures yet but I love transition videos so here you go. Ran out of green paint so it’ll be a hot minute before I can be Ivy again.

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Angry plant woman wants her clown wifey back

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Ivy: I’m going to take you out
Harley: great, it’s a date!
Ivy: I meant that as a threat.
Harley: See you at five!

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Ivy: Hey Harley can I get a sip of your water?
Harley: It’s not water.
Ivy: Vodka, I like your style!
Harley: It’s vinegar.
Ivy: Wh-Wha-
Harley: It’s vinegar.

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oh boy do I accept bisexuality, you wouldn’t know how much I accept it

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<div> Incorrect Gotham Quotes Part 22 </div>
What if I press the brake and gas at the same time?
The car takes a screenshot.
For the last time, get the fuck out.
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It just hit me that today the dc superhero girls dolls debut at target was today 5 years ago so have a photo of best doll and second best girl from the franchise

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