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#poison ivy

So, it’s a really common thing for people that post Harley/Ivy to get targeted by this guy. He copy + pastes most messages but generally they are all in the same vein.

“You’re a horrible person, radicalizing bisexual/lesbians, Superman, communism, genocide, admit you’re wrongdoing, Superman…” or something along those lines.

This guy spams across a lot of Harley x Ivy blogs and all kinds of ridiculous.

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Gonna post one more from this photoshoot because I still can’t believe it happened
I love this woman so much, even when she’s green :v

Harley and edit by me
Poison Ivy by @rachasakawa
Retouch by @ronaldoichiphotography

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Pairings we ship

*Two are like, partially based off of the relationships in headspace.

**Do I need to list versions? Idk. If you’re curious about it leave a comment or something. Only a few are specific versions I think.

Die hard OTP

  • Scriddler

I ship it, but it’s not my OTP

  • Nygmobblepot
  • Scriddlecat

I low key ship it, but it’s not high on my list

  • Harlivy
  • Quiddler
  • Scarequinn
  • Riddlecat
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Harleen Quinzel is a picturesque housewife. Blonde hair, blue eyes, a waist that kills it in a pleated skirt and the perfect little family. A hardworking husband and a sweet baby girl at home.
Unfortunately, every house holds secrets. Secrets held in walls; wallpaper dripping in words that wouldn’t dare be spoken out loud. Colored brightly and covering something left unsaid, bruises left hidden. Cuts from words and closed fists of a cold lover already lost to another woman.
Until October 1954, when a mysterious new neighbor moves in across the street. Attractive, unmarried and riding around town in a custom, pink ‘49 Packard Victoria convertible, Pamela Isley is unlike any other woman in Gotham.
Tucked away in a house of secrets, could Harley find her warmth in a woman that smells like lavender, mint and dirt? Find the future she dreamt of on the lips of a woman dripping in honey and coffee?
Or will the walls of Harley’s home continue to soak up bourbon drenched nights followed by rough hands on her skin and the perfume of another woman filling her lungs?

First chapter of the 1950s AU is up!


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Playlist is here:


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