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How is he? What is he doing? Is he still in Sinnoh or did he travel somewhere else? What kind of discoveries has he made? What kind of projects has he had? Has he remembered to relax as well? What kind of Pokémon has he caught? Has he made new friends? How much has he changed since we last saw him?

I need answers. Bring him back. It’s been 10 years.


Originally posted by bbdeathz

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I forgot about this little gem:


You heard it here, folks. Ain’t no seniority here, so go ahead and beat the shit out of that preschooler and take down the literal mafia all you want.

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Kind of a meh episode to be honest.

Not bad, just uneventful. It was very expository, as if the viewer watching has never heard of Pokémon before this. Like, yeah, the pokéani has always been like that, but not usually this obvious.

I do like how they emphasized again the whole “two sides of the same coin” thing with Ash and Go. Ash battles, and Go catches, but ultimately for the same purpose of understanding pokémon. Still rubs me the wrong way how effortless Go catches pokémon, but whatever

Glad to see a Meganium again. Having more less-popular ‘mons is a good thing.

The Lugia cameo was hilariously random, even more so when it was revealed to be you-know-who.

Lastly, we need more Koharu. Please? Please?

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i missed seeing four legged meowths. i have always liked better the feral version rather than the humanize that is team rocket’s meoth ya know xD (sorry buddy)

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Do you think 19!Ash would find some of the battles 11!Ash has kind of boring? 19!Ash not only knows how the battles end but he also is so used to using battle terrain to his advantage in creative ways and having battles that literally blow the ceilings off of stadiums. Meanwhile 11!Ash is going to have a metapodvsmetapod harden battle. I don’t think 19!Ash would dislike these battles because 11!Ash needs them to learn but that doesn’t mean he can’t wish they were a little more exciting.

Honestly I imagine he would find the metapod vs metapod battle pretty funny along with a little boring, as for the other battles I can’t quite imagine him thinking that they’re boring

Yeah he has lived them out before but he finds it interesting to be able to see them from a outsider perspective and it’s pretty enjoyable seeing himself grow a little with each battle, and while they’re different from what he’s used to now he still feels fond of them, plus not all of the battles his younger self has will play out the same since current ash is semi mentoring him now on battling which results in younger ash trying to experiment more on how he battles and while a majority of his tries don’t work out quite right it’s still pretty interesting to watch

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Koharu: So how do you feel now that Scorbunny has changed?

Gou: Well, I’m not gonna lie. I miss him as Scorbunny but I’m also glad he’s Raboot now. He’s got more serious and mature. I was getting exhausted of him being so clingy..

(Ash suddenly enters the room)

Gou: …him asking me to go out, jumping over me, rubbing himself against me at any moment..

Ash: Gou, shhh! Does everyone have to know about our private business??!

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It would be really interesting if 19!Ash went to past and 11!Ash just didn’t exist anymore. Ash just has all of his legendary-beating Pokemon with him and proceeds to beat everyone’s butt while still being a adorable goof trying to find his way home. Misty meets him when Pikachu just straight-up blasts the Spearow out of the sky because, hello, that is not normal lightning and Brock meets this kid who beats him with Scraggy and is like, oh, may I travel with you?

Hello! You are welcomed to use that idea for your own au and while I do appreciate input that’s majorly different than the original purpose I made this au, which is exploring how current ash would interact with his younger self due to having similar yet different personalities, so eliminating 11 year old ash would defeat the whole point

And while pikachu is a champion level pokemon and of course time traveled with current ash, the only other pokemon he has on him is dragonite, gengar and mr mime which while powerful aren’t champion level or legendary defeating level quite yet (and I might include riolu too if it’s what hatches out of the egg in the next episode) because that’s all he has catches in the new series so far, pikachu can definitely defeat most opponents it comes across at this point but not in one shot, which is okay I’m trying to avoid making current ash op since again the main focus is his interactions with his younger self

And again the original trio are at the point where the episode school of hardknocks is going to happen in a day or two when current ash shows up which is how he meets them all, and while I did say current ash still looks the same the original trio can tell he’s older than he actually is due to several reasons I’ll get to in a different post

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