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#pokemon bakugou

Join the gc it’ll be fun! Also don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about the fanfic I’m writing it’s just because school work has started and it’s stressful but I am trying! Anyway yeah I created a gc for weeb’s to come and chat and make friends hope to see you there! 💞💞

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A couple pics from Mocomcon 2020.


So the Gary oaks cosplayer is my bf,  ut we weren’t dating at the time of this pic. 
the first time we met was pride 2019, he got a pic of me when I was in Fursuit (I found it on his insta later) we didn’t really talk, and went our separate ways

Winter 2019 we matched in ok Cupid, and started casually talking. 

jan 2020 we both went to Mocomcon. Neither told the other they were going. 
he saw me from across the room and asked for a pic cause he thought it was me lol . He told me he spent the rest of the day trying to match it to my profile pics lol 

Anyways, we went on a date later that week cause we talked that night and he ask if it was me, and now we’ve been dating for a few months! 

It’s like something from a fairytale damn. Two chance meetings?? Not a coincidence. 

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@dynamitem​ - Liked for a Starter!


To say Neito Monoma was simply lost would be the greatest understatement of the year. In an unknown city, a nearby sign read “Motostoke” in a completely foreign land, which was named “Galar”, Neito found himself helplessly lost. Holding his map in his hands before rotating it in a pinwheel fashion, the blond was trying to find his way.

Neito only went to Galar because he was already near the region, after all, Kalos and Galar seemed to be only a stone’s toss away from each other. His new friends insisted he check out the region, when all Neito wanted to do was simply return home to Sinnoh. Pushing his thoughts aside, the blue eyed male began scanning around, looking for someone who looked confident.

Thankfully, due to the large population, Neito quickly found someone who fit that description. Running up to the fellow blond, Neito placed a hand onto his shoulder, oh, the other male was certainly tall. Shoving aside his sudden nervousness, Neito pulled his hand away, rubbing his neck, “Hey- You look like you know your way around here- I am trying to join this League or whatever they do here- Do you happen to know where that would be?

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