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anime-grimmy-art · 11 hours ago
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Ppl already call them kings, so they get to ones for real. As a treat.
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nellcher · 6 hours ago
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All Aboard!🚇✨
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ghostpengu · a day ago
i like them verrry much 🚂
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cecilioque · 2 days ago
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[Semi-realistic portraits of Ingo , Warden Ingo ,and Emmet.]
Yeah. These were a warm up sketch.  You draw one and the other is literally a few lines away.  My short attention span usually doesn’t let me focus to long on a drawing before I get bored of it and move on.  That’s why i do a lot of quick comics.  
I love these two dorky train men.
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theangrycomet-art · a day ago
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Mess with a Man’s Hat you WILL Get his Sword
TLDR: Piers is not confident in his repair job on the nutcracker and its earsier to focus on that then the fact that a teeny tiny Rattata man shrunk him down to the size of a doll with nothing but a fire poker and a broken toy to defend himself with against a small army.
Some AU Lore
It was Pier’s turn to host the Galar League Christmas party (he’s been dodging the duty for YEARS, made easy by Raihan usually taking the lead there) much to his dismay.
It wasn’t long before disaster struck, in this case Marnie’s morpeko breaking in the christmas decorations, including the twin nutcrackers (gifts from their uncle Grimsley from a few years back) that typically guarded the fireplace. It took a while but Piers managed to pry the black one from it’s mouth (there had been no sightings of the white one during the mad dash).
It wasn’t too damaged, and while Piers was no craftsman he is very good with nail polish. With the remaining nutcracker repaired, it wasn’t long after words that the kids (read Allister, Marnie, Gloria, Bede, and Hop) were sent to bed.
The adults had a bottle of stolen  borrowed Absinthe to break in and after several interesting decisions wound up going to their rooms, with Piers remaining on the couch where he’d crashed after 2 drinks.
Waking up to an all out war? Not easy to process for a drunken galarian to process.
Rattata’s foaraging in his house completely uninvited? Hell nah, they can get the fuck out.
In a genius move he does not reach for his belt of pokeballs, but instead reaches for the firepoker to swat them away. It works fairly well until he gets to the ugly fellow messing with his lil’ nutcracker, whose volume does not equal his size, decides to level the playing field.
Rat King uses Shrink! It is super effective and has left Piers Sober!
This move is effective for distracting the Nutcracker as well- who barely dodges a swipe to the head at the cost of his hat being knocked across the floor. 
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submanuts · a day ago
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some steam emmet doodles based off of vox's mortuary stream last night + a fusion between steam emmet and @staryarn 's oc
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mothwithapencil · 2 days ago
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Pride flags colorpicked from Ghetsis because he isn't cishet and loves the LGBTQ community
[flags in order: rainbow/pride, lesbian, gay/cinthean, bisexual, transgender, non-binary, aromantic, asexual, agender]
Btw if you want to drop a flag request in the ask box for funsies go ahead! I'll do it if i can
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g1ga-byte · 4 hours ago
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While Ingo and Jade have their flings, what do you think their Excadrill thinks of them? Their masters are a thing, but their Excadrill just enjoy each other's company :)
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jaredthebc · 2 days ago
N with 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️💖💛!!
Oooo good stuff
Orientation- I tend to see him as asexual homoromantic! (and also Aroflux for my projecting teehee)
Gender Alinement- I often see him as transmasc in fanon cause it makes me happy, though in terms of what makes sense for his backstory more so Non-Binary and Genderqueer, mainly He/They pronouns but fine with anything minus It/Its
Happy Headcanon!- I have a TON for this so I'm mostly going to just shoot some of my favorites real quick
He definitely stims by making Pokemon cries himself, just randomly you might hear them go "Twewewewew OOOOO"
A nature documentary fiend, often can nitpick details from his own memory while being amazed at how his friends can do what they do
Often borrows Reshiram/Zekrom from Hilbert, to the point they are basically his own Pokemon. Hilbert doesn't mind the slightest, he's glad that they can be at peace with them
He loves seeing and experiencing new things! Often with his friends but he also likes learning on his lonesome
And most importantly he LOVES running around in nature, it makes them feel so much more connected to the world, being able to be free after so many years of abuse and gaslighting. It means so much to him he can just, run like that
BroTP!- My favorite is N and Hilbert because SIBLING SIBLING SIBLING AAAAA I love them as siblings I could go on massive rants on how much these two mean to each other. N and Hilda are also very much siblings, though Hilda is much more chaotic and probably showed him Teen Titans Go to the Movies as his first film just for the chaos iguhtghuth. He's also very close with the Subway Bosses, Elesa, Alder (basically his new adopted dad), Iris (Other chaotic sibling), Nate and Rosa, and Cheren and Bianca (the last two I think are dating Hilbert and Hilda respectively and I keep thinking about him going to the two like "wow you are both such great friends :]" not knowing much about romance IUHFRUIHGRIGH)
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erikalentz · 2 days ago
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First part
Second part
Third part
Here’s the last part of “Going to Hisui”!
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noxstrages · 4 months ago
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[Siblings, Siblings... Sister?]
More kid Nimbasa trio stuff... I just think Emmet and Elesa would make great friendly rivals to each other... They’re both like “Finally, a worthy opponent!” while Ingo’s trying to make sure it doesn’t go into an all out brawl. They’ll all mellow out eventually (and Elesa will end up taller than them), but for now... rowdy bunch.
Not all products for Pokemon are good for human consumption. Also, if you haven’t accidentally gotten your sibling sick in some way, are you really siblings?
My Other Kid Nimbasa Trio || Kid Submas Content
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norue67 · 5 months ago
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I love these guys lmao Ingo: friendly, aggressively enthusiastic, yells everything he says Emmet: I  a m  E m m e t .  B a t t l e  2 0  t i m e s  a n d  f a c e  m e
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fruit-sy · 5 months ago
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Emmet trying to hold back his laughter
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Ingo joining in with his phone
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Hilda and the random trainer absolutely shredding it
Jumping on the funni train images bandwaggon lol. These are taken from the "Legendary NYC A-Train Sax battle (super cut)" video 👀
Jam on dudes 👁👁 (the footage I took was around 5:00 until around the end) :
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mtmrem · 5 months ago
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i had more but im too tired
i just wanted to draw funny train men doing funny train men things
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fluorescent-air-fresheners · 5 months ago
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Nimbasa City Comedy (ft. Elesa, Skyla, Emmet and Ingo)
PLA recently converted me into a submas fan and I got a bunch of comic ideas looking up their lore for PLA theories, so I mashed it up into the same bunch of comics.
I had to read
so many boomer Pokemon pun articles for this
The first three comics take place over Elesa hanging out with Skyla, heading out of Nimbasa for a photoshoot, and going home. Emmet's on the outbound train and Ingo's in the inbound train.
"Samui" is Japanese for "cold", as in the temperature, and is slang for "that was a terrible joke".
Ingo actually smiles like that in Pokemon Adventures
This is the first time I've drawn any of these characters actually
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taffybuns · 6 months ago
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haha game theory
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chenson-doodles · 5 months ago
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I like the idea of Ingo and Emmet adopting a hisuian sneasle
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