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#pokemon fusion

for the Pokemon Crescent Cavern April Mini-Mini Event on Deviantart, wherein their normal eyes got googly. 

These two are Furia (Spiritomb/Lapras/Shroomish) and Trajan (Duduo/Zapdos/Cosmog). These two are my favorites of all the designs I’ve created for PKMNCC. 

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More scrafty fusions!! 8V you know this is never done

except maybe i make just one more this been going for a while |D

Had some fun with this guy! thought it would be weird but it came out pretty okay :D

This one is Poison/Dark, very aggressive and competitive, with a crest that they use to intimidate other foes, and the saggy pants are now armored and extremely resistant, this guy is basically a football player with poisoned spikes

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Across the Desert

Poor Glaporeon is gonna melt and soak up the desert floor! This is actually my first time drawing a desert-type background to be honest, you rarely see them as backgrounds. I think the most common is like forest or countryside.
Wanted to use warm shadows for once mixed with cold ones.

Here’s some desert music to go along with this:

..:v yes, I know it’s Pokemon Mystery Dungeon PMD explorers of sky song

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(Hey! Long time, no see! (Tho much sooner here than Fleur’s blog)

I’m kinda late to the party but I finally got the newest Pokemon (Shield specifically), and it’s rekicked my interest in my askblogs, so I’m thinking about reviving this blog and @the-bashful-skuntank~

Here’s an update to Lexus! Not too much changed, but I mostly wanted to update that old reference art

So while I’m just fixing some things up, the askbox is open for some fresh asks! And feel free to signal boost too! Just be respectful y’all~)

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