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#pokemon headcanons

Halloween party where the theme is Pokémon villains. Galar’s most important trainers dress up as…

Victor - Giovanni

Kabu - Maxie

Leon - Archie

Raihan - Matt

Bea - Courtney

Nessa - Shelley

Gordie - Tabitha

Mustard - Cyrus

Honey - Jupiter

Klara - Mars

Avery - Saturn

Bede - Lysandre

Piers - Guzma

Marnie - Plumeria

Melony - Lusamine

Gloria - Lillie

Hop - Faba

Allister - himself (maybe the Masked Man from Pokespe)

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spooky season, gym leaders + leon and sonia edition. pretty much the reason is: i’m obsessed with the game, i’m obsessed with raihan, i love these babies too much. i am not sorry. so here, have the squad + sonia and leon in spooky season.


  • people think nothing can scare him. actually, horror movies and haunting houses do. 
  • not the type to scream, he just slowly grows into his despair 
  • problem: he has a smile on his face while watching horror movies. seriously. it doesn’t leave his face
  • please let him use you as a shield this man wants protection
  • would enter pumpkin contests 10000/10. also, would win


  • horror movies don’t do much for her, though the jump scares can
  • 10/10 would photoshoot a new collection for halloween
  • would kind of get scared in haunted houses but if someone else is more scared she would p r o t e c t
  • most stylish clothes in autumn, but also, would 100% do a halloween costume party 
  • this woman can and will drown you if you try to scare her 


  • the one from the trio that gets affected by horror movies the least
  • he doesn’t usually indulge in going to haunted houses but if nessa makes him and milo go with the rest he will try to logic his way into the random noises
  • has a bag full of treats to give to the children that come to his house knocking for trick or treat
  • nothing gets him better than scare jumps. n o t h i n g
  • also, be ready to get burnt if you do. just a warning.

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Talonflame are almost entirely carnivorous, with the sole exception being berries. Their typical prey is smaller bird Pokémon but, as per usual, domestic ones can live long, healthy lives on a diet of Pokémon food

Unlike most other avian Pokémon, which tend to favor dense forests and woodland, Talonflame prefer living in wide-open spaces. This species will not do well in apartments or small houses unless there is some sort of outdoor space nearby where they can stretch their wings

Talonflame are pretty adaptable Pokémon climate-wise, and can thrive pretty much anywhere provided there’s enough space for them

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I have caught the Marshadow! At the witching hour! Halloween night! On a blue moon!

I have a feeling this will be one powerful Marshadow.

I don’t know what to name it. I would say Horrior, but that doesn’t sound right.

As for now though, it is 3:00 am. I am exhausted so I will be falling asleep now. No more ghost Pokémon thankfully.

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Perfumes made from Weezing gas aren’t quite as popular as they used to be, but they’re still being made around the world by quite a few different companies. Don’t worry though, the gas of an unhappy or sick Weezing will never smell good, so all Weezing whose gases are used to make perfume are kept happy and healthy, there’s no factory farming or anything like it involved at all!

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Well, there are Fallers, who are, allegedly, people who have passed through Ultra Wormholes and made it out in one piece. There are rumours that the International Police recruits them in order to help deal with Ultra Beasts and the Rangers have been working closely with the InPo in most Regions since the Necrozma incident, so, if Fallers do exist, then it’s possible that Anabel was telling the truth

I’ll admit, the whole situation with Raikou still has me a bit worried, but I am quite relieved that there’s going to be an adult keeping an eye on you guys

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