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#pokemon headcanons

Anorith have fantastic underwater eyesight. Their eyestalks are vulnerable but let them see in almost every direction! Their eyesight in air isn’t as good until they evolve into Armaldo.

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Flaregruntimagines’s requests

Request status : OPEN

Updated 01/27/21

What I’ll write for:

—-> Pokemon!!! (Main)

—-> Mha/BNHA

—-> Haikyuu

—-> HXH

—-> JJBA

—-> Naruto

—-> Marvel! (X-men/Avengers)

—-> DC

What/who I won’t write :

—-> Tbh Just certain kinks I don’t rlly wanna name @-@

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The environment of Kantonian VS Alolan Exeggutor

Kantonian exeggutor has long been described as a tropical pokemon, so I see both exeggutor forms as being from the tropics rather than just Alolan exeggutor. However, each are from different environments that informed their different shapes.

Alolan exeggutor are beach pokemon, and Kantonian exeggutor are jungle pokemon. Both live in tropical environments.

Being on the beach or on islands allows Alolan exeggutor to get large volumes of unfiltered sunlight and grow ridiculously tall. Even with its large size, it can move freely in its open environment as there is less dense vegetation and obstacles. Given the constant, beating sun, Alolan exeggutor never has to worry about the cold that it so bitterly fears as a grass and dragon type. The sun is such a constant in its environment that it even developed use of flamethrower to take full advantage of it, and unlike Kantonian exeggutor, it doesn’t need to fear burning down a jungle home.

Kantonian exeggutor is adapted for jungle life. Less light reaches the jungle floor through its thick canopy, so Kantonian exeggutor adapted to its lack of height by developing stronger psychic powers than ever before, allowing it to manipulate its dense environment easily even with no arms or a long neck. It’s psychic typing also gives it an invaluable offensive advantage over the dangerous grass/poison types that are so common in its jungle environment. It’s smaller size allows it to move nimbly through the forest floor, whereas its taller cousins would become entangled. It doesn’t get as much warming sunlight as it’s beach-dwelling cousins, but chill and shade are far less of a concern for Kantonian exeggutor given its lack of dragon typing. Kantonian exeggutor has also evolved to use the scarce sunlight it does receive to the absolute fullest with the Chlorophyll ability. Alolan exeggutor hadn’t adapted such an extreme response to sunlight, as it gets to take sunlight for granted in its environment.

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I saw @thegreenzorua make one of these and I thought I should do it too since I made a lot of headcanons when playing the games.

-N probably fidgets with his hair, like twirling it or brushing his fingers through it. I do this a lot, it’s kinda relaxing. It’s also a form of “stimming”, something that most autistic people do and N probably has autism.

-Glitter. N likes glitter. 
This was caused by a time I was doing Akinator and one of the questions was “Is your character obsessed with glitter” and picturing N liking glitter was super wholesome. 
Maybe it’s just because I like glitter, at least when it’s not the kind that gets everywhere. Whenever I make customs I usually use my glitter paints. But this is about N, not me.

-Sorta a continuation of the last one, but I headcanon N as liking “girly” stuff, he probably would wear dresses but Ghetsis didn’t allow it. The most he was allowed to wear was jewelry (why is that word so hard for me to spell). 

-N can solve a Rubix cube in less than five minutes. 

-Uh I can’t remember the rest which is sad because I had some good ones

I also have some Ghetsis headcanons.

-Ghetsis doesn’t brush his hair and that’s why it’s always spiky. (I’m not sure how many people noticed this but I think it’s meant to look like Hydreigon’s heads)

-The real reason he covers his right eye is because it’s actually a laser eye and if he doesn’t keep it covered it’ll shoot lasers uncontrollably and he doesn’t want to kill everyone with the lasers. Actually, he probably does want to kill everyone with lasers. But only when he wants to. (This is a joke but it’s funny to think about)

-Not a headcanon, but one time I thought “what if Ghetsis is actually two kids standing on top of each other pretending to be an adult” then I continued this ‘theory’ with the two kids being the Ice Climbers from Smash Bros and they like to bonk people on the head with their mallets. And then ANOTHER continuation of this ‘theory’ is that N’s sisters are actually Ghetsis and that’s why they’re never seen at the same time. I don’t know if this is the case in the anime, as I’ve never watched it, but…. think about it. It’s funny to picture. 
In case you’re wondering where I got the idea of it being the Ice Climbers (can’t remember their real names rn), I have recurring dreams about Ghetsis being a Smash Bros boss. 

-okay an actual headcanon that isn’t a joke this time. I headcanon that Ghetsis is overweight and the reason why he wears bulky clothes is so people think it’s the clothes but he’s actually hiding his true body type, and in the sequels his clothes are more streamlined because he lost a lot of weight while being on the run. 

-The grunts secretly hate him in BW and only listen to him so they don’t get in trouble, and they’d much rather listen to N.

-yeah that’s it I had more that I can’t remember

also ps I hate Ghetsis but he’s also my favorite Pokémon villain which probably makes zero sense at all. It’s  a love to hate kind of thing.


Why do I say yay so much

I’ve been very sarcastic lately

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AHHGGG YES ^-^ milo is my all time fav, i hope you enjoy!! these are nsfw headcanons, feel free to request an nsfw oneshot w milo anon ! :) nsfw warning for everyone that doesn’t like it, please scroll away :’D have a good read everyone! <3

tw; degradation/humiliation ahead!

Milo × Reader || Kink/General Headcanons! (Nsfw)


Originally posted by peaxho

headcanons under the cut, last warning ! ❤

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hi, anon:) !! of course you can, thank you for requesting; I wasn’t too sure if you were also requesting a fluff oneshot of their aftercare but just in case you were, feel free to re-request! ^-^ have a good read everyone! ❤

Raihan × Leon × Reader|| Aftercare Headcanons! (Sfw)


Originally posted by jadeazora

headcanons under the cut! 💫

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Hey thanks for requesting!:)

—-> The chances of Gordie catching onto your insecurities during the pregnancy is low, considering he’s at the gym a lot and in his own little world some times.

—-> It’s not like Gordie cares or isn’t proud of you, he’s so happy to be a father! He always brings it up in convos.

—-> Smug bastard- smirks to himself whenever he sees you and sees your stomach growing knowing that he did that to you.

—-> He still finds you VERY beautiful and attractive, maybe more so just due to the fact you’re carrying his child.

—-> It wasn’t until a few months in where the bump began to visibly show and get larger as time passes by, growing to be extremely insecure of your appearance.

—-> You worried that it has made you ugly, unattractive due to how round you were.

—-> Gordie realizes when he finds you sulking in your bedroom, hand on top of your stomach tears welling in your eyes, thoughts racing through your head.

—-> Baby boy is automatically WORRIED SICK for you.

—-> You explain through tears how you found yourself unattractive due to the bump and how insecure you have gotten.

—-> This boy automatically praises you with soft words of encouragement and compliments.

—-> Spends way more time with you and compliments you 24/7 no matter how many times he says it.

—-> You’re beautiful. He loves you and his baby growing inside of you.

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Lileep are very tactile pokemon. They frequently touch and hug people they like with their tentacles. Unfortunately, not everyone enjoys a damp hug.

Lileep’s feet act as suction cups that keep them in place. They can hold onto any surface, even upside down!

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I’m coming straight outta left field with this one, but hey, some of the best things in life come from spontaneity!

Er… Maybe.

Anyway, here’s my Pokèmon AU!

Featuring the Female Protagonists I played as, their names, general differences from canon, and personal headcannons I came up with during my first playthrough of each game!

…and how they fit into the wider world! Maybe. Kinda.

I’m only doing the main series females in this post, with potential a potential sequal in the form of the side game females!

I do know that the main series male’s will have their own post though! Mostly because I legitimately cannot control myself, and it’s already halfway done!

So, without a further ado…

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In Hoenn there is a well known jewelry store that specializes in jewelry made from sea glass they have a Kyogre as a mascot.

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Baltoy’s psychic powers become stronger the faster it spins. A few Baltoy have been observed spinning upside down. The reason for this completely unknown.

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Hey thanks for requesting! I hope I did alright. Possibly ooc Melony? uHm,, sweats,, mommy….mommy dom.. not really love making moreor less just pure smut?? I’M SORRY JSJDJSJA

Don’t read if nsfw makes u uncomfy!!

—-> Watching Melony battle always gets you going, especially when she gets into the battle.

—-> So of course, you’re the one who initiates this love making in the locker rooms:)

—-> Whether it be wrapping your arms around her waist, placing soft kisses to her neck or just getting straight to the point

—-> Sorry, I see Melony of being a mommy dom at times. And this is one of those scenarios. She’d probably chuckle at your eagerness

“ is my little boy needy for me again? Isn’t this the third time this week, love? ”

—-> You whine loudly, her sweet talking always gets you weak. She knew exactly how to tease you.

—-> You probablyyyy get impatient and begin to dry-hump at her leg, and let me tell you something- she is w e t. She loves teasing you half the time buuuuuut

—-> Melony needs you just as much as you need her. No foreplay, no no no- she forces you to strip

—-> She rides you to start it of mkaaay, she’s in control but.. she lets you think you can be in control towards the end. Her legs were overcome by that burning sensation from the constant moving having to lift herself up and back down on your cock

—-> grip her legs and thrust your hips upwards, help her out juust a little bit to push her and you to the end.

—-> Aftercare is a must. Which is why she isn’t always the biggest fan of doing it in the locker rooms, she’ll give you and her some time to cool down before the two of you shower.

“ You did so well for me, love. Good boy. ”

—-> YEEAAAH 😳😳 there is no lovemaking in her locker rooms just pure,, smut,, little horn dog.. smh..

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Bunnelby love to dig, unsurprisingly. If you plan on caring for one, be prepared for your clothes going missing, then finding them in a pile about 20 minutes later with a Bunnelby in the pile. That’s only if you explicitly tell them that they are NOT to dig through the floors. Auntie Tatum did not do that, so she’s fixing the floors at her house while my cousin and his pokemon stay with me and mum.

Scorbunnies like to hang out in burrows. Expect burnt clothing when you find them in the clothing pile. Luckily, they are not good diggers, so you won’t have to worry about holes in the floor. You’ll just have to worry about the floor being on fire, which is still bad.

Luckily, the behaviours are lost once they reach evolution. Try to discipline your buns before that anyways, since cleaning up after them is a major chore.

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(From this point on, I am calling this Pokemon Sword and Shield AU the GPL AU after the Galarian Pokemon League). Here are my character headcannons! I am going to give each character and age and a general ethnicity even though A) time will pass in this au and B) obviously there are no countries in Pokemon. I will be giving them an age based on when the AU starts, at the beginning on Gloria’s Pokemon League Journey. 


Originally posted by kinning-business


-Age: 16

-Ethnicity: Half English, Half Japanese (English father, Japanese mother)

-General Headcannons: 

o  She is an introverted extrovert. She loves meeting new people and making new friends, but she is on the quiet side due to her troubled relationship with her father. 

o  Going off of that, her parents got a divorce when she was 6 years old because her father was negligent. She has not been in contact with him since he left, but he is at the base of some of her social anxiety. That is why she mostly speaks either in short sentences or not at all (going off her interactions in the game). 

o  The thing that makes Gloria stand out as a Pokemon trainer is that she can pick up on her opponents nuances just by examining them. For example, if her opponent’s breathing quickens, she knows that they are nervous and will resort to mainly attacks. That is why it is so hard for her to beat Leon: He has an emotionless mask during his battles.

o  She picked up this strategy by watching GPL battles throughout her childhood. Gloria was often put in front of the television set to distract her from her parents fighting, and since she had to put so much of her attention towards the matches, she picked up on a lot of people’s ticks. 

o  Gloria is very clingy to Hop. She finds comfort in being near him, so she is often latching onto his arm, hugging him from behind, or holding his hand. The closer she gets to people, the more she hangs onto them. This is rough with Bede and Bea, so it takes a bit of work on both their ends to make sure they’re not making the other party unhappy. 

o  Gloria is ridiculously brave. She will go into pretty much any situation, which is why she just goes along when asked to join the dojo/go on an expedition. 

o  Speaking of expeditions, she looks up to Peony as the father figure she never had. She doesn’t outwardly tell him this because A) her relationship with her father really messed her up and B) the fact that he is related to Rose makes her a little wary. She knows how much Rose messed up Bede and does not want to cause more grief. 

o  Speaking of Bede, they actually become really close friends after the League wraps up and during Rose’s trial. Bede is one of the only people that can emphasise with her social anxiety, and luckily for him, Gloria doesn’t give up on people. She has to work on not being clingy with him because he does not like being touched. 

o  Gloria is the first female champion! 

o. Victor exists in this au, but not until way after Gloria’s first year as champion. He is her half brother; her father eventually remarried in Stow-In-Side and had Victor a year-ish later (making him 7 years younger than Gloria). They do not reunite until she is 20 years old, but she accepts him as her brother easily (she knows how terrible their dad is). 

o  Gloria’s full name is Gloria Park. She does not have a middle name. 

(I took the most liberties with Gloria because she is the MC and the game doesn’t give toooo much of a character. I know a lot of people head cannon her as super extroverted and confident, but I preferred this take for this particular AU).


Originally posted by angelnamine


-Age: 16

-Ethnicity: Half Spanish, Half Black (His mom is Spanish, his dad is black)

-General Headcannons: 

o  Hop’s dad died when he was 2 years old, so he doesn’t really remember him. He never really had a father figure since Leon left to become Champion when he was 6. That is where is anxiety is rooted: Both his father (who was a firefighter and treated like a hero after his death) and Leon’s success makes Hop feel like he has to do something grand to live up to them. 

o  Hop actually befriended Gloria through their love of Pokemon battles! His mum invited her mum over for dinner, and while his and Gloria’s interactions were stiff at best during dinner, they really clicked after when they began watching the game on the TV. They’ve been inseparable ever since. 

o  I headcannon that Hop has ADD. He practically never sits still and has a hard time paying attention to things unless he is hyper focused. Hop is really booksmart, he just has trouble focusing. He also doesn’t really see the point in maintaining his grades when he’s just going to become the new Champion.

o  He played soccer when he was little as an outlet for his ADD. He joined the GJPL (Galar Junior Pokemon League), but since he was in a small district, he never made it to the big times like Bede. He did manage to score fairly well with his wooloo, though, making him one of the MVPs in the 76th GPL.

o  Hop is a nickname. HIs full name is “Hipoltio Henry Hoffman”. (Henry was his father’s name).

o Like Gloria, Hop is a really touchy person. They kind of rubbed off on each other, so he shows affection by linking arms, bumping shoulders, ect. 

o  After the GPL wraps up and he gets asked to be Sonia’s assistant, she gives him the opportunity to study abroad until he graduates high school. He takes this opportunity and briefly moves to study other Pokemon in Johto. He does come back to visit in the summer, which is why he ends up on the Isle of Armor around the same time as Gloria. 


Originally posted by no-encores


-Age: 17

-Ethnicity: White 


o   He never met his parents, but he was told he was taken away from them by child protective services. This made him really bitter from the get-go because they never came back for him.

o   Bede has abandonment issues, but in a different way from Gloria. While she is willing to let anyone in, he is more prone to shut everyone out. He only starts to open up when he realizes Gloria’s life isn’t as perfect as he originally guessed.

o   Bede reeeeaaaallllyyyy doesn’t like being touched. He got into a lot of fights in the orphanage when he was younger because of his short temper. That is barely the tip of the iceberg: There was a lot of shady things that happened at the orphanage that only stopped once Chairman Rose started showing interest in him. Bede doesn’t talk about this to anyone.

o  Bede participated in the GJPL and made it to the championships two years in a row! He got to travel to Hoenn for one of them and meet the champion there. This was what brought Rose’s attention to him. 

o  The reason Bede didn’t join the league at 16 was because Rose didn’t sponsor him yet. Because of this, he decided to challenge Raihan for his position as gym leader of Hammerlocke. Sufficed to say, Bede lost pretty badly. 

o  He was very convinced that Rose was going to adopt him, which made his dismissal ten times worse than it originally was. He eventually comes to term with the fact that the Chairman used him and threw him under the bus when he realised that he could get in trouble for destroying the monument. 

o  Opal becomes his guardian when he accepts his new role as the Fairy Gym Leader, but she officially adopts him about a year later. He isn’t very good at talking about his emotions, but he does care deeply for the old woman and her acceptance of him brought him to tears. 

o   Bede gave himself his middle name: Steven, after Hoenn’s Champion Steven Stone. His full name is Bede Steven Doe pre-adoption, and Bede Steven Waltz post-adoption. 

o  He is super prickly, but after becoming gym leader, Bede mellows out a little bit. He is still haughty and self absorbed, but he is not as outwardly rude about it. 

o  He ends up forming a lot of unlikely relationships after he settles in his position as gym leader. He and Bea get along really well because of their proximity and similar personalities, Gloria won’t let him not be her friend (he has a soft side for her), and Marnie is one of the less eccentric gym leaders that he likes to hang around with at group gatherings. 


Originally posted by phaz0n


-Age: 16

-Ethnicity: White


o   Marnie is the youngest of 5 children, and she is the only girl. Therefore, she was always coddled by her family. One of the biggest reasons she joined the pokemon league was to prove her true worth to her family.

o   Out of all her siblings, she is the closest to Piers. She doesn’t agree with his opposition to dynamaxing, but they are both passionate about restoring glory to Spikemuth. He also spent the most time with her when they were growing up because her parents worked a lot (Spikemuth is a poverty-stricken town). 

o   Marnie is quite the little activist. It is a little ironic because she is incredibly soft-spoken and will swear up a storm at the same time. 

o   She gains a lot of fans during her GPL alongside Gloria because they are both favourites to become the first female champion. Instead of forming a bitter rivalry with her, Marnie elects to befriend Gloria because she reminds her of her friend, Primrose. 

o   Marnie LOVES shopping. She never really had the chance to leave Spikemuth growing up, so a lot of her free time when not participating in Pokemon battles is spent in boutiques. 

o   One of Marnie’s special skills is that she can see right through a person’s core. That is why she is initially kind to Gloria, Hop, and Bede. On the other hand, she and Piers both constantly talk shit about Chairman Rose. She isn’t really a fan of Leon either, but she knows that he is a good person so she tries to be nice.

o   Speaking of Leon (to some degree), she immediately decides to befriend Hop when she realises he is also the younger sibling of a famous Pokemon trainer. They bond over their similar roles in life and their shared love of music! (Hop really likes Piers’s music and freaks out when he gets to meet him). 

o   Marnie can play the guitar and the piano! If she didn’t become a gym leader, she could definitely see herself going into music. 

o  I head cannon that Marnie is bisexual, but she is not currently aware of it. I will definitely talk more about this later in the AU or if I actually get around to writing a one shot. 

o  Her full name is Marnie Isla Lewis. 

Next Part: Gym Leaders! 

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Corphish and Crawdaunt can tolerate even the most polluted waters. This makes them handy partners for cleaning up dirty waterways. However some wild Crawdaunt have been observed making their pond dirtier, presumably to drive away competition.

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Tell me, are there any lady Pokémon from the Field Egg Group around? Because it sounds to me like Delphox is trying to woo a date, it is that time of year after all.

The thing with the sticks is a sort of courtship display, kind of like a mating dance, and the demonic screeching is Delphox’s way of telling potential mates that he’s single and ready to mingle. 

He may be a bit more agitated than usual, but Delphox will be fine. Just keep him inside unless you plan on becoming a grandparent this Spring.

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Aww, lucky you! Cubone are little sweeties!

Since they’re Ground-types and don’t have any fur, there really isn’t much to do in terms of grooming a Cubone. It’s actually good for a Cubone to have a little dirt on its body, so I recommend getting some sort of dust bath for the little one. They’ll also wallow in mud to cool down and protect their skin during the hotter months of the year!

If your Cubone is crying for seemingly no reason, think twice before rushing in to console it. You see, Cubone have sensitive eyes and frequently crying is how they protect them.

Speaking of Cubone’s sensitive eyes, you may want to look into getting a pair of sun goggles for your pal once it hatches. Their eyes can be very sensitive to light, especially if they’ve just recently hatched since they don’t have a helmet yet (their helmets help block some of the sun’s rays.)

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That’s the carpal pad! Though “brake bean” is definitely a much better name for it, I think I’m gonna start using that instead!

Also, did you know that these beans are only on the front legs, not the back?

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You’re very welcome, happy to help! Sylveon are wonderful Pokémon, I’ve never met one I didn’t like! Fingers crossed that you get matched with a new pal soon!

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While nobody’s completely sure of why certain Types are called what they’re called, it’s generally believed that Type names are chosen based on how easily they get the point across, and how easily they roll off the tongue.

For Flying vs. Aerial, it’s more likely that, when seeing a Pokémon up in the sky, people are going to say “look, there’s a flying Pokémon!” as opposed to “look, there’s an aerial Pokémon!” Not many people use the word “aerial” in their everyday life and some might not even know what it means. Flying is simpler, more to-the-point, and is a word that everybody would know, so that is likely why Flying-types are called Flying-types.

When it comes to Grass vs. Plant, I honestly think it comes down to which one rolls off the tongue better. Try saying “Grass-type” and “Plant-type” quickly. Now admittedly this might just be me, but “Grass-type” still comes out sounding like “Grass-type” while “Plant-type” comes out sounding more like “Plan-type” unless I consciously make an effort to say that first T. Having those two Hard T sounds right next to each other just isn’t as easy to say

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