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#pokemon hell

Woah spent a couple days maxing out my pokemon levels n shit so if anyone’s wondering where I went that’s it lol

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i give it to anyone that asks, i used to ask people if they wanted it but for some strange reason most people dident respond well when i asked them if they want sugar daddy to give them a disease...

youre going to hell

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Lemme tell yall a story now

So I was on the hunt for some Bagon’s(Or any other pokemon in the area I didn’t have) right.

And I came across this hoard of Zangoose and 1 fucking Seviper

While I carefully plucked away the Zangoose I suddenly fucking noticed the other two Zangoose were fucking KILLING THE GODDAMN SEVIPER


Don’t get me wrong, I get the whole mortal enemy jazz, but seriously…

I never did find that Bagon either..

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Next in the field guide are these manatees. Please don’t pet them too hard.

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Next in the field guide are these pyrokinetic bees. Let them into your heart and you’ll be full of rage and enlightenment too.

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I thought yall were being ironic about having to making the content you wanna see, now I’m doing it unironically what the hell guys.

#the butts chronicles#I dont know what I'd call my life posts. so this will still have to do. anyways.#what the hell. I have to make shit in order for me to read it? what the hell.#look Ive....done at least the one thing before about posting things I wanna see.#but making an entire possible webcomic and now fanfiction. is just. ow.#also drawing. fuck.#oh well. I cannot assure it will be good at all whatsoever in any slight way. and that goes for anything I make.#anyways again. today was kinda shit. I did eat mac n cheese tho so ehhh?#man. Im tired. like I most likely don't deserve a break especially since Im unemployed#but getting a break from all the shit thats happened this past month the month before that and most of the entirety of last year does sound#nice. like I learned today that the pipe that transfers the water to the shower is I think fine. There wasnt any water from what I could#feel dripping from it. However the water still leaks from the part that connects from the shower to the bathroom.#so either its the hole that the pipe leads to or some other dumb shit I dont know about. godamnit. Im so tired.#seriously this shit sucks. I also still dislike that shitstain I'm related to immensely.#man. man. Tired. I'll possibly be fine tho dw#I just hope I can get milk and chips soon. that sounds groovy. also wired headphones hopefully#Im sick of these damn wireless headphones I didnt even know they were wireless until I bought them. godamnit walmart.#this is why I used to steal from you as a child. well sorta. worth it tho even if my mother caught me. Id do it again.#anyways for the third time. happy pokemon day I hate arceus. hope the day treated yall well!
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You know I never expected to see a Post Malone Virtual Concert Experience hosted by Pokemon themselves but can we just look at the environment and how amazing it looks. I’m no 3D artist or animator but come on


Now this would be amazing on its own, IF POST MALONE WASNT FUCKING IN IT


top tier scenery wasted on this concert smh

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This begins a series of field guide entries detailing the wildlife of a strange island. To start off, we have these three, who are quite a handful…

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Anyway, “Why can’t modern Pokemon games have intricate Pokemon animations the way Colosseum did-” Because Pokemon Colosseum only had 48 pokemon in it, and its sequel XD only had 83. The devs and animators for those games could afford to do more unique animations for each pokemon because they didn’t have nearly as many pokemon to work with as the at-the-time total did, let alone the current modern total of 893 pokemon. Colosseum only had 12% the at-the-time grand total number of pokemon at 386, and XD only had 21% of that same 386 pokemon. This Pokedex cut was proportionally way way bigger than the purge done for Sw&Sh, which those games still had 400 pokemon in them, or 44% of the current grand total. The only reason the Colosseum games were able to get away with this massive purge of pokemon is because they weren’t mainline games developed by Gamefreak, they were side games developed by Genius Sonority. A mainline Pokemon game would NEVER be able to have animations like what Colosseum had, because even besides Gamefreak’s more standardized style compared to side games by other studios, Colosseum only had the freedom to do the pokedex purges needed BECAUSE it was a side game. If a mainline game tried to do a pokedex purge on the scale that Colosseum did, the playerbase would throw a tantrum far far bigger than the one they already threw over Sw&Sh. It is far more practical for a game that intends to use as many pokemon as possible to keep using the standardized models instead of trying to rebuild all 893 pokemon from scratch. We can’t have another game like Colosseum until 1. a side studio decides to get funky with their games and 2. the playerbase gets it through their heads that such a game in both animations and game design would require massively cutting down the amount of pokemon available.

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Jasmine from Pokemon is going to super hell for ace crimes!!!

requested by: @the-lavender-creator

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The Sinnoh remakes look like that weird Sims DS game and also Squinkies… But at the same time that’s why I love them….

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