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In need of Pokemon to fill Pokédex!

Hi, everyone! Hope you are doing as best as you can during this crisis, and that you are both safe and healthy.

Gonna try my luck here, but unsure how it will go! At the moment I am filling up my Pokédex in Pokemon Home, and I am missing only event Pokemon… due to a hectic life, there are some I never got the chance to participate in. I’ll list them up, but will also address a worry considering trading event Pokemon - especially since you can’t friend trade over distance!

Is it possible to trade event Pokémon through Room trade or something similar?

If someone has some event Pokémon still in Pokémon Ultra Moon/Sun or similar, and I got something you would like in Pokémon Home, we could arrange something despite having to cross trade! I can even send you my part first via Home, if that would make you more comfortable. But I’ll stop rambling, and if anyone is interested, just to write in my inbox. ;u; Wish you all a lovely day/night!

These are the ones I’m missing:

- Deoxys

- Arceus

- Diancie

- Magearna

- Marshadow

- Zeraora

- Melmetan (not my priority, but!)

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anyone want a sobble? ive got like, three boxes full after trying to breed for a shiny (that i still haven’t hatched) n id rather trade them than just release them. details under the read more, dm if you’re interested

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Hi. I really hope this somehow finds you. I am trainer Popflo and I played pokemon X. I traded you a Chespin on the GTS in exchange for a level one fennekin neamed Chessi. Here is chessi now (photos to follow)

She is a level 70 Braixen who has grown up strong and healthy and is a vital member of my team now. I hope that Chester the chespin has also become a valued member of your team. Thank you and I will continue taking care of her as she is in my box in pokemon home at the moment

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I got a whole bunch of shiny Alolan Raichu and shiny Electivire to give away! It took a long time to evolve all these so hopefully they make people happy. I also transferred some old shiny Stunky and Zigzagoon I got from Diamond (Pokeradar) years ago that I wasn’t using.

Not pictured: I also caught a box of Ultra Beasts to give away, but none of those are shiny. lol


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Last week, I handed out the Oreo cookie legendaries. Now, I’ll be handing out their third wheel, Kyurem! To get your shiny Kyurem, put up a Wooloo nicknamed For Wolf onto the GTS. Make sure your Wooloo is level 11-20 or higher in order for you deposit to be seen by me on the GTS.

You can have one shiny Kyurem. This giveaway will last until Tuesday at 6 PM PST.

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Pokemon HOME users have found an interesting glitch related to Pokemon Sword and Shield. While it doesn’t allow you to actually see models for the Pokemon, this glitch allows you to bring Pokemon not found in Sword and Shield into the game.

When a player moves Pokemon to the right section of the screen (Pokemon Sword/Shield) and then places Pokemon not available in Pokemon Sword/Shield into the left section of the screen (Pokemon Home), some sort of glitch happens. This causes Pokemon not available in Pokemon Sword and Shield to end up in the game.

These Pokemon can level up and learn moves, but don’t have any visual representation of who they are. It’s likely Pokemon Co. will fix up this glitch in the very near future.

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