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#pokemon leon
Hop snapping and just finally letting it loose with his family

This has got to take place years after Hop leaves the home. There’s no way he would dare to put himself in a situation where he’s stuck with a family that’s mad at him. They’re not physically abusive, but it certainly wouldn’t be pleasant.

So he’s visiting home. Leon just so happens to be there at the same time. Now that Hop doesn’t deal with their bs on a daily basis, he feels willing to make a relationship with them. And it had actually been going well until Leon had shown up.

Now Hop was sitting in a couch alone while Leon got swarmed. There are pictures of him everywhere. No matter where he looks, it’s Leon. It feels like even when he closes his eyes, it’s Leon. He’s sick of it, so he gets up and leaves.

He’s halfway down the path out of Postwick when they catch up to him. They all call him rude for just up and leaving (other than Leon because he thinks he knows what’s going on) and saying he’s ungrateful. Hop doesn’t have to deal with this shit anymore so he just shouts at them to shut up and they do.

He spends a solid fifteen minutes on each family member, berating them on every time they let him down in his life. They’re crying by the time he’s finished with them. He’s red in the face, sweating, his voice is hoarse and there’s a vein on his forehead. No one has ever seen him this angry. He feels good to have finally gotten it out, but there’s still something he’s missing. That’s right…

Leon steps forward, trying to place his hand on his shoulder and offer Hop some comfort, but Hop slaps his hand away and starts going off on him. He spends longer yelling at Leon than anyone else. They’re all stunned that this much anger has built up over Leon of all people. Hop didn’t care seeing his mother and grandparents cry. They were probably faking it anyway, but when tears blur Leon’s eyes, clinging to his long lashes and making tracks down his cheeks, it’s enough to stop Hop in his tracks.

He feels guilty. Leon didn’t do this. Not on purpose. Leon was always trying to do his best for Hop, and Hop knew that. Then why is he so angry? He doesn’t realize he’s crying until the tears trickle down his cheeks. Leon pulls him in for a hug and he doesn’t resist. His family is mad that Hop’s only kind to Leon, but there’s nothing they can say that would make them the victim.

Hop feels much better, and his relationship with his family is going much better as well.

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I was just reading some older posts and found that one where you talked about relationships you've been in. What was with the girl who kept kissing you?? The one who came after Sonia.

Honestly? I don’t really know.

It’s like I said, she kept kissing me. I met her, and then a week or two later she just…kissed me when she said goodbye. And then after that she kept planting smooches on me. And I was a stupid 14 year old boy who’s thoughts of “This is weird” were trumped by “Hey! This girl is kissing me!” so I never questioned her about it…

And no, she wasn’t a foreigner. She was born and raised in Galar.

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IMPORTANT QUESTION.... Hop is very clearly a sweetie and would love hugs... do Leon, Piers, Raihan and Marnie like his hugs? Both from when he’s young and a little older because I don’t see him growing out of loving hugs

Yes, Hop loves hugs. He loves giving hugs, he loves receiving them. He never grows out of it. He’s very physical in showing affection.

Leon is just the same. Loves hugs, always has. He gets a lot of hugs from his fans and it like charges him throughout the day. Just making people happy. He’s also very physical in showing affection.

Piers, maybe not so much. He enjoys hugs well enough, especially from Marnie, but in doses. He’s not actually too fond of physical affection, or being touched in general. He’ll put up with it if he has to. He doesn’t mind a hug or two from his fans.

Raihan is probably the biggest hugger out of all of them. It’s his go-to when fans approach him. He loves to give hugs. His fans love to receive hugs. He likes to show affection/appreciation in every form, but hugs are definitely his favorite. He used to not really like them, but he grew to love them as he became popular as a gym leader.

Marnie doesn’t hug. She doesn’t want to be touched too much. She’ll only really hug Piers. She has an issue with being touched by strangers, and Piers is the only person she’s comfortable with hugging. She pulls away when people try to hug her. She just… doesn’t like it. People ask her why and she shrugs. It’s just not her thing. She prefers to be encouraged with words instead. She never grows into it or learns to like it.

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Domestic PiersxLeonxRaihan hcs??? I ship them so hard

Oh, me too, anon.

-They all live apart. They come visit each other pretty often, though.

-It’s usually just Piers and Raihan, since Leon’s so busy and also far away, but he tries to make time for them, too.

-Piers and Leon talk about their siblings, and make fun of Raihan for not having one. 

-Piers is the only one who knows how to cook, like, properly. They can all cook, but Piers can make a professional meal.

-Leon and Raihan track dirt into Piers’ home and he yells at them. He’s also the only one who knows how to clean properly.

-Leon and Raihan have big enough beds that they can all cuddle and sleep on it with enough space, but Piers’ bed is much smaller, so they all squeeze together. It’s not luxurious, but it’s not uncomfortable.

As much as I love this ship, I don’t actually have a lot of hcs. I also try to avoid filling my blog up with ships because I know not everyone wants to see that, but I don’t mind the occasional ask. Hope you like them, anon.

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Space between from Descendants 2 for Leon and Hop, it gives off Hop confessing to Leon how he feels vibes and them reminding each other that they’re always gonna be there for each other. Given the song is sang as a duet between the characters of Evie and Mal in the movie who are best friends. But I could see it for Leon and Hop too

Oh man, I remember Descendants. I never watched Descendancts 2, but I think I remember the main thing.

I think that song is very fitting though. Hop is understanding that he tried, but he’s just not going to be the great trainer he wanted to be. The trainer he thought Lee was expecting. He’s afraid of letting his brother down, so he keeps trying to fit the mold he made for himself. The more he fails to be what he isn’t, the more he feels like giving up. The more he thinks he has to keep pushing. Leon’s always been focused on training pokemon and having strong trainers in Galar, so he doesn’t think Lee will respect him if he’s anything but the best. Eventually it all caves in and Hop just can’t keep going.

This is where Leon comes in. He sees Hop struggling and he can’t help but feel guilty for making his brother think he needed to do something he just couldn’t. He tries to convince Hop that he’ll be proud no matter what he chooses to do, but it’s not easy. Hop spent his whole life thinking he needed to be a great trainer. Leon tries to convince that nothing needs to change for him to love and respect Hop. Hop doesn’t think they can spend time together anymore if Hop doesn’t even try to be a trainer. Leon says this isn’t true, and it’s just a whole ordeal. They’re both in tears. They both feel guilty. They grow closer.

I just want to say, I don’t imagine the characters breaking into song. I think the songs fit, but I don’t really see the characters singing them.

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I think Leon and Hop’s family have so many pictures of Leon because he’s never home and they have to remind themselves that Leon is still part of the family you know

That’s a good point, anon, but I still think something’s fishy. I’m the youngest of two siblings, so I know partly how Hop feels. I can say that even though Leon’s gone and they want to keep his memory close, it’s ridiculous that there’s not a single picture of Hop anywhere. Even if that’s what they were trying to do, it must feel to Hop that they want nothing to do with him when they only ever think about Leon. Sibling rivalry is real, guys, and it’s intense.

Also, the only pictures of Leon are pictures of him as champion. If they wanted to think about him as part of the family, don’t you think they would have other pictures, too? Are you telling me they never took a single picture of Leon as a baby? When they couldn’t have possibly been able to know he would grow up to be great, as he didn’t have an older brother to even hint at the talent?

I’m just saying there’s something up with that family.

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*I have a thing for AUs so here's my Antagonist!Hop thoughts* In this I think Rose and Oleana would be much more overt, actively manipulative and villainous people. Maybe wanting to control Dynamaxing for profit or something to that effect. Leon and Rose Do Not Get Along but maintain a veneer of cordiality in public. Hop is manipulated into working against Leon and his rival by Rose really capitalizing on his resentment and hurt, but neither Leon nor the rival ever give up on him.

Leon is so sick of Rose. He sees what he does to Bede and wishes he could stop it, but there’s nothing he can do that won’t cause an outcry in the public.

Rose needs Leon to be docile. He needs Leon to follow his every command, but it just so happens that the strongest trainer in Galar is not very easy to tame. Leon knows that Rose is trying to get him to do and he’s disgusted. He fights a silent battle to slow Rose down as much as he can. And yeah, in this au, Rose and Oleana aren’t just people who did something wrong because they cared about their people. They’re just greedy scumbags who exploit everything they can for money.

Eventually, Rose and Oleana see Hop, and they notice that he’s a good kid, but there’s a small sliver of doubt. They work like poisoned sweets. They work their way into that sliver sweetly, but it starts to sting. They seep deeper and deeper, disguising their manipulation with his frustration with Leon and his rival. Eventually, Hop is dragged onto their side, much like Bede is. And they begin to attack the rival and Leon directly.

Leon’s so hurt. He’s confused and scared, because what did they do to his brother? He knew Rose was bad, but this is too far. Leon confronts Rose, and all he can say for himself is “I gave your brother an opportunity, and he took it.” Rose uses Leon’s absence in Hop’s life against him. Leon begins to doubt himself, and from there, Rose and Oleana are able to begin to take control of him.

It’s up to the rival to stop them and save Galar. Every time they meet with Hop, they refuse to battle him. They say kind words until he goes away. Hop’s heart is tainted with pain, but not all the way through. In his core, he still loves Leon and he still cares about his rival. By the rival choosing to encourage and support him, rather than cut him down like he’s seen them do with others, he’s able to pull himself together, and they’re able to pull Leon out of their grasp.

Knowing he’s losing, Rose unleashes Eternatus, and we all know what happens there. Except Rose doesn’t turn himself in, he’s caught and arrested.

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What kind of shenanigans do you think Hop and Leon get up to when Leon takes his brother to Wyndon with him? -Keeping it real anon

Well, Keeping It Real Anon, these two are not agents of chaos like Piers and Marnie, but they do like their fair share of shenanigans.

Hop always gets excited to go to Wyndon. There’s so much to see and do. He knows Leon can do and go wherever he wants, and by extension, so does Hop. When Hop comes to visit, it’s usually an overnight stay, so there’s plenty of time for things.

Leon takes Hop all around the town. They go into shops that Hop’s interested in, and sometimes ones that Leon wants to check out. Leon buys Hop whatever he asks for, and when Hop gets older, he gets a little nervous and feels selfish, but Leon insists Hop get things he wants. Hop’s got a little chest at home of things Leon’s bought him that mean a lot to him.

In the evening, Leon lets Hop pick where they go for dinner. There’s so many fancy ones, it kind of scares Hop, so he ends up picking somewhere pretty simple, which Leon is totally fine with. Leon spends a lot of time at fancy places talking to fancy people. He’s happy to be somewhere casual with his brother.

At night, Leon takes Hop to that big ferris wheel. Every time. It never gets old. It’s so much fun and Leon can take Hop around on it as many times as Hop wants. Then, they go back to Leon’s place and hang out. They play video games, watch a movie. Leon makes sure there’s a lot of snacks that he knows Hop loves. Hop’s allowed to stay up as late as he wants and sleep in. The next morning, Leon knows he’ll have to take Hop home, so he makes sure there’s a big breakfast of all of Hop’s favorite things.

Hop goes home and he’s just so happy he got to spend that time with his bro. It always means so much to him.

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Thinkin’ about a timeline where absolutely nothing changes. Like, the player loses and Leon stays champion, Opal decides she wants to train Bede a lot more so she stays a gym leader, and Marnie turns down Piers’ offer to take over, so Piers stays gym leader.

Hardly anything really changes for Leon, except for he’s working with a new chairman, the champion and the chairman can’t be the same person. This new chairman takes what Leon says very seriously, and Leon feels like he finally has a voice and a say in what happens and what he does with himself.

Opal is excited to retire, sure, but she’s not gonna hand the gym over until she knows Bede is ready. She’s got a lot of attitude to train out of him. She doesn’t feel so bored anymore. She’s got a goal to work toward now, so she’s putting more effort into her job than she has in years.

Piers always felt lackluster compared to the others. He never put a lot of effort into his work as a gym leader, expecting that Marnie was going to come in and do everything better anyway. Now that he isn’t just going in anticipation for Marnie to swoop in and replace him, he realizes that he has wants and goals for Spikemuth that he now has the energy to work towards it. He tried, but Rose kind of bullied it out of him. The new chairman takes him seriously, so Piers is able to put his plans in motion. Piers has a lot of great ideas to expand Spikemuth while keeping the punk culture in tact. It’s done successfully and Piers is proud of himself. He gets more involved, like actually showing up at the beginning of the gym challenge. He gets an actual stadium that doubles as a concert venue. He’s able to have a proper gym challenge (the one i mentioned in the last post) and musicians from other regions come to perform in his venue. Everything’s going really well, and Piers is the happiest he thinks he’s ever been because he’s able to focus on both his music and his gym leader status. Marnie is willing to be a stand-in leader while he’s out touring, but she doesn’t want to be the permanent gym leader. She eventually chooses to go to other regions to see if she can take on the pokemon masters there.

Hop still becomes Sonia’s assistant, but he also stays really involved in pokemon battling.

Anyway, it’s just happy and I’m able to avoid change because I can’t stand change.

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What would the gym leaders and Leon do if they lived together in a mansion, and what kind of mischief would they get into? I could see Raihan adopting a baby Trapinch and let him/her chomping on some of Leon’s hats 馃槀馃槀

I would love that, anon.

I spent a lot of time thinking about this, and really? It’s all I’ve ever wanted. You know those Pokemon SWSH as videos? That’s pretty much what happens. There’s never a moment’s peace. The floor is always filthy because Melony and Piers are the only ones who bother to clean. There’s always a chance that someone’s waiting around the corner to scare you. There’s a 70% chance that Piers is either singing very loudly or blasting music in his room. Raihan is always recording. Big backyard for pokemon and Milo’s garden. Pool for Nessa. The basement is full of training equipment. Opal has the master bedroom. Gordie hates living in the same house as his mates and mom. Every room is a different color. Raihan eats anything he finds, leading to most of them getting minifridges for their rooms. The doors are locked in every room. Standing outside near a window is risky business. Raihan brings home a Trapinch and everyone’s like No!!! Of course, he doesn’t listen to them, and Leon’s pissed about all his hats. Why does he have so many hats, the dude wears the same one every day anyway? Anyway, to combat this, Piers comes home with three Zigzagoons that keep fighting with Raihan’s Trapinch. Then Melony fills her room with Snoms, so that’s a feature of the house. It’s cold and hot and noisy and cluttered and just a lot of fun. Siblings/family come around all the time. Holes in the walls, ALWAYS.

btw mansion’s in Wyndon. They all have to go out to their town every day to run their gyms. It’s a hassle, but it’s fun.

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SORRY ONE MORE THING: There was a tv show for Tangled that aired on Disney; it ended fairly recently and there was a character named Cassandra who felt as though she always played second fiddle to Rapunzel and wasn't taken seriously and two of her main songs, Waiting in the Wings and Crossing the Line, give me such Hop vibes. The first one just in general but the second if Hop's storyline included jealousy/anger/maybe him briefly being a secondary antagonist.

I’ve never seen the show, but I’ve considered watching it. I actually listened to the two songs, though, cause i was curious. I liked them.

But yeah, Hop feels that way about the player character. Especially as the gym challenge drags on and he feels himself falling behind. He really just wants to give up and quit, but he doesn’t want to disappoint Leon. He was one of the first to be endorsed by him and he didn’t want to embarrass his brother by showing weakness.

The first song, Waiting in the Wings, is actually really good for Hop, I think. It’s his moment of doubt and realizing that he’s not writing himself a legend. He sees the player go on and become a prodigy. He feels like it was a mistake to take them with him to go meet Leon. He still wants to be great, but he doesn’t know how he can compare to his brother and the player. He wants, really badly, to be noticed, but it seems like no matter how many people cheer for him in the gym, there’s 12 times as many people cheering for his opponent. This isn’t the humble zero to hero story he was imagining.

As for Crossing the Line, well, I think you’re onto something. Idk why her hair is blue now, but I like it. Maybe I will watch the show sometime soon. I’m on quarantine, after all. Anyway, I like the idea of Hop turning into an antagonist now that he’s finally addressed his anger and jealousy. Maybe Bede pulls him over to the dark side? Anyway, all Hop wants is to see the player fail. They ruined his chances of being great. It would have been him facing Leon and winning, if it weren’t for his neighbor getting a pokemon from his brother. He’s sick of seeing the player flaunt their perfection in front of him while he struggles to keep up. He wants them to quit. He wants them to taste the same failure and humiliation he does whenever they meet. Leon’s horrified by his brother’s actions, but Hop’s done caring. Leon never cared enough to help him get away from their family. Leon probably liked being the favorite anyway. He wants Leon to fail, too. Hop wants to be the legend he knows he was meant to be, and he’s sick of the people standing in his way pretending to care about him and support him. They’re his opponents and he wants them out of his way.

Why is this not a thing, yet? Someone, please!!! Make it a reality!!!

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Also, both Leon and Hop having kind of intense anxiety about confronting their family about any of their BS. Leon because he's been carefully groomed into a chronic people pleaser and Hop because any attempt at anything remotely like confrontation led to being yelled at or ignored or gaslit into feeling bad about feeling that way. It ultimately leads to Hop redirecting his anger and hurt at Leon and afterwards Leon is galvanized into going low-contact with their family as a result.

Yeah, it’s always hard to face your parents.

Leon wanted desperately to call out his family for their blatant emotional neglect for Hop, but he’s so used to pleasing and making people happy and placating that he has no idea how to do it. He really was “groomed” as you say to be compliant, especially to authority figured like his elder family members. Leon gets frustrated with the idea that he can’t be strong for his brother.

Hop, on the other hand, knows better than to try and start a fight. He’s not stupid, he knows what his family’s doing, but he chooses to pretend like it doesn’t happen to please them. He knows that if he tried to start an argument, it would only end badly for him, so he just avoids it. He wishes Leon would stick up for him, but Hop knows he won’t. Leon has told him that he wants to, and he would if he could, but he’s afraid of what his family might do when Leon leaves. He wants to take Hop with him, but he can’t without his mother’s consent, and he’s not sure how to ask without seeming suspicious or offending her.

It hurts Hop a lot, and even though he knows Leon wants to help him, Hop is mad that he doesn’t. He’s the champion, he should be able to do whatever he wants. It’s not often, but sometimes when they’re alone together, Hop snaps and accuses Leon of not caring. He always regrets it when he sees the hurt in Leon’s expression. The stress is just to much for Leon to take, and he only visits his family rarely. His family hasn’t seemed to notice yet that Leon is deliberately coming around less. Leon wants his family to ask first so he can explain it to them. He does see Hop a lot more, though. He sends a Corvitaxi down to Wedgehurst to take Hop to Wyndon to spend the night with Leon in his fancy Champion flat. They have fun times there and it lets Hop know that Leon does care.

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