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#pokemon nuzlocke comic

After some time and thought, I came to the conclusion that working on Destiny Bonds as I progressed through Pokemon Sword isn’t really working the way I wanted; it’s kind of becoming draining and I feel that it’s killing the overall pacing of the comic. So, I’ve decided that I’m going to finish my Pokemon Sword Nuzlocke first, then come back and overhaul Destiny Bonds. But what this means is that Destiny Bonds will be on an indefinte hiatus…I’m sorry if this is disappointing for anyone, and I greatly appreciate the support I’ve gotten so far! I’ll try to at least post some Pokemon-related content now and then, and my ask-box is always open. Stay safe out there, guys!

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It was either this or a baby harness, honestly.

And just like that, we’re at the end of LEVEL.12! This one was a real struggle to write, but finally it’s done. Next up, new captures and a couple of familiar faces…

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I’ve often said this comic is kinda like the SM anime if Hau and Lillie were Ash’s traveling companions and they did a more traditional adventure, feels great to FINALLY be getting to see that come into play!~

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