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I had my first classes of the year today! It was all introductory stuff which is always fun but I was reminded of a sort of superstition that my school has and I was wondering if other ranger schools have something like it too?

My school’s superstition is that whatever pokémon you look the most like will be your partner and it’s become an introductory sort of game for new students and first classes. The general consensus is that my partner will be a mareep but it’s just a superstition with no basis.

Do other ranger schools have something like this?

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I have met the Gym Leaders and Elite Four of each region, Chuck gave me good advice on how to train with a Poliwrath, while Hala taught me how to evolve a Crabrawler. Gregory has a good friendship with Bruno’s Machamp, and whenever they meet they instantly battle each other with no questions ask, until one is pinned to the ground. When we started out, that was Gregory but I think the win-lose ratio is more in my favor now. As for Bea, I have met her. Gregory and her Machamp fought too, even in Gigantamax form, and Gregory won after a good battle. Bea is a interesting person and sometimes she comes out and helps out with research in exchange for pointers on getting stronger. Now that I’m on the Isle of Armor, I’ve also been talking with Mustard and getting lessons from the older days of Pokemon. He’s been a good teacher and while he’s somewhat forgetful, he’s very entertaining and surprising. Can’t wait to finish my training with him, and learn more about this Kubfu!

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I briefly mentioned that farfetch’d are extremely territorial pokémon, well I got to experience their aggressive nature firsthand today.  I got attacked by a pair of farfetch’d protecting their nest from me.

When we tag farfetch’d chicks we’re supposed to make sure that the parents are out gathering food, during this time the chicks are left unattended and we’re at our safest.  However at one of the nests the parents were closer than we had realized.  They must’ve seen me heading towards the nest and decided that I was a threat.  I was up to my waist in water when I was suddenly being hit by powerful wings.  I have the bruises to prove it too but I’m really lucky that they decided not to wield those leek stalks they carry around on me.

I’m grateful to Murphy’s partner Claire, a swanna, as she was able to defend against the farfetch’d long enough for me to get back into the kayak.  Oh, I actually haven’t talked about Murphy or Claire yet.  Since I’m not a fully fledged pokémon ranger yet I’m supposed to have an experienced ranger “babysit” me while I’m out in the field.

Sorry if this is a bit rambly.  It’s been a long day and I’m awfully tired so I’ll be heading to bed now.

- August West 

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Oh hey, I read this right before I was about to head out. I do give advice but I’d just like to remind everybody that I’m still in college and haven’t had a lot of first hand experiences yet so any advice I give as of now relies heavily on the notes I took during the school year. With that being said…

Larvitar really isn’t a good starter pokémon unless your sister is willing to postpone becoming a trainer for two years.

You see larvitar imprint on their mother and upon leaving them (or usually being abandoned - tyranitar aren’t very responsible mothers but that’s a post for next time) will become solitary for the rest of their life, excluding breeding and raising their young. This makes them very difficult to train as their prone to completely ignoring the existence of their trainer - it takes a very experienced trainer to successfully train any member of the larvitar line.

Which is why if your sister has her heart 100% set on training a larvitar she should look into getting an egg from a breeder. If she has a larvitar that’s imprinted on her it’ll be much much easier to train as the pokémon’s instincts will tell it to rely on her for survival. And the entire line is very easy to care for with the middle stage evolution pupitar causing the most issues due to it’s newfound speed.

However she won’t be able to become a trainer as soon as the larvitar has hatched, she’ll have to wait two whole years until her pokémon has matured.

If you have anymore questions my inbox is always open but for now I have to get going or I’m going to be very late!

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So something a little selfish today, sorry 🙁. Had some ideas for an OC this morning and just wanted to scribble them down. So here is what I did:


(Of course they are a Mimikyu, were you expecting something else from me?)

So like, I had this idea about a Mimikyu that struggles to keep its’ costume in good repair. And then I hit on the idea that if one of the ears is missing, maybe it leaks whatever it is Mimikyu are. Which then made me think about it making expressions with that. And thus this little one was imagined.

I then just began running through different emotions, and different ways to show that it is a little run down. All the while scribbling down my thoughts. Not my neatest work, but I just wanted to get ideas down (Edit: Click the image for better quality, cos tumblr).

I want to be bit selfish again and ask if anyone has any comments on this stuff? I’d really like feedback to help me make my mind up on stuff 🥺

Also name suggestions. ‘Cos I am bad at names 😋

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you’re a little off about the “tough, serious, no-nonsense” part, though - that’s more my husband’s thing. But with him being married to me, who could blame him?

that other part though… that seems a little more accurate.

[ Beebee’s Dad scratches his nose, as though pushing the thought away. | anonymous ]

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some dumb lil work doodles b/c it got real quiet at some points

1) lineup of my current pokemon team,,,but they’re humans (left to right: Citus the Intelleon, Ziggy the Obstagoon, Teddy the Urshifu, Rad the Toxtricity, PumpkinSpice/Pumpkin the Lycanroc, Firebrand/Brandy the Talonflame)

2) Rad being a tired punk

3) gfs, aka the Regice Destroyers b/c these two made it faint 5 or more times :))) just gonna put a ‘mon that knows False Swipe on my team for this b/c holy hell, these two are a nightmare for Regice

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“Hi, i’m Blair, Espresso’s friend. It’s wonderful to meet you all and to be here! Ive met so many amazing and lovely people like Noma and Ayla and am hopeful that you all will accept me as easily as they did!”

Blair is my XL Gourgeist oc i made in time for halloween! She’s an older character, around the same age as Elizzabet is, about 58. Very sweet and very motherly in her actions, she takes care of her friends just as if they were family. She moved all the way to Unova from Galar to further her teaching career, and despite her ghost typing and love for halloween, she is very much not scary!


I also want to take this time to apologize. I have been absent wayyyyy too long here. I know it may have been too long amd that i probably lost a lot of you who were following me before. Im sorry for the sudden disappearance, i got too wrapped up in trying to grownon teitter and completely neglected tumblr, my home, the place where i started out.

I plan to post all (or most of the drawings) that i missed here, with the exceptions of the nsfw pics.

I will still be using twitter and will be posting there AS WELL as here, however, i highly encourage you to go and follow me on twitter if you havent yet as nsfw drawings will be posted exclusively there since tumblr hates nsfw now.

But i do plan on coming back here as well, and again, only SFW drawings will be posted here, if you want to see nsfw edits or nsfw drawings, go to my twitter @ WendigoWhispers.

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actually… we haven’t really been assigned an outlaw job yet, since there’s not a lot of crime in the area, and Pom doesn’t count-


bernie!!!! ;;


…most of our jobs involve finding and bringing items, but nothing about rescues or capturing bandits. (sorry Beebee)

[ Bernot tilts their head in apology, smiling nervously. | @skittyanswers, @themeowsticvigilante ]

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