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#pokemon sun and moon

on a Pokémon fanart roll today!

Just finished a Jamgmo-o fanart!

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(transparent & pride flag versions!!)

it’s the gals!!!! lana and mallow are definitely girlfriends and nothing you say can prove otherwise. also the sun and moon series is objectively the best part of the pokemon anime - cute animation style, endearing characters, fun tomfoolery, and a league i actually care about for once!! a huge step up from the immense disappointment that was x&y - ash is back to his normal self! hooray!!

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For once, believe the cat


Mallow: You think it was a Froslass?
Milo: That sounds terrifying so I hope not
Mallow: Not to mention the variant that lives high up on the mountain has been rumored to eat people
Milo: What :u You say this now??? How long ago was it’s last victim?
Mallow: Hm… How long has Bro been champion..?
Milo: :u

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Okay I’ve been running this idea over in my head for weeks so I’m just gonna say it now

Hinadam or Haudion pride and prejudice regency au?

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How about RazeShipping?
Derived from Menacing Moonraze Maelstrom and Searing Sunraze Smash

Reblog if it should be one of their official alternate names

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Milo the kiddos are very impressionable


Milo: Neh :u
Mallow: Milo? Honey, is everything ok?
Milo: No one goes outside. Something was out there snuffling around
Mallow: <:u Are you sure?
Milo: Very sure, help me close the blinds

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Gladion’s Lobby Dialogue - Finding an Item (English dub)

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My houndoom is strong but I won’t risk it against a fairy type

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I oughta draw my OCs more often.. Luna makes her return, this time demonstrating her bond with her Nihilego, Gemini, by showing off their fused form, only seen in the story of the original Sun/Moon with Lusamine and her Nihilego. I haven’t decided whether this makes an appearance in her story or not, but I always thought it would be a cool idea if this parasitic relationship could take root in a more symbiotic form between a trainer and Pokemon with a more solid bond. Plus I wanted to give this form of Nihilego a shiny form, and I think it looks pretty solid personally.

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I loved how Jigglypuff finally made a friend in the Pokémon Sun & Moon anime.

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Poor son boy, freezing his lil toes off


Kou: It was so cold out there! Even Emp’s fur was chilly!
‘Maka: Gosh o:
Kou: Dad said he was gettin’ more firewood but I think he wanted to stay by the campfire
'Maka: Maybe >:o

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On rare occasion, Wimpod with more aggressive natures may attack if threatened, rather than just run away.

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