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Besides Melony of course


Raihan: Who’s this mini-person? You got such tiny lil hands~
Leon: ^3^
Raihan: You’re so tiny I could stick you in my pocket and take off with ya

Gladion: Is he… Ok?
Sonia: Yeah, he kinda likes children. You should’ve seen how he treated the kid he sponsored. Like some weird mix of son-brother
Gladion: Not a lot of kids in Galar eh?
Sonia: Not really, everyone is paranoid about childcare costs cause Leon’s dad is a psychopath who can’t handle taxes
Gladion: Ah

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Would any of you be willing to pay for a masuda-bred shiny Pokemon (for Sword / Shield) anywhere in the $10-$20 price range? It will also be non-hacked.

I’ve seen people selling shinies and I’m just– It technically is work, isn’t it? Plus we’re in quarantine, and I’m barely making anything.

I thought it’d be a good idea-

… If you want a shiny, HIT ME UP-

UPDATE: The price may actually depend on the hatching speed of your chosen Pokemon.

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(Not my comic)

Like, how can you not like this pokemon?

I think when it comes to Pikachu clones, AKA pokemon from each generation who bear similar traits to that of Pikachu, I’m very wishy washy. Hate me all you want for this but Pikachu happens to be a Pokemon that I don’t like very much, for reasons I won’t bother explaining because it’d be boring. As far as they all go, I’d say most of them are alright, but there are some like Plusle and Minun, who are actually probably my all time least favourite Pokemon! Emolga though is amazing and I’d love to have one out of its pokeball on my shoulder like how Ash does with his Pikachu. Also, I know how many people feel indifferent towards the Black and White anime, but Iris’s Emolga was so funny mischievious. and such an enjoyable pokemon to watch, particularly when it shared scenes with Ash’s equally as entertaining Snivy.

Also, I love the Pokemon so much that the first time I played Sword and Shield, my number that I put on the back of my shirt was 587, which is it’s number in the national dex.

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dragonsbones replied to your photo: Okay, so far the Spikemouth gym is the biggest…

because its in the slums, its supposed to be more like oldschool pokemon but also they’re just people who like pokemon and battling, they don’t have a dynamax spot or w/e so they dont get the funding that other gyms do. but they love what they do and they’re proud of it, I think is the point.

I think you missed the point of my critique; I like the style of the city, and the “gym”, and the fact that they are rebels who don’t do the dynamax thing. I was criticising the linear style of the challenge. In previous gyms we were herding wooloos, solving simple logic puzzles, being interrogated about old lady’s favourite colour what the fu- but here we just…. walk. 

I mean… make it a labyrinth, at the very least. That would accentuate the slums, dark atmosphere. 

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