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#pokemon sword and shield

Eventually I’ll make her look better and digitalize it but

Humanized Shiny Wooloo

She be an angry Scot and I legit just drew the female Scottish trainers clothes. Why? Why not. Also, not it’s not a partial human, she be fully human, the horns are just on her headband

Also like hell am I gonna draw her cutesy and shit, she’s a strong independent Wooloo who people have trouble understanding

She be a work in progress

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So in the post-game of Pokemon Sword and Shield if you talk to Sonia before battling one of the royal weirdos in the Power Plant you’ll get the above quote from her saying how she can’t really battle. As soon as I saw that, I immediately thought back to Opal’s notes on Sonia.


You know…Opal says Sonia has talent (which we can assume we mean battle-wise). As I’ve said in other posts, Opal’s been shown to be a very astute person as far as ascertaining aspects of another character. According to her notes, it’s not like she’s unskilled at battling, just that she gives up too quickly. Now mind you, Opal has held a gym leader position for 70 years. Not only that it seems like she stayed in the Major Leagues the entire time (this is compared to Kabu who we know has dropped down to the minor leagues on occasion). We don’t know what rank Opal held when Sonia and Leon went on their challenge, but it’s reasonable to assume given her long history she probably wasn’t one of the first 2 or 3 gyms. So Sonia is definitely not lacking in the battle skills department, if Opal of all people thinks so.

So why have Sonia say that she “can’t really battle”? I mean, one can make the argument that she could still be comparing herself to the superstar trainers around her (Leon, the player, Piers and Hop). But I feel like she could’ve taken on one of the royal twin’s followers and held her own. To me at least, there is a difference from being not good at battling and being outclassed by once-in-a-generation levels of talent. Judging from what we see, Sonia is the latter (being outclassed by Leon and then the player by proxy), yet it seems like the game treats her as if she can’t battle period. It’d be one thing if she had stated she had dropped out after getting only 1 badge, then yeah I could buy her not being good at battling. But again, I doubt Opal ever sunk that low in the rankings (Opal, like Kabu seemed to be another major roadblock for the gym challenge).

So Gamefreak, can we like have NPCs have decent character development like Sonia had in the main game (you know where she works on the whole giving-up-to-easily flaw by committing to learning about Galar’s history thus earning the professorship from Magnolia) and let them still be decent battlers (particularly when part of their backstory is about them taking on a freaking gym challenge)?

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For Aiko, Leon and Steven 👁‍🗨- Talk about someone/something you like, but pretend to dislike

Aiko opens their mouth but closes it and flops over.

“I caaaaaant!” They whine and flail around on the ground. Steven and Leon share a glance at each other, the trainer shrugging.

“I’ll give it a try.” Leon says as he thinks. “Okay this is kinda hard. Everything I want to say is positive.”

“She’s so talented and caring it’s crazy!” Steven says, sounding serious before pulling out his phone and texting someone. “I don’t like this game.”

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Dyna Fever

  • If a Pokémon Dynamaxes too often in a short period of time, they can develop Dyna Fever, rendering them unable to battle until they recover. For unknown reasons, as soon as they catch it, they can no longer Dynamax, which is great, since it would probably be unhealthy. Pokémon affected tend to be lethargic, nauseous, and disoriented. Not much can be done apart from bedrest and avoidance of strenuous activities such as Pokémon Battles. Lasts 3-7 days.

Dyna Sickness

  • Humans can get something similar, but it depends on the person when it comes to severity. People that aren’t wearing Dynamax Bands (and thus never Dynamax Pokémon) but expose themselves to high amounts of its energy, they can develop Dyna Sickness. This results in fatigue, nausea, headache, and lethargy. Again, not much can be done apart from bedrest and avoidance of strenuous activity. Oddly, it takes longer for humans to recover than Pokémon. Lasts for 1-2 weeks.

Dyna Virus

  • If the Trainer has a Dynamax Band, they can develop Dyna Virus in place of Dyna Sickness, which starts benign as first but can become deadly. At first, the wrist on which the Band is worn will swell and slowly turn red. Reddish, vein-like lines starts to spread from the starting location. As they continue to Dynamax or expose themselves to its power, the veins get longer and thicker. If left untreated, the veins (and sometimes the eyes) will start glowing as it progresses up the arm, past the shoulder, to the chest, up & down the spinal cord, and covers the entire torso in the final stages.
  • Symptoms that aren’t visual begin as soon as the wrist starts swelling. The area will become tender to the touch, along with pain in the general area. When the veins appear, the pain will increase and snake up the arm up to the elbow. When the veins actually reach the elbow, there will be a tingling/numbing sensation on the affected hand and arm below the elbow. Once it reaches the shoulder, the arm is completely numb, sometimes immovable. The Trainer may feel fatigued/lethargic and the skin across the body may become flushed. Past that but before the final stage, symptoms include the following:
  • Fever, Tremors, Blurred & Reddish Vision, Headache, Heart Palpitations, Heart Attack, Trouble Breathing, Chronic Pain, Nausea, Vomiting, Feelings of Anxiety & Dread, Depression, Violent Mood Swings, Visual & Auditory Hallucinations, Dissociation, Memory Loss
  • On the final stage, all symptoms will amplify rapidly until person falls unconscious due to Cardiac Arrest. CPR must be done immediately and without breaks until emergency personnel arrive to take over. This will maximize survivability to the best it can be at that time, but sadly only 10% of people survive this stage.
  • Early treatment requires the Trainer to take time away from battles, avoid strenuous activity, stretch the affected arm every day to get some feeling back, and overall just get some rest, though painkillers are recommended. In late stages, the Trainer must be hospitalized to keep the heart beating, and doctors will have to purge the energy out of the body manually. Usually, this involves having the affected arm amputated, as it can no longer be saved. Afterwards, depending on the severity at the time, operations may involve the lungs, spinal cord, and the heart. It’s because of the nature of this “virus” that Gym Challengers, Gym Leaders, and the Champion need to be careful on deciding who to Dynamax and when.

Extra Info

  • Visual & Auditory Hallucinations occur rarely in late stages of Dyna Virus, but all descriptions of those who’ve had such symptoms are very similar to one another. They appear to describe a Dragon-like Pokémon, but descriptions of such Pokémon they describe doesn’t match any known Pokémon at this time of writing. More data on this is required…
  • No one knows why Pokémon have a less serious reaction to Dynamax-related illness in comparison to humans. Some have theorized that it’s because Pokémon are able to safely channel such power through their bodies and use it in battle, while humans don’t have a method to do so, at least none that are known.
  • In very rare cases, usually in the case of tourists, a Pokémon/human can develop Dyna Fever/Sickness without actually coming into contact with the energy. Humans with this issue have been found to be more sensitive to Pokémon, along with sensitivity to forces like Aura, Z-Power, and Mega Evolution (as examples). The Pokémon can be anyone, though.
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I LOVE Duraludon - both normal and Shiny - so to jump into a Max Raid with a Shiny G-Max one (with its HA Stalwart!!!) made me oh-so-happy. 

He’s called Sunseto for two reasons. 1. His G-Max colours (sunset reflections on the Shard). 2. Because I think Duraludon is a perfect Pokémon for Seto Kaiba.

Here is Sunseto (right) chilling with my Kaiba team member Kaibaland (left).


AHHHHHH I love Sunseto so much!!! Once he’s trained up I’m totally taking him in with me to other Max Raids to help others get their Shiny G-Max ‘mons!

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