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Gordie babysitting Marnie hcs???? Like piers has a last minute thing and can’t find anything else. I feel like Gordie is very sweet and would adore Marnie

Gordie is another big brother figure to Marnie, though less so because he’s not with her as often. But in emergencies, Piers knows he can trust Gordie to watch Marnie for a few hours.

He’s very sweet, but he doesn’t spoil her with gifts like Raihan tends to. Gordie knows better how to take care of little kids bc he helped Melony with his siblings so much. He knows how to keep Marnie entertained and happy.

Gordie is nice and Marnie likes spending time with him but she prefers Raihan for obvious reasons. Nobody beats Piers, though. There’s no one she’d rather be with than her big bro.

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So you’ve clarified what type the gym leader would choose if they chose a different type. But how would the gym leaders feel about the uniforms(since I’m guessing they enjoy their uniforms too)

The gym leaders designed their uniforms to an extent. There were rules and templates they had to follow, but they got to customize it to represent their typing a lot.

I don’t think any of them were choosing thinking they would switch in the middle of the career, it was more of a hypothetical “if my type didn’t exist” situation.

So I think they’d just design their uniform to fit their alternate type like they did with the ones they chose.

They do value their uniforms for the most part. It’s one of the fun parts about being a gym leader. It’s part of expressing themselves.

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What would happen if Hop didn't get his first Pokémon by Leon? Rather, that Pokémon was drawn to his emotional presence? (And maybe not necessarily it's a Wooloo, it can be a different Pokemon like a Budew or Rookidee)

So this is assuming that he still gets the one you get in the game. But Hop is very open and emotional. He cries easily, but he’s also very happy/expressive most of the time. That would mean that the pokemon to approach him through his emotions alone would probably be either a very important/intelligent pokemon or a pokemon that is very sensitive to emotion.

My first thought is Indeedee, but that doesn’t really make any sense, since they’re all out in Ballonlea.

So I’m gonna try and pick the best out of the ones on route 1. Which are Wooloo, Rookidee, Grubbin, Skwovet, Nickit, Blipbug, Caterpie, and Hoothoot. Of course, sometimes things do get weird, but I doubt it would be anything too high level. Maybe a Zigzagoon comes by. I’m also taking into consideration all of the psychic types in the game since that seems to be the intelligent, emotion reading pokemon type.

So all of that into consideration, I’d have to say maybe an Indeedee that’s far from home is the one that ends up as Hop’s new first pokemon. It is the emotion pokemon after all. It’d probably be a female one, just bc they’re friendlier looking (though I prefer the male indeedee bc of that reason.) Of course, someone has to catch it for Hop so really Leon just sets up camp and lets the Indeedee crawl its own way into a pokeball. But it’s pretty obvious that Indeedee came for Hop.

They share a very special bond much like Hop does with Wooloo, but for a different reason. Indeedee came to Hop rather than Leon taking him out to find a pokemon. Wooloo is prized for being from Leon, but Indeedee is prized for coming to Hop especially.

God, I just love Indeedee so much. It’s not very strong in my experience but they’re just so perfect.

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Gay Kabu anon with one last very important ask........ is obstagoon allowed to rough house with Arcanine once they become friends????? Because Kabu trains hard and I feel like that would be a lot of fun for him

Piers lets Obstagoon roughhouse with other trainer’s pokemon all the time as long as the other trainer is cool with it. Kabu prefers they go outside of Spikemuth first, but he’s down.

Obstagoon likes Arcanine a lot because he’s one of the more intense opponents he’s faced. Kabu appreciates Piers letting Obstagoon “play” with Arcanine because it makes good training.

Skuntank is not allowed to play with Kabu’s pokemon because his skunk spray is highly flammable.

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Carl and Allister... Playdate...

Babies!! Carl is a little off-put by Allister at first but he’s a nice kid even if he’s quiet, especially since his ability to talk to ghosts somehow also means he can understand Ada and that’s automatically a positive mark in his book. Meanwhile Allister wonders if he should try that funky Victorian-esque look that Carl has, it would look cool with his mask! All the while Ada is so happy to see Carl making friends!! His big fluffy purple pet thing is a little odd, though. But Allister promised that he’s harmless. 

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Got any angst and comfort for Piers x reader? I just really need some cute stuff. I got a lot of feelings

Awwwh, bean I feel that. Things have been rough around here too. Just gonna throw this out for anyone, but y’all are welcome to send asks and message me ^^ I hope this writing makes you feel better <3

Ended up getting kinda sappy at the end but hey, ya know what, sappy is hella good. Get some sap y’all.

You and Piers had been dating for about six months, and though he had known you for even longer, he had never seen you like this. Irritated a lot of the time, sometimes snappy, and overall stressed. He knew some shit was happening with your family, but the more that these small outbursts happened, the more that he would start to get concerned.

And he knew you and himself well enough to know that this smile you had on at this moment was entirely fabricated. He could see the anger in your eyes as you lovingly smiled at your mother and father, both of which were evaluating Piers heavily.

What he didn’t know before you two started dating was that you came from a prominently rich family, and one that valued the whole “arranged marriage” situation more than most folk would. He remembered when you called your mother, telling her about this whole ordeal, that you two started dating. And he remembered that her screaming over the phone drove you to tears.

Ever since then, you had been stressed and angry, with only Pier’s arms as a comfort. His cuddles were the only way that you got sleep now, and his songs and kisses were what made you smile. You body language was tense, even as you held onto his hand, and as he watched, he squeezed your hand. You glanced up, confused for a second, but he sent you a reassuring smile. Finally, a real smile from you, and your shoulders slumped. This man certainly knew how to ground you.

“So, this is the man you claim to love,” your mother all but snarled out, bringing your attention back. She picked up her teacup, sipping from it and sending a pointed look at Piers. “He’s… exuberant, to say the least.”

You stiffened. “You’re the one who said you wanted to meet him.” Ah yes, that’s why he loved you. Despite all this rich upbringing, you were feisty and refused to give in.

“I did, yes, but I didn’t expect you to find a diseased zigzagoon.”

You were about to throw hands with this woman, but he just squeezed your hand again and chuckled. “I’ve heard worse.” He looked dead on at your mother, who seemed to be more the head of this household than the father, who stayed quiet on the couch beside her. “If I may be so bold, what did you intend to get out of this meeting?”

He heard a chuckle from the father, who was given a glare by the matriarch. “I wanted to see if you were a good fit for the family line. We already had a suitor picked out for her, one of proper stature and renown. And then, she calls me and says that she found one herself? Disgraceful. I wanted to see you to get a proper reading. She’s my daughter.”

“She’s not your property, though.”

The air in the room was tense, and the entire family looked towards Piers, the mother more in shock that he would talk back, and the father more amused than anything.

“Come again?”

“She’s not your property. You can’t sell her off to the highest bidder like she’s an antique.” He wrapped his arm around your shoulders and pulled you in close. “And I’m sorry, but I’ve no intention on letting one of the greatest lights of my life go just because you found someone who would take the highest bid and then some.”

Your mother looked like she was about to spit fire at him, but the father burst out laughing just as she stood up to retort back. She looked at her husband, enraged. “Why are you laughing at this?!”

After the father wiped away the tears from his eyes and calmed down, he just smiled at Piers. “Dearest, I don’t think anyone would be a better fit for her. Out of our three, she shall never be tamed. Ferocity thrives on boldness, yes?” He waved his hand, dismissing the two of you. “Go, I’ll talk some sense into her.” He sent a wink to you, and the breath you had been holding in broke through, causing you to run away from the situation.

Piers stood, bowed slightly to the dad, and went to find where you were at. He learned from some servants that you had run into the yard, where a bunch of the rose bushes were. He had to admit, it was beautiful, almost sickeningly so. The nice, marble paths leading to a gazebo, the fountains on either side of him, and the well taken care of fences all screamed entitled. He was honestly amazed you even came from here, what with some of the nasty things that your mouth uttered during intense battles and such.

He found you crying in the gazebo, and immediately sidled up next to you and wrapped his arms around you. Like a learned reaction, you melted into his chest, taking the thumping of his heart not a slight bit for granted.

“Wh… why?” you managed to get out.

“Why not?”

“Do you know what she’ll do to make you go away…?”

He rubbed your back and kissed the top of your head. “Don’t know, don’t care.”

You looked up at him, confused.

“I’m in love with you for you, not some dumbass rich kid shit you might have. And lets be real her, if I didn’t fight your mom, you would’ve.” He looked down at you, seeing that finally the tension you had held for so long had been released. He chuckled. “If your mom disowns you, doesn’t that mean I get to freely marry you?”

“PIERS!” Your sobs were instead replaced by you laughing, hiding your blushing face in his chest.

“Just sayin’.”

“You’d need my father’s blessing.”

“Pretty sure I already do.”

At this point you were just a melted, blushing mess, but the smile you had on and the laugh you gave were both genuine. From the courtyard entry way, your parents were watching this exchange, and the father chuckled as he watched you get tickled and almost fall off the gazebo bench.

“She hasn’t laughed like that in a long while,” he said smiling.

“Hm.” Your mother sighed, conflicted in her emotions.

“Reminds me of us, back in the day.”

“Does it? I’ll say your sense of fashion was much better than his.”

“True, but that means nothing to his heart. I didn’t think I would ever see her smile like that again.”

“I don’t like him.”

“I do.”

“I know. He’ll stay… for now.”

“For now?”

“We’ll see if he wins me over in the future…” Your mother turned and walked back into the large estate, a small smile over her face. Ferocity favors the bold, that much was for certain. Yet those who are ferocious always need a landing point to return to. Maybe he was yours, like your father was hers.

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