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#pokemon swsh

It’s time for redemption.

In November 2020 I started a Blacephalon hunt in the Crown Tundra in Pokemon Shield. After struggling for AGES through dozens upon dozens of DAs, I got the shiny late in the evening on December 17th, 2020…

In the wrong ball.

In the fateful, shiny Lair, I misclicked, and caught the Blacephalon in a Repeat Ball. I was, and STILL AM, incredibly salty that it HAPPENED to be shiny in THAT lair. I wanted my shiny Blacephalon in a Dusk Ball… but the Lairs had a different idea.

Of course, I had to take it, because a shiny is a shiny, even if it’s in the wrong ball.


However, after playing with a particular idea in my head for weeks, I decided to double down and go for a second chance.

I went into Pokemon Home, where most of my living dex I had pulled together when I filled my Shield pokedex resides. I then moved every Pokemon I had in Home that had been caught in Pokemon Sword and Shield into my copy of Pokemon Sword.

That got my Sword Pokedex up to 380 out of 400, so I then went and caught the last 20 Pokemon I needed and…


With the Shiny Charm obtained, I grabbed the Blacephalon route from a good friend, determined to finish what I started.

Of course, I knew I couldn’t take ANY chances of repeating my prior mistake. So…


I sold ALMOST every Pokeball I had (though I had a few apricorn balls from my initial playthrough, so I gave those to some of my Pokemon to hold) and bought as many Dusk Balls as I could.

If this means I have to catch every pokemon I encounter in the Lairs in a Dusk Ball, so be it. This isn’t about phases. This is about finishing this hunt right.

Wish me luck.

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Seriously tho villains in SWSH are so hit and miss.

  1. Chairman Rose was such a boring character with the dumbest plot ever.
  2. Sordward and shielbert were great. It turns out taking part in stopping an evil plan has you feel like punching the bad guys. Can’t wait for the sister Gundolyne
  4. Klara is the best actual rival in a pokemon game since Silver. She is so fucking vicious in wanting you gone it’s great. I want her dream to come true.
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Finalized Gloria Kotobukiya figure advert.

Scheduled for release in June.

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💧💎Cleo Nearia💎💧

Age: 17

Birthday: November 12th

Height: 5'9"

Three Sizes: B77 W59 H77

Blood Type: AB


Favorite Food: Aguav berry

Disliked Food: anything sour

Charm Point: Long, slender legs

Attribute: Classy

Image Color: Aqua blue

Role: Visual

Town/region: Cerulean City, Kanto

Partner Pokemon: Ajax the Horsea

Likes: makeup, being the center of attention, the beach

Dislikes: being dirty, dog pokemon

Hobbies: doing her nails/hair, scuba diving

Personality: Cleo is very elegant with her words and mannerisms, almost like a princess. She’s nice to her friends and members, but likes a good prank or tease once in a while. Despite being a prankster sometimes, she has good intentions and will take care of you if you need help.

Bio: Cleo began modeling at a young age, so she’s quite acclimated to the limelight. Along with photo shoots came commercials, which is how she learned to sing and dance. She heard by word of mouth that Poke Rainbow was looking for members from a good friend.

Trivia: -Cleo idolizes Cerulean Gym leader Misty, which is why she has her hair in a side pony

-She used to model with another poke rainbow member

-she’s a loud partier

VC: May’n

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💄💚 Harlow Weissman 💚💄

Age: 17

Birthday: February 15th

Height: 5'7”

Three Sizes: B85 W60 H84

Blood Type: O


Favorite Food: Castelia Cones (ice cream from Castelia City)

Disliked Food: Licorice

Charm Point: Her green hair streak

Attribute: Bold

Image Color: Neon Green

Role: Lyricist

Town/Region: Virbank City, Unova

Partner Pokemon: Cha Cha the Maractus

Likes: singing, affection, photo shoots

Dislikes: being embarrassed, cold weather

Hobbies: Writing poetry, rapping, dancing

Personality: Harlow is confident, mature, witty, and actually has a sexy side. She’s pretty extroverted around her family and friends, but if you put her in front of someone she thinks is of high prestige (like her crush), she will get very embarrassed, and lose a lot of her mature charisma. Despite that, she is very encouraging, and loves to cheer for her fellow idols~

Bio: Harlow, being a citizen of Virbank City, has been an actress and model for Poke Star Studios since she was a child. The town grew to know and love her; she was pretty much a celebrity. Through her acting career, Harlow decided to pick up singing, and her agents found that she had a talent for it. That’s when she found that a certain idol group was looking for members online… Trivia:

- She is very close friends with Virbank Gym leader, Roxie

-Rapping is her secret hobby; no one knows that she does it except Roxie

-She is the oldest member

VC: Nanase Matsuoka

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The past of Dracovish (endlicheri) of ZOE.2


“Forest monster”
It’s been a few years since then.  The forest was tightly closed.  Rumors of humans entering the forest and monsters preying on Pokemon were spreading in the vicinity.


Since the damage continued to increase after that, a “monster” subjugation team was finally formed.

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☀️💛Angie Kahele 💛☀️

Age: 16

Birthday: June 21st

Height: 4'11”

Three Sizes: B73 W58 H76

Blood Type: B


Favorite Food: Berry malasadas

Disliked Food: None

Charm Point: Cute Button nose

Attribute: Vivid

Image Color: Yellow

Role: Choreographer

Town/Region: Hea Hea City, Alola

Partner Pokemon: Sparky the (pom pom) Oricorio

Likes: Parties, candy, anything cute

Dislikes: the dark, going to bed early

Hobbies: swimming, dancing

Personality: If you could characterize a sugar rush into a person, it would be Angie.

Even though she’s quite the ball of energy, Angie can have a soft side sometimes, but it’s rarely shown. She has a stage presence like no other, and is easily recognizable on stage, earning her the nickname of “Poke Rainbow’s Sunshine” since her presence shines so brightly.

Bio: Angie had plans of her own to become a poke idol after losing interest in the Island Challenge fairly early on. To start her performing experience, she travelled to Kalos, where she competed in showcases. She was later discovered online by her fellow Poke Rainbow members, making her the first to join after Thalia and Miranda founding the group.

Trivia: -She’s ambidextrous

-Her full fist name is Angelica (Angie is just a nickname)

-She’s the shortest member

VC: Kana Hoshizaki

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The past of Dracovish (endlicheri) of ZOE.


When I wake up, I’m in a strange forest.  That was Dracovish’s oldest memory.


“The first scenery in my life”
Dracovish remembered the sign of a human being in a faint sensation that could not be called a memory.  And when he found a small village, he approached with curiosity.


When Dracovish entered the village, the villagers and Pokemon were afraid and surprised by the strange monster.  They immediately hid their children and little Pokemon and repelled “it.”


Dracovish is driven back to the forest.  He wanders the forest without the help of the village.  As hunger grows stronger, ancient instincts dominate Dracovish.

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🔥🔶Miranda Sycamore 🔶🔥

Age: 17

Birthday: March 25th

Height: 5'6

Three Sizes: B80 W59 H82

Blood Type: A


Favorite Food: Macarons

Disliked Food: Coffee

Attribute: Bold

Image Color: Orange

Charm Point: Thick, blonde hair

Role: Manager

Town/Region: Lumiose City, Kalos

Partner Pokemon: Topaz the Delphox

Likes: rollerskating, her hometown, sweets

Dislikes: death (the idea itself), burnt food

Hobbies: reading, cooking

Personality: Miranda is the mom friend of Poke Rainbow, always keeping everything in check and out of harm’s way. She’s also very smart and diplomatic, which is why she was chosen to be the group’s manager. However, since she is a realist, she can be a bit blunt, but she means well and doesn’t intend on hurting one’s feelings.

Bio: Miranda is a Pokemon coordinator, but since there aren’t any contests in Kalos, she went to Sinnoh to start competing. She faced against her now best friend, Thalia in a pokemon contest, which is how the two met. Years later, Miranda was informed of Thalia’s idol group idea, and while she was a bit skeptical at first, she was more than happy to join her best friend after she’d thought about it~


-She is Professor Sycamore’s niece

-Her parents are divorced (mother in sinnoh, father in kalos. She lives w dad)

-She had a Greninja named Jitsu that passed away

VC: Rie Fujishiro

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❤️🔴Thalia Trescott🔴❤️

Age: 16

Birthday: August 9th

Height: 5’2

Three Sizes: B79 W61 H76

Blood Type: O


Favorite Food: Anything sweet

Disliked Food: Radishes

Attribute: Vivid

Image Color: Red

Charm Point: her empathy and optimism

Role: Leader

Town/region: Eterna City, Sinnoh

Partner Pokemon: Calypso the Medicham

Likes: chocolate, anything with hearts and/or bows, having a schedule

Dislikes: when things don’t go her way, rain

Hobbies: contests (even tho she doesn’t do them as much), piano


Thalia is a very kind girl with a passionate spirit. She’s extremely loyal to her friends, family, and Pokemon, and would go into harm’s way if it meant benefiting them (she cares a lot lol). Thalia is quite on the sensitive side, as she’s the one who sobs during rom-coms, or hurts the most when a friend of hers is suffering. She loves to see the joy in life and in most situations.


Thalia obtained her first Pokemon, a Chimchar named Disco, at the age of 10 and started her journey like most trainers. Two years later, she had already earned a few gym badges. It wasn’t until she met gym leader and coordinator Fantina, who changed Thalia’s life forever. Fantina’s flamboyant battling style inspired Thalia to pursue Pokemon contests, which is where her performing days began. Around her first contest is when she caught her then Meditite, Calypso. Thalia traveled with her team of Disco, Calypso, and some others, while winning contests for a few years…but then she got bored of them. They didn’t seem as exciting as they used to be. One day, she was doing some research and found out about Pokemon showcases in Kalos. Thalia thought that a similar thing can be done, but with singing added…and Poké Rainbow was born!


-She loves fairy types, despite not having any on her team at the moment

-she’s very fashion forward

-she LOVES cuddles

VC: Maaya Uchida

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Started another painting.

Not sure I like Galarian Articuno more than the original, but it certainly has a unique personality :)

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Im so proud of how this turned out. Was meant to be a simple sketch but added some color to it. I feel like I got his personality in

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So after beating the game and catching Sword dog, I started on Isle of Armor. I kinda regret not going in when I first got the wild area. I probably wouldn’t have gone full psycho with a Dracovish if I knew there was a point you were supposed to go in at. I’m at the point of training Kubfu so I only really have a few complaints 

Why wasn’t this the core game. 

Why isn’t there a different vs Wild Pokemon theme i mean one exists for like one fight and it’s a BOP 

Klara is actually a great rival and the only reason a swsh 2 would only mildly annoy me. I dunno about Avery but toxic idol rival is what I live for. 

How is Following Pokemon this fucking bad. Let’s go had it perfect. The shitty Pokemon Go spinoff had it perfect.  

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Have you ever seen a post of a person’s headcanon and disagreed so hard w/ their interpretation of a character. I once saw a comic featuring raihan and Sonia from pokemon swsh battling and raihan was just so cruel to her afterwards it Appalled Me. Like it felt like the person drawing it was just so horrifically sadistic in how Raihan cut Sonia down that it threw me out of the comic completely. Raihan would never. He is a Good Guy. He may be a feral millennial but he is not mean, especially not like that. I never understood the pan-fandom need to attack people over their headcanons until that point. Like I’ve never so vehemently disagreed with someone until I read that comic. It’s been at least a month and I am still not over it. Why do I care this much about a game I’ve barely played

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You know what would be really cool? If the New Pokemon Snap includes a never before seen mythical and you have to continually take shots of it just to get a clear image of it. And then later that Pokemon gets added to the Sword and Shield Pokedex.

I would live for that.

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