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#pokemon swsh

Would any of you be willing to pay for a masuda-bred shiny Pokemon (for Sword / Shield) anywhere in the $10-$20 price range? It will also be non-hacked.

I’ve seen people selling shinies and I’m just– It technically is work, isn’t it? Plus we’re in quarantine, and I’m barely making anything.

I thought it’d be a good idea-

… If you want a shiny, HIT ME UP-

UPDATE: The price may actually depend on the hatching speed of your chosen Pokemon.

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Centimeter by centimeter Rose is slowly growing on me but he still gives me super creepy vibes a lot of the time. And I’ve only met Cara Liss like twice and got the same matched Pokémon together.

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The last twilight episode was so beautiful… Galar is such a beautiful region. I loved Oleana even if it was a bit sad knowing what’s behind her and Rose… He’s a bad boy. But we are seeing a bit more of him too. He’s manipulative but he also seems to have some feelings. Like he feels he has a greater goal no matter the sacrifice, but he’s still human nonetheless. Twilight gives emotional value to the characters more than the game imo. And next… Allister! My sweet son… It’s gonna be such an adorable/ghostly episode… 💜

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Leon was probably not feeling well to begin with. But he ignores it because he takes training very seriously. His pokemon can tell he’s not well and wants him to rest, but he ignores them. Until he breaks down on the treadmill, unable to get up because he’s so weak.

Charizard helps him to the sofa so he can lay down. He calls Raihan to come by and help. He, of course, does.

Leon has a fever and is throwing up. His body is sore and he’s just exhausted. He spends most of his time asleep on the couch. Raihan doesn’t want to take him upstairs to his bedroom because if he knows Leon, and he does, he’ll get up and try to go down the stairs and hurt himself.

Raihan just makes sure he rests, keeps his temp down, and makes sure he drinks plenty of water. He hangs around Leon’s place, sleeping on the other sofa, and just watching Leon like a hawk. Surprisingly, Raihan is a very good caretaker.

Of course, as soon as Leon’s feeling better, he goes back to training. This annoys Raihan, but there’s no changing this about his rival. He takes his work very seriously.

Of course, Leon thanks him and buys him lunch afterwards.

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