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hello knife anon


  • Bede has a slew of self esteem issues that cause him to display perfectionist tendencies. This leads to a lot of instances where the poor dude overworks himself into a frenzy. It’s really difficult to get him out of these episodes, because he starts to spiral and attribute failure to completing a task to his entire life’s work being for nothing.
  • It’s a good thing Opal is looking after him, plus Raiahan and Melony took a liking to the teen as well. Opal likes to just come over to the stadium and steal him away, stating that he needs to respect his elders and take her to tea. This gives him another task to obey- he needs to make sure this old lady isn’t disappointed in him.
  • Yes, it’s a damaging train of thought, but it’s better for him to worry about tea time and what he wants to eat for lunch than to be stressing out over training. 
  • The three have decided, if Bede can’t answer the simple question “When was the last time you ate?” they’re allowed to physically drag him to the nearest point of sustenance. Raihan is the one who has the most fun with this, easily just lifting Bede under his arm or picking him up Lion King style while the poor cloud head fights to escape.
  • Bede pretends these interventions are a pain, but he eventually gets used to a random colleague coming over to check on him. Honestly, if it wasn’t for an external intervention, Bede would work to the point of passing out from fatigue. 


  • Rose overworks in the sense that he tries to do more than humanly possible each day. His mind is always channeling through an insurmountable mass of project details and politics. Managing all the little tid bits of his company can be stressful, even when he has such a helpful assistant as Oleana.
  • Unlike Bede, Rose does have a certain amount of self-awareness when it comes to overworking himself, and he will take a break. As the chairman, he can’t afford any blunders on the account of poor personal maintenance.
  • Usually, he will let Oleana take charge for the day while he goes on a short incognito walk and enjoys the rest of his day at a fancy resort where no one can bother him. He values his quiet, so he’s easily able to recharge in the pool or over a glass of champagne.
  • This doesn’t mean he won’t sneak work with him into the resort. Once can often find him mulling over paper work or scrolling through documents on his phone while he is sunbathing. He’ll save notes for when he’s back at work.
  • Rose doesn’t like to be kept from work. Call it an addiction- he will become uneasy if he’s away too long or if he’s without objective for a suspicious amount of time. Usually, after his little resort trips, he will be fueled up enough to keep working until he needs another break.
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This is a first! I admit I didn’t pay much mind to these two, so I hope this is okay:)  We also know very little about these two, so I really had to give them personalities based on my own ideas. 


  • Sordward feels like he’s be the more chill one out of the two. Don’t get me wrong, he can go from 0 to 100 very quick, and is just as dramatic as his brother, but he would have more patience with an energetic s/o.
  • He actually is shyer when it comes to affection, so anything more than locking arms in public is a no-no. 
  • Sordward enjoys his s/o’s energy because he bounces off of it seamlessly, so the more hyped up they are, the more lively he is.
  • When he’s been knocked down from his high horse, he is much more willing to be spontaneous with his s/o. He is the one who will entertain their proposals to go on an adventure in Kanto or to see who can catch more zigzagoon in 20 minutes. 
  • He really enjoys when he’s minding his own business and his s/o comes out of nowhere for a quick snuggle or peck. It makes his chest burst in warmth and he’ll be smiling to himself all day. Don’t point it out, though, because he will deny whatever your claim is.


  • Shielbert is more caught off guard by an energetic and cuddly s/o. He likes knowing about things in advance, so they’re a bit of a wild card in his life. More often than not, when his s/o has a random burst, he will jump and roll his eyes at them,
  • Don’t worry- he secretly adores it. Being outwardly passionate wasn’t something he grew up seeing much of, so it’s a breath of fresh air for him and he really enjoys when it’s his s/o who pleasantly surprises him.
  • Is. extremely competitive, meaning pokemon matches will be high energy, and cuddling will often turn into some weird wrestling match because he wants to win by being the best at cuddling.
  • Yes, his s/o is his first partner, so he’s going to be super attached to them. This means he will have a hand on them at all times, be it the small of their back or holding their hand. 
  • Jumpier of the two- sneak up behind him with a kiss or hug and he might yelp before scolding them. However, if they look upset, he’ll roll his eyes and mumble that all they have to do is ask like a civil person if they want attention before he drags them somewhere to pepper them with kisses.
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Send in a character and a prompt!

2 characters max

3 prompts per character

❤️ Are they romantic?

🧡 How do they confess that they like someone?

💛 Do they drop hints that they like someone and what are they?

💚 What’s their type?

💙 What is their perfect date?

💜 What’s their favorite kind of gift?

🎁 What gift would they get their s/o?

🖤 Do they enjoy loving or being loved?

💔 How do you break their heart?

❣️ What makes them blush/gets their heart pounding?

💕 Their future goals in a relationship? How far do they want to take it?

💞 How do you win their heart?

💓 How do they act when they realize they’re in love/have a crush?

💗 How do they show affection?

💖 Do they like PDA or are they a private person?

💘 Do they take the time to learn more about their crush by talking/asking or observing?

💝 Are they more likely to fall for someone if they’re friends first?

❌ Are they scared of being in love?

🔍 Do they ask for advice or just deal with their crush on their own?

♒️ Do they end up checking to see if their signs are compatible? Or maybe do they do ‘love-tests’ (enter in your name and see if you’re meant for each other kind of thing)

🎇 Are the feelings they have like a whirlwind or are they able to keep it under control?

⭐️ Do they believe that soulmates exist?

🌹 Are they likely to say ‘I love you’ first?

🌸 How often do they say ‘I love you’?

💐 Do they enjoy giving compliments or do they like getting them more? What kind of compliments do they give/like?

🌺 Do they like to tease their significant other?

🍀 What’s their love language?

🌼 How do they view their significant other? Are they the light in their life? Best friend? Savior, etc.?

🥀 How do they act when falling out of love?

💋 How do they kiss?

👁 What’s their favorite part of their s/o?

👀 Are they protective?

🤧 How far will they go to take care of their sick s/o?

☠️ How do they react when they find out their s/o is dead?

🥳 How do they cheer their s/o up when they’re down?

😱 What makes them worry about their s/o the most?

🥰 How often do they stare lovingly at their s/o?

😎 How do they impress their s/o?

😆 How do they make their s/o laugh?

🏵 Do they enjoy Valentine’s Day?

🎫 How do they celebrate their s/o’s birthday and how would they like theirs to be celebrated with them?

🎀 Are they likely to fall for someone first or is it the other way around?

💌 Do they send loving/cutesy texts to their s/o?

🔪 Do they try to be a good influence on their s/o or do they not care?

🎉 Are they a fan of nicknames? Do they prefer cutesy, traditional or silly ones?

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  • Here’s a secret: the ends of Leon’s hair curl into slight waves and are much more defined when his hair is in a pony tail. This man will be putting hair models to shame with the waves his hair naturally will fall into.
  • His s/o will often ring their finger around one of said waves to see if it will curl up more. Most of his hair is wavy, but sometimes they can find a lock of coiled curls and it’s just the cutest thing. 
  • He’s never too bothered by them messing with his hair. He actually will ask if they want to style it when he has the day off. This has led to both Leon and his s/o learning how to braid and style long thick hair in numerous ways. His favorite is braided buns because it looks neat and stylish, plus it’s easier to manage.
  • Leon absolutely melts to the feeling of his s/o brushing his hair before putting it up in a ponytail for him.
  • Sometimes, when his s/o runs their fingers through the thick strands, they will poke themselves with bobby pins and other small accessories that have accumulated in his mane over the past day.
  • If his s/o also has long hair, Leon will be a sucker for matching accessories.
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This is something that randomly came into my mind but what if Eternatus was actually once a secret 3rd legendary wolf WAY into the past?

Like,All of us probably think that the Eternatus we see right now,Isn’t actually its true form as its all skelatal and no skin.Since the wishing stars are actually bits and pieces of Eternatus’s body,Maybe when it got released by Chairman Rose,It was imcomplete.Like there wasn’t enough Wishing Stars for us to fully see its true form.Maybe,That true form was actually another legendary wolf.My personal headcanon is that before the first Darkest Day (I mean WAY before that) Eternatus had a wolf form that it got stripped out of due to..Something,And got sealed underground.Thus its body broke down overtime, making more of the dragon like form its in.Then it went berserk (Possibly due to revenge) And caused the first Darkest Day.Which the 2 wolves stopped.

If it was a legendary wolf,I could see it as a wolf with dragon like elements.As for a weapon for it to be based off of,Sure its attacks refrence cannons and blasters but we’re not gonna make a gun legendary so instead,I could see it themed after a spear.Since its very spiky.Maybe the spikes can actually fly off its body and pin opponents down and make it go from Posion/Dragon to Steel/Dragon instead but still keeps the Purple/Hot pink/Red color scheme it always has.

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…Are Avery’s eyes actually glowing a little bit?

That looks like a little bit of pale blue light, the same colour as the energy around his pokeballs. I guess you normally wouldn’t be able to really see it in standard lighting, since his irises are light blue even without it.

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Finally got some art for my Meet-As-Kids-AU! Where Cassandra ends up moving to Galar at the tender age of 8/9 and goes on the Gym Challenger with Leon, Sonia, and Raihan (her rival), too! Naturally, they had to take a group photo ;)

Based off of the ref image of course xD

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