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#pokemon trades

I’m looking for a g-max toxtricity with punkrock

I’ve got a couple G-max lapras’ one hidden ability, an hidden ability G-max appletun,and a couple of shield exclusives I’m willing to trade.

(Edit:I’m still looking for a toxtricity)

(Edit2: I found one)

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I have:

  • bonsly, level 1
  • remoraid, level 1
  • dehelmise, level 1
  • far fetched, level 1
  • wynaut, level 1
  • rufflet, level 1
  • pichu, level 1
  • goomy level 1

I’m looking for:

  • darumaka
  • scraggy
  • passimian
  • turtunator
  • solrock
  • stonjourner 
  • to evolve my swirlix into a slurrpuff 
  • to trade a sweet apple for a tart apple, obtain bird and dino fossils 

Message me if you’re interested! 

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Hay, i’m trying to finish up my pokedex in Shield and I am down to the last like 17 pokemon and i’ve been looking with basically no success for the last month and a half, if anyone has these would you be willing to trade to help me finish my dex? I am going for a living dex but obviously I’d trade Zacian right back to you. 

Looking for: Swirlix, Slurpuff, Rhyperior, Gothia, Gothorita, Gothitelle, Escavalier, Accelgor, Rufflet, Braviary, Solrock, Stonjourner, & Zacian.

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Anyone be interested in trading some bank ball mons with me on Shield?? All Pokémon I have will be 4iv, have 4 egg moves and have Pokérus! I have, so far:

  • Love Ponyta
  • Fast Darumaka, HA Clobbopus
  • Friend HA Applin, HA Snom
  • Level Farfetch’d
  • Moon HA Rookidee
  • Dream HA Impidimp

I also have heavy Duraludon and love Hattena, but haven’t done any IV or egg move breeding yet. Will also accept Type: Null in exchange for any of the above! As a living dex collector, u would be saving my life.

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