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Pokemon Trading SW

I have Pokemon Sword and I’m trying to find people who are willing to trade with me.

I can offer you any of the starter Pokemon (yes I can give you either Grookey, Scorbunny and Sobble) and exclusive Pokemon from sword.

In return I require:
-  Solosis
-  Eiscue
- Corsola (SH exclusive, fem preferred) 
- Dracozolt
- Dracovish
- Arctovish

Just dm if you wanna trade :D 

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Shiny/Mythic Pokemon to trade!

Below is a list of my spares, looking for shiny offers I don’t have. I will be at Gencon 2020 and will be happy to meet up if we can work it out to trade on home or Swsh.


3 Gmax Amped Toxitricity

2 classic Vulpix

5 Gmax Kingler

2 Morgrem

2 Male Salandit

1 Regigigas

1 Deoxys

1 Shaymin

1 Diancie


3 Victini

2 Magerna

1 Celebi

1 Jirachi

1 Volcanion

2 Deoxys

1 Shaymin

1 Genesect

1 Diancie

1 Hoopa


Originally posted by manic-mars

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Hmm, so this is a long shot but I thought maybe I’d put out an offer that some people might be interested in. So everytime I go onto the room trades, I send out some rare pokemon (shinies and legendaries) and all I receive is commons so I thought since I can host rooms, that maybe I’d set something up.

If anyone would be interested in doing a shiny/legendary/mythical trade room let me know. Basically we’d all put up something along those lines and then it’s the luck of the draw to see what we get.

I would have it turned on so we can see what others are offering to make sure nobody is screwing everyone else over as well.

Just let me know if this would interest anyone.

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By any chance, would someone have a spare Melmetal they could trade to me for keeps? I can offer shiny legendaries/ultra beasts from Ultra Sun version or other shinies that you can actually use in SwSh. I may also have a spare Jirachi to trade. I’m trying to get this Pokemon Home dex together. I’m also not asking for a shiny Melmetal–any Melmetal would do.

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