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Trainer class: Pokemon center lady

You are logically minded and very serious about your studies. You take pride in what you know and you are always aware of the ways you can learn more. Your studiousness and serious nature typically causes you to fall under the radar and be underestimated, which is the downfall of your opponents in battle. You focus heavily on health and on ensuring that you never go too far in battle, and you heal your pokemon as well as your opponents at the end of a bout. You are kind and battle with a lot of creativity due to your different mindset going into training. Your strong bond with your pokemon and your focus on their health gives you an edge that other trainers don’t expect. 

Partner: Lapras

Lapras is sensitive to its own trainer but cold to all others, its highly intelligent and relies heavily upon its wits in battle and in life. It will rely heavily upon you as well to be able to connect to the rest of your pokemon as it usually relies solely upon itself or other lapras. It might be a bit suspicious of other pokemon and other trainers so be sure to work with it to better help it bond with your team and not attack approaching trainers it doesn’t know. A lot of the time lapras’s intelligence it its own worst enemy, but it is also something that gives you an edge in battle.

Team: Meganium, Claydol, Gastrodon, Scolipede, Indeedee

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Trainer class: Parasol Lady

Your head is always in the clouds and you tend to be pretty optimistic when it comes to your hobbies and interests, which includes battling. You take battling seriously but it isn’t your entire life, allowing you and your pokemon to branch out and experience a lot of different things outside of battling. Your varied pursuits with your pokemon allow you to bring out their strengths in a lot of different ways, which makes for some very interesting bonds and battle styles. Your pokemon have a lot of faith in you and always work to make you proud of them both in battle and outside of it. Your lives together bring you all a lot of joy and you center your daily life around the things that you are most passionate about. Remember to branch out and try new things with your pokemon and friends! 

Partner: Goodra

Goodra is a pokemon that is often misunderstood and thought to be weak at first glance. These pokemon are very emotional and sensitive, but they can also become rather strong in battle if their trainer is patient and loving and believes in them. If you work closely with goodra and encourage it plenty, it will grow into a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Goodra can become quickly withdrawn and insecure, however, so be sure to take plenty of breaks and help it out of any slumps it is experiencing in training.

Team: Clamperl, Carnivine, Lurantis, Lickitung, Cramorant

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also an alternate doodle/design of Mog, one of my Pokemon Trainer OCs. This started as a ref for Truck Of Arts’ commission of them before I cleaned it up and completed it.

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