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kude-kude 11 days ago
Camilo with a Ditto (?)
Of course
Tumblr media
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rozetheeuwu 11 days ago
Tumblr media
Encanto x Pokemon crossover part 1
Trainer class: Pkmn trainer
Ace: Eevee
Interesting fact about the team: I had such a hard time choosing her team haha. I chose Leavanny because Mirabel is skilled with sewing and embroidering, Chimecho because she wakes up early to wake her family up and Ampharos because it is known to a beacon to people.
(Isabella is up next)
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toweroftickles 7 months ago
Master Post (HCs/Fics)
Figured I should probably make one of these, huh? I've made enough posts by now.
Avatar (ATLA)
ATLA Girls Headcanons
Zuko Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus (Never Tickle A Sleeping Zuko)
Toph and the Badgermoles
Suki's Suffering
Maiko: A Useful Little Tool
Three Sentence Fic: Azula/Ty Lee
Three Sentence Fic: Sokka/Toph
Avatar (the James Cameron blue monkey people one)
Neytiri - A Long And Restless Day
Neytiri - Basic Xenoneurology
Underrated Princess Character Headcanons (includes Neytiri)
Balan Wonderworld/NiGHTS (Yuji Nakaverse)
Balan Tickle Ask Meme
Balan Tickle Ask Meme Pt. 2!
Balan Tickle Stories
NiGHTS Headcanons
BNHA/My Hero Academia
Ms. Joke Is Totally a Ler (Headcanon)
The Building Blocks of Laughter
Three Sentence Fic: Kirishima/Deku
Cats 2019 (shut up)
9 Laughs
TickleTober - Non-Human Parts (Also Includes Avatar, Kid Icarus, And Star Wars)
Enhanced Interrogation Techniques
Equestria Girls
Rarity's Weak Spot
Daenerys - Dragon's Bane
Luca/Monsters Inc. crossover idea
Official Tickle Monsters
Teaching Class
Hailee Steinfeld (IRL)
Kate/Yelena Idea
Yelena Tickle Tortures Kate
Yelena & Kate's Tickle Spots
Miraculous Ladybug
MariChat - Promise To Protect You (part 1)
LadyNoir - Just Want To Make You Smile (part 2)
Three Sentence Fic - MariChat
No Straight Roads
Tickle Ask Meme (basically the same thing but expanded XD)
Reimagined Tickling Scenes
#1 Prince of Egypt/Zelda: Breath of the Wild
#2 Digimon Frontier scene - longer version
Studio Ghibli/Kiki's Delivery Service
Kiki x Tombo Tickle Fight
Ghibli Giggles (various drabbles, multiple characters/films)
Ghibli Giggles 2 (the sequel!)
Ursula - Headcanon (not mine but it was written for me and it's so cute I love it so much ^^)
Very Important Gifs XDDD
Impa - Headcanon
ZeLink - Tickles Through Time (OoT)
Reimagined Tickle Scene - Prince of Egypt/BOTW
Mipha x Link - Ticklish Check-Up (again, not mine, but written for me)
Question Worth Pondering
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Top 10 Favorite Lees of 2021
Top 10 Favorite Lees I Haven't Written About Yet (2021)
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RE8 - Lady Dimitrescu - Headcanon
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League of Legends - Headcanons
Spooky Halloween Character Headcanons (witches, vampires, etc.)
Steel Fist Riku
Castlevania - Headcanons
Cassie Cage/Sonya Blade (MK11)
Fable 3
Uncategorized: Completely Random Character Headcanons
Three Sentence Fic: Luffy/Robin (One Piece)
Pokemon - Gardenia Ask Meme (written for me, soo cute)
Kill la Kill - Headcanons
Encanto - Headcanons
Best Idea I've Ever Had
Lucina Tickle Thoughts
A Very Essential Post
Mainstream Tickling - Captain America #342
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