ravenj1964 · a day ago
i saw a hologram face in the first minute of poland’s entry and my brain went:
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drthrvn · a day ago
Ukrainians apologizing to Poles for the ukrainian jury not giving Poland 12 points (while the polish jury gave Ukraine 12 points) is a peak 2022 Polish-Ukrainian behaviour
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squisim · a day ago
I feel bad for the dementors. After the fall of Azkaban their work opportunities are very precarious.
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ariquess-arts · a day ago
so I know it'll never happen... but if Poland ever wins esc, I hope other countries send the most queer songs and artist's possible
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aanathemaa · a day ago
the fuck is this:
During tonight’s jury voting process at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, the EBU released a statement to explain that the national juries from six countries in the second semi-final were removed from the contest. These were then replaced by an aggregated result based on countries with similar voting patterns in both the second semi-final and the grand final.
The six national juries that were removed from Eurovision 2022 were from the following countries:
San Marino
The full EBU statement can be read below:
In the analysis of jury voting by the European Broadcasting Union’s (EBU) pan-European voting partner after the Second Dress Rehearsal of the Second Semi-Final of the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest, certain irregular voting patterns were identified in the results of six countries.
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soofdope · a day ago
Poland be like:
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einfalls-los · a day ago
Uhm. Why is there semen dripping on poland's lens
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raggedy-spaceman · a day ago
Prevision for next year Eurovision
Zelensky: thank you for the support but we can’t host the competition in Ukraine Poland and Romania:
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depressedonwednesday · a day ago
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expecto patronum, bitches.
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cinary · a day ago
Finally some fucking dramatic rain
Well done Poland
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expositionartblog · 2 days ago
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Russia openly threatening war against Poland
“State Duma proposed putting Poland in line for denazification”, RIA Novosti reported.
Well, you can try. Just remember that after an attack on a NATO country, there will be an accelerated denazification of State Duma.
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dobranocka · a day ago
Sorry to break it to you guys but Poland’s performance is just an excuse to let out rusalkas out for a night. Ochman will get eaten later but it’s a sacrifice we’re ready for.
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damiano-david · a day ago
harry potter and the polish river
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brendanicus · 2 days ago
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Poland/Catholic Church split let’s fucking go
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iwasbored777 · 2 days ago
Someone who didn't watch Eurovision this year: What are your favourite songs from Eurovision?
Me: I loved that one about eating salad and p*ssy, the one about wolves eating grandmas and bananas, the one where they sing and wash hands in the same time and that ballad with Dementors.
That same person:
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russellscuffle · a day ago
Once again, Poland has a beautiful song but ballads do not belong at Eurovision
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zombilenium · a day ago
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Abandoned Castle 'M" Poland ' Kjr Uns '
Photography by Urbex nie śpi
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kipisz · a day ago
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wróżbita maciej
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spaceytrash · a day ago
Those movie maker effects will never not make me laugh
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solfcare · a day ago
i too want to be dragged into a river. maybe that would fix me (:
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