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The REALITY behind the America Protests 2020 | BACKFIRE

PREMISE: This video introduces the recent facts happening in American and also considers an Islamic point of view of some matters; some people might disagree with some stuff… but I think everything in this video makes sense and what’s more important is the human insight given to this analysis.

To be honest, two movies come to mind that I would suggest everyone to watch or watch again: A time to kill (1996) and The Help (2011).

Oh, and of course let’s not forget about Black History, M.L. King, Malcolm X (I’ve read his autobiography) and everyone and everything else related to it.

And let’s not forget about Native Americans.

Let’s not forget about every form of racism and violence against human beings.

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Saying not all cops is like saying not all men. Now is not the time. Stop talking, sit back and listen to legitimate criticism

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Cop: i wanted to become a cop to protect people, to serve my country, to do some good in the world y'know?

Cop: anyways time to run over some protesters with my car!

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I really wish the police would stop resisting. If they would comply this wouldn’t be happening.

They look suspicious in their blue uniforms, badges, and weapons.

They don’t belong in this part of town. They needed to be stopped.

If the police are innocent there’s no reason for them to be afraid. They should answer our questions, only guilty people want to hide things.

I feared for my life. I thought his doughnut was a grenade.

Reminder, the Supreme Court ruled the police don’t have to protect you.


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For those of you who rightfully choose to protest police violence at the Black Lives Matter protests across the country, be aware of your rights around filming the police.

The above info is specifically about Victoria, but in all states it is legal for you to film police in a public place and they have no legal reason to ask you to stop (except when undertaking covert work).

Protect your phone with a passcode, do not give your property up to police without legal representation.

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Look, I don’t like making posts like this on here, mostly because I don’t like making people anxious by going through my blog. A lot of people aren’t tagging their protest and blm posts and there is literally no way to take a mental break on here.

(Disclaimer that I love my mom and she is not a bad person. She has views that are difficult for me to understand and she grew up in a very different environment. I am not posting this to criticize her for trying to do what she feels is right. I just want to put out where I stand and what others may be feeling.)

However, I need to get this off my chest and I need to say something at least. Today there were protests where I live, peaceful ones that I didn’t even know about until they were over. There were police outside in what was apparently full riot gear with those bullet shields they use. My mom saw them and told me about what was happening when I brought up what was going on.

I brought up the blm movement with her because I had heard literally nothing about it from her. She has been bringing up covid death counts near daily in our house and giving updates on restrictions constantly as this has been going on, but had never brought up this. I had hoped to just make sure she knew what was going and maybe ask what we could do.

And I was so beyond disappointed in her answers. Talking about how she doesn’t approve of riots and defending police being overly violent at their jobs. How they go to work expecting to be shot at and so they are taught that they need to be ready to fight back. Bringing up her own bad experiences with cops and my own did nothing. All she would say was that there are good cops, and she knew that bc she’d gone to the police station before for help filing reports.

I’m not going to delve into my life story or hers, but suffice it to say that I honestly can’t believe she would take those good interactions at face value. I don’t understand how she can do that with our experiences.

She started bringing up other protests that had happened. About the kneeling during the national anthem and about how offensive to this country it was. That she ‘knew it was about police brutality, but the national anthem had nothing to do with what they were protesting’. She had no concept of the fact that the police brutality was being directly linked to the American Police institution. That they were one and the same in that moment.

She was honestly shocked that I had little trust in cops, that I felt *less* safe when there was a fully armed police officer walking around at a function I was attending. No concept that I cannot stand the military and what they stand for. She’s against Trump and what he stands for but somehow cannot see that all of these things are interconnected. That it is not just him who is allowing these horrible things to happen right now. And I don’t get it.

I don’t understand how people can look at what is going on and be on the side of the police and the government and the military. It’s not right what is going and what has ever gone on.

There’s no real point to this rant honestly, I just need to let it out somewhere. I’m grateful for what people are doing, and sharing. I am scared for what is happening and I have no idea what will come next.

Please tag your posts guys. Just be respectful if you can. Seeing these things all the time, in the middle of your mental safe places, is not good emotionally or mentally for anyone. Please give people the option to step back when they need to.

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look. I love my dad so much. Sooooo much. Don’t let the next bit get that confused. But years back before he switched from patrol to computers, he was a power hungry dick sometimes with spurts of rage over not getting something he wanted, which seems to correlate with how a number of cops act.. my dad never killed anyone (actually he did and I never asked much about it, but the guy was attacking him directly, so we’ll agree in his case it was warranted) but if the range goes from my dad (placing him on the good side because we both know overall he was an incredible hysterical bad ass amazing son of a bitch) to bad apples… and if him switching from patrol to computers removed the aggressive tendencies, then I definitely think there’s an inherent problem with how patrol officers function. And look, I don’t want to say it’s the cops themselves. I mean SOME are actual bad apples, but the role they play having to deal with dangerous situations all the time and the power they’re given, it has an affect. Like people sent to war who come home with PTSD. And then with the almost consistent way the force doesn’t apply the same consequences to officers as they do to regular people (not to say I don’t get it.. if officers were afraid of being prosecuted during these dangerous situations they’d second guess themselves during critical life and death moments, but..) it can build a “I can get away with anything” mentality… and it’s that bullshit that needs to stop. But you are right. It’s better than Mexico or Venezuela… but also, just because we’re better than the worst doesn’t mean we should stop improving. And I think the African American community has been trying to have this conversation for a long time and nothing ever happens. You get people including the president throwing a fit over football players peacefully kneeling during the anthem.. so.. I can’t say I know what to do about it. The whole thing is a mess. And it’s very possible you don’t see all the videos. Not of killings or shootings either but of officers being disrespectful bullies for asinine things. Lying about and just fabricating laws. Hopping out of unmarked cars all pissed off that someone simply honked at them. Attacking medic tents during the protests. Shoving people down and punching them in the face… and I’m not making these up, I’m describing actual videos… and it would be one thing if every time it happened it was dealt with, but more times than not, it’s rationalized as just doing their duty.. and when a lot of people these days see this happen, over and over, they start to become scared of the people who are supposed to protect them.. which SUCKS… but it’s happening… and it’s not NEW, we’ve just grown to an age where it can be documented more easily and shared to more than immediate social circles… Anyway…. That’s my two cents, or rather, handful of assorted coins…

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