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#police brutality
suzyqharleyq · 9 hours ago
17th of October, 2021. It's been 582 days since Breonna Taylor was killed by the LMPD & Brett Hankinson, Jonathan Mattingly & Miles Cosgrove haven't faced charges or been arrested for her death.
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politicsofcanada · 5 months ago
reminder that george floyd wasn't a martyr who sacrificed his life for the betterment of white people
he didn't choose to die. he didn't sacrifice himself. he was murdered in cold blood
white people are already twisting this, thanking him for his sacrifice like he decided to be brutally murdered by a white cop for existing as a black man
like. stop thanking him for being killed just because it made you open your eyes! it was never his responsibilty to make you take a stand against police violence and racial profiling in the first place
you want to make something out of his death? acknowledge that it was senseless and never should have happened in the first place! stop glorifying this murder
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wraithofwords · 9 months ago
So someone pointed out to me recently that in a few years, maybe a few decades, the history of the us during covid is probably going to get twisted. The fact that we all had to make and wear cloth masks is going to be hailed as a symbol of how we ""came together as a nation""" or whatever the fuck propaganda spin they try to put on it.
So I just want to say, for the record, the time of the corona virus pandemic was not a time when america came together.
This was a time when people hoarded toilet paper and sanitizing supplies either for themselves or to sell at absurd prices to the desperate people who didn't get to the store soon enough during the shortages
This was a time when scared parents were sending their kids to finish school in the spring in plastic trash bags because they couldn't think of any other way to possibly keep their families safe
This was a time when grocery store and retail and service workers were forced to keep working whether they wanted to risk their health or not because they couldn't make rent otherwise and the people with enough privilege to have remote jobs tried to repay them with applause instead of fair wages
This was a time when nurses had the hold the hands of multiple dying people every day as their families watched their loved ones die over a video call because the hospital couldn’t risk having visitors
This was a time when city governments had to handle so many eviction hearings that they rented out convention centers and called in the national guard instead of doing a rent freeze to stop predatory landlords
This was a time when racism and police brutality were so unbearably horrible that people protested in the streets for months even though there was a god damn pandemic that our federal government wasn't doing shit to stop and the cops were so mad that they were being asked to stop beating up black people that they were beating up everyone
This was a time when schools being forced to reopen in the fall or lose their federal funding had to draft templates for letters if a teacher or a staff person or a fucking child died from exposure to corona at school
This was a time when the president of the United states demanded that the cdc stop releasing data about all the people who were dying because of the warnings he ignored for months were making him look bad
This was a time when some state governments didn’t mandate masks and forced businesses to reopen because they didn't want to pay unemployment to people trying to stay safe at home anymore
This was a time when Jeff Bezos was on track to be a fucking trillionare because everyone was ordering things on amazon instead of going to the store and the people he worked to death to get it didn’t see a single cent of it
This was a time when instead of providing homeless people with housing, we painted boxes on the ground to show homeless people how far away the had to be on the street to maintain social distancing
We did not come together to make cloth masks. Cloth masks represent nothing less than the absolute and utter failure of a nation's government to inform and protect its citizens
This was not a time when we came together. This was a time when we survived, and not all of us made it.
This was a time when people casually talked about how many human lives the economy was worth without considering the evil that had just come out of their mouths.
This was a time when thousands of us died for profit and the ego of a cheating narcissists con man who scammed his way into the white house
This was a time that we survived. Most of us tried to do the right thing, stay home, limit trips to the store and socializing, wear a mask. And still, so many of us were lost. Thousands every day.
But that wasn't a good enough reason for some people, for those among us who were too selfish to recognize the responsibilities we have toward one another as human beings.
This was not a time that we came together
This was a time that we survived
Not all of us made it
And those of us who did survive will never forget the evil we saw daily in our politicians and those around us
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bisexualvalve · 6 months ago
10 miles away from where the Derek chauvin trial is taking place, police murdered Daunte Wright, a Black man, today on April 11th. They then left his body on the ground for 6 hours. They pulled him over for having an air freshener obstructing his rear view mirror. This can't be reformed. Abolish the police
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decolonize-the-left · 8 days ago
Reminder that Indigenous People's Day is on Monday!
Remember to show your support by posting about it!! Let us see your support! Let us know you care and haven't forgotten us!!
You can also do that by:
donating to indigenous charities & causes
shopping at indigenous businesses (our jewelery is gorgeous and it's ABSOLUTELY ok for you to wear if bought from Indigenous ppl)
educating yourself about the Indigenous cultures around you
donating to Indigenous people
supporting the landback movement
Don't forget our southern cousins either, they were the first of us to feel the affects of Columbus's many abuses
Bring attention to the ongoing affects of colonization so that we have support when we make and demand better!
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angelsaxis · 6 months ago
A Black man named Daunte Wright was murdered by police, and protesters are now gathering in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. This person is gathering donations to pay for protester gear/protection. Please donate.
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aka-noodle · 7 months ago
For anyone who doesn't know what's going on in the UK right now
A young woman named Sarah Everard was abducted and murdered by a cop while walking home
Tonight women planned to hold a peaceful vigil in her memory using the hashtags #reclaimthenight and #reclaimthestreets
Police responded by dragging women away and arresting them using excessive force and destroying flowers and items left as a memorial for Sarah
And oh yeah, on Monday a new bill is set to go throw that gives police more powers to disrupt protests 🙃
Edit: Posted 13th March 2021
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muffinlevelchicanery · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Image text: “The Thin Bread Crust. Pizza delivery is twice as dangerous as being a cop, salute the real troops”
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poguesgold · a year ago
a black woman named zoe amira posted a video on youtube. this video is an hour long and filled with art and music from black creators. it has a ton of ads, and in result will rack up a ton of revenue. 100% of the ad revenue from the video will be dispersed between various blm organizations, including bail-out funds for protesters. it will be split between the following, dependent on necessity
brooklyn bail fund
minnesota freedom fund
atlanta action network
columbus freedom fund
louisville community bail fund
chicago bond
black visions collective
richmond community bail fund
the bail project inc
nw com bail fund
philadelphia bail fund
the korchhinski-parquet family gofundme
george floyd’s family gofundme
reclaim the block
turn off your adblocker and do not skip ads. between each time watch 3-5 other videos (mix it up) before restarting. this will ensure you aren’t marked as spam by youtube. mute the tab if you need to focus elsewhere but don’t mute the video itself. and let. it. play.
youtube will donate to blm for you.
please, please reblog. for people who don’t have money to spare, this is incredibly important information to have.
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theconcealedweapon · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Notice that the cop's response is to defend the hypothetical bad cop, not to distance himself and other cops from the bad cop.
If bad cops were rare, there'd be no desire whatsoever to defend them.
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androfem · 2 months ago
The video store lets people rent locked rooms where they can watch adult video content. According to the Harford County Sheriff’s Office, they have received complaints from area residents and other patrons about the store.
“I went inside and was hooking up with someone and the next thing I know eight of us were against the wall with handcuffs with plastic zip ties on them,” one man arrested in the raid told the Washington Blade. “And we all spent the night in jail. I was released at like six o’clock in the morning.”
"I don’t know why people have a problem with this. We go there to meet people like us.”
A friend of another of the arrested men said that his friend and another man were in a locked booth together when police “in full riot gear unlocked his room and arrested him and his friend.” They are now facing a charge of indecent exposure for their activity in a locked room.
“They spent the night in jail and were badly treated,” the arrested man’s friend said.
Maryland’s law against perverted sexual practices bans oral sex with other people and animals, as well as any other “unnatural or perverted sexual practice with another or with an animal.”
Like many sodomy laws, the text of this law does not explicitly name gay and bi people – heterosexual couples can also engage in oral sex – but in practice laws like these are only enforced against people having sex with the same sex.
Sodomy laws like this one were overturned by the Supreme Court in its landmark 2003 Lawrence v. Texas decision, which said that states can’t use appeals to morality to justify laws that ban private activity between consenting adults.
A 2013 Fourth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals decision about Virginia’s ban on anal and oral sex reaffirmed that it’s unconstitutional to ban private sex acts even if the laws apply to heterosexual couples as well. Maryland is in that court’s jurisdiction.
“There are cases around the country discussing whether certain areas are private, usually focusing on whether the participants had a reasonable expectation of privacy,” attorney Greg Nevins told the Blade. He said that locked rooms in video stores should be considered the same as locked hotel rooms.
That several of the men aren’t facing charges for indecent exposure at all indicates that authorities are not even accusing them of having sex in public.
The Sheriff’s Office defended the raid in a statement, citing “an increased number of concerns and allegations of a wide variety of illegal activity.” The statement did not say whether those complaints were about sexual activity happening behind locked doors.
Tumblr media
( tweet link )
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kny · a year ago
for people who are unaware of why the riots in minneapolis started happening, here's the facts:
it wasn't george floyd's protesters who started reacting violently; it was the cops.
the protest was peaceful until the cops showed up in riot gear, and started using water cannons, followed up by tear gas and rubber bullets. i got videos from friends who were there, of people screaming and running away from the cops shooting the water cannons, rubber bullets and throwing tear gas at them. they were even shooting at the protesters dragging people away to get medical attention.
speaking of medical attention, dispatch refused to provide any medical attention to the protesters. people literally had to drive their bleeding friends to the hospital because they refused to send ambulances.
cops are using non-lethal weapons in a lethal way. they shot rubber bullets into people's heads and injured them. there’s dozens of photos of protesters with bleeding head wounds from the rubber bullets.
multiple people used police scanners and heard that there were undercover cops pretending to be violent protesters who were throwing rocks and whatnot at the police, with dozens of eyewitness accounts confirming that information.
the person who instigated all the chaos last night (it was a fire at an autozone) with the looting and burning buildings is highly suspected to be an undercover cop pretending to be a protester, because the video of him keeps getting taken down. protesters tried to stop him but couldn’t because he had a hammer and they were scared for their safety.
the cops jammed cell phone towers and cut live streams to interrupt broadcasts and to prevent people from seeing what was really going on and who actually started the violence.
the cops lied about protesters being armed and about throwing rocks and are literally trying to continue the violence happening and yet no one is holding them accountable for that.
and during all this, the cop that murdered george floyd still hasn’t been arrested. he has had more than ten complaints filed against him and was involved in three other civilian shootings in the past. and yet he’s still out free along with his three other buddies involved, probably sitting on his couch while all this chaos is happening.
so don't get it twisted. the cops just want to change the narrative to make it look like they're the wounded and righteous party, when they're the ones who started reacting violently in the first place and are still acting violently. so don't you ever forget who started this tragedy and murdered someone, and who are continuing to react to the situation with violence. 
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nowthisnews · a year ago
Jacob Blake’s sister: ‘I’m not sad. I’m not sorry. I’m angry. And I’m tired. I haven’t cried one time. I stopped crying years ago. I am numb. I have been watching police murder people that look like me for years.’
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