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kikokuso · a day ago
Alright guys, gals, everything in between and outside of it, politics class. Here's something I came up with on my way to school and I wanna share it with everyone here because it puts some stuff into perspective.
My analysis on the four quadrants and how they would handle progress
1. AuthLeft: In authleft ideology, there is no such thing as an individual. We are all people that are a part of a mass which moves towards progress together.
2. AuthRight: In authright ideology, some people are born superior and are immediately more privileged, which gives them a better chance to prosper over others.
3. LibLeft: In libleft ideology, we, as individuals, are all equal, no matter who we are or where and under which circumstances we were born, so we're all prospering equally and together.
4. LibRight: In libright ideology, a select few gets to move to the top, while the rest 99% of the world is unable to move past it's beginning and truly prosper in our society.
If this is too complicated, I drew a graph showing how all these things move (keep in mind that taller=more prosperous)
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Thanks for listening to me and my analysis! I wish you all the best in the rest of your days today!
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terminallytwee · 8 hours ago
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made this three years ago today about my shitty inlaws when my wife came out
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unhinged-memer · a day ago
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adamxthextreme · a day ago
Gonna dump some quick knowledge and insight on y'all regarding the "legitimacy" of the whole AOC thing in my own opinion based on politics and like also my experience of being the child, nephew, and grandson of three politicians. Because I've seen some WILDLY stupid stuff online about what she did that's clearly an attempt to divide people on the left and I think it's outrageous.
1) It really IS expected of city elected officials, major figures, and politicians in general, but especially the first one, to go to AT LEAST SOME significant formal events in the cities they work in. Especially if they have helped in some way to fund the organization doing it (like a museum or another foundation like a charity). For instance as I type this, my parents are at a charity gala for a crisis center for women because my father is a Pittsburgh and Appalachian PA centric politician who ran for office a couple times, is the chair of our local libertarian party, and has also donated large amounts of money to crisis centers, homeless shelters, and veteran rehab centers locally. He gets invites to many events like this, and because he is a public figure and is a politician in the area, he is expected to at least SOME TIMES show up to things even tho he currently holds no office, altho he is campaigning I believe eventually for House of Representatives. The gala he's at is for a women's center my father has personally worked with and done a lot for, as well as raised awareness for USING his position in the Libertarian Party. My grandfather was a city mayor and a city councilman and my uncle was also a city councilman. Both of them have gone to their fair share of fancy dinners and wine and dines. They both complained a lot when I was growing up because they both would rather go to a bar and drink and play cards or hang with the nieces, nephews, and grandkids. But because they were elected officials, they had to show up to important city events in the city borough they served because they had to make an appearance. It was expected.
2) you don't have to love everything a politician does to acknowledge that they're not evil. People are acting like AOC, I don't know, spent tens of millions of tax payer dollars on golf games.... Like our last president. They're acting like she wasted money, when the dress was donated and she went for free. She did not do some massive display of wealth. Also, she made a statement that she backs up with her actions by challenging her fellow politicians and even the president TO raise taxes on the rich, end student debt, fix climate change, to lower drug law restrictions, and make America more diverse and safe for BIPOC and LGBTQ people. It's not as if she's a right winger all year around then suddenly she's making a left statement for shits and giggles.
3) to say she's being hypocritical is vastly ignorant. As my last statement said, she backs up this visual statement with actions in the courthouse, as well as how she acts towards her constituents when disaster strikes, and the actions she takes to help people in general. Mere DAYS after the Met, she was busy working towards a bill and later unveiled said bill which was for extending COVID unemployment benefits for people. She clearly cares and is doing much more for the American people than many elected officials ever will.
4) might I also add that there were OTHER PEOPLE with statements at the gala. One of which was ANOTHER US GOVT OFFICIAL. The other was Cara Delevingne. And I've seen little to no press about either. Cara's could either be seen as mocking pegging which is not helpful and makes light of struggles of fighting patriarchal systems, or views the pegging act as nonconsensual, which hints at a desire to rape people, which, even metaphorically is not ideal as a message. BUT YEAH LET'S PICK ON THE LADY WHO'S MESSAGE MATCHES HER ACTIONS
5) the BLM rally. My good friend ari said it best. Would it have been awesome if AOC had rallied with them and joined them? Yes. I think that would have been awesome and would have been an even better protest against America. But I can also understand why she might not have wanted to. The events of January 6 are not long past, and the police DID get aggressive that night and arrest people and perhaps she feared for herself. Does that make not getting involved with that cause right? Not particularly. But I don't know her motives and can only speculate. I do support that she made her message loud and proud and I do support her desire to source it from a diverse and immigrant source, as a fellow poc immigrant. But it would have been better if she had rallied with the protestors IN MY PERSONAL OPINION, but I can understand that she may have had personal reasons or an inability to do so due to constraints of her position.
6) the wealth factor. I've seen a lot of people act like she's one of the guillotine rich because she went to this which indicates they don't know how this works. If you get invited and wear a dress of a designer, YOU ARE NOT PAYING THE 30K. MOST PEOPLE DO NOT. THEY WEAR SOMETHING LOANED TO THEM BY A DESIGNER WHO HAS A TABLE. AOC DID NOT PAY TO GET IN GET THAT THROUGH YOUR SKULLS.
ok I'm done. Get some research skills and rest y'all. And please don't tell me I'm a liar about the first point. I'm literally speaking ABOUT MY OWN FAMILY and their experiences in politics so unless you are my uncle, father, or grandpa, uhhhh yeah.
No tldr. Read the whole thing.
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feminismandmedia · 12 months ago
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[image description: a tweet by user @indigenousAI saying
"fun fact: as a DV survivor i cannot register to vote because doing so makes my address public. anyone who is fleeing or hiding from an abuser is automatically disenfranchised from the political process and this is a feature, not a bug"]
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rose-th0rn · 10 months ago
just your daily reminder that black lives matter, women should have the rights to their own bodies, LGBTQ+ people are incredible, loved and valid, refugees are welcome, fuck donald trump, yes to open borders, eat the rich feed the poor, reform the police and prison system, fuck the tories & drink some water
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play-doh-slut · 11 months ago
my soul left my body when biden looked into the camera while trump was shouting nonsense and said "do you all see what this clown is doing?"
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charliebarlybear · 10 months ago
Dan writing "slow burn" & "enemies to lovers" & "there was only one bed" political rpf 🤣
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foxpost-generator · a month ago
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Posting for Greta's fox mask, while she's also correct about this issue and otherwise really excellent on climate change.
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