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Man, my city had its second consecutive weekend of protests in a row. But this one was believed to have been organized with violence in mind that far exceeded last weekend’s notably polite demonstrations. In response, many of the big businesses in my area, which have been performing excellently amidst their very recent reopening, decided to close and literally board up for the entire weekend from fear of riot damage.

But nothing happened. Once again, the government commended the protesters for their respectful approach.

I feel as though these shops wouldn’t have reacted so fearfully if this had happened a year ago. There’s a risk with any protest, but it’s low in my city. The most damaging public gathering in recent memory was last spring when our NBA team got into the finals, and that wasn’t too bad. Not even any looting. Just some incidental breakage. I was actually walking through its midst since it was my favourite kind of misty spring night and I wanted to enjoy the air after the show I’d just played. Walking home through metropolitan party time was just a bonus.

But yeah. I think 2020’s just gotten people to a place where they think they can’t be too careful because anything’s possible. Who really did anything about any of the other pandemic risks of the last 15 years? Swine, bird, and whatever? Well, COVID blindsided them, and now even the smallest risk is blown up in the public mind like a photograph on a police procedural show after someone says “zoom and enhance”.

Anyway, I’m not complaining about the lack of looting. It was just bizarre to see all those stores board up right after they’d been so excited to open up for the first time in months.

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Hey lovely,

No no no, absolutely not. I am absolutely certain Louis, Liam attending the protest was because they wanted to do so themselves.

What I actually mean is that they both havw to bring their fake girlfriends (Maya and Eleanor) with them. I mean there were HQ pictures of Liam and Maya, so that was definitely for stunt purpose only. Eleanor livestreaming everything and her friend posting pictured of her at the protest was also for stunt purpose. That guy on twitter who ‘analyzed’ their behavior and called them 'a couple’. Is also for stunt purpose only. It is like one of those fans who tells everyone “I saw them and they looked sooo cute”.

I mean, Louis and Liam can stay private on the streets when they are alone, but never with their girlfriends.

Also, Louis loves his privacy. He donates anonymously and wanted to stay anonymoys during the protest. He even put his hoodie on, so people would not recognize him. If I would be there I am sure I would not have recognized him. His face was covered etc.

This tells you two thing, love:

1. He is there because he wants to support the actual movement. He does not want to make a name for himself.

2. The only way someone could have recognized him/ them is if they knew Louis and Eleanor would be there beforehand. Her livestreaming it and the guy 'exposing’ Louis are all part of it.


Moving on, I absolutely appreciate every single good gesture people make toward the blm community. Black people are automatically labeled as 'bad’ when they do something. They need all the support. They deserve it.

I do not want to focus on the stunts, because the actual message is way more important than all of this. I am just happy that Lily’s (my co owner) idols support black people and her community. It made her very happy an I hope black people know that we all love and stand beside them, for real. Not only on the internet!

If you have time. Could you please sign this petition?

And maybe all these too? They really need your attention.

Have an amazing day, lovelies!! Stay strong we are here for you!! Stay safe and healthy!!

Kind Regards,

Sumam and Lily💛💚💜💖🌺

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White-Washing Dark Academia

ALRIGHT,, so now with the blm movement getting the recognition it has always deserved, I think it’s time we have the talk. I love this little community of dark academics I can vibe with, but there is an ungodly amount of idolization of “white” academia. By this I mean overly romanticizing and highlighting England/European influence on academia, white people in academia, books written by predominantly white authors, you get the gist. This is not to belittle European influence !! The problem is that while idolizing a white culture in academia, we tend to belittle the accomplishments and influences of POC. Academia is NOT an aesthetic made just by or just for white people. It is important that we decolonize dark academia and focus on inclusiveness. There are so many cultures and languages out there that have influenced our community, and it is our responsibility to educate ourselves on communities of color that have done so.

TL;DR: Stop idolizing white culture in dark academia, and educate yourself on POC that have influenced it to work towards the inclusiveness and normalization of POC in academia.

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In this week’s lecture we learnt about political engagement and activism. Social Media has changed the face of social injustice and protesting forever. Some of the most recently famous campaigns it has aided in is the fight for marriage equality in Australia, the Black Lives Matter Movement in America, the March for Our Lives Movement and the Candlelight Revolution in South Korea.

Twitter and Instagram especially, as social media platforms can spread information in mere seconds or minutes across the world, significantly quicker than the traditional media can report on major world events and political activism. A good example of this would be when there is a school shooting in the United States, the world often knows about it within hours of it occurring and live updates seconds after each other are posted onto Twitter. Furthermore, with traditional media outlets becoming more apparently biased and corrupt, many people believe the live minute-by-minute posts on social media more than what the news and newspapers report.

It is honestly fascinating to see how all Political movements and social activism movements are social media based now, with various hashtags and collective posts being used to spread information and awareness. Without social media, I strongly believe social change would not be possible, nor would it come around as quickly and as powerfully as it does in the 21st century. And this is all because of social media platforms and the fact that anyone can broadcast their opinion within seconds to millions of viewers/readers. Furthermore, we are all global citizens now who can participate in solidarity with movements from other countries as well which further increases awareness for when populations and social groups are persecuted against.


Originally posted by adventurelandia

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Like any boycott, the impact is seen when the masses engage in it. Your individual contribution to the movement certainly helps but it’s really not the best form of direct action to make a meaningful difference. Voting for candidates (and supporting policies like higher corporate taxes) who will hold Amazon accountable (or make it publicly owned) would be more impactful

Of course, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t boycott Amazon. It’s a good, albeit small, step towards change :)

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To the Anon that told me about what’s happening rn is government tactics to vote, watch this

Is not curious that George Floyd’s brother called out for voting in the way he did it?

I’m not saying that voting is not important because it is, really important, but he was calling to vote when he lost a brother over police brutality instead of fight for justice?

I don’t know, I would have lost a brother the way he lost his brother. The last thing on my mind would be to ask people to vote, no matter how important it is. Do you understand the point? Anon, you were fucking right.

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