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We Weren’t Forced to Join ANT Party – Hon Mwiru, Karuhanga

via @PerilOfAfrica Jinja East Member of Parliament Hon Paul Mwiru and Ntungamo Municipality MP Hon Gerald Karuhanga were on Tuesday unveiled as full members of the Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) party.

Mwiru is one of the founder members of Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) while Karuhanga joined Parliament as an Independent candidate.

At the unveiling ceremony held in Kampala, the two revealed that they decided to join this party at their own will and choice.

“Paul Mwiru and I have decided, without being forced, to Join ANT and it’s where I will be doing all my political related activities,” said Hon Karuhanga. Hon Gerald Karuhanga receiving ANT information tools from Hon Alice Alaso.

Mwiru said that although he left the Forum for Democratic Change Party (FDC), he has no problem with all its members as well as the top leadership

Karuhanga at the same event pointed out that it’s his pleasure to join a party of his dreams with a foundation that’s critical in development of this country

On welcoming them, the head of the party, Gen Mugisha Muntu revealed that he is happy to see that their party has got another set of representatives in Parliament and they hope to get more with time.

This new party currently consists of more than twenty Members of Parliament including the two former leaders of opposition Hon Winfred Kiiza and Prof Ogenga Latigo.

The law allows Members of Parliament in their last year of the term to change to any other political party of their choice than the one they subscribed to as they joined Parliament.

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Mwiru, Karuhanga join ANT party

via @PerilOfAfrica Jinja MP Paul Mwiru and Ntungamo MP Gerald Karuhanga have announced they have joined the The Alliance for National Transformation [ANT]party.

The two legislators said on Tuesday that they bring a wealth of ‘political experience’ to the young party.

“Paul Mwiru and Gerald Karuhanga have officially joined us. The two are serving MPs in the family,” announced the party’s national coordinator Alice Alaso.

“We are extremely excited to welcome these two. We are the youngest Party By we’re value-based, institutionally anchored with a different a political culture.”

She added: “It gives me great joy that I’ve been able to witness this homecoming. My work is easy because you two have been part and parcel of our formation.”

Alaso said after the first launch, they are going to apply the Jesus’ principal: whoever joins today will have much work to do as those who joined before and those who will join after.

“So you are not too late and neither are you early.”

Mwiru, on his part, thanked the Party for accepting to welcome them as members of the organization. Alice Alaso welcoming the MPs

“I come here because I believe in the principle of putting people first. I have joined this Party by choice and will because I know the task ahead of us.”

He added: “We need an organised group and that is why I join the Alliance. What defines me as a person is that what I say is what I do.”

Speaking at the ceremony, Karuhanga said if there is any historical moment he has anxiously waited in his life then it is joining this Party-a Party whose foundation constitutes the core values that the nation needs.

“If it wasn’t for laws, I should have joined this Party right from the launch. I know the challenges ahead but am very sure that the team I have joined will put People First.”

“I join the Alliance because I know that a lady in Kabong district will not need contact in State House to access State scholarship because this Party believes in equitable distribution of opportunities.”

He added: “I join this Party because I know that a young lady will not die in labour looking for a contact of those in gov’t to access specialized treatment because the Alliance will have a national health scheme covering every Ugandan. So it gives me great joy that I am finally joining a party that believes and practices the values I cherish: honesty, integrity, transparency, zero tolerance to corruption, equity, justice.”

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Tumukunde: Besigye got more votes than Museveni in 2016

via @PerilOfAfrica Presidential aspirant Lt Gen Henry Tumukunde has said that opposition figure Kizza Besigye got more votes than President Museveni in the last election.

“Are you aware that in 2016 elections President Museveni only gained 200,000 votes as compared to the 2011 elections? And Dr Besigye gained 2,000,000 as compared to the 2011 elections,” Tumukunde told NTV on Wednesday morning.

Change is possible in Uganda, he noted.

“Coming in as the next leader will mean you meet bigger challenges because COVID-19 has in itself increased the number of things that are supposed to be put in line.”

Tumukunde has been in and out of court on treason charges following his arrest immediately after announcing his 2021 presidential bid.  

“Ever since I was in Luzira, I have been worried that if COVID-19 ever gets there, we will have a huge problem because there is a large number of prisoners in just a small room.”

“I call Ugandans for once to own the change in Uganda. I ask the opposition to think so deeply of what they are doing if it is taking us a head,” he earlier said while appearing on Salt TV.

He added: “I want to call upon Ugandans for once, to go vote and stay there to protect your vote.”

Tumukunde said he is largely responsible for inconveniencing Lord’s Resistance Army [LRA] Joseph Kony’s life in Northern Uganda though it’s not on record.

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I’m so tired of politics. I’m tired of witnessing how a candidate for a president in his initial program has “legal adoption for same sex couples and legalisation of same sex couples” but after he’s got to the 2nd voting he suddenly says that he’s against adoption for same sex couples and that it should not be legalised. I’m tired of those clowns promising one thing and surely laughing behind people’s backs, mocking. “Ha, stupid people, they believed that”. Because that’s how it feels.

I’m tired of people that yell “500+, 13th retirement, more money” who vote for the right wing because it gives them money and you can’t explain to them that it means more expensive groceries, for example. The money comes from the people. And they’re thinking about so many new taxes, I’ve read that they’re planning a smartphone tax, though I didn’t read the details. And Netflix tax. And while it’s good they want to tax a foreign domain that’s so popular so some of the money would go to the country, but it would mean it getting even more expansive for us, and it’s already stupidly expensive for how much less options there are available in Poland.

I’m just so tired of this stupid thing.

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Miss Jodie Comer is suffering the same attack well this is worse than JKR. At lesst JK express herself. In Jodie Comer case, people violate her intimacy and private life and made assumptions. This is so wrong. This is totalitarims, and cultural cancellation. If you dont support my view you are worthless is the modern premise.

Crazy an stupid people.

Its called freedom and its called private life.

And Jodie Comer only works as an actress and we are very please to enjoy her great talent.

As Villanelle said “get a real life”

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Oh Reagan, without a doubt. You can definitely see the roots of certain types of conservative media figures like Hannity or Tucker Carlson or Rush Limbaugh in Spiro Agnew’s tone and manner, but the ideological foundation was influenced far more by Reagan than Agnew. In the 1960s, when Reagan was Governor of California, he was expressing many of the same things that Agnew later ended up saying, but the difference was that Reagan had a much smoother, less confrontational way of sharing his ideology. But Reagan was talking about “law and order” in the wake of civic disorders and campus protests as a focal point of his politics even before Agnew was nominated as VP and became a national figure. Plus, Reagan was just far more well-known than Agnew – and not just because he was a famous actor, either. Reagan was already a conservative hero after his “A Time for Choosing” speech on Barry Goldwater’s behalf in 1964. Agnew was pretty much an unknown when Nixon picked him as his VP in 1968; he had only been Governor of Maryland for about a year at that point, and he was actually more of a moderate, especially when compared with Reagan. Agnew became much more conservative after he was elected Vice President and became the attack dog for the Nixon Administration.

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Winners take all  The elite charade of changing the world, Anand Giridharadas
The culture was full of instruction, if you were open to it, about how to become more hearable as a thinker—how to move toward the thought-leader end of the critic/thought-leader continuum. […] You start to see a few basic dance steps in common—what we may call the thought-leader three-step.
“Focus on the victim, not the perpetrator” is the first of these steps. The phrase itself comes from Adam Grant, an organizational psychologist who has surged to the highest altitudes of thought leadership in recent years—“one of his generation’s most compelling and provocative thought leaders,” as his own book jacket declares. When faced with a problem, the human instinct is often to hunt for a culprit. But that is a win-losey approach to solving a problem. Grant proposed a more congenial way to deal with problems such as sexism. “In the face of injustice, thinking about the perpetrator fuels anger and aggression,” he wrote. “Shifting your attention to the victim makes you more empathetic, increasing the chances that you’ll channel your anger in a constructive direction. Instead of trying to punish the people who caused harm, you’ll be more likely to help the people who were harmed.”
The second step is to personalize the political. If you want to be a thought leader and not dismissed as a critic, your job is to help the public see problems as personal and individual dramas rather than collective and systemic ones. It is a question of focus. It is possible to look at a street corner in Baltimore and zoom in on low-hanging pants as the problem. It is possible to zoom out and see the problem as overpolicing and a lack of opportunity in the inner city. It is possible to zoom out further and see the problem as the latest chapter in a centuries-long story of the social control of African Americans. Many thinkers tend to be zoomers-out by nature and training, seeing things in terms of systems and structures. But if they wish to be thought leaders who are heard and invited back, it is vital to learn how to zoom in. […]
The third move is to be constructively actionable. It is fine and good to write and say critical things without giving solutions—but not if you want to be a thought leader.
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I cannot for the life of me figure out how trump has been good for the U.S. like at all. we are the laughing stock of the world, pulling out of WHO, and making life for the people who come to our country seeking asylum and education a living hell. he has completely destroyed our identity as a country and divided us beyond belief. and he might get re-elected. just think about the state of things now—and think about how it might look with four more years of trump.

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For the people in the back.

If you vote for anybody but Biden you’re voting for Trump. If you don’t vote you’re voting for Trump. If you write something funny in like ‘Harambe’ you’re voting for Trump. We can not risk splitting the democratic vote this election year.

  1. The majority vote influences the electoral colleges decision-and even that doesn’t go to plan (example Hillary Clinton)
  2. Let’s focus on voting Trump and his administration out before they do more damage to our country.
  3. We know how strong this generation is and it is our turn to keep the president accountable for the way he executes and enforced the bills he signs and how he spends his time in office.

This is like choosing between 2 evils, but at least the democratic candidate isn’t chanting about white power.

Let’s also remember to vote for state and county officials responsibly since they hold the responsibility of some of the issues we find most troubling.

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