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justsomeantifas · 11 hours ago
you are never going to get every person or family cooking all of their meals at home individually ever. it will never happen. it has never happened historically. and it isnt happening right now.
if you ever suggest this as a solution i will assume you have given up.
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mysharona1987 · 12 hours ago
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prole-log · 13 hours ago
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justsomeantifas · 10 hours ago
seeing rich people real estate you know those motherfuckers dont cook or clean nor are their homes made to be cooked in or cleaned by their occupants.
rich people spend millions of dollars to live in fundamentally unlivable homes.
go figure.
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useless-englandfacts · 2 hours ago
at this point i genuinely don't think that the news of this forbidden downing street party will do that much damage to the government, especially with keir starmer merely demanding an apology from the PM. people will still vote for the tories, and all this incident will do is ensure that people will never follow any covid restrictions again.
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brazilianism · 16 hours ago
eai…. e essa eleição em 2022 hein…. chorando e vomitando aqui so em pensar
não vai ser fácil não né mas fé que vai dar c13rto
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punklibertarian · 14 hours ago
They're not even in any danger
There are morons shilling for China and defending the Chinese government as if their lives are in danger and they'll get social credit points for getting into Tumblr arguments trying to defend death camps and religious and ethnic genocides.
You losers aren't winning anything by defending the same government that would throw you in a mine with the weakest damn accusation.
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dljcc1991 · 11 hours ago
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prole-log · 9 hours ago
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politishaun · 13 hours ago
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If Trump Voters Lived in Germany, They’d Be in the Fascist Party
A recent international YouGov/Global Progress survey, which came to my attention via the Liberal Patriot, framed the political choice facing the public in an interesting way. It asked which position comes closest to the poll taker’s own belief: “We need to be vigilant against groups trying to impose new cultural values and views about religion, gender, immigration, or race that don’t reflect our society’s traditional values” or “We need to be vigilant against groups that undermine democracy by attacking judges, questioning election results, and promoting societal unrest based on conspiracy theories, racism, and anti-scientific claims about vaccines and climate change.”
The question, in other words, is whether threats from the social and cultural left are more serious than threats from the conspiratorial and illiberal right. What is perhaps even more revealing was the split among voters in different right-of-center parties. Supporters of the British Conservative party were split almost evenly between fearing cultural change and fearing right-wing extremism. Supporters of the Christian Democratic parties in Germany deemed the far right a much larger threat. But Trump voters, on the other hand, took a dramatically more conservative stance, deeming the cultural left a bigger threat than the far right by overwhelming margins.
Indeed, if you want a comparison to the Republican perspective, you can only find it in a far-right party like Germany’s AfD, an extremist faction that has combined attacks on immigration with unsettling revisionism around the condemnation of the Third Reich that has been a foundation of Germany’s postwar political consensus.
The Republican party is an extremist outlier in comparison with major conservative parties in other democracies. That radicalism has been most evident in the GOP’s unique anti-statism: No other mainstream party categorically opposes new taxes under any circumstances, universal health insurance, or government action to limit greenhouse gas pollution. This poll illustrates a dimension that has come to the fore in the Trump era: a fixation with politics as a venue for existential cultural conflict.
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allthebrazilianpolitics · 15 hours ago
BBC 100 Women 2021: Natalia Pasternak Taschner
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[Image description: Natalia Pasternak.]
Place of birth: Brazil
Microbiologist and science communicator
She has brought crucial, life-saving scientific information to millions of people in Brazil during the Covid-19 pandemic, through her press columns, radio and TV appearances.
Natalia Pasternak is a science writer and microbiologist, with a PhD in bacterial genetics from the University of Sao Paulo. The quality of her work led to her being invited to Columbia University, in New York, by world-renowned neuroscientist and science writer Stuart Firestein.
Pasternak is also founder and current president of Instituto Questão de Ciência (Question of Science Institute), a non-profit organisation dedicated to the promotion of scientific evidence in public policies.
"As a granddaughter of the Holocaust, I know what authoritarian governments can do to people. Speaking up for science in Brazil during the pandemic was my contribution to keep the 'Never Forget' alive."
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dljcc1991 · 11 hours ago
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