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shiftythrifting · 4 hours ago
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1) Painting of Kennedy and a crying child
2) Royal wedding memorabilia, including creepy dolls.
3) Frog couple
4) There were several of these signs.
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septictankie · 16 hours ago
Democrats: Defund the police? You woke progressives care more about ideology than winning
Also Democrats: It’s more important that we preserve individual freedom than stop this pandemic going on forever
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noblepeasant · 9 hours ago
I've said it before, I'll say it again: politicians are servants. They should be crawling on their hands and knees before you, begging for your approval. If they aren't, something has gone horribly wrong.
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adarkacademiabeginner · 16 hours ago
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50 days of productivity: day 1
Today was pretty good. I focused on Law, Business Economics, Political Economics and practiced my German. I’ve also started journaling every single day since Monday, to improve my writing skills. Hope you guys have a good time!
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mysharona1987 · 22 hours ago
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vanishingsydney · 5 hours ago
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Locked and bolted. Coming into the fifth week now of a hard lock down of five million folks in the Emerald City as containment of an outbreak of the coronavirus Delta mutant continues, after more than five months of no cases of Covid19 at all, none, zero. We're sitting ducks in Sydney with shockingly low vaccination rates (12.8%), due to a dire shortage of suitable vaccines created in large part by multiple Federal Government clusterfucks, with money and politics getting in the way, again. Petersham.
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prole-log · 11 hours ago
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politishaun · 4 hours ago
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene wants to do the Red Scare all over again—this time with Chinese citizens living in the United States, after a year in which Asian-Americans have been targeted with harassment and even violence due to misplaced rage over COVID-19.
Greene went on former Trump White House chief strategist Steve Bannon’s show on Wednesday to proclaim that if she could, she would deport Chinese citizens deemed insufficiently loyal to the United States.
“The Chinese understand one thing and that is money. If I was in charge and I had my way, I would come down on China so hard,” Greene told Bannon. “I would put tariffs back in place and they would be more strict than [former] President [Donald] Trump’s because those tariffs worked.”
“I would kick out every single Chinese in this country that is loyal to the CCP,” she added. “They would be gone. I do not care. They would be gone… you’re gone, back to China.”
It’s unclear what criteria Greene would use to prove “loyalty to the CCP,” though Bannon referred to “documents,” presumably the loyalty oaths that members of the Chinese Communist Party must pledge to become members of the party—essentially a prerequisite to become a leader in government or business.  
Greene’s comments are a throwback to some of the darkest periods in American history, when the loyalties of immigrants were publicly questioned. During World War II, for example, the United States detained Japanese-Americans in concentration camps. The past year has also been marked by harassment and violence against Asian-Americans. The group Stop AAPI Hate documented more than 6,600 reports of harassment or violence against Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders between March 2020 and March 2021.
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houseofbrat · 4 hours ago
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A majority of Americans are not confident that Vice President Kamala Harris is ready to be president, according to a national poll of likely voters.
The poll, conducted this month by the Trafalgar Group/Convention of States, found 64 percent of Americans lack confidence in Harris's readiness to replace President Joe Biden based on her performance as vice president thus far. Fifty-nine percent of Americans are not confident at all about Harris's readiness. The nationwide poll captured more than a thousand voters' opinions with a 3 percent margin of error.
The majority of Democratic respondents still viewed the vice president favorably, but it was closely split. Fifty-two percent were confident in Harris, and 43 percent lacked confidence.
Polls conducted during the Trump administration showed greater public confidence in then-vice president Mike Pence. A Rasmussen poll from April 2017, during Pence's first year in office, showed 63 percent of likely voters, and 40 percent of Democrats, thought Pence was "qualified to assume the responsibilities of the presidency."
Harris's tenure as vice president has been marked by controversy, as reports have cast doubt on her leadership. A June Politico report detailed allegations that Harris runs an "abusive" office where people "often feel mistreated." "It’s not a place where people feel supported but a place where people feel treated like s—t," said one person with knowledge of how the office is run. And Harris's performance as Biden's border czar has been widely panned. She waited three months after being tasked with the immigration crisis before visiting the southern border, even as historic numbers of illegal immigrants crossed over it. The Biden administration this month warned border agents to prepare to process an imminent flood of migrant families and asylum claims.
Harris's readiness to take on the presidency is relevant to the upcoming 2024 presidential election. Biden, 78, has not committed to seeking a second term. He has said his "plan is to run for reelection," but Politico reported in 2019 that he signaled to aides he planned to serve only one term.
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dljcc1991 · 3 hours ago
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politishaun · 9 hours ago
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Former Teachers Share The Reasons They Gave Up Teaching For Something Else, It Shows Why The Teacher Shortage Makes Sense
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this-acuteneurosis · 7 hours ago
Follow up question: wouldn’t an excellent way to effe up Palpatine’s plans be to neutralize Count Dooku? I mean, she probably couldn’t kill him, but offering him a way back to the light side and bringing his knowledge to the Jedi would certainly minimize loss of life, and Anakin is currently in an extremely stable position close to Obi-wan and his mother. It seems like the perfect way to wrap up Sidious quickly, and without Sith plots, fixing everything gets a lot easier. So why wouldn’t she at least make a token effort to do that?
So, there are two assumptions at work here. One, that removing Dooku as Palpatine's tool would destabilize Palpatine's plans at this point. And two, that Leia would assume that.
Neither of those really fit into how I've developed this story.
One thing I may not have made clear enough in Like Fire is how bad the New Republic was doing when Leia ran off to the past. I did hint at it, and I sort of assumed that regardless of what canon/EU you prefer most people were coming to the story with some understanding of how many scars were left across the galaxy because of the years of neglect the Republic and the Empire fostered.
Palpatine held the seat of power, but there were plenty of people ready to jump in and try and fill it if they ever got the chance.
Leia is fighting that, and her perspective on winning is to get the Republic to turn on Palpatine. Kinda like Padmé did in TPM when she screwed up the Trade Federation blockade nonsense by making peace with the Gungans. Only on a much larger scale.
Leia is stuck in a past where she doesn't really know what's going on, just what the end results could be. One of her ultimate goals is to kill Palpatine because eventually she will lose patience with him and also they need him not in the government.
The problem is murdering or arresting him out of his seat of power undoes none of the other stuff he's set in motion, even if Dooku isn't conveniently keeping things rolling on the other side. The Separatists and Republic both have armies, both are under the influence of monopolistic conglomerates that function like oligarchies on a galactic scale and would profit from an ongoing war, and everyone is scared of each other.
If Leia can get the Senate to turn on Palpatine, she's more than won. If she has to, she'll get rid of him herself first. But she's in a bad position to do that. She's not a Jedi, has no traceable history, and is working for Naboo. If she takes violent action, it looks like a coup planned by Padmé. If she gets him arrested, she would need the Jedi and Naboo to lie and claim that Leia was their plant to unearth the Sith (which she has no guarantee they would be willing to do, especially where it concerns the Jedi) or she ends up looking like a Separatist spy. If she points other people too neatly in the right direction, she has to explain how she knows this stuff, and there are limits to how much she can lie (and she could still end up looking like a plant/spy).
And yes, the solution to that could be telling the truth. But, uh, she's not gonna do that. Not voluntarily. And isn't going to rely on a plan that requires it.
There's also the difficulty of how would she get Dooku to give up being a Sith. She knows exactly what Vader's motive was and she knows how close Luke still came to dying before Vader relented. She has nothing similar to offer Dooku and if it required as much risk as Luke took?
Leia's not taking those odds. There's too much at stake for that.
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