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My human rights lectures have been online for the past few weeks and we’ve been focusing on human rights during the coronavirus and I’m losing my mind because my professor won’t shut the fuck up about prioritizing people based on ‘social usefulness’ and bringing up people like Boris Johnson and business owners. Like??? Social usefulness is a fucking scam? Stop telling me that a homeless person should be refused a ventilator in favor of a CEO? This rhetoric is super eugenicist, please for the love of god stop talking! Also! I’m not a medical professional! I am not qualified to talk about how we should deal with a shortage of ventilators and other medical equipment! I’m not trained for that sort of situation! She literally told me that it didn’t matter if I had a medical understanding of this situation or not and I hate it! This class is useless!

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Y’all I’m so fucking annoyed with my degree program right now. I’ve been dealing with the classes I had this year thinking ‘it’s okay, next year you’ll get to choose, they’ll have more diverse options’ but NOPE! I’m so fucking annoyed! Everything is still very Western focused. Why is it so fucking hard for me to learn about other places and cultures? I mean I know it’s the institutionalized racism but come on! One of the modules next year is titled ‘Southern Cultures’ and I thought ‘thank fuck, finally I’ll learn something about not the US or western Europe’ but NOPE! It’s about the southern US states.

I’m so tired of learning about America. Like??? I hate this so much. My program is literally international relations. I want to learn about Africa and Asia. I want to learn about the Middle East and I want to learn about Eastern Europe, too. I want to learn about central and South America. I want to learn about proper history, not whitewashed history. I hate that I’m still being taught by white men who refuse to acknowledge their institutionalized racism.

I’m just so tired of this course. It’s full of shit. There’s only one teacher who’s valid and they won’t even tell me who’s teaching which classes, so there are a couple that could actually be good if she taught them, but could be awful capitalist colonialist bullshit if taught by someone else, and I’m just. Annoyed.

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Goodmorning everyone! Today I’m finally finally finally (been procrastinating for a week now oops!) picking up my new schedule/timetable for the next 6 months and I’m………. scared to say the least? Doing two bachelor’s degrees at the same time is always difficult to combine (time wise), and my lectures will probably be conflicting - fingers crossed, I’m praying for a perfect schedule <3

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New Studyblr !!

My name is Harley and I’m 18 years old from England. I’m in my first year at uni in London studying politics 🎉

Ive had this blog a little while now but never got round to posting anything but I’m planning on uploading stuff often to try and be more productive now I’m at uni

I also love musicals and reading so if you do too hmu 👍🏻

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Guys! I received my first marked formative essay back today and I got 70/100, so I just managed to get a first on it. Such a wonderful surprise! It makes my goal of getting a first in my degree seem more attainable now, which I feel over the moon about. I am able to achieve anything if I put my mind to it. :)  

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Whilst I am not exactly a studyblr myself (I find my handwriting is too messy to upload photos of my notes!) can any other studyblrs who study politics/political science/international relations please like this so I can follow you?

I am a first year at a university in England studying politics with international relations, and would love to see other politics students study methods! ^.^

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When I started my degree I got quite into figuring out where I was on the political spectrum in terms of bits of socialism, libertarianism, feminism, social democracy etc. and tried to make it coherent. Third year in and it’s literally just become a sigh, followed by “try not to be a cunt, yeah”

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