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ambient sounds

coffee, and the bitter morning scramble

for the next bus to work

after blending foundation, ironing shirts

and washing and straightening hair

oversized sequins shimmying past

shirts and pints, through smoke,

amber bulbs, blue flashing lights

and on to the Next Big Thing

fair-trade and underpaid, thundering

pollution and traffick, wasteful plastic,

fast fashion and cancerous distraction

local emergency and, ultimately, background noise


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Me, looking at Pollution’s wikipage: Oh cool, they have names besides Pollution and Chalky!

The list:

  • White
  • Chalky
  • Blanc
  • Albus
  • Weiss
  • Snowy

My first two reactions:

“Oh my G@d, you can’t just ask someone why they’re white (and dripping oil).”


aLBUS?!?!  A L B U S?!?!?!  WHY would you choose to go by ALBUS?

Chalky, dearest, love of my life, 


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Photo: elk of Brinnon Washington.

Coronavirus Ecology Tip: turn off your engine while waiting in the drive thru line.

I don’t use the drive thru line at the bank because I have Tyrannosaurus Rex arms and can’t reach the drawer. But now I have to use the drive thru because of social distancing. I was waiting in line with six other cars. I’m the only one who turned off their engine while waiting. Reduce CO2 and protect the lungs of those around you by turning off the engine while waiting in line at the drive thru.

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so normally where i live we get a lot of light pollution cause we live in the suburbs but there’s so many people.

but tonight since light pollution is down and the ozone layer *might* be repairing itself, there were so many stars!! my sister and i saw two shooting stars!!! this doesn’t happen unless we’re in the middle of nowhere! venus is GLOWING!!!

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we stopped being consumers 24 hours a day.. stopped using our cars .. stayed in our houses .. simply stopped living the selfish life we had for just a couple months .. and we were forced by nature to give our earth a chance to breathe .. earth’s Ozone layer is healing  .. the reduction of pollution gave us the chance to smell the actual spring for the first time in years for some people and for the first time ever for other. 

our generation may ( hopefully ) experience a different spring for the first time.

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