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#polly x vera
spookyhugsandkisses · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Gushing about bae.
Vera has scales, you can’t convince me otherwise
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coverghouls · 5 months ago
Hey ! I want to introduce myself and ask you all to send requests ! I am Cal ! I currently only write for Monster Prom and Toilet Bound Hanako Kun !
Characters I will write for ( of course this list is subject to change ) :
MP : Polly Geist , Damien LaVey , Liam de Lioncourt , Scott Howl, Miranda Vanderbilt , Vera Oberlin , Amira Red, Vicky Blue, Brian Green, Oz Yellow, Calculester Hewlett-Packard .
TBHK : Kou Minamoto, Nene Yashiro, Hanako Kun, Mitsuba Sousuke, Tsukasa Yugi, Teru Minamoto.
Things I will NOT write :
Nsfw , R//pe , Yandere Content , Toxic or unhealthy relationships
Things I WILL write :
Fluff, Angst, Headcanons, Friendship stuff, Relationship stuff, aaaa okay okay you get the gist ( if you have questions don’t be afraid to ask ! )
Umm okay, I think that’s all ! Also, please don’t rush me to answer your request , I will most likely fufill it and sometimes I just get writers block or take some time to think since I want to provide my followers with the best of my work. Thank you !!!
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ficletfan · 7 months ago
Fem! Goat Monster reader, taken from Satyr myths!
(Okay so my personal OC is a Goat satyr, I just Hhhhad to write this, so this is a bit self indulgent 🐐 😋if you relate great! But it's closer to my oc than my generalized headcanons)
Poly Coven:
- You're a Goat based monster, big floppy ears, two medium sized horns, hooved feet, goat-like legs and a long thin tail with a tuft of fur on the end
- They are magic user humans, physically you beat them easily but their minds and teamwork balance that out. You'll outrun all of them anyday. Faith tries to join your morning jog but... Eh for her it's a morning sprint
- at least they fit into most pants, your bent goat legs need specialty pants with longer legs despite you being a small size or not
- shorts and dresses suit your anatomy better
- Please let them paint your hooves, it'd be so so cute!
- While you're not Vegan you can't digest meat, Joy shares her Vegan food with you often and you're glad to try it, even if sometimes its not very good because other times it's delicious!
- 10/10 Dances with your girlfriends in the living room, Joy sitting in her chair reading when you come over, kick on the music and convince her to dance with you
- Same with Faith and hope, but hope hardly needs convincing
- They keep you close around species that are known to eat satyrs during missions... There would be hell to pay if a big bad took a bite out of their Goat
-Yes, when you get surprised you goat scream, it gets them every time, even faith can't help but chuckle at the sound
-High energy couple, you're always active and she brings you to dance partys to expel your energy
- She's dead, you're not, so she won't let you do the more hardcore drugs or drinking
- Will certainly make predator and prey innuendos to fluster you, its her second favorite thing to do
-her first favorite is your cute goat ears, she says they look like stitches ears from lilo and stitch!
- if she gets the chance she'll totally get a knitted goat horn hat and wear it "look boo we match now!~" its too sweet, daw vibes comaaaa
- will grab your tail out of the blue to get a reaction from you, anything, fluster, annoyance or even a little huff
- someone has to say it in head canon land: if you're shorter than her she will rest her boobs on your head or shoulders to fluster you
- shes a flirt and you agreed to date her, shes using those rights to fluster you
- will scare you to make you goat scream and post it on social media
- Unlike others in this list, Vera is a predator species, she could kill you in an instant, it makes your blood rush when she's near and you love it!
- Her snakes have bit your horns before, much to their surprise it doesn't hurt you, they're mostly hard except near your scalp
- She doesn't try to catch up with your high speed jogging in the morning, it wears her out and she doesn't expect you to slow down for her either. You'll run past her many times and give her a kiss or compliment on your way by
- You've broken a mans ribs when they tried to steal you for ransom against Vera. She'd forgotten how vulnerable yet strong your kind are. Strong backlegs but no fangs or claws...
- Vera keeps you close, to anyone outside it looks odd that she sticks as close as she does but there's a small fear in her that you'll be a literal lamb to the slaughter without her and shes grown to love you a lot
- usually you're facing each other in bed or you're face first into her chest, those horns are hard to snuggle with when they point backwards
- Zoe totally ships it, Terrifying Killer gorgon and her forbidden Herbivore Satyr lover!
- Hopefully you don't mind seeing meat be eaten, she needs it just as much as you need plants
- Shes tsundere, showering her with affection is the absolute best idea
-Snort laughs when you goat scream when she accidentally scares you
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quintessencemeister · 7 months ago
A Halloween Gift: TYA(U)A Chapter 19
I meant to post this on the day......... but I lost my password, woops. But I did finally come back to update The Young and (Un) Afraid for Halloween! I am... terribly sorry that hi8us got so out of hand. u_u But what’s done is done, like Chapter 19! It’s done! And posted!
Chapter 19: A Mini-Adventure ft. Brian’s Time to Shine
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ficletfan · 7 months ago
I have writing steam but no ideas, shoot me some monster prom prompts, headcanon ideas, etc!
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blobbyclouds · 11 months ago
A request from @CitrusEucalyptus! Basically, the main 6 (minus Scott because he’s too pure) messing up big time and having a big understanding with their s/o who breaks up with them because of it :(
warnings: angst, some swearing
-Damien LaVey-
Everyone always told him that his rashness was going to blow up in his face one day and he’d regret it
He obviously never listened to that
But damn does he wish he listened, because his rashness is how he ended up messing up bad enough for you to break up with him on the spot
You stormed away and just left him there, face flashing between anger, confusion, and desperation faster than he could control. He had no idea what to do, and before he knew it, you were gone
He was in a shitty mood for the rest of the day, even the rest of the week
Because the moment he messed up just replayed in his head over and over again and frustrated him to the point he just wanted to beat the shit out of something
There was a lot of fire, swearing, and punching involved in the safety of his room when he was alone
He was a ticking time bomb. He was quiet and surly until something set him off and then he’d snap at whoever upset him
He just couldn’t wrap his head around the idea you weren’t together anymore, that he wasn’t your boyfriend and you weren’t his
He missed you. A lot. And he was angry at everything, especially himself for screwing up the one good thing he had — you
He didn’t let anyone see him cry, and blew up if anyone suggested he did
He has an old jacket of yours that he “forgot” to get rid of
Seeing you in another relationship pissed him off more than anything and he stormed out of the room before anything could happen
Clears his throat, cross his arms, and pretends to look away from you when he sees you in the halls, but everyone knows he can’t take his eyes off of you
-Vera Oberlin-
Through your whole last argument Vera managed to remain perfectly calm and collected, even as you broke up with her and stormed out
And then your words settled in and she realized what she thought had been a minor misunderstanding on her part had actually been a much, much, bigger misunderstanding that upset you more than she had realized
She gave you a few days to yourself to see if having some space would ease things over
Despite herself, she was checking her phone every few minutes to see if you would text her, and just barely stopped herself from texting you a few times
She tried talking to you, but with the way all your friends glared at her, she knew that the damage she had done couldn’t be undone
Vera pretended she was fine and tried to go about life like normal
And the only person who could’ve really noticed that you were upset was you and well… you weren’t there for her anymore
She was mad at herself, obviously, but knew dwelling on it wasn’t good. It was hard to stop thinking about you though, when everything reminded her of you
She didn’t want to talk about what had happened to anyone and kept all her emotions to herself. She tries not to cry because it won’t fix anything but... it happens
She couldn’t work up the nerve to get rid of the few things of yours she had left. She just told herself she would get rid of it the next day, or the day after that, or maybe in a week because she was busy
She tries to act normal when she sees you in the halls, but her eyes linger just a few moments too long for it to be casual
-Liam de Lioncourt-
The misunderstanding happened too fast for him to really understand what was happening
There was arguing, there was blaming, and there were dumb things said before you two stormed apart
The argument had only been over for a few moments before Liam realized he quite possibly just did the biggest screw up of his life
It wasn’t until the next day when you officially broke up that he realized he definitely just made the biggest screw up his life
He… doesn’t take it well. He’s frustrated with himself and upset you’re gone, but he’s too uptight and cynical to really tell anyone that. You were the person he was open with and now... you know
It’s especially frustrating that the break-up happened because of a misunderstanding on his part, so you can bet this poor boy is going to be beating himself up over that non-stop he cried. a lot. alone
He spends hours rehearsing the perfect way to apologize for what he did, but every time he tires to speak to you in person, he either turns into a stuttering mess or you walk away
For a while he’s quieter, more snappish, and overall more standoffish. Even when he does relax, his humor is drier than usual and it’s painfully obvious he misses you
Damien and Scott try to cheer him up as much as they can, but he just wants to be left alone
It takes him awhile to return to his normal self. Still, every time he sees you or talks to you he becomes more awkward and quiet
-Polly Geist-
She thought you were joking when you got all mad at her for a “minor” misunderstanding. And when you stormed out of the room by declaring “we’re finished” she still thought you were joking
She started to get a bit worried when you didn’t answer any of her texts and calls for the rest of the day
And it finally hit home that you two were over when she tried to say something to you the next morning, only to receive a cold glare in return
Cause that was the moment she realized she messed up big time
She’s never been too good with apologies, but for your sake she would try
Of course, since she wasn’t being serious enough, the apology wasn’t nearly genuine enough for what she had done
It took her a few days to realize that you guys were really done and that she couldn’t undo what she had said and done
She tried to act like her normal bouncy self, but anyone who knew her well knew she was anything but her normal self
She was extremely conflicted about the whole thing. Part of her knew it was better to move on because you clearly had, but the other part of her just couldn’t because she knew this whole thing was her fault 
For a while she was antisocial and barely went to any parties. She sat around and moped until Vera told her to stop feeling sorry for herself because that wasn’t going to get you back
She manages to return to her usual party self, but the sight of you always freezes her up for a second
-Miranda Vanderbilt-
At first she tried to brush it off like the entire misunderstanding wasn’t her fault, and was instead one of her serfs who caused the problem. Clearly, her serf hadn’t explained the situation well enough, so it was their fault
And honestly, that just got you even angrier
When you officially broke up she refused to believe it
It took a few days for it to really settle in that you two weren’t… together
And when it did, she immediately began plotting with her serfs on a way to get you back
She got you expensive gifts, wrote an elaborate apology speech, and had this whole thing planned out with her serfs
But she had messed up way too big. The moment she tried to start her plan, one of your friends put a stop to it before anything else could happen
To say Miranda was upset was an understatement
She felt like she was in hell
Because no matter what she tried to do or say, you weren’t coming back
She moped around a lot more than she’d like to admit
Cried and ate icecream because what else was she supposed to do she couldn’t fix her mistake??? She was quiet, distant, just… off. She didn’t care about much of anything
Even her serfs had no idea what to do when she curled up in bed with a plushie you once got her and started crying into it
She obviously recovered with enough expensive presents from her family, but whenever she sees you in the halls, she’s goes quiet and her eyes soften just enough for you to notice
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blobbyclouds · 12 months ago
¿Can you do the main 6 of monster prom with a fem water nymph s/o? Like she is a beauty,loves to swim(ofc) and is royalty form the nymph kingdom.
Absolutely :)
warnings: some swearing
-Damien LaVey-
Instantly fell for you because of how sweet and beautiful you are
He’s never been a big fan of swimming until he met you, but now it’s one of his favorite things. With cannon balls, seeing how deep he can dive, and splash wars, he’s more than willing to go swimming with you and damn do you look good in a bathing suit
Swimming with Damien isn’t quite as peaceful as it usually is in your kingdom, but surprise kisses and being randomly tugged into the water is some fun you just get used to 
Also: Water. Gun. Fights you almost always win and he’s highkey jealous, but you’re too pretty to get mad at
Flicks your pointy ears when he teases you 
Finds it absolutely adorable how your ears perk up when you’re happy and turn a deeper shade of blue when you blush 
The first time he saw your ears turn a darker shade of blue and tilt down as you blushed he would not shut up about it, and went out of his way to make you blush just to see it again
He’s possessive because he knows he isn’t the only guy heads over heels for you, and will not hesitate to fight anyone who tries flirting with his girl 
Usually keeps an arm around you just to make it extra clear that your his
If any suitors come for your hand, or worse, the Interdimensional Prince, he will absolutely wreck them  
His dads were proud of their little prince catching the attention of a princess
Also, fire prince and water princess? That just screams power couple
-Vera Oberlin-
Yeah, she thought you were gorgeous from the start, but it took her awhile to realize “oh shit I caught feelings for the water nymph princess”
Either through more underhanded methods or pure talent and charm, she managed to out-do any of your possible suitors and you became an official couple… looking back on it, she definitely used some connections to get your suitors… out of the way
Vera isn’t one to get jealous, but she knows a beautiful princess like yourself is bound to catch some attention, which makes her a bit more possessive than usual 
Even though she isn’t royalty herself, she spoils you like she is one 
She buys you water based stuff that reminds you of your kingdom, like pearl earrings, necklaces with little shells on them, and traditional food from your kingdom
She’s never been a big fan of swimming, and it takes your puppy dog eyes at 110% power to convince her to swim with you
You are the one person who’s ever gotten away with splashing Vera and lived to tell the tale
Her snakes are more susceptible to your pouts and pleading eyes than she is, so if she tries to say no to you, she has to deal with them nagging her too 
-Liam de Lioncourt-
He’s never been a big fan of swimming or water in general because of how much sun that involves, but seeing how happy you are splashing and diving through the water is enough to make him come with you
You end up going to bodies of water at night or ones that are in shady, maybe cavernous areas so he doesn’t have to deal with the sun
He prefers relaxing in the water rather than really playing in it, but your pretty eyes and cute smile can usually induce him into a few splashing wars
Pointy ears club! Liam didn’t really see it as anything special, but the way your ears perked up and wiggled happily as you pointed it out made him automatically agree that yes, it was adorable that your ears were similar to his
Calls you dewdrop. It was a pet name that he’d been calling you in his head for awhile and it just slipped out one day. You seemed to like it, so he continued to use it from then on
He likes to hear about your kingdom and would be more than willing to visit it, albeit a little nervous and awkward
He lowkey has no idea how he ended up dating a princess and he does his best to spoil you however he can
Is easily flustered by how beautiful you are. Like all you have to do is smile or giggle and he’s fighting to hide a blush, and it seems like no matter how many times he reminds you how gorgeous you are, you easily forget the effect you have on others him, specifically 
-Miranda Vanderbilt-
I mean you’re both beautiful princesses from water based kingdoms, so it was basically a match made in heaven  
Chances are you actually grew up knowing each other, so it was a friendship that evolved to a romantic relationship
Both of your family’s were more than happy at the prospect of forming an alliance between them, so they were very supportive of the relationship they’re already planning the wedding
You both love swimming so visits to the beach or cavernous lagoons become regular dates. Whether you’re diving far under the water or splashing like kids up above, it’s always a good time
You both understand the struggle of finding water-proof make-up that’s actually water proof, so you can suffer together
You have very similar tastes so shopping sprees together are very common, and so is sharing each other’s clothes and jewelry 
You buy each other cute plushies of your favorite sea creatures 
Miranda is a bit oblivious to others trying to flirt with you, but that doesn’t happen too much because… well… all it took was one little incident with the Interdimensional Prince for everyone to realize you don’t flirt with Miranda’s princess
You visit each other’s kingdoms all the time too. Miranda’s family is always thrilled to see you and make sure you always feel very pampered there
-Scott Howl-
You two are such a sunshine couple together, it’s almost too cute
When you’re both really happy, your ears wiggle as happily as his tail and it is so p r e c i o u s
You both love swimming and plan to go to some body of water whenever the weather is good. He’s always down for a water balloon fight or just splashing around. He tries to be really careful though, because the last thing he’d want to do is accidentally hurt you
His fur is super fluffy after its been wet and then dried, which makes cuddling 10x better
He literally cannot get over how pretty you are?? The first time he met you he just stopped and stared because how??? Is that even possible??
Reminds you of how beautiful you are all the time because he doesn’t ever want you to forget it
He had the biggest grin and happiest tail wag when he got to see your kingdom for the first time. It didn’t even matter that he’s not royalty because he was too adorable for your family to say no to 
He doesn’t pick up on flirting easily, but when he does notice some suitor trying to get his precious princess, he’ll get you out of the situation asap
-Polly Geist-
When she gets drunk and brags about how her girlfriend is a hot af water nymph princess most people don’t believe her until they actually see you two together
And due to how often Polly gets drunk and brags about her amazing princess, this incident happens more often than you think
She absolutely adores your pointy ears and literally everything about you because you’re so gorgeous. She lowkey will not shut up about it
Is absolutely down to visit your kingdom, especially to see what the parties are like there
And she loves swimming almost as much as you do! All you have to do is breathe the word beach, and she’s already packing her bags
Very mischievous in the water, comes up from below and splash attacks you a lot
Chicken fights definitely happen a lot and you two definitely win a lot 
With you and Polly teamed up, you become well known for your beach parties and water related pranks
Will personally fight whoever tries to flirt with you. By the time Polly is done verbally destroying them, they’ll be lucky to have even one shred of pride left
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blobbyclouds · a year ago
Love your MP fics! Keep up the work! Also, since you did the monster boys with a human s/o, how bout the girls?
Of course! I decided to do just the main girls so I didn’t ramble too much lol
warnings: minor swearing
-Vera Oberlin-
You two are a killer duo, just let me say that
Vera’s countless connections in the monster world plus her sharp mind are a deadly combination with your connections in the human world and your own abilities
A human in the monster world is a rare enough sight as it is, so when your clients walk in and see a human with a bad ass looking gorgon’s arm around them, they’re going to feel a little intimidated, which is perfect for you two 
Vera likes to spoil you with everything that makes you feel at home in the monster world, while also making sure you don’t feel out of place
She has connections to people who can get you the finest human food or other such goods you need without a problem
If anyone even slightly makes a snide comment or dirty look towards you, Vera will verbally and/or physically end them
Cause let me tell you, the last thing you want to see is a pissed off gorgon glaring at you with all her snakes hissing, especially when that gorgon is Vera (who has mastered the dirty glare by the way)
One time you walked up to Vera all teary eyed and within two seconds she was calling some of her more… violent connections and marching off towards whoever made you cry. That person never bothered you again :)
Vera isn’t too big into pda, but she’ll sometimes walk around with her arm around your shoulders to clearly establish that messing with you also means they’re messing with her
Her family absolutely adores you by the way, and her sister regularly teases her for being so soft on her “squishy little human”
Also, even if you are a human, you’re one of the few people her snakes approve of, and will quite regularly nuzzle your head when close enough 
-Miranda Vanderbilt-
Considering she’s royalty, Miranda has probably been very sheltered from a lot of things, and that probably includes humans
After she got over her initial surprise of meeting a human, she was very curious about you and all things about human culture. As a princess, she believed it would be very important to be more knowledge about the world, including humans 
So being Miranda’s “human tutor” was basically how you two started dating
She’s so sweet and happy to learn more about humans, even if she is a bit of a slow learner
She tries to get you gifts she thinks you’ll like, and while they aren’t always on point, it’s the thought that counts
She also gets you gifts that are more traditional to her people, which usually involve pretty things like jewelry, baked goods, or plants that come from the sea let’s not mention how expensive they are, alright?
And she’s told her serfs to take orders from you as well, so I guess you get a butler at school. Cool, right?
Getting you to meet her parents was… a bit of challenge to say the least, since you can’t breathe under water, but you figured it out eventually
Very protective of you since you’re a squishy little human, but she doesn’t really show it that often
The only time her protectiveness shows is when someone is rude to you or makes a rude comment about humans in general. When that happens, all signs of usually sweet and happy Miranda vanish, and that poor person is left to deal with blood thirsty Miranda
And you’re in the background holding her tiara and cheering her on :)
-Polly Geist-
Polly thinks it’s pretty cool that you’re human
The first time she met you she was just surprised that a human actually had the guts to go to school with a bunch of monsters
So you got instant respect from her
Obviously, she was dying to hang out with the cool new human after that
She was surprisingly chill with your lack of knowledge about monsters, and managed to explain things to you pretty well (though sometimes not as thoroughly as she should’ve)
As a human, you’ve probably got a trick or two up your sleeve that the monsters have never seen before, and when you’re dating Polly, she’ll be dying to try every prank, trick, and game that the humans have
You and Polly’s best work comes from when you combine human and monster ideas
Let’s just say that you’re a force to be reckoned with at parties… or school… or home… or basically anywhere you two can start chaos
When she’s drunk she rambles about how you’re the cutest, smartest, most talented human she knows and brags about how she’s your girlfriend, which is sweet and all until you remember you’re basically the only human she knows
Randomly surprises you with kisses because she thinks human blushes are adorable
I have a feeling she makes bad human puns/jokes, along with countless bad pick up lines based on human things... so have fun with that
It’s actually kinda funny watching her verbally destroy anyone who is rude to you or humans in general
“Baby, there’s an idiot I need to go deal with, hold my drink.” >:(
“I got your drink, Polly, now go get ‘em, baby.” >:)
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thecrazygamingzombie · a year ago
Miranda: My boyfriend is too tall for me to kiss him on the lips. What should I do?
Damien: Punch him in the stomach. Then, when he doubles over in pain, kiss him.
Scott: Tackle him.
Vera: Dump him.
Polly: Kick him in the shin.
Brian: No to all of those! Just ask me to lean down!
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blobbyclouds · a year ago
Hi, do you have any headcanons on the 6 main love interests (or 8 if including second term) experiencing jealously?
I decided to just do the main 6, hope that’s alright! 
warnings: swearing
-Damien LaVey-
His aggressiveness makes him quick to jump to conclusions, but his laidback nature counterbalances it just enough to give you space 
It’s not that he doesn’t trust you, it’s that he doesn’t trust other people to keep their hands off his amazing s/o
His tail starts flicking from side to side when he’s getting jealous, and his casual stare is steadily turning into a glare at the person you’re talking to 
He gets snippy and moody and he won’t tell you why for awhile, just keeps his arms crossed. He gets better as your relationship goes on though, thank goodness
He’s clingy, and his kisses are a bit rougher and his hold is a bit tighter
He doesn’t mean to be over protective or anything, and tries to let you handle things in your own, but he really hates seeing people flirt with you 
It’s kinda instinctual for him to step in
What can he say? Demons are simply very… territorial of what belongs to them 
What’s his is his, no questions asked 
When you’re spending a lot of time with someone he doesn’t completely trust, he’ll just happen to start bragging about himself around that person to make it clear they don’t have a chance 
Whenever someone is getting too touchy or lovey dovey with you, he’ll come in to steal a quick kiss and sling an arm around you
It’d be cute if all of hell’s fury wasn’t burning in Damien’s eyes
The challenge in his eyes is impossible to miss, he’s clearly ready to fight if they don’t back off right away
And goodness forbid someone actually kiss you or ask you out, Damien will literally rip them away from you
Once they back off he nuzzles the top of your head and mutters, “Mine”
-Miranda Vanderbilt-
9/10 she’s oblivious to any flirting towards herself, let alone you 
So it’s hard for her to get jealous in the first place when she can’t even pick up on flirting 
She’s most likely to get jealous when you spend a lot of time with someone she thinks could be a threat 
When she’s jealous she’s a bit more uptight and proper than usual, and especially snippy to the person making her jealous
Holds your hand a bit tighter, might even be bold enough to steal a kiss
Might have her serfs set up a distraction to get you away from that person
And she decides to give you an expensive “just cause” gift, like jewelry or a new phone
So when that person you’ve been hanging out with an awful lot asks where you got it, you’ll say, “Oh, it was a random gift from Miranda! Isn’t she such a sweetheart?”
And then they’ll glance at her while you admire your gift again, and she can give them a tiny little smirk
So yeah, she’s the pouty and petty jealous type
Casually mentions how she’s ya know, royalty, around that person to make their social standings very clear
And may, just accidentally, mention the number of guards and mercenaries she has at disposal 
Just to make things extra clear for them :)
Best part is is that she does it all with a cute little smile :))))
So when she has your attention again she can flash that person an extra big victory smirk
-Liam De Lioncourt-
R o a s t s them, over and over and over again
You think you’ve seen Liam at peak witty comebacks and sharp sarcasm
Well you haven’t until you him jealous. When he’s jealous, there is no hope of thinking of comebacks against him
He tries to hide his jealousy because he’s not exactly proud of how often it hits him. He’s just a bit insecure, because he still can’t wrap his head around the idea that someone like you wants to date someone like him 
So when someone starts trying to get romantic with you, he can’t help but get really defensive about it
He actually gets jealous quite often because of how insecure he is
The first time he notices someone being just a bit too sweet on you his whole body tenses and he can’t focus on anything but you 
He’ll tell himself and you it’s nothing, but it’s a nagging worry
He’ll be more clingy and touchy, maybe a little distracted because he can’t get rid of the worry that he might not be the best match for you anymore
Later on when you and a bunch of friends are at a party together, that person is now shamelessly flirting with you and Liam’s lowkey pissed
His arms are crossed, his ears are twitching and tilted down, his fangs are accidentally a bit more visible than usual 
Then that person makes a snarky comment towards Liam and they’re doomed. He’s always been an analytical person, so he’s hitting every weak point he can
By the time he’s finished, that person is thoroughly backing off, Polly is stunned into literal silence shocking, I know, Vera has a look of genuine surprise, and Damien is applauding and giving Liam a thumbs up
After that Liam is embarrassed for causing a scene and drags you out of the party
Soft cuddles follow where Liam just buries his head in your chest and apologizes for making a big deal out of it, but you smile, say it was actually cute, and pepper his face in kisses until he’s a blushing tomato
-Vera Oberlin-
She doesn’t get jealous often since she’s confident in you, her social power, and your relationship 
She knows you wouldn’t go after anyone else and that most people fear her enough to back off her s/o
She’s both amused and irritated when random people flirt with you. Like, “You actually thought your lame pick up lines would work on them?”
It’s so pathetic it’s funny 
When she does get jealous, it’s usually for a good reason and it isn’t pretty 
She’ll saunter over to the person who’s been hanging out with you all night, showering you with too sweet compliments and being just a bit too touchy for their intentions to be completely platonic
She puts an arm around your shoulder and asks you to introduce her to your little friend, her voice and glare implying her immediate dislike
Lowkey just toys with them? Because she’s more annoyed than actually threatened?
Her mindset is basically: “Honey, do you actually think you can compete with me? Actually? I can shower my darling in whatever gifts they want, book them dinner with their favorite celebrities on a regular basis, and have 10x more elegance and class than you’ll ever have”
Casually roasts them to hell and back
All while being her suave and sweet self to you
She’s won’t go out of her way to hide her jealousy, she doesn’t see the point really
“You’re hanging out with them… again? Love, do you really have to? I’m not sure how to feel about them…”
That said, she’d never stop you from hanging out with anyone. She respects you, and she’ll give you polite space
Of course while also making sure that the person doesn’t forget that she’s your girlfriend
-Scott Howl-
Okay, you have to seriously overstep some boundaries to make this good boy jealous
He’s oblivious and tends to think the best of everyone, to the point he thinks that everyone being nice to you is literally just being nice to you
He can’t really tell when someone has ulterior motives
Usually he has to see that you’re visibly uncomfortable or someone has to tell him that someone is quite obviously flirting with you
Then he’ll do something
Werewolves are territorial (especially of their mates) so someone flirting with their partner is not taken lightly
In fact, if Scott weren’t around when someone was flirting with you, another member of the pack might step in to help you 
Scott will step in and try to be polite at first, just wrapping an arm around your shoulder to make it clear you’re taken
When you go to parties he might casually offer you his jacket to wear so that it’s extra clear you’re taken
If the person doesn’t take the hint he’ll drop a few more hints like kissing the top of your head. He might even straight up remove you from the situation if you’re uncomfortable or if he just really doesn’t like the way the person is talking to you 
Always apologizes for being jealous, he feels bad about it :(
He feels lots better when you hug him and tell him he has nothing to worry about
-Polly Ghiest-
Actually… adorable when she’s jealous? Straight up cute???
She gets this little pout and her eyes narrow when she sees someone leaning just a bit too close to you for comfort
“Is that weirdo... flirting with them?”
Amira looks and shakes her head. “Looks like it.”
“Hold my beer.”
She’s get all affectionate and lovey when she’s jealous, like wrapping you up in a big random hug, stealing a few kisses, casually mentioning how much she loves you 
Right in front of the person who was flirting with you 
And then she’ll turn to them with a little smile all like, “Sorry, didn’t see you there” :)
She’s always proud to be your girlfriend, and at parties when she gets a little too tipsy (basically every party) she’ll end up yelling about how much she loves her incredible, wonderful, best in the world, s/o
You’re blushing like an idiot but it’s sweet
It also makes it very clear to anyone with decent hearing that you’re taken
So anyone trying to make a move on you must be doing so with the full knowledge that you have a girlfriend, which makes things more awkward
Because trying to say “I have a girlfriend” isn’t going to deter them much when they already know
Luckily, Polly will be there to swoop in and bring you to the dance floor or snack bar with her arm wrapped tight around your shoulders
If she must, she will rally her closest friends (Vera, Damien, Amira) to provide a distraction for you two to slip away from someone who is just being relentless ahem, Interdimensional Prince, ahem
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blobbyclouds · a year ago
hello again!!! if requests are open, could I ask for the Monster Prom main 6 (+Zoe if that's okay? totally chill if it's not 😎) with a s/o who can just.... pick them up- like bridal style, firemans carry, deadlift, the like- and like? carry them around like they weigh nothing? have a good day/night/morning/evening!!!!!! ciao!!!!!
I wasn’t able to fit poor Zoe in, so maybe some other time :)
warnings: minor swearing
-Liam de Lioncourt-
Blushing, blushing, blushing
You completely caught him off guard the first time you did it
One moment his feet were safely on the ground, the next he found himself over your shoulder
He tried to say something but the only thing he could get out was a bunch of random sounds as he struggled for words
He didn’t try to worm away from your hold or anything because he wasn’t going to lie, being carried made him feel all nice and secure and it was kinda hot too
Of course, you’re the only person allowed to carry him. If anyone else tries he’ll get out of their grip as quickly as possible and glare daggers at them. The worst you’d ever get (because Liam can never be too mad at you) is getting your hair lightly tussled
Usually you only carry Liam when you’re joking or just messing with him
Careful though, because with vampire strength, he could probably return the favor just as easily 
-Miranda Vanderbilt-
Um hell yes. You literally just swept her off her feet 
Given how spoiled she is, she loves being carried around
And the fact that you can do it so effortlessly? Even better! she lowkey rambled to her serfs after you first carried her about how amazing and strong you were
Whenever her feet start hurting from walking around too much or she’s really tired after a long party, she’ll tug on your sleeve as a silent way of asking to be carried
You’ve probably lost track of how many times she’s fallen asleep in your arms, it’s precious
Her favorite way to be carried is definitely bridal style
She also loves being randomly picked up and twirled around. Her fit of giggles when you do this is absolutely adorable, by the way
She probably once tried to return the favor but… let’s just say upper arm strength is not Miranda’s forte 
-Damien LaVey-
Listen, Damien always loves a strong s/o so he’s hella impressed 
And the fact that you can even manage to carry him?
Hell yeah!
He was a little surprised the first time that you carried him, but recovered quickly and had a devilish smile on his face in seconds
He’s totally okay with it, maybe even a little proud that he got to show off how cool and strong his s/o was
He makes sure to mind his horns, he wouldn’t want them to cut you
You once made the mistake of throwing him over your shoulder. As you asked him if he was comfortable in that position, his only response was, “Yeah, the views great.” you could practically hear the smirk in his voice
Whenever you carry him be prepared to be kissed or marked in some way because being so close to you presents far too many opportunities to be affectionate that he can pass up
He’ll return the favor occasionally as well, though he’s not nearly as gentle as you
-Polly Geist-
So excited actually, it was adorable
I mean who doesn’t like to be carried around like royalty?
The first time you scooped her up she just went with it and didn’t even bat an eye. She looped an arm around your shoulders and leaned into you like this was an everyday thing for you guys
Whenever you’re at parties, don’t be surprised if she literally asks to be carried so she can see over all the crowds of people
Piggy back rides are definitely her favorite way to be carried
She’s basically a small child about this, it’s such an easy way to make her happy
She always messes with your hair or at least kisses you a few times whenever you scoop her up
And of course, she’ll happily return the favor to the best of her ability
-Scott Howl-
Shocked to say the least
Because usually it’s him doing the picking up and carrying of people since he’s so big and strong
But then one day you just waltz up to him and scoop him up like he weighs nothing and he’s like “wait shit how long have you been able to do that????”
He’s basically a giant puppy, so he loves the attention
Always nuzzles his head against yours with the dorkiest grin ever and tail wagging
Whenever you carry him, no matter how much you reassure him it’s easy, he can’t help but worry that you may be straining yourself too much
So he always makes sure to return the favor and carry you around sometimes too, and he’s always super gentle when he does
-Vera Oberlin-
Pleasantly surprised?
She managed to keep a completely straight face somehow, like alright I guess this is a thing now
She was on her phone when it happened and just continued texting her client like nothing out of the ordinary was happening
She’s not going to lie, she likes the attention
And her snakes always nuzzle your neck and head as a way of thanking you 
If anyone tries to make a rude comment about her being “dainty” or anything, she will make a mental note to give them hell later and sink deeper into your hold, just to spite them
Not too big of a fan of being carried around, mainly because she doesn’t see why you have to strain yourself so much when she can walk just fine
Someday, she’ll return the favor just to make you a flustered mess
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wangs-things · a month ago
Tumblr media
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