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Sorry I took so long to respond!

Honestly, as I’m currently scrambling to finish my dissertation by next Thursday and there’s so much stress, I’d like to see Polnareff smiling and saying something like, “You’re doing good,” or “You can do it,”. Cause I think we all need Polnareff giving us a morale boost in our life.

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Avdol is an Aries. He fits very well with most if the qualities of an Aries (apparently.)

Aries is a fire sign.

Polnareff doesn’t have a canonical birthday but he does have a canonical zodiac sign. He’s a Sagittarius.

Sagittarius is a fire sign.

Sagittarius as a sign is most compatible with Aries out of all the other signs.

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Polnareff didn’t deserve the crap he got.

Polnareff deserved to be left the fuck alone in france and live his life in peace.

He already lost enough. Why take from him even more?

It just pains me to see both canon and fandom treat him and his stand like shit sometimes.

Sorry. I just get hurt everytime i think about it.

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My point being that Avpol should get as much hype as Bruabba does because they’re basically on the same level of canon

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Literally how can you not ship Avpol when it’s canon. Polnareff asked Avdol out for a date before they entered the mansion it’s canon. I do not take criticism.

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There’s three obvious examples of this so they’re what i’ll talk about. They all revolve around Polnareff not ever getting to live for himself, but rather for a task that he feels is up to him to do. The first is after Kakyoin saves him from Emperor/Hanged Man, and in their exchange Polnareff’s talking about how it didn’t matter what happened to him, including death, as long as he got to avenge his sister. This is doubly so because of the guilt he feels over Avdol’s death(s). I wish i remembered all the dialogue from.these exchanges because we essentially learn that this why he’s so actions-first, as well as because of his pride/confience in his abilities etc. He literally always values the honour, safety and memory of his loved ones over his own body and safety.

The second example comes from the turning point of the Cameo fight especially in the anime, where it was more fleshed out. We see his stand begin to severely weaken because his will is weakening, and the zombified copies of Avdol and Sherry Polnareff are killing him. Polnareff stops fighting back and resigns to his death, overwhelmed by guilt and feeling that he had already served his life’s purpose anyway. His voice is shaky, deeper, quieter than we’ve heard it up to this point. This is kind of what made it so cruel for the other Crusaders to hide that Avdol was alive the entire time, esp for a wack reason.

Third example could just be Part 5 Polnareff as a whole. I really like his characterization in this part despite how little we see of him. Unable to escape the country, and riddled with guilt (and lonliness, and grief, probably) he continues to live in hiding, with protecting the requiem arrow and researching it being his only purpose. He could have given up and destroyed the arrow or something at any point, but didn’t. Along with him obviously not being the same bubbly, cheery character he was, he was still quick-thinking and daresay impulsive. His will to live in this part was important to me, because as much as i sometimes wish his spirit had just passed on during the second soul-switch, i think there is symbolism behind how much he wanted to hold on to life despite the circumstances, instead of being willing to die at any moment.

Anyway, these all seem like such obvious takes but even when i interacted with the fandom at large i didn’t hear or see anyone talking about this. We all know Polnareff is one of the most tragic characters but didnt really talk abt how his mind was affected by tragedies.

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polnareff tiddy.

rb if you agree.

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Me watching JoJos Bizzare Adventure for the first time: LOL all these guys with the flat top Guile hair it’s such an obvious plot twist they’re gonna be related

Me finishing JJBA: huh…. I guess… the artist just really likes… flat tops?

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*slaps Stardust Crusaders manga* This baby can fit so many comfort characters in it

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🤍 [sometime in February 2021… im loosing track of time so fast as all im doing is writing my dissertation which is due in less than two weeks and it’s so stressful aaaaaah] 🤍

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Avdol was literally fine until he met Polnareff. As soon as they ran into each other that man’s life SPIRALED and then he died. Good job.

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Sad thought hours sad thought hours.

Now I’m imagining myself going up to Polnareff and flirting with him and being super sweet and loving on him, but like… then he rejects me. He clearly wanted to be with Malena in the Alessi episode but turned her down to keep her safe. Omfg that would break my heart. All I wanna do is make him feel loved 😭 Telling him how important he is and giving him all sorts of attention only for him to turn me down for my own safety. Ugh I would cry so bad 😭

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Really in the mood to be held and caressed by Polnareff rn. Busy ass days lately. Just need a himbo hug.

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