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Polyamorous culture is gushing about the girl you're crushing on to your wife and her saying you two should date and or fuck.
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gingerpines · a month ago
Tumblr media
“There’s a lot that changed about them through the years, but some things stayed the same.”
inspired by a fanfic by @angelltheninth
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alexandralumetta · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Let them sleep
(and yeah! I'm still alive! And not on hiatus anymore ✨)
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mlmshowerthoughts · a month ago
i love people in nonmonogamous/nontraditional relationships
-queer platonic partners who are a throuple and just watch movies and give each other emotional support and forehead kisses
-two guys who are married to each other and also both dating another guy who they invite over for dinner sometimes
-a lesbian and her bi gf who she loves to cook dinner for while she vents about how she’s missing her boyfriend because he’s out of town
-two people who can’t really describe their gender or what their relationship is in “normal” terms but they’ve been friends their whole lives and they helped each other explore their gender and they live together and they’re life partners and they kiss sometimes
life is complex and messy and if words aren’t enough to describe your relationship then that’s awesome and i love you!
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carpethedamndiem · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tina Maria Elena, Water Me no. 1
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justlgbtthings · 6 months ago
Hi, I saw you mention in a post that Jesus and his disciples were gay, and I was wondering if you have any evidence or things to argue with against people who believe otherwise? I have a feeling I'm going to need that sometime soon irl. I hope you have a lovely day/night!
here is a link for a preacher's account on jesus's homosexuality
as for myself, from what I gathered growing up religious and reading the bible as well as hearing theology students' findings, it can be sufficed to say that jesus was queer, whether he was bisexual or gay (or, in other interpretations, aroace). his disciples were all men, and he had deep, personal relationships with them. he would spend most of his time with them, often alone in privacy. their emotional connections crossed the platonic boundary many times, with intimate actions like "washing each other's feet," which is recognized as a metaphor for sex. it's likely he was polyamorous, but if he were in a monogamous relationship with any of them, it probably would have been John, whom he was closest with. all in all, these men were devoted to each other in body and soul, and were in a sense practically married. given the facts, this virtually debunks any semi-logical notion that Jesus was heterosexual, and rather a polyam gay man.
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rb if your account is a safe space for polyamorous people
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ghostiestims · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Bisexual, Polysexual, and Pansexual Pride flag cookies🏳️‍🌈
Pride Flags  🏳️‍🌈 The Graceful Baker / Youtube
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dontcare77ghk · 4 months ago
Eddie x reader x Venom
Venom thinking.
Venom speaking aloud.
Moving to San Francisco had been a spur of the moment decision. You had only spent a day thinking over the pros and cons before packing up your life and purchasing a bus ticket. 
Realistically, it was one of the dumbest decisions you'd ever made in your life. You spent the first week in the new city living in a motel before finding a lead on an apartment. 
It was a shitty one bedroom, one bathroom apartment in a sketchy neighbourhood, and you loved it.
"Oh shit, motherfucker." You jumped as one of your boxes crashed to the floor. "Son of a bitch." You sighed, kneeling down to pick up the mess.
"Here, let me help." You heard before suddenly someone was kneeling before you, holding a pair of jeans out to you. 
"Thank you." You smiled, taking the denim from him. "But you really don't have to. I've had to clean up plenty of my own messes before." You joked.
"Trust me, so have I." The man cracked a grin. "I'm Eddie. I live in 1404." Eddie introduced himself, holding a hand out towards you.
"Nice to meet you, Eddie. I'm Y/N, moving into 1403." You said, shaking his hand.
"Oh, great. I didn't realize anyone would be moving in already." Eddie mentioned.
"Well, I saw an opening in my price range, so I didn't have much time to wait." You joked. "Were you close with the previous owner?" You asked as the two of you rose to stand.
"Uh, no, not really. The guy was kinda kind of a dick. You don't play guitar, do you?" Eddie asked, causing you to laugh.
"One of those neighbours, huh? No, you won't hear any guitar from me, I promise. Though, if the walls are as thin as I think, you might hear me walking around before the crack of dawn." You told the man. 
"I can live with that. As long as you're okay hearing the same from my side of the hall." Eddie mentioned. 
"I think I can live with that. Maybe I'll invite you over for some hot chocolate one night." You teased.
"Yes," Eddie growled before letting out a series of coughs. "I mean, yeah, that sounds great. You, uh, you need any help moving in?"
"I think I've got it from here. Thanks for your help." You smiled at the man. 
"Yeah, no worries."
"I'll be seeing you around, Eddie." 
"Yeah, we'll, I'll, be seeing you too, Y/N." Eddie waved before rushing into his apartment.
"Not the weirdest neighbour I've had." You shrugged.
It could be said that you were not the most graceful of a person.
It could even be suggested that you were a klutz.
But even you would freely admit that on less than four hours of sleep, you were as graceful as an elephant in a china shop.
"Shit! Fucking a man." You sighed, looking down at the broken mug and shattered plate. "Sorry, nana L/N." You said before kneeling down to pick up the mess.
"Just a sec!" You called before remembering guiltily how thin the walls were. "Oh, shit, sorry, Eddie. I didn't mean to wake you." You promised seeing your neighbour standing in your doorway.
"Trust me, you didn't." Eddie chuckled weakly. "Is everything okay? I heard something crash."
"I mighta dropped my breakfast and ruined some of nanna's dishes." You sighed, looking back at the mess.
"Breakfast? It's two in the morning."
"I got hungry." You shrugged. "And that was the last of my groceries." You realized with a groan.
"Haven't gotten around to shopping yet?" Eddie wondered with a smirk. 
"I haven't even got my bed frame set up yet." You admitted with a blush. "Oh well, I'll go shopping in the morning."
"You know, I got a box of Tater Tots in my freezer just beggin' to be shared," Eddie mentioned before flinching slightly.
"Oh, no, I couldn't put you out like that, Eddie." You frowned.
"You wouldn't be. 'Sides I already offered, and it wouldn't be the best  impression to make on your new neighbour to deny it." Eddie teased.
"Are you sure?"
"N-Yes. Yeah, I'm sure." Eddie coughed.
"Alright, just let me put a sweater on." You told your neighbour.
"Door'll be unlocked. Take your time." Eddie told you with a smile before rushing back towards his apartment. 
Eddie Brock was definitely one of your stranger neighbours, but he was certainly not your worst.
"It's open." You called without looking away from the computer before you.
"You know you should always check who's at the door, right?" Eddie asked, closing the door behind him. "Especially at three in the morning."
"Three-thirty." You corrected as Eddie sat heavily beside you on the couch.
"Not any better, Y/N." Eddie sighed/ "Here, eat this." He said, placing a bag on your lap.
"What is it?" You wondered, still not looking away from your computer.
"Food. You know, the thing you're supposed to eat, but I know you haven't.
 Eddie sassed you. "Seriously, you're startin' to look like a bag o' bones, Y/N."
"When did you become my nanna?" You teased the man.
"When I learnt you're even shitter at takin' care of yourself than I am," Eddie told you.
""If I'd known you were going to judge me so much, I wouldn't have given you  key all those months ago." You groaned loudly.
It had been eight months since you'd moved into your apartment and met Eddie.
The two of you had become fast friends, bonding over your careers, love of food, and your terrible habits of forgetting to take care of yourselves.
"Yeah, well, we, I like to keep my mother hen tendencies on the down-low," Eddie said. "Ruin our, my, reputation otherwise." He joked.
"Sure, sure. Whatever." You rolled your eyes, barely noting Eddie's failed attempts to cover his mistakes.
After knowing Eddie for eight months, you hardly noticed anymore when Eddie referred to himself with multiple pronouns. You simply figured it was a weird quirk.
"Are you going to eat your burger? Don't make me take your computer away." Eddie teased.
"How could you be so cruel? I thought we were friends."  You gasped, mock horrified, before unwrapping your meal. "Oh, fuck. That's what I needed."
"Okay, you velociraptor, calm down. No one going to take it from you."
"I hadn't realized that I was starving." You said, inhaling another large bite.
"When was the last time you ate anything?" Eddie questioned you, his brow furrowing.
"I had a slice of buttered bread about eighteen hours ago. The rest of the loaf was mouldy." You shrugged.
"Christ, Y/N. Do I even want to know when the last time you slept was?"
"With the face, you're giving me probably not."
"You're killing yourself, you know that, right?"
"Slowly but surely. We've all gotta go sometime, Ed." You shrugged.
"Y/N," Eddie lowly said, his blank stare burning a hole into the side of your face.
"I'm not trying to, Eddie. I just don't have time for a sleep schedule or regular meal times. I have things to do." You sighed, putting your burger down to focus on your friend. "And don't pretend you haven't been in my exact place before because I know you have."
"I'm not saying I haven't. But even I know you gotta take breaks. Otherwise, one day you're gonna kneel over." Eddie told you. "And if that happens, we'll have lost our best neighbour." He added, breaking the tension of the room.
"God knows what your next will be like." You teased with a small smile. "But I get your point. I'll take the rest of the night off, scouts honour." You swore.
"It's already four in the morning, Y/N. You'll take the rest of the day off." Eddie gently corrected you.
"Fine, but just this once and only because you got me fries." You told the man. 
"What would you do if I told you we also got you a Pepsi?" Eddie asked, handing you a styrofoam cup.
"Gonna have to marry you now." You said, gulping half the drink down. "Oh, God, sugar. That cured the headache."
"Might not have had much to drink today either." You admitted with a blush. 
"What are we gonna do with you?" Eddie sighed loudly, leaning his head back on your couch.
"You're gonna have to figure that one out yourself."
Non-Reader POV
"She needs to eat more." Venom said once he and Eddie left Y/N to sleep.
"I know that, bud." Eddie sighed, running his fingers through his hair.
"We need to make her eat more. And sleep." Venom continued.
"She's an adult, Vee. And her own person. We can't make her do anything." Eddie pointed out to the symbiote.
Venom didn't respond to Eddie's reasoning except for letting out a discontent growl.
"I know you don't like that, bud, but there's not much we can do."
"We can help." Venom firmly said. "We can protect."
"Yeah, okay, bud. But only as much as Y/N allows us to."
Almost a week after Venom declared his desire to protect and help their neighbour, Eddie awoke to Venom's low voice and the sensation of being poked.
"Eddie," Venom spoke, only for Eddie to groan and stuff his face further into the mattress. "Wake up, Eddie." Venom demanded, poking his host with even more force.
Eddie merely batted a hand at Venom without even raising his head.
"Don't ignore us, Eddie." Venom growled before rolling the two onto the floor.
"What the fuck, Vee!" Eddie yelled, now suddenly wide awake.
"Someone's in the hallway." Venom told his host.
"And you can't check for yourself?" Eddie groaned, pushing himself to his feet.
"They smell distressed. And wrong." 
"Because that makes so much sense," Eddie said under his breath before making his way to the door clad in only his boxers.
Eddie took one glance through the peephole before he was tearing the door open.
"Jesus. Y/N." The man gasped, staring at the woman on the floor in horror.
Y/N was stuck on her side. Her eyes were wild wide open, and trying desperately to focus on her surroundings.
Her face was a mess of stains courtesy of her running makeup, and when she heard Eddie's voice, her tears began to slow.
Help! Protect! Venom began to scream, prompting Eddie into action.
"Alright, Y/N, come on. Let's get you upright, huh?" Eddie rambled quietly as he slowly helped Y/N sit upright before gently helping her to her feet.
"Eddie?" Y/N whimpered as the man lead her into his apartment.
"Right here, Y/N. We're right here." Eddie promised, gently sitting Y/N down on the couch. 
The woman let out a groan before promptly falling onto her side.
"Y/N, can you tell me what happened? I need to know if you need a doctor."
"Went on a date. Editor set me up with him. He put something in my drink?"
"Your date?"
"Hm. Told him I didn't feel well. He took me into the alleyway." Y/N mumbled, pressing her face into the cushions.
"Y/N? Did he? Were you?" Eddie struggled to get the question out over his and Venom's combined rage.
"No. I shoved him over. He hit his head." Y/N said before letting out a loud groan. "I don't feel good. I don't feel good at all." Y/N cried, reaching a hand out blindly for Eddie.
"I'm gonna get you something to drink, sweetheart," Eddie said, gently sitting Y/N upright.
"No, don't go. Don't leave me." Y/N whined.
"I'm not going anywhere," Eddie promised, kneeling in front of the woman. "I'm just getting you something to drink. We need to flush your system, okay? I'm right here."
"Okay," Y/N whispered after a minute, resting her head on the armrest. "I don't know why I even went out." Y/N began to ramble as Eddie filled a glass. "I don't want anyone."
"No one?" Eddie asked as Venom whined sadly. 
"No one but Eddie." Y/N shook her head. "He lives across the hall from me. I like him. Really, really."
"You do?" Eddie questioned in surprise at Y/N's admission.
"Uh-huh. Eddie's sweet, and he's weird. But Eddie's really good to me. I love him." Y/N mumbled, her eyes closing mid-sentence.
"Y/N? Y/N?" Eddie asked, gently shaking the woman.
"She's asleep." Venom told his host. "She smells calmer."
"She said she loved me," Eddie murmured, staring down at the sleeping woman.
"Loves." Venom corrected. "Y/N said she loves us."
"She's been drugged. She can't have meant it." Eddie shook his head as he pulled a blanket over the unconscious woman. 
"She didn't smell like lies." 
"Well, it doesn't matter anyway. Y/N's been through too much shit tonight for me to ask her anything." Eddie shook his head.
"Eddie. Y/N is strong. Do not think her weak so quickly."
"I don't think she's weak." Eddie snapped before letting out a sigh. "Just drop it, Vee. No more tonight. Please?"
"Fine." Venom grumbled. "We're not leaving Y/N. Not tonight, not ever."
"I know, bud. I'm not either."
Reader POV
Your eyes were closed but even shut, you could tell the sun was burning brightly.
A groan escaped your lips as a loud crash echoed in your ears, and you shoved your head further into the pillow it was resting on.
Except it wasn't your pillow that you were laying on. 
It itched against your cheek and didn't smell like your bed. It smelled like,
"Shit, I'm sorry, Y/N," Eddie swore, causing you to squint your eyes open.
Eddie was standing in the threshold of his kitchen, staring at you with worried eyes.
"Eddie?" You croaked, throat drier than the desert. "Why am I on your couch?" You asked, coughing as you sat up.
"Here, drink this." Eddie rushed forward, grabbing a glass off the table and pushing it into your hands. 
"Thanks." You whispered, gulping down half of the liquid. "Eddie, why I am in your apartment?"
"Y/N, what do you remember about last night?" Eddie gently questioned you, causing you to cock your head. 
"Last night?" You wondered aloud before your mind caught up with you. "Oh, God." You whispered, hand flying to cover your mouth in horror.
"Hey, it's alright, Y/N. You're safe with me." Eddie promised. 
"He drugged me, that asshole fucking drugged me." You said, letting out a disbelieving laugh. "He tried to, what a piece of shit." You swore, brushing hair out of your face. "And I, oh God, I," You gasped, staring at Eddie in horror.
"Told me you loved me?" Eddie guessed the cause of your shock.
"Oh shit, I did." You groaned, forcing your head into your hands. "Look, Eddie, please can we just forget anything I said last night. I don't want this to be weird. We can still be neighbours. Just, let's forget the whole thing." You quickly said as you jumped to your feet.
Your head spun at your frantic movements, and you felt your knees began to give.
Before you could hit the floor, arms wrapped around you and held you close.
"Okay, let's sit you down before you whack your head on the floor," Eddie said, helping you sit back down before kneeling in front of you.  
"Eddie, I'm so sorry, really. I never meant to make you feel uncomfortable." You apologized, cheeks burning in shame. "I didn't want to tell you, and certainly not like that."
"Y/N, you're not making me uncomfortable," Eddie promised. "Truth be told, I like you too. But I didn't want to push you, and I don't want to rush you after last night." He admitted.
"Yeah, Y/N." Eddie smiled, tenderly holding your hands in his. "But I can't in good consciousness rush you into anything after last night. Christ, I was so scared you were gonna die on me last night, but I'm not gonna force a relationship onto you."
"You wouldn't be forcing me into anything." You told the man, squeezing his hands tightly.
"All the same, I wouldn't feel good if we took this too fast." Eddie shook his head. "But I want you, I want you so much, so how about we take this slow?"
"And how slow are you proposing, Mr Brock?"
"I could take you out for a couple dates. To a bar, out to eat, usual couple shit like that. And we can stay in and get takeout, and I can show you my favourite movies, and you can show me yours." Eddie suggested.
"We already do that last part." You smiled at the man. 
Yeah, well, now we can say they're dates." Eddie grinned. "And we can talk. Get to know everything about each other before we decide if this is what you want. That sound alright to you?"
"That sounds great to me."
"So, what do you say I order us some breakfast, and we can find some crappy reality show to watch mindlessly?" Eddie pitched to you.
"I'd say you read my mind, Eddie."
"Babe, can you pass me my soda?" Eddie asked, holding one hand out as he continued to type with the other.
"Here, you go." You said, passing the drink over without taking your eyes off the screen before you.
"Thanks, sweetheart." 
It had been four months since you and Eddie agreed to take things slow, and this was one of the best ways you could think of spending your afternoon. 
The two of you silently working away, you on whatever chapter you were working on and Eddie researching away at his newest expose, but sitting with one another.
The two of you would spend many afternoons like this, and you enjoyed the simplicity of the activity.
You weren't sure how long the two of you remained typing away at your respective pieces before Eddie's head suddenly snapped up.
"Eddie?" You asked, looking away from your computer as Eddie glared at the door. "What are you doing?" You questioned before Eddie shushed you.
Before you could ask Eddie why he was shushing you, you heard your front door clicking open.
You stared in shock as a man in a dark hoodie now filled your doorway, a gun clear in his hands.
"Get on the ground!" The man demanded, shutting your door behind him. "Now!" He commanded when neither of you moved.
You quickly pushed your computer to the side before complying with the man's request. 
But Eddie didn't.
Eddie merely moved to stand in front of you before confronting the intruder.
"Kid, why don't you just put that thing down and get out of here?" Eddie asked, crossing his arms.
"Are you fucking deaf? I said, get on the ground! Get down now before I shoot!" The unknown man yelled, waving the gun around unsteadily.
"You really picked the wrong place to rob." Eddie sighed before his skin began to ripple, and he was suddenly gone.
In his place stood the Demon of San Francisco. A creature you'd only paid attention to a handful of times in passing but now had your full attention.
The thief turned pale at the sight of the black beast, but before he could run away, one of the Demon's long arms shot out and clutched him by the neck.
"How dare you come to our nest and threaten our sweetling?" The beast lowly growled, bearing its teeth threateningly.
"Holy shit, I didn't mean to, man! I swear!"
"Not good enough." The Demon hissed before leaning its head back and swallowing the thief whole.
"What. The. Fuck?" You asked as you slowly rose to your feet. The creature turned to face you before bleeding away and revealing Eddie.
"Y/N, I can explain everything." Eddie blurted out, looking incredibly guilty.
"The explanation is that either I'm incredibly sleep-deprived and hallucinating, which we both know is a lie, thanks to your ridiculous sleep schedule, or you're sharing your body with an alien."
"And you're, you're okay with that?" Eddie stammered. "You're not freaking out."
"Eddie, we live in a world of Gods and mutants and whatever the fuck else. This is barely making my top ten strangest days." You deadpanned. "What I do want to know is were you ever gonna tell me?"
"We were. We were gonna sit you down one day and explain everything. Then maybe introduce you to Vee if you didn't run off screaming." Eddie promised. "We wanted to ease you into it."
"So, just to clarify, you don't have multiple personalities because I really was putting my money on it."
"You refer to yourself as 'we' or use 'our', and you talk to yourself more than most people do."
"No, it's just Vee. There's no one else living in here." Eddie swore to you.
"Okay. Cool." You nodded.
"Yeah, cool. So, are you gonna let me meet Vee?" You questioned the man.
"You want to meet him?" Eddie asked, jaw faltering.
"Well, I figure he's his own being, even if he shares your body, and that technically makes him my boyfriend, too, right?" 
"Holy shit, Y/N, I love you." Eddie gasped, jumping forward and cupping your face gently with his hands before smashing his lips to yours.
"I love you, too, you goofball." You smiled once you pulled apart. "Now, c'mon, let me meet Vee properly." You whined, causing Eddie to smile.
A small black head with large white eyes appeared by Eddie's shoulder, connecting to Eddie's body by what almost looked like black cord.
"Hello, sweetling." Vee purred as his face came closer to yours.
"Hi, Vee. It's nice to meet you." You said, bringing your hand up to cup his surprisingly smooth cheek.
"You're not scared?" Venom wondered, tilting his head slightly. 
"No." You answered the being honestly. "If Eddie's let you play hotel with his body, I'm guessing that means your good. And you haven't shown me to be wrong yet." You told Vee.
"Oh, sweetling, we're gonna have fun together." Vee hummed, causing you and Eddie to smile.
"I'm gonna hold you to that. Both of you." You said, looking between the men.
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Polyamorous culture is giving dating/romance advice to the people you're interested in and talking with them about their love life outside of you
Heck yeah
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