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#poly!marauders x reader
spiritualchange · a day ago
poly! marauders where james punishes reader for no reason and gets caught??
warning: 18+ minors dni, smut, degradation, sir kink, dom!remus and sirius, switch!james, sub!reader
pairing: poly!marauders x fem!reader
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"Jamie stop." You tried to push the boy away. You gasped, feeling the stinging sensation on your cheek.
"That's not my name." He growled.
"I'm sorry sir." You dipped your head.
"James!" Remus called running towards the boy, pulling him away from you. Sirius was next to you instantly, rubbing your hair, whispering in your ear.
"What was that for?" He looked at the Potter boy.
"Was punishing her." James quipped.
"What for?" Remus asked, raising a brow. James gulped, trying to look anywhere but at his dom. Remus gripped his chin, pulling his eyes back to him. "I asked you a question."
"Nothing, just wanted to." He sighed knowing what punishment was coming towards him.
"Knees now." Remus ordered.
"Remmy-" You started. As much as James did wrong you didn't want to get punished.
"No poppet." Sirius answered. "I know you love Jamie but he broke a rule."
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lonelyhe4rts · 19 hours ago
⇒ 𝐩𝐨𝐥𝐲!𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐮𝐝𝐞𝐫𝐬 𝐦𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭
Tumblr media
↳ one where you’re fucked by sirius and james
↳ one where wolfstar let james punish you
↳ one where wolfstar give james photos of you (p2)
↳ one where they teach you how to suck cock
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Painted With Sin
Summary: The Marauders are quite fond of your innocence, and they want to take it. Basically just smut without plot (lmao im bad at summaries)
Warning(s): Smut. Foresome. Innocence, corruption, size, degradation and daddy kink. Some overstimulation, dacryphilia, dumbification, clit slapping. Mention of oral sex. Pet names. Some Wolfstar.
a/n: don't let the title fool you, this is filthy as fuck 💀
You're quite beautiful they think. No, not beautiful. Perfect perhaps would be more well fitted.
A part of them wants to keep you enclosed in the innocence of your mind, want you to be a symbol of chastity— something that all the three lack. The other part wants to steal it. Have your purity painted with sin. They're not certain whichever they like most.
They press their lips against the smooth sculptured skin. "Our precious little doll" Says Sirius; a heavy hand adorned with silver wrapped around your throat.
You're on top, Remus in and under you. He lowly hisses through every drag of your hips. And you break everytime. Shudder as the length of him reaches those spots within you.
They're amused, grinning as they watch you struggle to take him. The pants; the sweat; the shaking. They think it's fucking wonderful.
"You’re so fucking small dove. Can't even take Remmy’s cock yourself" James teases, slender fingers interwined with yours. Tongue licking up your breasts.
"I- I can! M’big girl" You fight, bouncing harder on Remus’ cock. He groans as you do so, you whimper and whine; still being sensitive from being eaten out like you were the sweetest piece of candy.
Sirius lays his hand down your back, held you back in his hands and then they pressed against your spine— forcing you to arch you back.
"Oh fuck, you're such a pretty whore" Remus moaned, as his nails digged into you.
A sob heaved through you at the movement. But you kept on moving, hips working and working and working. James softens slightly, kneading your tit and then pushing strands of hair out of your face, kissing along the sensitive spot behind your earlobe.
However Sirius seemed to tease you a bit more; he'd always been cruel to you whenever you lay tangled in the bedsheets.
"What happened little slut?" He mocks; placing a firm pat on your bum "Thought you were a big girl, why are y’crying?"
You bit your lip as you tried your best to give him a glare, eyes still teary from having to take Remus’ huge cock, which was absolutely demolishing you from below.
"Give her a break Siri, she's jus’ a tiny baby afterall" he smirks, grabbing your waist and finally— fucking finally beginning to take lead as he thrust from under you.
Your breasts bounced with each forceful thrust; and you lost about all control over your body as his brutality never faultered.
James and Sirius blown away by the sight of you struggling on top of Remus. Their cock standing tall as they softly stroked themselves.
"Daddy, d-daddy stop. M’gonna- gonna cum"
But of course they already knew that. Judging by the furrowing of your brows, the scratching of your fingers across their skin; they knew— knew you were almost on the verge of breaking.
James sucks on your nipples hard, as Sirius travels around the curves of you, either through his mouth or through his hands.
And then you cum. The coil in your stomach unraveling in the most pleasurable of ways.
You collapse then and there on his chest. Heavily breathing as you come down from you climax, and Remus still lay hard inside of you; and every small movement resulted in a cry bubbling out from you from sensitivity. The second orgasm almost too much.
You didn't feel the throbbing of him, the hot warm feeling of being filled up.
An indication that he; infact didn't cum.
And now you were fucked.
"Remmy didn't get to cum babygirl" James growls, pulling your hair and arching your back again.
"Sorry daddy"
"Sorry's not gonna get him off now is it? Such a dumb slut." A tut of disapproval came, "Lay down now"
They was no delicacy in the way he pulled out, and you thumped against the mattress.
The black haired man's hand wrapped around the lenght of Remus as you stared, making an absolute mess on your thighs.
James got on top of you, his hands grabbing your ankles— and then shoving your knees right up to your chest.
Your legs spread up wide, puffy cunt exposed as the three of them stared down at you, all their attention now towards you; they looked at you as if you were all that mattered in this world.
James ran his hand along your abdomen, drawing little circles before sloppily rubbing your folds, spreading your arousal everywhere as you squirmed from the painful pleasure.
"Such a sweet cunt." He whispered, pecking your lips softly.
A grunt came from above you, you turned you head as if to inspect the sound only to be met by Sirius and Remus tirelessly fisting at each others cock.
They were sweaty, grunting and groaning due to the bliss of it— sounds obscene.
The perception of it was pure fucking erotica.
They both smirked at your coveted expression. You eyes never so damn avid as much as they were now.
But then it suddenly hurt. Result of the curly haired boy's hand smaking your cunt. You let out a cry, legs closing before they were opened up again.
"Keep your fucking legs open, y’wanna be a good girl for daddy don't you?" He hissed, now soothing the place he'd recently striked.
"Yes, daddy. Want- Wanna be your good girl, p-please"
He chuckles lowly, his hand raising up and coming down to your heat again, as you jolt up, again struggling to keep your legs up and open.
You count every strike, shaking and whimpering in pain as he hits you again and again. Sometimes your cunt, sometimes your thighs, and ever so rarely your tits.
"20" you whimpered as his last smack came, the tears that ran from your eyes making an absolute mess on your soft cheeks.
"Look at your pretty pussy bunny" Sirius said, bucking his hips into Moony's hand. "So fucking red isn't it?"
You gasped as you stared down, nodding at him. You felt James’ mouth on the inside of your breast, his teeth grazing the soft plush skin and then suddenly he slipped a finger inside of you.
"No!" You protested, yanking his hand away from you but it got shoved aside quickly. "I can't"
"Mmm, sure you can poppet" Remus encouraged, grinning at you widely as James played with you.
Two thick fingers are buried deep inside you. His mouth sucking and biting and teasing your tits as his fingers curl. They work in such a perfect manner that every thrust has your back arching and your toes curling.
"That's it, doll"
The sight of the two boys playing with each other already had a coil forming inside you.
His digits thrust in and out faster. Deeming you closer and closer to the edge. Unexpectedly, James’ other hand circles your bud— tearing the third orgasm of the night from you.
You're sobbing, shaking— in a way sinful.
Just how they liked; just how they desired.
Your lids open the black canvas, and the two are now beside you, breathless as their almost at their climax, and then their cum shoots over you.
Sirius’ cum spills over your tits and stomach, your body covered with all of him; and Remus’ dribbled down from his top and onto your face, even reaching the strands of you hair.
Painted with sin. Right in their arms.
Just as you let yourself rest slightly, you're grabbed by them.
"You didn't think we were done with you now? Oh we're far from that, get on all fours darling"
They corrupt you, but there was a certain beauty in their destruction. Because then again— innocence never lasts.
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silverdelirium · 2 months ago
SUMMARY ➠ the marauders fuck peter’s sister as revenge after they found out he betrayed them.
WARNINGS ➠ foursome, all boys are doms, triple penetration (vaginal, anal and oral), oral sex, nicknames (bunny, baby girl, princess, dove, etc.), light pussy spanking, overstimulation, there’s a little wolfstar moment where they kiss, degrading, praising. don’t read if any of these make you uncomfortable or sound unappealing
A/N ➠ @angel4you here’s your tag bb
james wished more than anything that your brother could see you right now.
your tits painted in purple and blue hues after each boy took their turn in marking you up after they threw you down on the mattress, promising you the night of your life— which was by far living up to its statement.
your panties were drenched and the coil in your lower belly intensified by the minute. 
“what should we do with her?” asked remus, cocking his head to the side.
sirius leaned down to move the hair away from your neck, peppering soothing kisses to the flesh. “i say we all get a taste of her sweet cunt like we discussed earlier, and then we’ll fill her little holes up until she’s so cockdrunk she can barely even think” he sneered, his kisses now landing on your heated cheek.
james snickered as he saw your flabbergasted face, almost as if you did not thought of them capable to talk about you as if you weren’t in the same room.
remus agreed with sirius, coming down to run his hands over your hair. “what do you say, pet? you wanna be fucked stupid by your brother’s friends?” the word dripped from the tip of his tongue like poison.
your pulse quickened and your mouth felt dry (even though your pussy certainly wasn’t).
all you could manage was a slight nod— and seconds later remus’ palm was striking at your panty-clad cunt, the flesh underneath growing sensitive at the stinging, coaxing a whine out of you.
“you speak up like the good slut you are or you don’t get anything” he threatened, giving a nod to james, and before you could decipher what the expression meant, james was ripping the only material that covered you; tearing the lace underwear to the seam.
sirius massaged your inner thighs while the other two gazed longingly at your dripping hole as if they were starved men, sirius joining on the staring only a few moments later. making you feel timid and small.
james was the first to speak up, “told you she had the prettiest pussy ever, should’ve done this a long time ago” he grunted the last part in what seemed to be disappointment.
you weren’t stupid, you knew why they were doing this. and with the way they talked, you wondered if they started discussing the topic of fucking you senseless before or after your brother’s betrayal.
“lay down for us, bunny” whispered sirius, fluffing up the pillows behind you before letting you fall down on them, your legs being pried open by them as james came to his knees in front of you, the tent on his boxers almost had you drooling if it wasn’t for remus’ mouth coming down on yours into an impassioned kiss, his hand already coming to tug around his enlarged cock.
you felt sirius’ hand grope at your marked breasts, and you barely caught on james’ whisper, “i’m devouring this pussy for the next fucking month, that’s for sure”, before his plump lips were enveloping your neglected bud.
you forgot how to kiss remus back for a moment when you felt james’ tongue prod under the hood of your clit, your moans being swallowed by the brunette eagerly, whose hand was bumping against your side as he fisted himself.
“how does she taste, prongs?” interjected sirius, not stopping his assault on your tit as he lent down to plop one in his mouth, grazing the tender skin with his teeth, making you whine into remus’ mouth.
james groaned before answering, “like pure honey, mate— we got ourselves the sweetest pussy out there, i’m telling you” the compliment pushed you to the verge of ecstasy, three more swirls of the male’s tongue on your languid cunt and you were babbling like a baby, the mouth-watering orgasm washing over you like a tidal wave as he grunted into you while remus kissed down your neck.
your vision went white and in the blink of a moment, james was exchanging places with remus, who was still pumping his cock and by the looks of it, caressing the seventh heaven with his fingers.
ropes of hot cum sprayed on your outer lips, coating your pussy in a mess of slickness and drool.
remus’ groans hit your ears as he came down from his high, panting lightly as he looked up at sirius, beckoning him closer with two fingers.
“you’re gonna lick my cum off her little pussy, alright?”
a moan almost slipped out of you as you watched the two dark haired boys share a small peck on the lips, remus’ lower lip caught in between sirius’ before he was positioning himself between your legs.
“oh god, this has got to be the sluttiest fucking cunt i’ve ever seen— all drowned in another man’s cum. but you love that, don’t you, bunny? for us to use you like a mere hole and nothing more” he winked, patting at your sensitive cunt as james came to rest at your side, cock fully out of his boxers that met their fate in the floor.
you swallowed thickly, the way the three boys eyed your body was almost alarming, as if they were gonna devour you like no other— which hypothetically speaking was right— yet it lured a spark up your spine, deepening the hole of submissiveness you were spiraling down to.
“my god i cannot wait to split that pussy open, gonna have you all cockdrunk, my love” grunted james, exhaling a breath next to you, making you shudder.
a heavy and round-ish tap was felt on your cheek, and when you turned your head to the right, you were met with remus’ expecting glance, “gonna suck me off like a good whore or what, dove?” 
“yes i w— oh! sirius fuck!” you cried out shutting your eyes tight and letting your jaw get pried open by the impatient male at your side, who wasted no time to bury his cock down your mouth after james said “shut her up already, moony. don’t wanna hear her dumb baby blabbers”
you didn’t know what to focus on, it was either the spit dribbling down your chin as remus gave your throat merciless thrusts, or the pink muscle that your inner walls desperately clenched around, or the soft yet rough hold that james had on your hand as he wrapped it around his girth, feeling the foreskin push back and forth as you fucked him with your hand slowly.
“look at my little cumdump, so pretty when you’re a mess of cum and drool, could have you like this all day” cooed remus, fighting off the quirk of his lips as he felt you gag around him.
“ours” amended james, guiding your hand by the wrist to go faster as he felt his high approaching, the slurping and squelching sounds that came from sirius’ end arousing the three of you to no end.
your thighs shook and your muscles tensed as sirius continued to give your pussy heavenly-like tongue strokes, the tip of your nerves lighting up as you choked around remus’ dick, your peak catching up to you faster than before.
pleasure sparked through your body, your second orgasm of the night hitting you like a truck and making your vision dot with stars.
“oh shit i’m gonna cum— gonna make a mess on your hand, princess— shit!” moaned james, giving himself sloppy strokes with your hand as he cursed.
sirius blew one last kiss to your engorged and delicate mound, making you writhe and gag against remus’ cock, that was still buried down your throat whilst your lungs ached at the lack of oxygen.
“my turn” chanted remus, carefully pulling out his dick from the canal of your mouth as you coughed and heaved.
it was like a deja vu, seeing yet another one of your brother’s best friends settle himself in the space between your shaking thighs.
you could already feel the burn in your limbs for tomorrow morning, yet your body craved the animalistic bombardment the boys performed on your body.
“look at you, bunny. so wet and ready to take our cocks, you’re gonna feel us for days” he growled, not giving you any warnings before he was diving into your abused pussy, and your thighs went to instinctively lock around his head if it wasn’t for james holding them down.
“oh god just like that remus— fuck!” you whimpered, fisting the sheets in your hands as remus did wonders to your pulsating cunt.
you heard sirius snicker behind you “here we were, thinking you were the most innocent angel but all you want is to get your little pussy wrecked, huh?”
james scoffed at your side, “i always knew a little dollface like her would love to get her pussy torn to shreds, could see it in her eyes when she stared at us, she’s been wanting this for years, haven’t you, lovely?”
a pathetic cry was what you could get out, plus some mumbles of yes’s and want your cock’s.
even though your wails could drown out every other sound on the room, you still heard sirius loud and clear when he said, “i’m taking her in the ass, been dreaming about it for months now, plumpest little thing she carries around”
the confession had you flushing, and it also eased some type of relaxation into your muscles, knowing that you weren’t the only one who has wanted this way back before peter’s betrayal.
“ow you poor thing, you wanna cum? make a mess on rem’s mouth?” crooned james, brushing away stray hairs from your damp forehead.
“yes!” you winded “need it so bad” your eyes rolled back to cloud nine, mewls coming from your mouth nonstop as your walls fluttered around air, remus’ focus being on your overused bud.
you felt murmuring from between your legs as your high extended, “that’s a good pet, taste so good” which you could only guess that came from remus.
the (third) enticing orgasm had your senses turning into mush in a matter of seconds, and it was probably because you knew what was next.
sirius sort of warned you earlier, claiming they were all gonna have a turn at devouring your sopping cunt dry. 
they definitely got that done.
and you could only hope they lived up to the rumors you heard in your hogwarts years about how fucking good they were in bed, and how enrapturing the searing stretch of their girths felt.
“we’re gonna stretch you open so nicely, princess” grunted sirius, grabbing ahold of your arms and pulling you up into a sitting motion before tugging you into a harsh kiss, your whine echoing in his mouth.
the kiss itself had you going fuzzy, hence why you didn’t take notice of when was it that you ended up straddling remus, his weeping tip kissing at your slick entrance.
that’s when you felt a shadow creep from behind you, and it was easy to tell by the silhouette that it was none other than sirius himself, preparing your other hole with the lube in his hand, and when his cock-head prodded at your ring of muscles, not quite entering it yet, is when you realized.
oh. they’re all going in at the same time.
the thought itself might have seemed painful. but when you were anticipating this moment for years, pain is the last of your concerns.
james came to rest his knees beside remus head on the pillow, coincidentally making his crotch in line with your mouth.
“oh we’re gonna absolutely destroy your little pussy, bunny.” sighed james, sharing a look with the other two before you felt them all push at the same time.
it was a bestial pain. but it was also the most divine and mind-blowing stretch you ever felt, and you thought for a second your eyes might stay stuck behind your head with the way you rolled them.
the boy’s groans made you fucking squelch and gush all over remus’ cock as your hips involuntarily rolled forwards (thanks to sirius’ sadistic thrusts from behind you).
the room reverberated the sound of skin slapping, as well as your juices sticking to remus’ pelvis, plus your coughs against james as he curled his fingers in your hair and bobbed your head faster.
“such a pretty little face, too bad its wasted on a dumb cockslut that only cares about getting fucked everywhere” snarled remus, slapping your breast with one hand while the other stayed guiding you by your hips.
“hm but she sounds so pretty when she’s gagging on my cock, don’t you think so?” james tilted his head, sending you a smug smirk as you batted your eyelashes at him.
“oh she sure does, prongs. i wanna say i wish to hear her moans but i don’t like hearing dumb babies like her” chuckled sirius, gaze trained on your bouncing flesh as it clapped against his lower abdomen.
remus grunted from beneath you, “we should’ve done this ages ago. i don’t think anything can compare with her pretty pussy ever”
your eyes rimmed with tears as sirius approached his high, going at a brutal pace that would for sure leave you bruised for days.
“jesus— fuck! i’m gonna cum, baby, gonna paint your tight little ass. shit” he moaned, throwing his head back as he gave quick and fast thrusts that left your mind spinning and walls contracting around remus.
as sirius emptied himself inside you, remus hand snaked down to circle at your throbbing clit, “you greedy slut, can feel you throbbing on my finger even though you’re all full” he taunted
“well we best keep her like that, no?” added on james.
“mhm, and she’s about to cum too— can feel her clenching around my cock” he rubbed faster, watching the tears stream down your eyes as james released ropes of hot white into your mouth without warning.
“swallow, dove— all of it so you can taste it for fucking days” he ordered, not removing his cock in the slightest just to watch you struggle for breath.
the orgasm hit you like a trainwreck— leaving you like you were in one too— fire danced through your veins as you came undone around the brunette’s twitching length, his peak washing over him when your walls squeezed around him.
“that’s it, princess, take all of our cum— i love the way you look when you’re pumped full” whispered sirius, his teeth nibbling at your ear lobe as your whole body shook in the aftershocks of cloud nine.
and when the three boys made eye contact, it took no mind reader to know they were sharing the exact same thought.
fucking payback, peter.
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illiantt · 2 months ago
Who’s the winner
poly!marauders x fem!reader [smut]
Summary: Your best friends Remus, Sirius, and James can’t stop argue who’s best at eating a girl out. So they make a competition out of it where you’re the judge.
Warnings: 18+ ONLY, MINORS DO NOT INTERACT, oral (female receiving), foursome, slut calling, degrading, choking
Word count: 1.8k
a/n: this is my first smut fic. Reblogs and comments are always appreciated!
It all started when you decided to drink together with your best friends James, Remus and Sirius. Another innocent night turned to something darker.
“James, you’re spilling the whiskey!” you shouted as whisky dripped onto his hand.
“I got it”, James said and licked up the liquid from his hand.
“Using your tongue to solve a problem”, Sirius teased.
“As you haven’t used it before to solve it”, James clapped back, making Sirius frown.
Remus only laughed at the two. You, however, were not so sure about what they were referring to.
“What problem are you talking about?” you asked curiously and took another sip from your drink.
James’ smile turned into a devilish smile, looking at Sirius. With a darker demanding voice, he said to Sirius, “Tell her or I will”.
You looked at Sirius and waited for him to say what this all was about.
Sirius swallowed and drank up the remaining whisky that was in his glass.
He looked deep into your eyes and said, “I was having sex with a girl and couldn’t make her cum, so I solved the problem by using my tongue instead.”
You felt your cheeks heated as thoughts about Sirius’ tongue occupied your innocent brain of yours. You imagined how it would feel to have him between your legs. Just the thought of it made you wet.
Even if the boys were your best friends since many years back, you couldn’t stop yourself thinking how they would be in bed from time to time.
Conversations like this would sometimes occur. But you had never done anything with them.
Remus chuckled, “I bet you wouldn’t be as good as me.”
“Hey!” Sirius complained.
And James added in, “I would probably be better than both of you”.
The three boys were now arguing about who was best at eating a girl out. You only sat there and started to imagine how their tongue on you would feel like.
“Maybe we should let y/n be the judge of that”, Sirius suggested and interrupted the horny daydream you had.
“Sorry, in judging what?” you asked, confused.
“You’re a girl, and you can judge who of us three are the best at eating pussy.” Sirius responded.
You couldn’t believe what you were hearing. Your best friends were now suggesting eating you out.
“Yeah, funny joke, guys”, you said and tried to laugh it off.
The three of them looked at you.
“No, we are serious,” James said, and you looked at their faces. They were, in fact, serious. You don’t know if that made you nervous or hornier.
“I don’t know” you hesitated, but you felt the wetness building up. Having three boys taking turns eating you out did sounds nice.
“C’mon puppy, do it for us!” you felt you becoming weak at hearing Sirius beg to eat you out.
“I don’t think we can stop argue otherwise,” James said.
“It will only be fun,” Remus said with a smirk.
You looked at the boys that were sitting on the floor in front of you. You had never done anything like this with them before, but the lust was there.
“Ehm—okay then”, you finally said, making them all light up.
“Get undressed and sit on the couch”, Remus instructed you.
The way Remus sounded so demanding when instructing you made it even hotter. So you stood up and slid yourself out from your shorts.
“The shirt too,” Remus demanded.
“But I’m not wearing any bra under”, you protested.
“Darling, you’re about to show us your pussy. You can show us your titties as well.” the way Remus looked at you only showed how hungry he was for you. And the only right thing to do is to obey him.
You sighed and took off your shirt—setting your breast free. You were now only standing in your panties in front of your best friends who couldn’t take their eyes from your body.
“Puppy, we are waiting!” Sirius teased, for you still having your panties on.
Not making them wait anymore, you started to pull down your panties slowly. The boys looked at your body, and their eyes darkened. You were now completed naked. Your naked ass felt the soft material of the couch as you sat down.
“Now, let the fun begin,” Remus said and made his way to you. You felt your heart beat a bit faster at each step Remus took towards you. His eyes are set on yours. But the closer he came to you also made you hornier and hornier.
“Baby, spread the legs wide and open so we can see the pretty pussy of yours,” Remus said and pressed your legs to each side.
“James, Sirius, look at this pussy. How have we not done this earlier?”
“It looks delicious,” James said and couldn’t take his eyes from your wide-opened pussy.
Your pussy was shining with wetness dripping down. They hadn’t even started to do anything on you, but you were already so wet.
Remus started to kiss the inside of your tights—teasing you. All you wanted was him to dive into your pussy.
“So wet. I think this little slut likes showing her pussy for her three best friends. Is that right?” Remus teased.
It was right, but you didn’t know how to respond to that without sounding desperate because you were, in fact, so desperate now for them.
“Fucking answer him, you slut”, Sirius yelled.
Remus’ hand grabbed around your neck—forcing you to look at him.
“Say it”, Remus demanded.
“Y-yes”, you pressed out the word.
“Yes, what, darling?” Remus asked with a smirk and grabbed you harder around your neck.
“Yes, I love showing my pussy because I’m such slut and want to be eaten out, please”, you whined.
Right away, you felt Remus loosen his grip around your neck and something pressing to your heat. It was a tongue—Remus’ tongue. Licking your clit.
You moaned at the way Remus’ tongue moved around on your pussy. Making up and down movements on your clit. How his lips sucked in all the juices.
Your hand grabbed his hair while you couldn’t stop moaning.
You looked over to James and Sirius while you moaned and noticed how the bulge in their pants had grown.
Sirius looked at your naked body and couldn’t hold it anymore. He wanted to taste that pussy of yours now.
“Fucking hell. It’s my turn,” Sirius said and dragged Remus up.
“Now, puppy, I’m going make you moan my name,” Sirius said before he started to eat you out.
He glided in his tongue into your hole. You could feel his tongue inside of you.
Sirius started to glide in and out from your hole—he was tongue fucking you. Making you moan.
“Yes, Sirius! I want to feel your tongue inside of me,” you moaned, making Sirius go faster.
You looked over at James and Remus, who both started to stroke their cock while watching you getting tongue fucked. But it didn’t take long until you heard,
“Enough!” James suddenly said—making Sirius stop. He was disappointed as he enjoyed to fuck you with his tongue. But it was James turn.
“Y/n come and sit on my face,” James said, and you stood up for James to lie down on the couch.
You climbed over and stood just over his face now with legs on each side.
“Such a pretty view. Now sit on my face,” James said, and you lower yourself.
You felt James tongue on your pussy, making you start moan right away again.
Remus came over to you and started to kiss you. He grabbed your boobs while making out with you.
“Such good slut sitting on James’ face. Start grinding on him,” Remus demanded and kept on grabbing your boobs.
You pressed down more onto James and started to grind—making it feel even better. James tongue going crazy on your clit.
You felt Sirius hands all over your naked body as he grabbed your ass.
“Puppy is enjoying herself, aren’t you?” Sirius tried to sound innocent, but his words and tone were filled with dark lust.
“Y-yes”, you whined innocent between your moans as you turned to look at Sirius.
James started to get a little difficult to breathe, so you were about to stand up until Remus pushed you down again.
“Keep going, baby. James can do a little more,” Remus said with darkened eyes.
You did as he said and continued to grind your pussy on James’ tongue.
“She looks so beautiful sitting on James’ face while making out with you, Remus,” Sirius said and gave you kisses on your neck.
You had now three boys on you—your three best friends. They all working and touching your naked body. Your moans were getting louder and louder. You felt you were about to hit your climax until Remus suddenly interrupted you,
“Stand up!” he demanded.
Making you stand up for only be pressed down on the couch by them as soon as James stood up again.
“I think it’s only fair if we all three can make you cum”, Remus said.
You felt their hands on you, making you have your ass up while lying on the couch. Their hands made your legs spread wide open.
Remus, Sirius, and James all had their tongue on your pussy now. They all were eating you out at the same time. You felt all of the three tongues. Your pussy was even more wet now.
Having three tongues on you simultaneously was becoming too much as you felt the feeling building up in you more and more until you couldn’t hold it anymore and felt you hit your climax.
Your body tried to get away from their grip as you came into an orgasm. But their arms were too strong, holding you down while licking your sensitive pussy.
Licking up every drop of your cum. It was until the boys felt satisfied as they let your body go—and your body collapsed onto the couch.
“So who wins?” Sirius said when your breathing had calmed down. You had already forgotten how this all started—forgetting that you were supposed to be the judge of who of them were best at eating pussy.
“Oh—I don’t know. I don’t think it was enough for me to be able to judge just yet,” you responded.
The boys looked at each other and then nodded.
“Then we will have to eat you out until you can’t cum anymore.”
And right away, you started to moan again as tongues were on your pussy again.
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robiedreamland · a month ago
And let it all out
☽ ☼ ☾ ⭒ ☽ ☼ ☾ ⭒ ☽ ☼ ☾ ⭒ ☽ ☼ ☾ ⭒ ☽ ☼ ☾ ⭒ ☽ ☼ ☾ ⭒
Warnings: NSFW, edging, p!links, overstimulation, titty sucking, fingering, cum, spit, praise and two times word of slut, mocking, dom!marauders/sub!reader, safeword used, pet names, throwing up, crying, aftercare
Let me know if I forgot anything
Summary: It wasn’t the best idea to edge you for so many times
Words count: 3 492
Pairing: Remus John Lupin, Sirius Black, James Potter x fem!reader
Gif credit: @repetitionofagony
Read me: If you see any mistakes, please let me know. English isn’t my first, not even second, language and reminding me of some mistakes would help a lot. Also, feel free to interact.
☽ ☼ ☾ ⭒ ☽ ☼ ☾ ⭒ ☽ ☼ ☾ ⭒ ☽ ☼ ☾ ⭒ ☽ ☼ ☾ ⭒ ☽ ☼ ☾ ⭒
“Oh c’mon, puppy, that’s what you wanted, right? Someone to touch you so now we’re touching.” Sirius taunted as his thumb was making slow circles on your clit once again. His movements were torture, but pretty sweet torture that made joy travel through your body.
“No, please.” you begged and looked at the side for James who could ground you a little bit. He caught your exhausted gaze and gave you a supportive smile but he still said “Don’t look at me like that, I won’t help you.” he chuckled as he stroked his hard cock.
You whimpered in hopelessness when you felt your tummy tightening again and you were about to cum. Just a few seconds with Sirius fingers and you would cum.
“Shit, Siri please, let me cum, I’m close.” you begged and he devilishly chuckled. That wasn’t good. He stopped his movements on your clit, then he gave it a few taps that made you feel like you’re on fire and you squirmed in overstimulation. Then his thumb came back and was making fast movements on your clit.
“We’ll see.” Sirius laughed. “Hold it.” he warned when your breathing was starting to pick up. “Siri I can’t.” you cried out and just when you were about to cum, his hand pulled away.
“Fuck no.” you cried and gripped the sheets to ground yourself from the new weird feeling in your tummy that came with another ruined orgasm.
Sirius stepped away and gave Remus full access to you. “No need to cry, princess. We’ll give you what you,” he leaned down to stroke your cheek with his knuckles and wipe some tears from your face. He gave a reassuring soft smile and you felt grounded a little bit. Your breathing was slowly getting in order and your close high went down again.
“Just not now.” he finished his sentence and his other hand delivered a slap on your cunt. You squirmed away from his hand but he caught you. “Aw, poor little thing, so sensitive.” Remus mocked as he scrunched down to see your cunt. He smirked when he saw your cunt all puffy and swollen and glistening with your wetness and their spit.
“So wet, and all for us.” he said more to himself before he spread your pussy lips with thumbs where he massaged the area and gave your clit a quick kiss. “Remus, please.” you bucked your lips and James laughed. “Don’t be so desperate, you little slut.” James mocked and pinned you down with hand on your tummy. Yeah, that wasn’t helping that new sensation.
Sirius only chuckled behind Remus’ back and came to your other side where he could see all the action. Your desperate look made his cock even harder to the point where it could hurt, leaking with pre-cum.
“Spit.” Sirius ordered when he placed his palm in front of your face and you spit on it. “Good girl.” he smiled with satisfaction and wrapped his leg around his hard cock.
“C’mon princess, spread your pretty legs for me.” Remus demanded and placed his hands on your thighs and pried your legs open. “Good girl.” he praised while James started leaning down to your breast to suck on your tit. “Again? You’re such whore for her boobs, James.” Sirius taunted and James rolled his eyes with a wink to you at the end while showing middle finger to him. He gave your nipple a slow lick to study your scrunched face before he licked it more. When your nipple was hard enough, he wrapped his lips around your bud and his teeth sank into the area around, making you gasp in pleasure. “Holy shit.”
“If that feels good, wait until I do this.” Remus chuckled as his pointing finger came in contact with your wet entrance where he circled his finger around the hole. Your wetness dripped out of your hole and Remus victoriously chuckled . “Such a desperate thing. You and your pretty pussy.” he mocked as you felt his two fingers slowly pushing into you.
He started with a quick pace, squishing and squelching sounds filling the room louder and louder with your mewls and moans. Remus curled up his fingers up to your special spot and you broke with a pornographic moan while James sucked harder on your nipple. Remus only laughed when he felt how you clenched around his fingers, knowing damn too well you’re close.
“Please, can I cum?” you begged them as you felt your tummy tightening again with that weird feeling again. “No.” Remus chuckled and slowed his pace until you calmed down, yet, he still left his fingers in you, feeling how you loosen up and tensed around them with your breathing.
“You’re doing so good, little one.” James mumbled around your nipple and looked up at you with a reassuring smile. You heard moans and grunts above you and you locked your eyes with Sirius. “Fuck, gonna come on your pretty tits.” he panted and after that you felt his warm cum falling on your tit next to James’ face. “Fucking hell.” he groaned as his orgasm was still washing over him. Remus smiled at his boyfriend and collected your arousal. “Have a taste, she’s always so sweet.” Remus raised his fingers to Sirius’ lips and he wrapped them around his fingers. He hummed at your taste and closed his eyes. He let them go with a soft pop and leaned to your face. “So fucking good.” he kissed you with all the passion. The kiss was hot and heated, making you taste yourself when he thrust his tongue into your mouth.
Remus chuckled and brought his fingers back to your entrance when he pushed his finger back and started thrusting his fingers in and out of you. He speeded up his pace once again while massaging your g-spot.
His other hand found your clit and he quickly drew circles on it over and over again as his fingers were pumping in and out at an abnormal pace and you felt like you could explode. “Open your mouth, pumpkin.” Siris whispered and dug his fingers into his cum on your boob. You obeyed and stuck your tongue but. He smiled and put his fingers covered in cum into your waiting mouth. “And suck.” and you did. “Such a good slut, look at her.” Sirius patted your head and you smiled at that degrading praise.
Remus hummed in agreement and quickened his pace with his fingers on you. “Cum, I know you want to. Make a mess on my fingers.” Remus urged when he felt your arousal dripping down on his fingers to his wrist and on the bed.
“C’mon pumpkin,” Sirius moved to your other nipple where he circled around the bud with the rest of the cum. “Cum for Remmy. Be a good little girl and make a big mess.” he smirked and you nodded, lost in pleasure. Your tummy twisted with knots and your walls squeezed around him once again. “Gonna cum!” you gasped and when James bit your nipple, you came with a scream. Your wetness dripping and flowing around Remus’ fingers, down on bed. “Here we go, good girl.” he praised. “But we are not done yet.” he faked a pout and that’s when you realised that he didn’t stop his movements on your cunt. You whimpered and he only laughed. “Take it, you wanted to cum, now take it.” he urged.
“Just one more, yeah?” Remus quickly changed his behaviour when he saw the tears collecting in your eyes and you nodded. To be honest, his calm and sweet face wasn’t matching to the torture that his fingers were making on your pussy.
You felt you’re about to burst and snap, but not in that sweet euphoric mind blowing way.
The weird feeling that Sirius pulled out with your ruined orgasm was getting stronger and stronger. Some tears escaped your eyes and fell into your sprawled hair.
Remus was scissoring his fingers and that feeling was only getting stronger and stronger. At this point, it started to hurt and the pleasure you were getting was running away and even James pampering your breast couldn’t make it all worth it.
“Remmy…” you cried out. “You deserve to come after your pretty cries.” he chuckled. The weird feeling was getting stronger and higher until it triggered your whole body when Remus added a third finger into your entrance and James bit you too much, that’s what it did.
“No! Stop! Red!” you yelled and squirmed away. The second your safeword left your lips all of them pulled away and watched how you were getting your limb body up from laying position.
“Bunny, you alrig-” Remus didn’t even get to finish the sentence because you ran from the bed to the bathroom on your trembling legs. Sirius was right behind your back as he tried to catch you and help you. You found the sink and grabbed the surface with all the strength that was left in you right before your stomach started doing somersaults and you started throwing up. So that was the weird feeling in your tummy.
Sirius placed a hand on your bare back and started doing slow circulars motions to calm you a bit. “Good job, just let it all out, pumpkin.” he whispered and turned the water on.
Remus and James got into the bathroom with a guilty and regretting look on their faces and waited for a moment. They were looking at each other and tried to understand what just happened and what they should do to help you. James came closer to the bathtub and grabbed the washcloth and drenched it in cold water.
You choked on your vomit and started crying as it was getting harder to breathe. Remus quickly jumped to your other side and tilted your head up to him. “Let me help you, princess.” he silently begged and you nodded through your watery eyes. Remus shoved two of his fingers into your open mouth and triggered your gag reflex a couple of times. You coughed when you felt your stomach tightening again and it brought more tears into your eyes.
“And let it all out.” he whispered as you lowered your head to the sink again. Remus grabbed your hair and put them in a lower bun in an attempt to give you better access.
After a minute it all stopped and now you are here and coughing for your dear life. “Hey, little love.” James whispered behind you and placed the cold washcloth on your forehead. You leaned against Sirius' shoulders as tears continued falling from your eyes. “You did so well, so so well, such a good girl, good job.” Sirius continued to whisper praises into your ear and placed a kiss on your head. Your body got suddenly all weak and if Sirius’ wasn’t supporting you with James’ you were sure you would fall.
Your crying didn’t stop, to be honest, you felt really awful and sick right now and all that was on your mind was that your body was in pain and your body started to shake.
All of them were worried. They were worried that they somehow hurt you during sex and you’re in pain because of them. That they scared you somehow. That you feel the feeling of guilt for saying your safeword because they all knew how your mind works.
“Darling?” Remus sang after a while. You opened your eyes and saw his worried face. “Hi there.” he greeted and you nodded. “What do you think about bath and little talk?” he asked and you nodded again. Remus jumped from the surface and with a simple movement of his wand the huge bath was filled with lukewarm water.
“Take my hand, petal.” James said as he grabbed your arm to help you walk to the bath.
Sirius got in front of you and sat you into his lap as he held the cold washcloth on your forehead.
“You’re shaking, poppet, take a deep breaths, please.” Sirius said and kissed your cheek and you did what he told you, as he took a deep breaths with you. “That’s it, good job, pumpkin.” James praised and kissed your shoulder. “Where’s Remmy?” you asked your boyfriends and cried when you didn’t feel Remus’ presence.
“I’m right here, bunny.” Remus said from the other side and then you felt the water rise as he stood in the bath. “Just had to get something.” Remus explained and you turned your head to him. You saw him holding a big bottle with water and ice, some snacks and other stuff. He put his things on the windowsill behind Sirius and looked back at you. “Drink up, love.” he said and put the straw from the bottle closer to your lips. “Good, that’s it.” he smiled and patted your head. “Now, you need help from this little friend.” he joked and showed you the small pill. “Open your mouth, please.” he said and you did what he told you. “And drink.” he brought the straw back to your lips. Then he took the washcloth from your forehead and cleaned your lips. “There we go.” he smiled and you opened your mouth to thank him but all that came from you was a small burp. “Sorry.” you mumbled with tears and all of your boyfriends laughed. “Good job, little one. Keep going.” James said and stroked your sweated cheek.
“Then we will get some snacks into you.” James said as he looked for the best snack for you. You sighed in relief and placed your head back on Sirius's shoulder. “Thank you.” you mumbled and closed your eyes. “You don’t have to, puppy.” Sirius said and rubbed your back.
“Y/N/N…” James started. “We are so sorry.”
“We promise we didn’t want to force you into something while you’re sick.” Remus said. You looked up into his eyes and saw that he was truly sorry and worried.
“I know, it’s okay, my loves.” you smiled at him and nuzzled more into Sirius's neck, but still looked at them.
“It’s not, we are really sorry.” Sirius spoked this time and played with your hair while he splashed the ends of your hair.
“How is your mind, pretty girl? Isn’t it a little bit foggy?” Remus asked, he had to make sure you’re not in subspace, it would be harder to communicate with you.
“No, I’m right here.” you confirmed and took his hand under the water.
“And did you eat something bad or… what happened?” James raised his eyebrow and sat next to Sirius, grabbing your legs and putting them on his lap. He grabbed the spongie and poured some on it. He lifted up one of your legs and started washing it and massaging every sore spot on it.
“I was eating with you for the whole day. And I liked the night, but then I felt a weird feeling in me and I thought it would disappear but then I came and Remmy was continuing and then it hurt and then I was throwing up.” you sniffled because the yucky feeling of throwing up was still in you.
“Oh puppy, we are really so sorry.” Sirius was truly sorry and wiped away your tears
“We promise we won’t get you into this point ever again.” Remus promised and kissed your hand he was holding.
“It’s okay.” you promised back, because you really knew that they didn’t mean it.
“Little one…” James sighed and you turned your head to him. “Stop saying that it’s okay. We are really sorry.” James changed legs and repeated the whole process.
“Alright, I’ll take your apologies after Holiday in France.” you joked.
“You have it.” James seriously said and all of you looked at him with a surprise.
“I'm joking.” you nervously chuckled. The thing was that James was a little bit crazy about this. Once Remus joked about having a chocolate organisator and well, now you have a big chocolate organisation in the room.
“I'm not. You have it.” James nodded his head.
“You don’t have to. This is enough.” You pointed at all of them and smiled.
“Fine then.” he frowned but in his head he already planned when is the best time to visit France.
“Come here, pretty girl.” Remus mumbled. It was a little test. If you’re somehow mad at him or scared of him, but when you jumped into his arms, he knew that everything he did was forgotten. “Owie.” you whimpered a little bit when you moved a little bit too much and through your stomach and pussy went a sharp pain.
“Carefully.” Remus reminded you and kissed your temple.
“I’m so sorry, princess. I promise I never wanted to bring pain to you.” Remus apologized once again and you only foolishly smiled at him. “I know, my precious boy, it can happen and it’s okay, I forgive you.” you whispered only to him and kissed the scar on his chest. “Thank you.” He closed his eyes in relief and hugged you.
Rest of the bath was calm and full of bubbles. Even when the water wasn’t hot and warm as usual, it was still relaxing and the way Remus massaged your scalp was so calming that you fell into limb and your head fell against Remus chest and they had to wake you up. “Stay up for a few minutes, poppet.” Sirius laughed and booped your nose.
“And here we go, good job.” James praised you as he put the last item of clothes on you. “Thank you, Jamie.” you yawned. “Wanna sleep, can we sleep now?” you looked up at all of them and they all nodded. “Of course, anything you want.” Sirius said and you didn’t wait for them and crawled into the middle of the king sized bed.
“Show me your belly.” Remus said from behind you and you turned on your other side, showing your clothed tummy to him. “Nellie is here to help.” he explained and put the warm plushie on your tummy. “Or at least it should.” he said and you giggled. “Thank you.” you thanked him and Remus started tucking you in. “Are we gonna cuddle?” you asked.
“Of course, we are just tucking you in so you can be in warmth and make the pain go away and still have some personal space.” Remus explained and laid next to. “Wanna feel you.” you frowned and leaned with your head into his chest. “I’m right here, lovebug.” Remus kissed your forehead and stroked your hair.
“And I’m also right here.” James chuckled and you felt his body behind you, then his arm around your waist.
“I’m gonna read to you.” Sirius excitedly exclaimed and grabbed the nearest book full of fairy tales.
“Pick a number from 1 to 578.” he said as he sat at the end of the bed.”
“69!” James quickly said and Remus rolled his eyes, you giggled and agreed with him.
“Alright, very well,” he cleared his throat and dramatically tossed his hair. “Gold tree and Silver tree.” He read the title of the chapter and all of you waited for the story. James started slowly and softly stroking your stomach over Nellie and even though he stroked only Nellie, you still felt his touch. “Once upon a time there was a king who had a wife - why not a husband?” Sirius raised his eyes from the book. “Because the story is homophobic, continue.” Remus said and tiredly laughed. “Whose name was Silver tree, and a daughter, whose name was Gold tree. - First of all: why would you name your daughter and wife after trees?”
“The king didn’t name his wife.” Remus pointed.
“Whatever,” Sirius frowned. “Second of all, why do they have the same name? I would understand if the king and his wife had two daughters and they named them after trees, but at this point it sounds like his wife is his kid.” he explained.
“Wait!” you raised your head.
“What?” James worriedly asked.
“What if the wife, Silver tree, has two other sisters. Like Gold and Bronze trees and she is just one of them and she likes those names so much that she named her daughter after that.” you explained. Suddenly your brain was working in full mode.
“That’s smart!” Sirius pointed.
“Ew, they’re gonna fuck to have two other daughters.” you scoffed and Sirius laughed.
“That’s enough. Sirius, read without any other interrupting and you, young lady, you better be sleeping in two minutes and don’t talk until you wake up.” Remus laughed and shoved your head back to his chest and started playing with your hair once again.
“Mfine.” Sirius rolled his eyes and started reading once again.
And Remus was right, not even two minutes and you already passed out due to all of the soft touch and beautiful Sirius’ voice.
— (something I imagined playing while taking the bath) —
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mrstarksslut · 2 months ago
special spells || poly!marauders x reader
Being the girlfriend of three out of four Marauders doesn’t make you any exception to their wicked schemes. If anything, it makes you prime target to them.
words: 3.5k
warnings: dom/sub dynamics, overstimulation, public humiliation/exhibitionism (in a way - it’s in public, no one actually sees anything tho), degradation, praise, unedited smut/fic, sirius being a little shit **safe words are put in place**, got really james-centric near the end because i’m a simp, overprotective james because literally why not, weird titles because i literally couldn’t come up with anything else lol sorry
note: this is a little fic inspired by this headcanon from @pinkandblueblurbs that i thought was just - muah - chef’s kiss. so thank you to her for allowing me to use the idea/prompt - and also to the person that sent it in! again, we’re pretending like peter literally doesn’t exist lmfao, he’s mentioned literally not even by name but just for effect. like that’s it, sorry i don’t fuck with rats. i hope you all enjoy!
Dating three fourths of the self proclaimed Marauders came about as easy as anyone would expect. That, of course, means not at all.
It had been wishful thinking to have assumed at the beginning of your relationship with the three boys that you would have been spared being a victim to their mischievous ways. If anything, it made you the victim.
As their girlfriend, you were their favourite target. It was never really harmful, like the grand schemes they cooked up for the students in Slytherin house, but they were frequent and a variety.
The games they played ranged from innocent, yet very much able to get you into trouble, pranks such as using a spell to unwillingly turn you into your animagus form - making it appear to others as though James had simply put his transfiguration skills to a hilarious test - all the way to less innocent pranks, such as slipping you the odd love potion every now and then for laughs, giggles, and ego inflation.
They never took it too far, of course, but you absolutely could not stand Sirius’ big head after the effects had worn off.
Up until today, one thing you could have noted was that their little games had never taken a… sexual turn.
Whether it be because the four of you were already heavily active or the fact that those activities ranged thoroughly across any sexual board you could find, you couldn’t imagine your boys could find anything that would catch you by surprise or leave you disgruntled -  as they found it “So very cute, sweetheart,” when you pouted - in any sort of way.
Evidently, you were wrong. You found so much out when two out of three boyfriends came sliding in on either side of you during breakfast in the Great Hall wearing their matching signature wide, and rather unsettling, grins.
Their gazes were settled on you as you continued to butter the slice of toast in your hand. Instead of a greeting, you opted for a, “What did Remus let the two of you do this time?”
A yelp interrupted from you suddenly at the feeling of a sharp pinch to your left thigh. Your head turned to face Sirius with an offended look on your face and a defense about to roll off your tongue before he beat you to it, with a brow raised and his voice quiet and low, filled with authority. “Try again. Proper greeting this time.”
Ignoring the urge to roll your eyes in the wake of a punishment later into the day, you sighed softly before turning to James. The smile still planted on the bespectacled boy’s face made the corners of your lips lift up into a small smile before you offered him your sweetest sounding, “Goodmornin’ Jamie,” and placed a brief peck onto his lips to which made his smile grow more genuine in return.
You turned back to Sirius, this time a pout forming onto your lips as you looked at him with hopeful eyes. “Mornin’ Sirius.”
He hummed in return, “Better. Could still use a little work, pup.”
The pout on your lips didn’t leave as your brows furrowed in dissatisfaction. It prompted Sirius to roll his eyes and feign an exasperated sigh. “C’mere.”
Your little smile returned as he pecked the pout off your lips.
“So,” you said as soon as Sirius pulled away, “What did Remus let you two do this time?”
You heard the clicking of James’ tongue behind you as Sirius’ face contorted to one of irritation. “Remus does not let us do anything.”
“In fact,” James threw an arm around you as he spoke boldly, “I’d like to see him try and stop us from doing something.”
Your brows raised at the bold statement as you stifled a laugh when you said, “Really?” knowing fully well how the little hierarchy the four of you have works - and how Remus happens to be at the very top.
Both boys hummed, to which you shook your head. “So,” you picked your slice of toast back up and took a bite before continuing, “I take it Remus must be one of the masterminds behind this one, then.”
“And that you’re right, sweetheart.”
Remus’ voice came from behind you, hands planting on either shoulder as he leant down and pressed a kiss to the top of your head.
Whilst the boys at your sides looked disgruntled at the statement, your brows furrowed in question as you tilted your head to look at the tallest boy. “What are you three up to?”
The pads of his thumbs swiped across your shoulders, which would have been comforting despite the fact that Remus now donned one of James and Sirius’ “I’m up to no good” smirks with a perfected ease as he looked down at you. His voice was filled with amusement as were the glints in his eyes. “It’s a surprise, bun. I’d hate to ruin it.”
The interaction had left you on edge all throughout your first period, where you were stuck in Divination all alone to stew in your thoughts. 
Usually, you wouldn’t know the fact that your boyfriends had the odd prank cooked up for you, so you’d typically be pretty excited to see what they had to dish out next and to whom. Remus, however, made it abundantly clear that it had little to do with any Slytherin or Filch and everything to do with you.
So, when the second period came around, you found yourself sitting next to Sirius in History of Magic.
The raven haired boy still wore that arrogant smirk of his that you just wanted to wipe clean off his face as it was directed at you.
“Hello, love.”
You only grunted in return, crossing your arms and leaning back into your chair as your eyes surveyed the room for any oncoming threats. It was times like this you found yourself appreciating the corner back row seat that Sirius had shoved you into at the beginning of term.
“On edge, are we?”
You turned to glare at the boy as Professor Binns began onto his droning. “And why do you think that is?” You whispered harshly in response.
When Sirius’ smirk only widened, you went on. “You know it’s only a Tuesday? Tuesdays are the worst, Sirius. You three really couldn’t have chosen some other day to be a lot of pricks?”
“First off,” Sirius’ voice was hushed as he leaned further into your proximity, eyeing the front of room carefully as to not get caught, “Watch your fucking tongue. I am the last person you want to be talking like that to today. Second, I think you’ll find we chose the perfect day to do this. Maybe now, you’ll come-”
Sirius was cut off by a sharp gasp escaping your lips before your hand clamped over your mouth, eyes squeezing shut as you almost collapsed forward into him.
Sirius quickly told off a Ravenclaw that twisted around in concern at the sound of your gasp before he turned back to watch your thighs shake as they clenched against the force of the sudden pleasure shooting through your cunt.
His expression became one less of arrogance and more of awe at the sight before him. Once you recovered, looking at him through the hair that had fallen into your face, he had just barely found it in himself to finish. “-around to Tuesdays.”
Shock painted your face as you tried to control your breath. “What the fuck was that.”
Sirius’ brows furrowed. “Tongue.”
Your eyes widened incredulously. “Tongue?” It was taking everything in you not to shout and keep your voice at a whisper. “Are you three insane? I just ca- finished in the middle of History of bloody Magic!”
“It doesn’t work when you say it, firstly.” Sirius leant over to grab your hand, squeezing as he looked at you with mock sympathy. “Secondly, I told you to watch your tongue. So now, you’re going to cum.”
A second wave hit you. Your eyes squeezed shut once more as you gripped Sirius hand so tight your knuckles burned white. Your clit throbbed with pleasure, a quiet whimper only your boyfriend could pick up on escaping your lips.
“Is it humiliating, puppy?” You refused to open your eyes as he whispered next to you. “What? Refusing to open those pretty eyes because you’re afraid someone saw you? What would you do, hm? Knowing someone saw you for the selfish little whore you are.”
Sirius’ hand came up and gripped your chin, pulling your face to his and urging you to open your eyes. His demeanour changed. “Do you want to use your safe word?”
A beat passed before you shook your head. “No, sir.”
Sirius had taken mercy in knowledge of the fact that the day was only beginning, and so was their torment, and settled on forcing one more orgasm from your already sensitive body.
Your heart was racing as Sirius walked you to your next class even after being twenty minutes since the last one he’d given you.
You couldn’t help the arousal that left you soaking and your mind hazy when Sirius pressed a kiss to your lips before he pushed you gently into your Ancient Runes class and dismissed himself to Transfiguration.
Although, just as you were making your way to your seat, a hand had wrapped around your arm and pulled you out of the class with ease and without a word.
Words died on your tongue when you realized through your haze that it was Remus hauling you through the halls with an unbreakable determination.
“Remus,” you whined as he practically dragged you to the left, “We’re going to miss Ancient Runes. You know I can’t miss classes.”
“With me, you can,” Remus grunted, eyes still poised ahead of him, “Think you’re forgetting I implemented that rule.”
With a sigh of relief, he stopped in front of a door. You barely had time to read the words “Prefect Bathroom” before you were dragged inside. 
The interior never failed to amaze you. You didn’t have time to bask on it, however, as Remus was immediate with his demands.
“Take off your underwear and get on top of that counter.” The hard look in his eyes was mixed with a hunger you only saw when the full moon was close. “Now.”
Like a second nature, you rid yourself of the offending piece of clothing and hauled yourself on top of the counter, bringing your hands back to lean on them as you brought your legs up to rest your feet at the very edge. Your legs were spread, leaving your cunt on display.
Remus couldn’t hold back a groan at the sight of you on display for him, lips puffy and glistening with arousal.
You whimpered as he came forward and used his thumbs to part your lips further. He growled at the sight of your clit, swollen from overstimulation. “Sirius has been having his fun with that spell, hm? Fuck.”
You didn’t have time to respond before he crouched down, licking a strip over your cunt that had you crying out.
“You know I can smell you, bunny?” Remus said when he pulled away briefly before sucking your clit into his mouth.
The action left your mouth hanging open and long awaited tears slipping from your eyes, pleading cries for mercy falling out as he stayed relentless. “Please, ‘s too much, Remmy.”
“I know, baby,” his words were muffled before he pulled away, watching as your cunt clenched from the attention. He looked up at you. “Just had to get a taste of that pretty pussy.”
His attention quickly went back down to your cunt, leaving you flushing at both his words and the way he opted to stare at your bare sex. You squirmed under the attention. “Stop it, Remmy.”
“Stop what, hm?” A smirk formed on his face as his eyes flitted to your face and back. “I just want to watch you cum.”
With that, familiar pressure shot through you. Back arching as you came undone, your head thudding gently against the mirror behind you as it threw back. A groan escaped your lips at the sudden emptiness you felt as you came around nothing.
Remus watched, entranced as your cunt repeatedly clenched around nothing, bringing his hands to grip onto your waist and hold your lower body down as you rode through your high.
The kiss he landed on your clit post-orgasm made you jolt in surprise. A chuckle escaped his lips at the reaction as he made his way up your body. His arms wrapped around you to bury your head into his neck as your legs wrapped around his waist, mindful of your sensitive cunt as he refrained from pressing against you too much.
“How do you like the surprise?”
Although your original dismay was hardly lost, endorphins swarming your body had a giggle escaping your lips. You left the question unanswered as you felt Remus’ chest vibrate with his own soft laughter.
Ironically, Remus was the one who insisted on not going back to class.
Instead, he opted to keep you to himself for the rest of the hour. The majority of it was spent at his mercy, on your knees with his cock heavy in your mouth, as he pulled another orgasm from your overworked - and painfully empty - body with a single word.
The vibrations of your moans and whimpers around his shaft is what had him shooting his cum down your throat.
By the time lunch rolled around, you had lost count of the amount of time you’d cum. All you knew was the lethargic feeling your body took on as Remus guided you with a gentle hand on your back to the Great Hall.
Now, you sat across a smirking Sirius with Remus by your side. “Did a number on her, didn’t you, Moony?”
Remus shot him a stern look before turning his head to you, bringing a hand up to push your hair behind your ear as he took in your state. “You feeling alright, bun?”
You returned a weak smile. “Yea-”
“What did you two wankers do to the poor thing!”
James had finally arrived, plopping down next to Sirius with concern evident in the way his brows furrowed as he noticed your hazy state from the second he saw you. “Baby?”
You smiled, still weak but genuine, at your boyfriend’s concern. “‘M fine, Jamie. Just a little fuzzy ‘s all.”
“Well, then,” your attention turned to Sirius, who’s smirk had yet to wipe off his face, as he leant over the table and spoke hushed to you, “you wouldn’t mind if I asked you to cum?”
James’ response came just as you collapsed into Remus’ side, hand shooting up to muffle the small cry that left your lips as your eyes squeezed shut. Remus’ arm came around your shoulders to hold you to him just as James fist came in contact with Sirius’ arm.
“Oi!” Sirius rubbed his arm, albeit the punch doing nothing to wipe the mischievous look on his face. “Seems ungrateful of you, Prongs. Weren’t you the one saying that her face like that was the prettiest thing you’d ever seen?”
James looked sheepish before he recovered. “You’re the definition of a wanker, Sirius.”
“He’s mean.” You added with a pout from the pseudo-safety of Remus’ chest.
With a wicked smile, Sirius leant over and his eyes connected with yours. “I can be meaner.”
You rolled your eyes, although smiling fondly at Sirius’ want of riling James up. There was really only one way to rile James up when you were his best friend and partner in crime, with the same sense of humour and values - when you were Sirius Black - and that’s through his baby.
Torment a few Slytherins? Sure. Drive Minnie up the wall? He’s all for it. Relentlessly teasing and torturing his princess, even in the best of ways? His heart would beat out of his chest with guilt and wanting to make his girl feel as good as he possibly can.
It really is why Remus and Sirius have to be the ones to deliver punishments when you’ve broken a rule.
Sirius’ smile only widened as James rolled his eyes and pushed himself up, knowing he’d accomplished his mission.
“Come on, baby.” James gestured for you. “Let me walk you to class.”
Remus hummed. “And you’re sure that’s all you’ll be doing?”
To which Sirius bursted into laughter, James flipped him off as you heard him uttering something along the lines of, “… was supposed to be harmless fun, not torturing the girl.”
You couldn’t help the small laugh that escaped your lips at James’ endearing defensiveness over you.
As he was finally able to put his arm around you once you’d connected at the end of the long table, James guided you out of the Great Hall before you found that the aftershocks of your latest orgasm made you more desperate for something more than you thought.
The sound of your voice, a bit weak, made James’ heart melt as his steps faltered for a moment. “Yeah, love?”
“Do you think you could take me to that classroom on the fourth floor?”
James stopped entirely, thankful for the fact that the hallway had been entirely empty, with his brows furrowed as he looked down at you. “Baby, you’ve had a lot today. I don’t want you thinking-”
“I know! I know,” you interrupted, although flushing at the stern look you received in turn for it. He raised a brow for you to continue, nonetheless. “‘S not for you, Jamie.”
You bit your lip as your cheeks burned hotter than before. “Just been coming around nothing all day. Feels so empty.”
James let out a breath he didn’t know he had been holding in, pants tightening painfully at your confession and the way your eyes, filled with lust, bore into his. “Yeah?”
It didn’t take long for James to take you up to the abandoned classroom on the fourth floor, charming the door locked before pushing your front up against one of the desks.
Your hands came down to support you as James ground himself against you before you whimpered. “Please, Jamie, I can’t - Need your cock.”
“I know,” James cooed, pulling away from you to flip your skirt up and groaning at the sight of you bare - panties stolen by Remus. He traced your lips, wet with arousal, with his finger and shushing you as you whined. “It’s alright, sweetheart. I’m going to fill you up, yeah?”
He pulled his hands away from you to release himself from his confines, pulling out his cock and relishing in the gasp that escaped your lips when he ran the tip through your folds. “Gonna make my girl feel all better, hm?”
You pushed back against him with a cry, urging him to hurry up, to which he complied. You groaned at the feeling of the boy slowly filling your cunt for the first time that day.
“Fuck.” James’ hands gripped tightly at your waist as he bottomed out, panting as he took a moment to rest inside you and allow you to adjust. “That feel better, princess?”
You mustered enough strength to nod your head weakly, uttering incoherent words of gratitude as your cunt clenched around the boy’s cock. “Thank you, thank you, thank you so much-”
James shushed you as one of his hands came up to grip your jaw, bringing you up to have your back flush against his chest and connect your lips with his.
“Never have to thank me,” he mumbled against your lips, “‘D do anything for my princess.”
His hips began to move, thrusting at a slow rhythm. “You my princess?”
“Yeah,” you cried against his lips as his cock began to hit a sensitive spot inside of you, “‘M your princess, Jamie.”
James’ thrusts began to pick up, the feeling of your cunt tightening around him becoming too much. The lewd sounds of skin slapping against skin and your moans echoing in the room increased with the quickening of his pace.
“I’m so close, baby,” James grunted into your ear, “Want you to cum.”
With that, another coil in your belly snapped and sent you over the edge. The feeling of your cunt spasming around his cock sent James to his end not long after, painting your walls white as he buried himself into you.
Your pants filled the room, coupled with James’, as the two of you refused to move before a thought hit you. “Did you three really learn how to manufacture a spell and put that knowledge to use by creating a… cum charm?”
You turned your head back only to be met with a sheepish smile on the bespectacled boy’s face. “To be fair, Pads was telling the truth about how pretty your orgasm face is, princess.”
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dr4cking · 26 days ago
kinktober masterlist.
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- warning : dark contents with *
Tumblr media
sub!draco with mommy kink
Bad *
draco malfoy with titty kink + cnc kink
sirius black with bondage kink
theodore nott with size kink + theo with daddy kink
poly!marauders with dumbification + edging
Secret *
stalker perv!draco with masturbation + polaroid kink
Check-Up *
doctor!draco with innocence + corruption + manipulation kink
Wrong *
stepbrother!draco with voyeurism, breeding and squirting kink
switch!draco with humiliation kink + a little bit of cnc
Tumblr media
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saintlike78 · 2 months ago
Beginnings [Poly Marauders]
Pairings: James Potter x fem! Reader —> Poly! Marauders x fem! Reader
Words: 1.4k
Anon request: Poly!marauders where you were originally only dating James, but the other boys sort of adopted the role of taking care of you and looking out for you when James isn't there until you're basically all a couple? I hope this makes sense
Warnings: pure fluff, cuddling, polyamorous relationship. As always lmk if I missed anything.
Tumblr media
“Will you be alright whilst I’m at practice, darling?” James asked, his thumb gently stroking your cheek. His eyes were soft as he stood with you by the door, quidditch bag in hand as he hesitantly bid his farewell.
“I’ll be fine… Remmy promised me he would keep me company,” you smiled. Excitement bloomed in your chest at the thought of spending time with Remus, having him read to you one of your favourite pass times when James was occupied.
“Did he now?” James smirked, “and what are you planning on doing?”
You turned your head looking at the Lycanthrope as he rested with his back against the headboard, “will you read to me, Remmy?”
You tried giving him your best puppy eyes, even though you knew you didn’t need to.
“Of course I will, bun,” he smiled, leaning to look through his bedside table for the book you were reading.
“Alright then, I’ll see you later, my darling,” James smiled, pecking your lips before making his exit, leaving you standing in the doorway watching his form descend the stairs.
“Come here, bunny,” Remus called, patting the spot beside him before lifting his arm for you.
You excitedly made your way to him, making Remus chuckle as you jumped onto the bed quickly scooting toward him and snuggling into his side, throwing one leg over his and tangling them together.
His arm held you to him as his soft voice filled the dorm, inviting calm to flow through your body, eventually lulling you to sleep.
The booming voice of Sirius Black pulled you out of your dreamland. Your body felt toasty as you laid curled up against Remus, his focus now on another book and his hand absentmindedly rubbing your side. Sirius happily made his way toward Remus’ bed, having spotted your tired figure against his boyfriend.
He gave Remus a quick peck before a huge grin overtook his face.
“Hi, baby,” he smiled at you, making your heart flutter in your chest.
You disconnected from Remus, stretching your arms for him, “Siri,” you whined, making the raven-haired boy smirk, but he was quick to cover it with a large grin.
“Aww come here, my baby.”
He lifted you into his arms, hugging you close to him as he swayed with you in his grasp.
“Have you had a nice day?” he asked.
“Mhmm, classes were good and Jamie went to practice, so Remmy has been reading to me, but I fell asleep,” you mumbled into his neck, tickling the skin.
“That was nice of him… - are you still tired?”
You nodded, “kinda.”
This caused Remus to shake his head with a small smile, “bunny, you’ve been napping for almost 40 minutes, you won’t be able to sleep tonight if you keep napping.”
“But Moony! I also want to nap and I can’t sleep without my cuddle buddy,” Sirius whined.
Remus’ eyes made a full rotation but didn’t argue, just patted the bed again, making Sirius let out a sound of victory. Sirius laid you down on the bed again, letting your curl up against Remus, before he slid in behind you curling his body against yours.
“Alright, you big babies, I’ll wake you for dinner,” Remus chuckled.
You let out a sigh of contentment before dozing off once more.
The sight James was met with when he entered the dorm should have made him furious, it should have set him off - that reaction seems fairly self-explanatory.
Yet, the only thing he felt when he looked at the bed was happiness, admiration and love. The peace that surrounded the three most important people in his life was pure ecstasy. He was in love.
He dropped his bag on his bed, his eyes locked with Remus, who’d been reading and keeping an eye on the time. Remus smiled gently, beckoning James over with a gesture.
“How was practice?” Remus whispered, taking James’ hand when he was close enough.
“It was good, I’m beat now,” James sighed, seating himself beside Remus, hands still entwined.
James glanced over, his heart leaping out of his chest at your peaceful face, a ghost of a smile resting on your lips as you slept.
It felt so right to see you wrapped up in Sirius’ arms, curled up against Remus - nothing had ever felt more right.
“Well, there’s still sometime before dinner… you can take a quick nap if you’d like?” Remus smiled, pulling James’ arm so he could lay on the bed as well.
James nodded; the tall boy curling up on the opposite side to you of the slightly taller scarred boy, sighing as his muscles relaxed.
A small kiss was laid on James’ forehead.
“Remus I…,” James started, but Remus shushed him, stopping his thoughts from coursing through his mind.
“Just sleep Prongs, we’ll discuss it when you’re all awake again,” Remus said, already aware of what James was going to say.
Another nod was given before James’ eyes fluttered shut and his breathing evened out, laying silence over the dorm again.
Soft murmuring voices pulled you from the deep ocean of sleep, warmth from three bodies surrounding you. It felt like home - you felt at home.
“Darling,” James’ soft voice broke through clearly. Without even opening your eyes you could see the smile on his face, a similar smile in yours as Sirius hugged you tighter.
“I’m awake,” you grumbled, tightening your grip on Remus.
“Come on, bunny, open those eyes…- we have something important to discuss,” Remus said, prompting your eyes to open with curiosity.
Soft smiles decorated both of their faces and though you weren’t looking, you could tell Sirius wore one as well.
Sitting up and rubbing your eyes, you positioned yourself cross-legged to be able to look at all three of them. Your eyes searched intently as curiosity ate at you.
James opened his mouth, but only stuttered words came out, “well, baby… you know, I mean I-I know… well… the four of us, hmm.”
Sirius looked to Remus, a silent conversation with their eyes told him everything he needed to know - having discussed this before among themselves.
“What Prongs is trying to say is, we all spend so much time with each other and we have our separate relationships… -well, it all merges in a way, don’t you think?” Remus explained.
You nodded for him to continue, but he didn’t.
Sirius took your hand, looking at Remus who nodded, before he finished their collective thoughts, “do you want to merge it?”
“You mean, all four of us be together?” you asked hesitantly, hoping you hadn’t misunderstood what they were getting at.
“Only if you’re okay with it, darling,” James reassured, even though you were more than okay.
“I am…- and it’s something all of you want?”
“More than anything, bunny.”
The smile you wore could’ve broken your face, your body leaping into Remus’ arms, nestling yourself in his lap. The three of them chuckled, Sirius and James moving so they could engulf you as well.
“Then it’s settled,” Remus sighed. A huge weight lifted off each of your shoulders and a feeling of contentment washed over the room as you stayed in each other’s arms.
“Alright, puppy, gimme a kiss,” Sirius smirked, finally allowed to kiss you.
You dislodged your face from Remus’ neck to look at Sirius, a huge mischievous grin on his face. You glanced at James, asking the silent question ‘are you still sure about this’ but he only smiled encouragingly for you to continue.
So you did, your lips met Sirius’ in a loving kiss, his hands cupping your face as your mouths moulded together; he tasted faintly of smoke and mints, his breath mixing with your own.
The smile you wore seemed to become a permanent feature of your face, your eyes opening to look at Sirius as you pulled apart.
“Prongs turn,” Sirius smirked, moving to James’ side, not giving him a moment to think before he crashed his lips on his.
You watched for a moment as their mouths moved together sloppily.
You leaned in to whisper in Remus’ ear, “you’re gonna tell me that they haven’t done that before,” you giggled. Remus chuckled at the comment, cupping your face with one hand.
“My turn,” he whispered, meeting your lips in a slow kiss.
He was softer than Sirius, not as hungry, but just as passionate.
It all felt surreal, you couldn’t quite wrap your head around the fact that you’d only just woken up from your nap and suddenly you had three boyfriends.
Dinner that evening wasn’t on any of your minds, the only thing occupying your thoughts being each other as you lay in the serenity.
Tags: @justadreamyhufflepuff, @teenwolfbitches28, @emma67, @trouble-in-space, @sciapod, , @nalinijulia, @roonilwazlibswhore, @White_castles, @lexi_shoto, @sprucewoodlover, @blackandlupinsslut, @emmaev, @cedricisnotdead, @Sirius-sugarmomma, @i-love-scott-mccall, @pretty-pop-princess-hs, @pottahishotasf, @velvetcloxds, @m2lily, @biles-bilinskiii, @methblinds, @lunaiswifey, @maraudersbijj, @samaraaaaa, @ildm4ev, @bellatrixscurls, @sabrinathesimp, @princess-jules47, @chanellewts, @remusjlupinisdead, @divanca2006, @dreamy-clouds, @sarahisslytherin, @katmoonz, @daedreamss, @dracomalfoyscslut, @remuslupinsoup, @havenchy, @rxinberryxx, @elesoteri, @pinkcloxds, @mathletemadison,
IMPORTANT! this is the last time I'll be using my taglist, so if you want to be notified for my future work make sure to follow my library account and turn on notifications for it (link to account in my navigation)!
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quindolyn · 5 months ago
Hi can you do a sub!James and he is sucking on our titis and we keep pulling them away and he starts whining and eventually starts crying thanks bye
Frustration || Poly!Marauders
Word Count: 2885
A/N: I love this request but I'm not sure the vibes of the piece did it justice I just hope that you all more or less enjoy it! I meant to get this out yesterday but I didn't have the time, I'm hoping to get back to a more normal writing schedule though
Warnings: mommy!kink I don't know why you're surprised honestly, titty sucking, teasing, crying, poly relationship
Tumblr media
James’ day had been a miserable ordeal. After dragging himself from classroom to classroom, barely summoning the energy to keep his head up he had landed in the place that had always provided him the most solace. That being of course the soft cushions of your tits.
The minute you’d entered your boyfriends’ dormitory you’d found it empty aside from James who was sitting on the edge of Sirius’ bed. It being closest to the door must’ve meant that he was simply too tired to drag himself the extra ten feet to his own bed, the thought made your chest tighten. Poor baby.
Worry furrowed your brow as you drank in his appearance, usually broad shoulders pulled straight seemed to curl in on themselves leaving him looking half the size he usually did. His eyelids were drooping under the weight of long, dark lashes, hiding pretty hazel eyes that usually lit up the minute you entered the room.
Today however, it seemed as though he didn’t even register your presence. That had been your first clue as to something was off with your boy.
“Jamie?” You murmured, it was then that he finally turned to see you, the smallest of smiles tugging upwards at his lips.
The sleepy look on his face was nothing absent of absolutely adorable, he’d already shed himself of his shoes, bag and school robes, each scattered about the relatively clean room. Looking at him you resisted the urge to launch yourself into his lap and curl up with your head resting against his chest.
A warmth swelled in your chest as you made your way towards James and the sleepy smile adorning his lips grew until it broke out into a full fledged smile and he was parting his legs so that you could slip between them. Your arms automatically slinging themselves across his shoulders, crossing one over the other behind his neck.
“Are you feeling okay, pretty boy?” Came your hushed voice as you ran your fingers raked through the mess or tangled curls atop his head, scratching against his scalp lightly as you watched him lean into your touch.
“M a little sleepy Mommy.”
At the use of the pet name your hand slid down from James’ scalp to his cheek where you cradled the side of his face, tipping his visage upwards. Your thumb rubbed lazy circles along his bottom lip before slipping it just past the seal of his red, plump lips.
With as much enthusiasm as he could muster in his fatigued state James accepted your digit into his mouth, suckling the finger as his hands ventured upwards to find yours, using both to anchor your palm ensuring you couldn’t pull away.
You knew James like the back of your hand and when he was like this there was but one thing that would provide him the comfort he so desired. You were more than ready to give it to him, the only issue being that that would require removing your finger from his mouth.
Slowly but surely you managed to slip your finger from his pretty pink lips, drawing a perturbed whine from the boy.
“Mommy,” He whimpered, pushing his bottom lip out in a pathetic little pout as his strong arms wrapped around your waist, pulling you flush against his front, “Why’d you pull away your finger?”
“Thought I would give you something better to suck on,” You offered with a playful tilt of your head.
You simpered as he visibly perked up, hoping so desperately that you were talking about what he thought you were.
“Y’tits Mommy?” He asked tentatively, almost as if the words themselves would make you change your mind.
You hummed your assent as you ran a palm down the smooth, hard planes of his back, savoring the solid feeling of him below beneath your touch, “You gonna take my top off baby or do you not want my titties?”
Frantic shakes of his head quickly followed your words and solid fingers flew to the hem of your shirt where the bottom most button resided. His hands stalled as big hazel eyes cast themselves upwards to meet your gaze, silently asking for permission before removing your top which you quickly granted, leaning down to press the most delicate kiss against the tip of his nose.
In a matter of seconds James had revealed the soft sloping planes of your stomach and began smearing sloppy, open mouthed kisses against the delicate skin there, trails of saliva gleaming in the light as goosebumps arose on your skin. His lips on you were like magic and you couldn’t help but arch your back, needing his touch.
As his fingers slipped the final button through its hole you eagerly shrugged the garment off your shoulders, paying it no mind as your hands flew behind you, finding the clasp of your bra and making quick work of it to present your bare tits to the slobbering boy in front of you.
His jaw dropped seemingly to the floor like he hadn’t seen your tits dozens, Merlin, hundreds of times and you watched his fingers itch at his sides.
“They’re all yours, darling.”
“Yours,” You agreed, smiling as his large hands grasped your waist, encircling it as he pulled you over his lap and laid you down, flat on your back.
You let out a giddy giggle at the abrupt movement. This was one of the things you so loved about James, it was these displays of his insurmountable strength that excited you. Despite said strength, despite the fact he could throw you around like he just had he only did when you permitted him to, only when you willed it.
Big, strong boy on his knees for you, awaiting your instruction. Godric, he made for a pretty sight.
“Y’so strong Jamie,” You praised as a delicate hand gripped his bicep, loving the pretty pink blush that dusted across the apples of his cheeks.
“Thank you Mommy,” He said bashfully, “Can I suck on your titties now? Please?”
With just a single nod of your head he was ducking his, finding himself in what had always been his most favorite place.
Cradled between the soft mounds of your tits he felt the stress and exhaustion from the day radiate him, wave after wave emanating from his wilted form.
Slotting your pert nipple between the pillowy cushions of his lips his eyes fluttered closed as he began suckling lazily, whimpering as he wiggled his body so that almost every inch of him had some sort of contact with you. The feeling of his skin against yours was addictive and as much as it was for him, hoping to do anything that would work to soothe the poor boy, the feeling of his body against yours sent warmth shooting to every nook and cranny of your body, warming you from the inside out.
“You like sucking on my nipple don’t you pretty baby?”
Instead of pulling off your nipple to answer your question properly James hummed his assent around it, causing ripples of pleasure to shoot through you at the sensation.
“Ah ah ah Jamie, come on, you know how to properly answer me when I ask you a question,” You chaisted, gently easing his mouth off your tit so that he could answer you verbally. Despite his vehement resistance at being separated from your tit he reluctantly let go, not wanting to hurt you by insisting on latching on.
“Now come on, answer me like the good boy I know you are,” You encouraged with a soft kiss on the tip of his nose.
“Mommy, want your titty please, love it so much, please,” He helplessly opened and closed his mouth, like a helpless little guppy, desperate to latch back onto the comfort of your breast.
“Please,” He pleaded, displaying his best puppy eyes in hopes of convincing you.
As always they did the trick and you gently guided his awaiting mouth back to your tit, closing your eyes as he began suckling once more.
The two of you laid there in peace and calm, James feeling himself uncoiling after his tiring day and you simply melting under his touch, always so gentle. The way he touched you you’d think he was handling fine china, gentle caresses up and down your arms, a palm resting against your hip, having slipped under the hem of your skirt, all done with the utmost care.
You weren’t quite sure how long you’d laid there with him, the picture of peace and serenity, but you were almost certain he’d drifted off into a light sleep. Even in his sleep he registered the din coming from the staircase that would eventually lead to the dorm.
Letting out an annoyed whine he sucked harder at your tit, one hand moving to cup the swell of your breast.
“Sounds like we’re getting company Jamie.”
Just seconds after you spoke the solid oak door to the dorm swung open, revealing the smiling mischievous faces of Sirius and Remus, flushed from running.
Running from what?
Now, that was the question.
“Shhh,” You tried to quiet the boys as they sauntered into the room, hoping that they would take pity on the clearly tired boy hanging off your side and keep their voices down for the sake of their boyfriend.
Wishful thinking.
“Aww look Moons, the baby’s nursing,” Sirius taunted, eyes immediately locking on his form, shedding the leather jacket he favored to his school robes as he made his way to the side of the bed closest to James’ curled up figure.
“Don’t be mean Siri, you know it helps him relax,” You glared at him warningly as he sat down on the edge of the mattress, hand immediately going to card through James’ curls.
“Is that right?” Remus inquired, slipping in behind Sirius, lifting the thick curtain of raven hair off his neck to gently kiss the skin that resided there, “Does it relax our little Jamesie?”
James let out yet another disgruntled whine as he opened his eyes up to small slits, just enough to glare at his boyfriends, never relenting on his sucking.
There was nothing the two dogs enjoyed more than teasing James deeper into subspace, always remaining conscious of boundaries.
“I’m sorry for making fun of you Jamesie,” Rem apologized, leaning in so that his face was hovering mere inches over Jamesie’s, “Could I have a kissie please?”
After contemplating it James eased himself off your nipple, not without a small whimper of course, and stretched his neck, lips puckering to meet Remus’.
Remus’ hand slipped under James’ mandible, supporting his drooping head as his lips interlocked with his. Even from your position sitting back you could see as the werewolf’s tongue effortlessly broke the seal of the slightly smaller boy’s lips, delving into the warm enclave of his mouth.
The other boy’s lips seemed to provide James almost as much comfort as your tit but that didn’t mean that as they each pulled away breathlessly that James wasn’t settling his head right back down on your breast.
“Not so fast, I want a kissie too Jamesie, s’only fair.” Sirius insisted, hand finding James’ jaw and using his grip to pull his face back up, giving him no choice but to release your nipple.
James’ whines were quickly swallowed by Sirius as he embraced his boyfriend in a deep, passionate kiss, nipping at his bottom lip as he pulled their two bodies closer to each other. You’d always find it endearing that despite Sirius being significantly smaller than Jamie he was like putty in his hands and never failed to become malleable under his touch.
Once Sirius finally relinquished his grasp on James his head was once again falling to your tit, mouth already open before he even neared your boob.
“Not so quick there baby,” Sirius caught James’ face before it could drop once more, “Remmy got a kiss, I got a kiss, it’s (Y/N/N)’s turn is it not? It sounds only fair to me.”
“I think you’re right, Pads,” Remus chimed in, “Go on Jamie, give your Mommy a kiss.”
“But want her titties,” He whined, speaking for the first time since you were joined by the boys you affectionately referred to as your “dogs”.
“You wouldn’t want her to feel left out would you?” Sirius asked with mock worry as he tipped his head to the side, by now he’d perfected his fake pouting.
You were all too happy to accept James’ lips as they grazed yours, keeping the kiss gentle compared to the ones you witnessed between him and the other boys. Regardless it was still as though that kiss fed your soul with the feeling of James’ lips against your own.
You allowed his lips to glide down the side of your face, trailing down the soft skin of your neck, then your collar bone before finding your tit again and right as he moved to make it back into his mouth Remus’ low baritone cut through the room.
“I don’t remember you asking if you could suck (Y/N)’s tit James,” You watched with a smirk as James responded to Remus’ authoritative tone.
“But Mommy said-”
“I’m sorry I should rephrase,” Remus amended, “I don’t remember you asking me if you could suck on (Y/N)’s tit.”
James’ hazel optics flickered up to your face, looking at you to tell Remus that you’d granted him permission to your tit but you were both aware that Remus pulled rank over you. Remus pulled rank above everyone and if he said you needed permission you needed permission.
“If Remmy said you gotta ask bubba,” You pressed a kiss against his hairline, “Then you gotta ask.”
When you all stayed silent, awaiting smirks atop each of your lips as you all watched James, waiting for him to fulfill Remus’ request.
Finally he relented, “Please, can I suck Mommy’s titty?” Though his words were obedient his tone was that of a temperamental toddler but regardless Remus granted him his request and it was only seconds before you felt the warm wetness of his mouth wrap around your nipple, saliva smearing across the rest of your tit as he struggled to find a good hold.
“Sounds like our pretty boy had a long day and could use some time to rest,” Your eyes fluttered from the dark curls atop James’ head to where Remus and Sirius sat with the latter practically in the bigger boy’s lap.
“As much as he might need it we’ve got Quidditch practice doll and it's time to get ready,” Sirius pushed himself up off the bed, starting to ease James away from you but the minute your nipple slipped from the confines of James’ mouth he was sniffling, sobs instead of whines falling from his lips as salty tears weighed down on his lower lashes.
“Don’t wanna go,” James cried, curling up closer into your side as he refused to move, “Want your titty Mommy please, s too much.”
“Shhh s’okay pretty baby,” You soothed as combed his hair out of his face, throwing a glare at Sirius to which he raised his hands in the air.
“Siri’s sorry, he didn’t mean to upset you. Yeah there we go,” You urged, helping him ease back onto your tit, “Stay right here baby. Si, maybe you can lead practice today?” You asked, raising an expectant brow.
After a gentle kick at his calf from Remus, Sirius relented, moping about as he got ready for practice, mumbling something about “promotion” and “assistant captain”.
It wasn’t until Sirius left the room, and Remus, sensing James needed time alone with you, drifted off down the staircase, most likely to the library to work on his studies, that James melted back into you like he had before you’d been interrupted.
In the quiet of the room you realized that you could still hear the faint sniffles coming from the boy on top of you, craning your head you saw that salty tears had pooled on the apples of his cheeks, nose red from crying.
“Are you okay pretty boy? You get overwhelmed?”
James nodded his head, adjusting his hold on your tit.
Your heart broke at the pathetic little noises that escaped from James’ mouth, wanting nothing more than to kiss his tears away and make him feel safe. Though you and your other boys had fun teasing James when it came to his infatuation with you, as though Sirius and Remus didn’t share in said infatuation, it wasn’t the verbal teasing that had tipped James over the edge, it was the being separated from the one thing he’d looked forward to all day.
“I’m sorry Jamesie, we didn’t mean to overwhelm you, thought we were having fun,” You frowned as you observed his face, “Wasn’t too much fun though was it?”
“Just want your titties Mommy,” He explained, voice muffled around the soft tissue of your boob, “That’s all.”
“Alright then Jamie,” You granted, running your fingers through his dark waves as you closed your eyes and let your head tilt back, hoping sleep would take the invitation and wash over you sooner rather than later, “Just go ahead and suck.”
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hellounicorn · 3 months ago
Dialogue Masterlist!
Okay so this is long overdue and special shout-out to @myshamalfoy who had created a Draco dialogue masterlist of my dialogues before but unfortunately tumblr would let me link it😕.
This took forever and I will update this each time I post a new dialogue, if I forget please be patient with me🥰
This post became too long so here’s p2 of the dialogue masterlist! Check here for new dialogues!
Tumblr media
Draco Malfoy:
soft dom thigh riding
ceo draco+corruption
clit slapping
lazy couch sex
ceo draco+breeding
more breeding
healer malfoy giving you an orgasm
jokingly saying ‘yes sir’
nsfw headcanons
casual dominance
dilf draco at the grocery store
mirror kink
neighbor draco watching you get off
doctor draco+colleagues w benefits
healer malfoy giving you a lollipop
fucking you before the kids wake up
soft passionate sex
dilf draco fucking scorp’s nanny
difl draco babysitting lyra and her friends
father/daughter w lyra
lyra putting butterfly clips in draco’s hair
dilf draco having a talk w lyra’s bf
making love
draco finding out you write smut
draco forgetting to say ‘ily’ to lyra
mob draco taking lyra to work
dilf draco teaching his kids 
comforting lyra after a nightmare
lyra after draco comes home from a business trip
mafia draco
happy family
dilf draco feeding lyra
dilf draco fucking you after the kids are asleep
mob draco finds out you’re pregnant // p2
mob draco meeting his daughter’s bf
dilf draco seeing your nose piercing
not falling asleep
husband draco making you walk around in just panties
slapping you w his cock
you and lyra make fun of draco
lyra on her period
the morning after
coming out to him
shutting you up w his fingers in your mouth
more mafia draco
first kiss
teaching you chess
meeting lyra’s bf (harry potter’s son)
lyra using ceo draco’s paper as a coloring page
professor draco bringing scorp and lyra to class
ceo draco fucking his assistant
laying on your tummy
dilf draco attending scorp and lyra’s first quidditch match
comforting you after a bad day // p2
lyra getting ceo draco’s attention when he’s on the phone
surprising his kids
comforting you during pregnancy
kissing your pregnancy bump
best friend draco hyping you up
dilf draco seeing lyra texting a boy
giving you more kisses than lyra
dilf draco getting the family a pet
loving your thick thighs
having the sex talk w lyra
sugar daddy draco buying you a pole
pillow humping
mob draco when his employees are rude to you
sex after an argument
sugar daddy draco fingering you in a new car
more mafia draco
mob draco seeing you have a tiny bruise
mob draco taking care of clumsy you
doctor draco fingering you
keeping you quiet during sex
mob draco+spanking
sugar daddy draco fucking you in his private jet
dilf draco handling lyra’s bully
mob draco fingering you during a meeting
carrying you to sleep
holding lyra for the first time
comforting lyra during a thunderstorm
mob draco seeing you upset
lyra’s sick
lyra wanting draco to dance w her and not you
roommate draco finding your vibrator
hate sex (when you’re a virgin)
alone time w best friend’s brother draco (you’re theo’s sister)
patching lyra up
gamer draco letting you talk to the boys w the headset
blaise and theo walking in on draco fucking you stupid
more thigh riding
lyra and scorpius want another sibling // p2
touching you in a movie theater
losing your virginity
giggly making out
breaking down from sadness
strip uno
accidentally making out w your twin
more gamer draco // p2
cute beach vacation
roommate draco taking care of you when you’re drunk // p2 // p3 // p4 // p5
gamer draco getting protective when the boys cuss you out
morning after wedding night
you sleep on the couch after a fight w draco
playing w your small tits+getting rid of your insecurity of them
reuniting after the war+telling him you’re pregnant
you needing help bc you’re pregnant 
fwb w draco and finding out you’re pregnant
admiring you when you sleep in his clothes
gamer draco not giving you attention
more casual dominance
him saying ‘good girl’ a lot
making you watch yourself in the mirror
getting your wisdom teeth out and draco taking care of you // p2
him being a v mean dom
teasing sugar daddy draco
shutting you up so his parents don’t hear you getting fucked
king draco fucking you(his maid) in his throne
calming you when you’re stressed
dilf draco bumping into his ex+lyra insulting her // p2
accidentally sending nudes to roommate draco // p2 // p3
fucking you w the showerhead // p2
dilf draco w his kids
royal guard draco fucking you (the princess)
fucking your throat when you were bad
being underwear models and draco having to grope you
fucking you during a ball
more king draco being a mean dom
fwb draco marking you up
king draco spanking you w his belt
king draco aftercare
teaching you how to get off
more hate sex
king reader fucking you when you’re just in your jewelry
husband draco w breeding kink
not knowing what was poking you down there when cuddling gamer draco // p2
roommate draco watching you model dresses
showing him a raunchy outfit
your hair getting in the way of kissing draco
roommate draco teaching you how to please guys
degrading you during spanking aftercare
caring for draco after he gets into a fight
everyone forgets your bday
fucking you w an empty whiskey bottle
feeling you up after putting scorp to sleep
flashing him a peek of lingerie
wanting gamer draco’s cuddles
treating you like a toy
draco tells a crowd that he loves fucking you
trying to build a crib
king draco+breeding 
being a complete brat and draco not having it
one bed trope w enemy draco // p2
cuddling draco when he’s sleeping
trying a pb&j for the first time
you’re both teachers and meet after years // p2
ceo draco’s employee bothering you
getting cheated on and roommate draco fucking you to make up for it
proposing to you w a ring pop
you’re scorp’s nanny and draco breeds you
taking best friend draco to ikea
trying to dom draco
dads best friend draco helping you when you’re subby
draco being all soft while baking
ex husband draco calling you ‘honey’
scorp walking in on you two
ex husband professor draco+jealousy sex
makeup sex // p2
comforting you after you get compared to your sister
having a dream he cheats on you
trick or treating w your kids
teaching you manners
youre both professors and your students find out abt you dating
struggling to unhook your bra
more draco+nanny reader
someone calls you a princess
pansy, blaise, and theo finding out abt you two
doing your makeup for halloween
coming in late to class 
mafia draco coming home late
his parents spoiling your kid
you just joined mob draco’s gang
teaching you to kiss
giving him a handy in class
correcting someone who misgenders you
doing mob draco’s makeup
fucking you when your bf cheated
dancing to taylor swift w him
accidentally transfiguring him into a baby
looking back on memories after you break up
sitting on his lap when other girls flirt w him
teaching you how to pleasure him
accidentally sending everyone a horny meme
taking you to a museum 
eating you out+squirting
best friend draco corrupting you
more aftercare
laying on ur tummy
best friend draco and after seggs awkwardness
draco picking music to fuck to
you frantically rambling in spanish
sucking gamer draco off 
sex around christmas time
awkward double date
riding him
edging+phone sex
v deep subspace
more deep subspace
fucking you in secret
soft first time
halloween costume
fucking you during a death eater meeting
he’s protective
fucking you when guests are over
waking you up
sleepy mornings
youre possessive
patching you up
Ron Weasley:
eye contact
cumming w/o permission
being subby in public
casual dominance
hate sex
Fred Weasley: 
tummy bulge
casual dominance
shutting you up by kissing you
gamer fred+orgasm denial
you’re v needy and clingy
teaching your son to make fireworks
Bill Weasley:
nsfw headcanons
casual dominance
fucking you in a corridor
Ginny Weasley:
angry sex
nsfw headcanons
Hermione Granger:
milf mione meeting daughter’s bf
Cedric Diggory: 
rough in the sheets
eating you out
Remus Lupin:
casual dominance
rem getting off to the thought of you
being subby when he’s w the boys
sirius+jamie taking care of you when rem isn’t there
wearing lingerie for him
size kink
taking rem to hershey park
rem making you a good cocksucker
losing your virginity
finding him jerking off to your nudes
drinking behind his back
him letting you sit in on a mafia meet+you getting all whiny
fucking you before a full moon
helping you write an essay
mafia rem+casual dominance
harry interrupting you two
teaching you to skate
trying to bake but failing
you being caffeine deprived
calling him pretty
losing a present he gave you
wandering off
Sirius Black: 
texting sirius
best friend’s dad
mob boss sirius
dilf sirius playing w his two toddlers
first time after having kids
secret romance (you’re james’ sister) 
teasing you when you can’t smoke
finding out you’re pregnant
giggly sex
him being condescending a v mean dom
teaching you to suck him off
husband sirius being horny
helping you clean up after a full moon (you’re remus’ sister)
being his stress reliever
trying to hide from rem that he’s fucking you
master sirius
going to a carnival
wearing his leather jacket
cockwarming him+punishment
pillow princess
enemies to fuck buddies
matching tattoos
spoiling you
more pillow princess
James Potter: 
edging w vibrator
slapping your ass
bicep riding
gamer james eating you out
skinny dipping 
being sleepy in the common room on jamie’s lap
more edging
dad’s best friend james and you getting caught // p2
more dad’s best friend james 
quidditch rivals to lovers
remus walking in on you two
him and sirius stalking you and rem on a date
wearing his quidditch jersey
finding out you like to be slapped
acting bratty to them all day
getting mad when you drink behind their backs // p2 // p3
punishment // p2
casual dominance
taking care of you after a long day
when you have the hiccups
mafia marauders not letting you leave the house
they leave you alone on a full moon
having a bad day
they offer to be your first kiss
teaching you to skateboard
them having a crush on you
waking up in subspace
them being assholes but liking you
you break someone’s jaw
giving you an ear piercing
competing to see who can make you cum fastest
being ‘their girl’
theyre lovesick over you
jamie being subby
getting your wisdom teeth out
not understanding their dirty jokes
acrylic nails
seeing you at a bar
you come home drunk (you’re their daughter)
casual dominance
both of them making you feel good
mafia wolfstar getting angry at you at dinner
mafia wolfstar+someone disrespects you
mafia wolfstar+introducing you // p2
showing them your tattoo
Lily Evans:
overstimuation+finger sucking
Regulus Black:
nsfw headcanons
soft dom
reg controlling you
Harry Potter:
letting his kids dress him up
best friend harry
best friend harry takes you to prom
finding a date for best friend harry 
Oliver Wood:
nsfw headcanons
casual dominance
shower sex
captain kink
eating out
public teasing
thigh riding
mafia oliver
walking in on you humping your pillow
finger sucking
teaching his daughter quidditch
Theo Nott:
casual dominance
dom theo
fwb (you’re draco’s sister) // p2
making you touch yourself
fucking you w vibrator+eating you out
telling him you’re pregnant
showing you off to blaise and draco on skype
roommate theo flirting w someone else to rile you up
not admitting your feelings for each other
asking him to make love to you
he’s protective
fake dating
strip poker
letting you do his makeup
being annoyingly cute w him
confessing feelings
breeding kink
feeling dizzy
Pansy Parkinson:
eating you out when you’re on the phone
riding her thigh
Blaise Zabini:
loving your stretch marks
thinking you’re not good enough for him
professor blaise+thigh riding
Narcissa Black:
helping you study
Draco and Theo:
being their dirty bunny
casual dominance
three of you being models and having to do sexual moves
skinny dipping
Blaise and Draco:
them teaching you to touch yourself
jealousy when you’re around another guy
husband blaise fucking you while you cook
Pansy and Draco:
pansy holding you up while draco overstimulates you
Fred and Draco:
both of them using you
Draco and Ron:
ron dressing you up to show draco
Draco and Hermione:
power dynamic
Poly!Slytherin Trio:
making you squirt
helping draco figure out his sexuality
you use the safe word
James and Regulus:
fucking you after truth or dare
James and Lily:
james finding out you and lily kissed
Steve Harrington:
nancy talking you to him
introducing you to the kids
calling him ‘pretty boy’
waking him up w a blowjob
introducing you to kinks
doing his makeup
teasing you when you always want to suck him off
fucking you in the backroom of scoops ahoy
spanking the brat out of you
fucking you until you cant speak
chilling w him in the pool
keeping your dirty pics in his wallet+his friends finding them // p2
calling steve ‘daddy’ in front of his friends
getting mad at him bc of a misunderstanding
asking you to prom
helping him when he’s angry
billy’s flirting w you and steve’s protective // p2 // p3
overstimulating your tits
getting a tattoo
hot tub sex
watching you fuck yourself on a toy
Robin Buckley:
steve teasing you two at work
Billy Hargrove:
max talking you up to him
cockwarming him while he drives
publicly teasing him
taking care of drunk billy
Peter Parker:
teaching you to skateboard
I’ll link this in my bio asap!
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spiritualchange · a day ago
Something like this
based of this request
warning: pet play, fluff
pairing: poly!marauders x kitten!reader
navigation | weekly schedule
Social gathering were never your favorite, staying by Remus's side most of the night.
"I know kitten." Remus sighed kissing your head. "But your being such a good girl."
Purring, you nuzzled your head into the crook of Remus's neck.
Your hand stayed in Remus's as you entered the bedroom, James and Sirius slightly drunken followed behind you.
Sirius sat the foot of his bed, you kneeling in front of him.
"Such a good girl." Sirius grabbed a hold of your chin, lifting it to have your eyes look at his. The charm on your choker shined, making it known to everyone who you belonged to.
You smiled in contently, your eyes closed, purring.
"You wanna sleep with me tonight?" James asked from his bed. You looked over at Sirius who nodded, planting a kiss on your head before sending you off towards James.
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arianagreyy · 2 months ago
Too Late To Notice || J. Potter x Reader
Tumblr media
Idk I have a weird obsession with angst. I like reading it and i like writing it so here's one:
Words: 1,241 words
Pairing: James Potter x Fem!Reader
Warnings: Angst, my crappy writing, mentions of cheating. Let me know if there are more.
Y/N wasn't stupid.
She saw the way James's eyes would light up whenever Lily was near. She saw the way he would find excuses to sit near Lily during lunch or dinner in the Great Hall.
She also saw the way Lily would start blushing whenever James was near.
She saw the way Lily would stare at James during class, a pink tint on her cheeks.
So she wasn't stupid when one day she saw James and Lily together, hair disheveled, clothes crinkled and faces pink with red, bruised lips.
What hurt her was the fact that James and Lily were perfect together. The popular guy and the pretty girl. They were so utterly in love and it cracked her heart.
It hurt her to see the boy who she was in love with since childhood fall in love with another girl, a girl that wasn't her.
James was in love with Lily Evans. Everyone knew that and everyone loved them. The ideal couple.
But deep down, he felt something was missing. Or rather, someone was.
He noticed how you started ignoring him and Lily whenever they were around you, how you would scoot away from then at the Gryffindor table, how you would refuse to be a part of conversations they were participating in. And it hurt him.
He had known you since their childhood. You both were inseparable ever since. But it all changed since he started dating Lily.
Both of you used to hang out after classes, during lunch and in the Common Room. But now, it was different. He would hardly see you after classes; you were not there during meals and in the Common Room.
He missed spending time with you just as much as you did with him. You were the one who calmed him down after every time Lily rejected him and now that they were together, he felt guilty for not spending time with you.
Right now, he was sitting in the Great Hall waiting for Lily to arrive. It had been precisely 20 minutes since Lily had to be here so he decided to go out and look for her.
He walked around corridors until he heard a faint voice of someone shouting. He walked closer and closer until he could make out the voice, your voice.
He walked close enough to see who you were arguing with, and it was none other than his girlfriends, Lily.
“If you tell James anything you saw today, you won’t end up safe and sound,” Lily hissed, venom laced in her voice.
He was shocked to hear his girlfriend sound so venomous. She was known to be very polite and kind, nobody knew this side of her. James kept his mouth shut.
“You can’t cheat on him forever, Evans. He will find out someday,” you said.
A gasp left his mouth and both girls’ attention turned to him. Lily’s face went pale whereas you slapped a hand over your mouth, trying to stop any noise that comes out of it.
To say that James looked heartbroken was an understatement. He looked crushed. He looked as if he lost everything in life.
He had spent six years trying to get Lily’s attention, confessing his true and undeniable love for her but no rejection hurt more than this. He had her in her arms and she slipped away. He looked over at you to see you looking at him with an unreadable expression.
Was it hurt or anger or pity?
No. He didn’t need anyone’s pity.
With a stone cold expression on his face, and a desperate Lily on his trail, he exited the place.
You stood here, trying to comprehend what just happened until realization hit you in the face and your eyes widened.
You destroyed their relationship.
If you have kept your mouth shut, none of this would’ve happened. Lily and James would’ve been together. James wouldn’t have been so heartbroken and Lily…she must’ve gained something as well.
You took slow steps towards the Gryffindor Common Room, hoping to find James there and comfort him, like you used to do. Each step felt as heavy as a stone but somehow, you made it to the Common Room.
James was nowhere in sight so he must be in his dorm. You reached his dorm to hear faint sounds of sniffing…he was crying.
Never in your life had you seen or heard James Potter cry. You had spent six years comforting him after Lily’s rejections but he had never succumbed to his emotions until now.
Your hand involuntarily went towards the doorknob and you slowly opened the door to see James sitting on the floor, the wall supporting his back and his legs crouched up to his stomach. His hands were wrapped around his legs and his head was over his hands. Soft voices of sniffing and sobbing left his mouth and your heart ached to see the man you’re so in love with, look so broken.
You bent down to level with him and placed your hand on his head. The voices stopped and you felt his head move upwards.
His eyes were red and puffed. Trails of tears were visible on his face. You cupped his cheek with one hand and with the thumb of the other hand; you wiped the tears that were pooling under his eyes. Both of you maintained eye contact for what felt like forever until you finally broke the silence.
“I’ve never seen you cry,” you whispered to him, one of your palms still cupping his cheek. You felt him lean into the touch. He closed his eyes and another tear slipped out but you were quick to wipe it away.
“D-did you kn-know?” he asked you and you shook your head softly.
“I didn’t know. I just saw her today,” not wanting to say more, you stopped.
“Who was it?” he asked, now fully bringing his head up from his hands. Shit.
“That’s not important. What’s important is your health and I assure you Mr. Potter that crying is not good for your health,” you tried lighting up his mood, which lowkey worked because a soft chuckle escaped his lips, making a smile form on your lips as well. You took both of his hands in yours and gave them a squeeze. He looked at your joined hands and a slight blush crept up his cheeks, which was unknown to you.
“Why were you ignoring me?” he asked the question you were dreading. A sigh left your lips and you sat on the floor in an identical pose to James and rubbed your face with your hands, which left James’s. Both of you tried to ignore the tinge of disappointment that hit both of yours’ hearts.
“I honestly don’t know,” you stated. You had read enough romantic books to know that questions like these usually ended up with love confessions but you didn’t want that. You didn’t want to tell James you loved him right after he found out his girlfriend was cheating on him.
“You don’t know why you were ignoring me?” he said, a small smile forming on his lips.
Neither of them looked at each other, rather they looked at the spaces in front of them because at that moment, both of them realized something.
Y/N, that maybe James knew.
James, that he was catching feeling for her right after is breakup.
This was messed up.
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Summary: You’re James’ possession, but for just for one night, he wants to share you with the two others. Kinktober - 2.
Warning(s): Smut. Foresome. Voyeurism, Ddlg, Masturbation, Blowjob, Fingering. Innocence kink, lingerie kink, possessive kink? Dom!Marauders.
Note: Doesn’t really have any dark themes, but I suppose it still qualities for a kinktober fic. It starts with James’ Pov.
a/n: not proud of this one at all :’)
Gods, he loves you.
He thinks you’re the goddamn sun— a candle in a graveyard. About everything that may symbolise purity and light and chastity.
You’re his. In every way. And he yours.
James Potter is deep in his thoughts, Sirius and Remus sit beside him on the couch, legs sprawled out as Pads reads the lycanthrope a book. He squints his eyes— the title of the book barely visible in the fire lit common room.
Pride and Prejudice.
Soft idiots, he thought and grinned. Then looked right ahead at the wood crackling as it burned.
In a suddenness, you’re sitting up on his lap, and burying your face in between the space of his throat and collarbones.
“Missed you, daddy” Your soft voice whispers, his possesive hands trail up to the curve of your waist, crushing you up against his chest.
“Missed you too, m’love” He sighs, kissing your temple, “How was your day?”
“It was so good! I went to shop with the girls today” You stare up ahead at him; his hazel eyes a shade of bright golden— miniscule and faint hints of amber in them.
“Yeah? What’d you buy?”
“Oh just some girls stuff. And–” For a moment you stop and think whether it was the appropriate time to tell him that, in front of his friends, then, “I bought some... lingerie for you daddy. Can I show you?”
Your voice was cautious, but it had already caught the attention of the two other boys as they eyed you.
James gives out a laugh, pulling your body closer, “No need to get shy with these two” He whispers, fingers holding your face up as they tangle themselves at the base of your neck. “She’s so cute no?” He asks, his nose nuzzling against your own.
“Definitely Prongs, you’re lucky to have ‘er”
“What color did you buy, Y/N?” Remus grins, settling the book down.
“Daddy” You whine, hiding yourself the best you could. “Don’t be a brat. Answer them”
You’re almost teary as the curly haired boys pushes you away, his eyes now darkened— and you wonder whatever the hell it is he’s thinking about.
“It’s pink, and this– this other one’s red and one’s white”
When you look over at James again, his mouth is pressed into a hard flat line, jaw tensed and eyes were burning. He wants to share you— just for once, he wants to share to share what he considers his.
“Y’wanna model those for my friends dove? If that’s alright with you”
Your head turns to them, and they’re just as into this as well, you are. You do want to be shared; it was as if you almost let yourself be treated like a possesion— but you quite well adored the thought of it.
“Okay daddy”
“Go and wear those hmm? We’ll be right with you” Sirius says, flashing you a smile.
Your eyes twinkle in excitement, before you’re hopping off James’ lap and stepping up the stairs and into his room.
You rummage through your bags quickly, wanting to be dressed and dolled up before they enter the room. Give them a little surprise. The shell-pink one is what comes through first.
Your teeth dig into your lip as you pick it up and secure the straps and buckles on your body.
As you walk out, the three are already sitting up on the bed, eyes widening in covet as their gaze falls over you.
“Give us a twirl baby” Remus demands, and you do it at once.
Sirius lets out a groan, “Fuck, er’ ass looks s’fucking peachy”
James squeezes your flesh as you walk over to him, then slaps the area he’d just touched.
Red blooms across your soft bum as he strikes it a few more times.
“Why don’t you put on the red one?”
They inspect every piece of lingerie expertly. It was humourous almost, but the feeling of being shared as if you were just a toy— that in itself had a cupid effect of it’s own. The same train of thought running through your mind track as earlier.
“She’s such a slut, Jamie. Isn’t she?” Remus moans, as you’re now pressed down on the bed with the three surrounding you.
Now you had nothing enveloping your body. You layed unvarnished— pure as the driven snow.
“Where do we start with you baby?”
“Anywhere. Please, j–just touch me”
James starts first, placing hard open mouthed kisses over your collarbones, then they reach down to your tits, and he flicks the nipples twice before reaching down further.
You whimper as he sucks hues onto your thighs, your cunt clenching around nothing. Sirius brushes his lips against yours, tongue penetrating your mouth as he fights it with yours.
James pulls away abruptly, and sits beside you. You watch him and the other’s wide eyed and drooling as the three stripped down.
Their beauty was well shared, but somehow the aesthetics unique. Each to their own artistry and charm and loveliness. Beautiful— in their own way.
“Y’can have her for today” He smirks, pushing your face into a perfect pout, “I’ll just watch her getting fucked”
Remus and Sirius are grinning ear to ear as they stare down at your dumbfounded face. “Let’s fuck her dumb yeah Moony?”
“Of course, Siri. Wanna fucking demolish this lil’ slut” he smiles.
Sirius is quick to have you bent over, palming and rubbing your plump bum before giving it a firm pat, repeating the undelicate assault on you— until you’re fucking sobbing.
“Don’t cry already poppet. Y’are too pretty to do that” Remus says as takes your left breast into his mouth.
“Daddy, it hurts” You whimper, squirming slightly, “...wanna feel good”
Teeth. You feel them dig into your ass. A cry bubbles out from you. As you turn your head, you see Sirius biting your skin, the smoothness now carved with the bite marks. Then he was kissing it— as if that were medicine for the burn.
“Sorry bug, it’s jus’ so fucking plump, wanted to take a bite”
Remus holds your head up, rubbing his thumb on the apples of your cheeks. “M’gonna fuck your mouth yeah?”
“B–but I don’t, I haven't–”
“I know how much of a pillow princess you are for Jamie. Doesn’t work with us though bug”
“Open that mouth and let him fuck your throat doll” James orders, hands rubbing over his length.
Your mouth open up wide as he trail his tip through your lips and then let’s you take the lead.
Your mouth envelops around his tip as you suck lightly, a sudden moan emits from you as Sirius works his fingers into your cunt.
“That’s right. Jus’ like that” James encourages through his grunts of pleasure.
Sirius’ fingers wedge deep into your pussy as he scissors them inside you, stretching you out to take his thick cock.
Your mouth bobs faster, working up and down on his lenght as he moans heavily.
A cry of suprise comes from you as you feel Sirius plunge his cock inside you.
The feel of Remus’ shaft heavy in your mouth and Sirius’ cock filling you up completely; it brought a satisfaction to you that was almost foreign.
“My good girl. Doing so well for me” James speaks, one of his hands guiding you better on the freckled boy’s length.
“You look so pretty with your mouth full of my cock” Remus moans, and then you’re suddenly forced to take his entire length. His tip hits the back of your throat at the same time Sirius hits your g-spot and the scream that you let out does it for him.
He pulls out as his cum spills over your clear array of skin. White creamy cum decorating your face.
Sirius lets out a grunt as he pulls you back by a ponytail, forcing you to arch your back— and you might as well have broke down from it.
He pounds into you hard. Hits same spots that have you seeing stars. A few more hard and deep strokes, then he faulters.
His thumb navigates between your legs and pinches down on your nub, and then you come undone.
Sirius lets out a strangeled groan as he pulls out and cums all over your bareback and ass.
“No more daddy” You babble, falling down right onto the mattress. For several minutes, you’re aware of almost nothing. Senses numb from pleasure.
They were both panting heavily, trying to compose themselves. It took quite some time before they’d somewhat got over the feel of your body, and found the strength to go into their own dorms. They’d memorised it— your skin; your bones; you.
“I know bug, no more okay? They’re gone now, it’s just us”
James soothes over your skin with kisses as he cleans you up, crushing your back against his chest when he’s finally ministered all your demands.
Slowly, you felt his lenght enter you again, and you shudder and let out something that could be discrened between a mewl and whimper, “Daddy! m’– i’m, ahh”
“Shh, just cockwarm me yeah? Daddy’s so proud of his pretty angel. Kept my pride today bug”
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indigoh4ze · a month ago
kinktober day thirty-one - poly!marauders
(dom) poly!marauders x (sub) fem!reader - pillow riding & humiliation
warnings: humiliation kink, pillow riding, crying, daddy kink, pet names, degradation, dumbification, a moment of pinching, d/s dynamic, kind of dubious consent? sorta exhibition, polyamorous relationship, lmk what else
a/n: last kinktober- it feel weird but we did it
reblogs appreciated!!!
“look at ‘er, she’s crying already,” sirius is almost laughing at you, eyes locked on your pathetic figure, hips rocking back and forth over the rough material of the pillow.
“‘m not surprised, she’s a little fucking slut, isn’t that right y/n? you’re our brainless little toy, yeah?” remus glanced at you, his head cocked to the side ever so slightly, eyes scanning over your weak hip movements and trembling thighs.
“n-no, not a slut daddy, not-“ a loud sob fled your lips, head tilting back and hand grabbing ahold of the strong one that was by your side, keeping you upright by the waist.
“oh, sweetie, ‘s alright, we know you’re just a stupid little baby, ‘s not your fault,” james’s condescending tone rang through your ear, his hand squeezing yours and serving as a strikingly comforting grounding base.
yet, it only caused more tears to spring to your eyes, fat droplets rolling down the apples of your cheeks in a feeble display.
thighs burning and abdomen clenching, you released whines that teetered between the lines of pleasure and pain. the gazes of the three males were full of amusement and apathy, barely an ounce of pity seen in their visage.
the lack of fullness must’ve been the worst part, the absence of one of their comforting girths inside your cunt causing you to spiral - your pussy clenching around nothing repeatedly, the friction against your throbbing bundle of nerves not being enough to satiate the growing desire.
“daddy- need you, need y’cock, this is too hard,” you cried out, another failed attempt at gaining sympathy.
to add onto the stimulation, sirius began tweaking your exposed nipples, soothing the mound and then rubbing over the bud rapidly with his thumb, his eyes flickering to yours every so often to gather your reaction and ultimately gain entertainment from your distressed visage.
unexpectedly, you felt something rub against your slit, and when you spared a glance down you realized remus’ hand was wedged between your pussy and the pillow, his slender digits gathering your slick roughly - which resulted in you twitching from the potent clit stimulation.
“look at that, you’re soaked, bunny. don’t act like you’re not enjoying it, our dirty slut loves us watching her get off to a fuckin’ pillow, doesn’t she?” the raven tresses male mused, one side of his mouth turned upwards, the animistic gaze provoking blood to rush to your cheeks, a silent whimper spilling from your lips.
“answer him, baby.” a warning pinch to your perspiring thighs from the boy with the bed of brunet curls had your attention snapping upwards.
“y-yes, daddy, i do,” you bashfully admitted, practically mortified in this moment; their eyes were all trained on you, watching how pitiful you looked moaning from the sensation the soaked material brought onto you, along with their demeaning words and taunts.
fingers slot around the column of your neck, steering your jaw to the side until you were face to face with james, his lips coming in contact with yours in less than a second, a full heated kiss being generated. his tongue ventured your mouth rousingly, your hips moving more frantically now.
you moaned into his mouth, disappointed when he separated the two cushions, a string of saliva webbing them together, his plump bottom lip still ghosting against yours, “go on, cum.”
general taglist - @xoxog0ssipg1rl @remusjlupinisdead @sprucewoodlover @wlfstxr @i-love-scott-mccall @koolllook @remuslupinsmoon @crystal-dee
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illiantt · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
These are the smut fics I’m working on right now, and will post soon. Please note that I might not post them specific in this order. So excited for it!
All my works are 18+ ONLY, so MINORS DO NOT INTERACT!!
➯ Working from home [Sirius Black x reader]
Summary: When you have a virtual job meeting while working from home, your boyfriend Sirius decides to challenge your focus—this by eating you out, and fuck you while still on the call. POSTED HERE
➯ The Death Eaters’ Meeting [Regulus Black x reader]
Summary: You and Regulus haven’t seen each other since the last time of your heated encounter. When you meet again at the Death Eaters’ meeting—Regulus can’t keep his hands away from every part of your body, even if there is a risk that someone sees it.
➯ You wanted all three [poly!Marauders x reader]
Summary: You’re friends with benefits with James, Sirius, and Remus, but they all think they are the only one. So when they find out about each other—they all three punish you at the same time.
➯ Don’t be shy for the camera [James Potter x reader]
Summary: James gets a new camera and, of course, wants to try it on his favourite art—your naked body.
➯ Come or cum, and warm me [Remus Lupin x reader]
Summary: It’s Christmas Holidays, you and your boyfriend Remus spends time at the Potters with your friends. It’s all innocent until Remus decides that it’s too cold. He solves it with making you cockwarming him. The only problems? —you can’t let anyone notice and you have to go to the bathroom.
➯ Don’t wake him up [Wolfstar x reader]
Summary: You share a room with Remus. Which makes Sirius to call you on FaceTime to let you masturbate on cam, while Remus sleeps. However, when a jealous Remus wakes up, he punish you while Sirius still watches on cam.
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robiedreamland · a month ago
Little one
☽ ☼ ☾ ⭒ ☽ ☼ ☾ ⭒ ☽ ☼ ☾ ⭒ ☽ ☼ ☾ ⭒ ☽ ☼ ☾ ⭒ ☽ ☼ ☾ ⭒
Do not interact if…
Warnings: NSFW, DDLG, oral fixation, smut scene, oral (m receiving), so much of words Daddy, but I already warned you, p*rn links (because I can’t write smut so I have to give you at least something), memories in different font
Let me know if I forgot anything
Summary: you and your boyfriends find out about ddlg
Words count: 2 604
Pairing: Remus John Lupin, Sirius Black, James Potter x fem!reader
Read me: If you see any mistakes, please let me know. English isn’t my first, not even second, language and reminding me of some mistakes would help a lot. Also, feel free to interact. If this gonna flop I’m gonna avada kedavra myself, seriously. I wrote this cuz I want this, like, I’m on my knees for them.
Reminder that there are littles in BDSM which is NOT age regressing. DDLG is literally role play where you still can relax into some headspaces and just because BDSM community use “little” and AGERE community also use “little” it’s not the same and I’ll literally murder everyone who sexualise my little age regressing friends.
☽ ☼ ☾ ⭒ ☽ ☼ ☾ ⭒ ☽ ☼ ☾ ⭒ ☽ ☼ ☾ ⭒ ☽ ☼ ☾ ⭒ ☽ ☼ ☾ ⭒
You never planned telling it to someone, nor your boyfriends. Only Lily and Sirius sensed something. The way you always let people yell at you and how you cried later. The way your eyes got wide. The way you trembled in fear. They way you wanted to hold her hand but you never did it. Or the way you always nibbled on your fingers when you were nervous. Or the way you always tucked your plushie under your chin when you were falling asleep or whenever you were in your bed and you wanted to get comfortable.
She didn’t mind though. Everyone has their own things and she found it adorable and something in her always wanted to hold you close when you were like this.
And your boyfriends noticed too.
How easily you could fall into subspace when Remus was pounding into your cunt, Sirius’ fingers were toying with your clit and when James wrapped his lips around your hardening nipple and his tongue was licking your bud while the other hand was kneading your breast and his fingers were tugging on your nipple.
Your hand was quickly jerking Sirius as your thumb was flickering over his tip while James was rutting against the mattress.
“Daddy, Daddy, please.” you whimpered.
“Look at you,” Remus mocked. “Tell Daddy what you want.” he smirked and quickened his pace, his cock was hitting all the right places in your gummy walls. All of them were ready for you to beg them to let you cum, but they didn’t expect what followed.
“Want fingers, please Daddy.” you meekly said and moaned when Sirius pinched your clit. “You want suck on my fingers, pretty girl?” Remus taunted. “Mhm, please - oh fuck - yes please.” you gasped when James drazed his teeth over your nipple.
“If you want to suck on something, maybe you can suck on my dick, you needy little thing.” Sirius taunted and you nodded. “Yes, yes, pretty please Daddy.” you almost cried as much as you wanted it. Sirius fingers were replaced with Remus’ and Sirius kneeled next to your head.
“Open your mouth then, pretty girl.” Sirius chuckled and placed his cock against your lips, making you give him a few kitten licks before slowly taking him in.
“Good girl, such a good little girl.” Sirius praised and closed his eyes in satisfaction.
Sirius noticed first how you always begged to suck on their cocks first. How quickly and obediently called them Daddy and how calmly you were sucking on their fingers while they were destroying your cunt.
And how you were able to get stuck in subspace. And how you fell asleep in James lap with your head on his shoulder while they washed your body from the night.
And how you held your tears when you broke your ankle, because you knew that pain and letting your emotions go out through crying would send you into littlespace, because you would allow yourself to be little through expressing emotions. It was easier to play untouchable.
You knew you were little, you found it a couple months ago and you spent so many nights reading about it and you liked it. You even thought about being an age regressor, but that wasn’t exactly it. But at some point you were embarrassed about it. Calling your boyfriends Daddy whenever you felt like it or sucking on fingers whenever you felt like it?
C’mon, that’s for babies and who would like it?
Sirius and Lily also noticed how you enjoyed sitting on the ground.
“You know that you can sit on a chair or on the bed?” Lily chuckled as you made yourself comfortable under your bed. “Yeah I know, it’s just comfortable here. My back hurts from sitting behind a desk or on a bed.” you tried to defend yourself and it worked. She only nodded and smiled.
There had to be something more behind it, because you did that all the time.
You were sitting on the ground between the couch and the coffee table in the common room. ”You sure? You can sit in my lap if you want, little love.” James said and you shook your head. “I’m fine, my ankle still hurts so I think it will be better if I sit there.” You pointed on the ground and James nodded and gave you a quick kiss before helping you sit down. Sirius furrowed his eyebrows and smiled at that before sitting in the single armchair next to you.
You lost yourself in the flame you were watching and didn’t even notice that your head fell against Remus' calf. Remus didn’t even look down at you and his hand went down to caress your hair. And there you were, your mouth slightly opened and eyes wide open and fixed on flame as you mindlessly played with your fingers. Sirius’ heart swelled with love and that was the moment he realised that you were a little.
Your eyes fell shut when Remus started massaging your scalp and your arms wrapped around his leg. Remus continued talking with James, Peter, Lily and Mary with Marlene while Sirius continued observing your falling asleep form.
The common room got emptier and emptier until you were the only one with your boyfriends left.
Remus stopped stroking your hair and stroked your cheek. “Wake up, sleepyhead.” he chuckled but he wasn’t met with any response.
“Can I try something?” Sirius stood up and crouched down next to you. “Go ahead, darling.” Remus responded.
Sirius unwrapped your arms from Remus’ leg and you softly cried from your sleep. “Shh, you’re okay, puppy.” Sirius whispered and you opened your eyes. “It’s okay, we just have to go to sleep so we can be strong for tomorrow.” Sirius spoke to you like you were a child and you nodded.
Remus and James watched this scene with a smile on their faces. “Mkay.” you mumbled and tried to get up, but Sirius stopped you. “Don’t, I will do that for you, here, wrap your hands around me.” he said and placed your hands around his shoulder. He hooked his hands under your armpits and picked you up like a blanket and wrapped your legs around his waist.
Sirius then softly placed you on the bed and tucked a pillow under your arms. “And what are you trying to do?” Remus asked even if he knew a bit.
“I think she’s little.” Sirius whispered and started changing clothes into pyjamas as his other two boyfriends.
“It’s called littlespace and it's a mindset where an adult relaxes into a state of carefree,” Sirius threw his hands around as he tried to find the best words. “responsibility-free safety. Like extremely hard subspace.” He quickly found a couple new words and laid next to you under your arm instead of the pillow and laid your head on his chest. He started slowly stroking your hair again and you nuzzled into his chest.
“And that means…” James started.
“That means… DDLG,” he looked down at you. “Just look.” he said and his hand went to stroke your cheek until his thumb reached your lips. He tapped them a little bit and you opened your mouth and he placed his thumb between your parted lips and you started comforting sucking on it.
“Holy shit, I thought she’s doing that only while having sex.” James exhaled with adoration in his voice. “But don’t say anything in the morning, she might don’t remember it, she’s exhausted, so…” Sirius explained and looked up at his two boyfriends who laid down next to you. James leaned his head on your hip and stared at your happy comfortable form. “She’s precious.” he whispered and closed his eyes. Remus laid down behind you and spooned you while you grabbed his hand in your sleep.
And it went like that for weeks. Until one day your mind got all fussy and subby and all you wanted was your boyfriends. Just to be with them.
You were about to sit on the floor again when Sirius stopped you. “Don’t you want to sit with us, puppy?” he asked and pointed at the couch. You stopped your movements and nibbled on your thumb. “Uhm…” you mumbled and looked down. “Or does your ankle still hurt?” Sirius asked and pointed at your ankle that was out of brace for a week.
“It still hurts a bit.” you lied and looked back up. Remus watched you with a smile on his face while you still nibbled on your thumb.
“Come here, princess.” Remus said as he sat down in the armchair and pointed at a spot on the carpet under him. “Carefully, bunny.” he said to you as he held your hand and helped you sit down. “Thank you, Remmy.” you thanked him with a smile. “With all my pleasure.” Remus chuckled and petted your hair. You chuckled and you immediately lost yourself in this comfortable company. You didn’t pay any attention to what your boyfriends were saying.
“Look, she is lost again.” Sirius poked into James ribcage and both of their gazes turned to you.
James couldn’t stop smiling as he saw how your head fell against Remus leg again and how you wrapped your arm around it without even thinking.
Remus looked down at you and he petted you once again. His hand went down to your cheek and under your chin until he tilted your head up to him.
“Hi there, princess.” he smiled. “Hi.” you whispered and you looked at him with your pupils wider than Sun.
“You comfortable?”
“How is that so?” he asked as his other hand caressed your cheek and his thumb was dangerously close to your lips, he was teasing and testing you. “I just like it.” you shyly admitted and closed your eyes.
“Yeah, you like sitting on the floor between my legs like a good little girl?” he asked and your breath hitched in your throat. “Yes…” you breathed out. “You like being like that with Daddy?” he peeled off the patch, now or never. “A lot.” You didn’t even open your eyes and you felt yourself slipping even more. You felt so safe and sound that you didn't even notice the small tear that slipped from your closed eye.
“Why are you crying, little one?” James crunched down next to you and took your hand. Sirius was watching it with a victorious smirk on his face.
“I feel so safe with you all, I love you.” you admitted and opened your eyes for a bit. “We love you too, little one, you don’t have to cry.” James smiled.
Remus stroked your lips with his thumb and you mindlessly parted your lips before realising what you’re doing.
“Wait, can I?” you looked up at Remus and he nodded with a smile. “Go ahead, little princess.” he put his thumb between your lips and you started softly sucking on it with closing your eyes. “Thank you, Daddy.” you mumbled around his thumb as you leaned against his leg once again.
“You okay over there?” James asked as you leaned against his thigh. You nodded and James patted your head. “Words for Daddy, little one.” he reminded you.
“Yes Daddy, I’m okay.” you giggled and hugged his legs. “Alright, if you want to stop, just stop, okay?”
“Okay Daddy.”
“Good girl,” he praised. “Now, open your mouth for Daddy’s cock.” he said and stroked his cock before placing the tip between your lips. You kissed his tip and then gave it a few kitten licks that were interrupted with James’ tsk. “Baby, I love you, but don’t tease. Daddy needs to do some job, then we can have more playtime.” he smirked and you nodded and shoved his cock down your throat.
“Carefully, and breathe through your nose.” he reminded you and nodded. You continued sucking and swirling your tongue around his shaft until you felt him twitch. You hummed around him and he moaned. “Fuck, just like that, you’re making Daddy so proud.” he took your head and held you in place. “Daddy’s gonna cum down your throat, little one.” he gasped and you hummed even more.
Then you felt his warm cum spurting into your throat and you obediently swallowed. “Such a good girl.” James praised. “Come here.” he patted his thighs and you shooked your head. “Wanna stay here, please Daddy.” you begged with your eyes and he nodded. “Alright.” he chuckled and caressed your hair.
“And all done.” James cheerfully said after two hours and looked down under the table where he expected you to be impatiently waiting but he was met with you all comfortably settled on his thigh with sucking on your thumb. He smiled for himself and stroked your cheek.
“Don’t wanna!”
“Yes, you wanna!”
“No!” you stomped on the spot and Sirius copied your action. “Yes, you want!” he said and took off your uniform, trying to put you in something more comfortable. “See? You’re getting all grumpy. Little girls like you need a nap.” he explained and you shooked your head.
“Don’t be stubborn and listen to Daddy.” he raised his eyebrows and you huffed.
“What’s going on here?” Remus entered the room and you didn’t even look at him as you crossed your arms over your chest and you pouted.
“Oh, I see, someone needs a nap.” he chuckled and came closer to you. “We are having a little trouble with this young stubborn lady here.” Sirius mocked and you stuck your tongue out at him. Remus laughed at Sirius and took the sweatshirt that Sirius was holding. “C’mon, be a good girl and arms up.” he urged and you did what he told you. ”I’m not tired.” you mumbled.
Sirius tickled your belly while it was exposed and you whined. “Is someone ticklish?” Sirius laughed and you shook your head. “Nooo.” you wailed and tried to hide yourself behind Remus. “It’s nap time, bunny.” Remus reminded you and you wrapped your arms around him from behind.
“Take a nap with me, please Daddy?” you mumbled into his back and he nodded. “Of course, princess. But you have to get on the bed and lay down.” he said and you ran from your hiding place and hopped on the bed behind Sirius. Remus took off his robes and laid down next to you. Sirius made his way behind you and wrapped his arms around your torso. “And calmly Sirius.” Remus urged him as he handed you your Teddy bear that you tucked under your chin.
Remus opened the book with fairytales and started reading one when in the middle you sleepily spoke. “Miss Jamie.”
“Jamie will be here when you wake up, princess, he have some work to do.” Sirius explained and placed a kiss into your hair. You hummed in understanding and fell asleep in a second you got your answer.
“Sure you’re not tired.” Remus mocked and continued with reading to Sirius.
And your boyfriends didn’t mind about your little side. It made them happy when they saw how you always smiled and how safe you felt. And that was the only thing that mattered to them.
“So, you don’t mind?” you sniffled when you had that conversation about littlespace.
“No. We don’t. We want you to be happy and you’re our precious poppet, aren’t you?” Sirius cupped your face and you nodded.
“That means that we’d love to take that Daddy role.” James explained and you nodded.
“I love you.” you sniffled and Remus chuckled. “We love you even more, our little princess.” he said and wrapped his arms around you.
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lonelyhe4rts · a month ago
✰ The Marauders teach you how to suck cock - just like bobbing for apples. (2.0k) 
Poly!Marauders x reader (Dom!Remus Lupin x Dom!Sirius Black x Dom!James Potter x Sub!Fem!Reader) smut, polyamorous relationship, virgin!reader, d/s dynamic established, voyuerism bcos foursome yk yk, oral sex - male receiving, blowjobs, tit play, hair pulling, cum swallowing, smoking, mention of spanking, very dialogue heavy, all actions are consensual and if a safe word was needed, then it would be. 
an: mentions/insinuations that reader has hair that can be pulled (ie, wrapped around a fist) 
navigation | library
The atmosphere is casual, as the four of you lounge about the dorm room, bodies laid across four posters and the floor, all of you lazing about. Smoke curls around the room as the three marauders share a cigarette between them, hazy fog settling around the air, the sound of inhales, exhales and fingers flipping between the glossed pages of quidditch magazines bouncing from wall to wall. 
“Can we do something special for Halloween?” You ask the boys, craning your neck forwards slightly to allow Remus easier access to the lit cigarette, slightly ducking out the way as Sirius lends him it. Your head lays between his spread legs, resting neatly on his thigh as your eyes watch his lips enclose the tab, his eyes fluttering closed as he breathed the smoky haze in. 
“What? Like terrorizing children?” Sirius scoffs, eyes transfixed on the pages of the motorcycle magazine he’d found himself immersed in. 
“No, silly. Like games or something. Trick or treat, pumpkin carving, bobbing for apples.” 
 “Bobbing for apples? What the bloody hell is that?” James questions, eyebrows scrunched incredulously, forgetting that a world outside of Hogwarts actually existed. 
“S’a muggle game, y’know with apples. You have to dive down for them with your mouth. You’ll know about it Remus, right?” The aforementioned male hums his agreement, eyes barely straining away from the novel he clasped within his marred palms. Every once in a while, the said hand reaches outwards to pet at the crown of your head, almost ruffling at the surface as if a puppy. 
“See. It’s a thing.” 
“Well, then why don’t you teach us then? What is apple booping?” 
“Bobbing, James. And it’s a game! You sit on your knees and pop your head in a bucket of water, trying to catch the apple with your mouth.”
“And that’s fun to you?” 
“Yes. Sometimes you miss the apple and have to push your head down further.” At that response, the two males look at each other, a glance of mischief evident in their irises. Remus’ eyes don’t quiver away from the page, though the slight flush that licks up his neck is noticed by the remaining marauders. 
Sirius traces the tip of his tongue over his lip, shifting his figure on the bed to face your own, arms leaning down against his spread legs. “So you’re on your knees doing this right? And you bob your head?” 
“Yes! That’s why it’s called ‘bobbing for apples’.” At their innuendo, the two boys snicker into their hands, confusing your mind completely. You couldn’t understand or fathom what they were finding so funny in a Halloween game. 
“So you just move your head up and down?” 
“Merlin James, yes. What don’t you understand about this?” 
“Watch that tone of yours, bunny.” Remus chides, an amused smile adorning his features at the boys’ antics. His book now lays open on his lap, forgotten and disposed of, choosing to listen to the current occurrences. 
“But, Remus. Listen to them, what are they laughing at?” You cry out, fed up with their constant giggling. 
“Tell me dove, is there any tongue involved?” James smirks, immediately wheezing after and looking to his counterpart, the aforementioned raven-haired male clutching his stomach with painful laughter. 
“Remus, please. Tell them to stop making fun of me. What are they laughing at?” You whine, clutching onto the base of his trouser leg, tugging at the fabric. 
The lycanthrope mutters something under his breath sounding faintly like ‘horny bastards’ before craning his neck down to you, his eyes pooling with mirth and hidden laughter. “It sounds like you’re explaining how to suck cock, sweetness.” 
“Oh,” you whispered, ducking your head to mask the embarrassment that pooled in your stomach, your teeth nipping at the skin of your bottom lip. “S’not like I’d even know how to do that,” you whispered, hoping that the three males would stay oblivious to your confession, though the outcome was the opposite to what you desired.
“What was that?” 
You huff, eyes returning to their original position facing the marauders on the four poster. “It’s not like I’d be able to tell anyone how to do that.” The marauders glance at each other, eyes filled with curiosity and something else, though that small spark you’re unable to decipher. 
Remus leans forward on his legs, furrowing his brows slightly. “So, you’ve never done anything like that before? Not with anyone else?” You shake your head, fighting the urge to break eye contact with your boyfriends. 
“Well aren’t you just the cutest little thing. Isn’t that right Prongs, Moony?” Sirius starts, his pants becoming tighter with the realisation and exposure of your confession. 
“I think so too, Pads. And do you know what’s even better? I believe us to be very good teachers.” James finishes, smirking at his counterparts. 
“Oh yes indeed we are. Will you let us teach you poppet? Want to know how to use that pretty little mouth of yours properly, like a good girl?” The thought swirled over in your head for a few moments before you nodded your response, shy and meek. 
“First things first sweetness, let’s get y’all out that get up, hmm?” Remus starts, tugging at the fabric covering your figure until it falls from your body. The cool air around you tightened your nipples into pebbled peaks, causing goosebumps to arise on the surface of your skin. You felt exposed as you watched their eyes trace over every morsel of your body, taking in everything you had, though the dark gaze they all possessed elicited tingles and tendrils of arousal to pool between your thighs, slick gathering at your entrance. 
“Such a pretty bird, isn’t she?” Sirius spoke, as if you weren’t there. His hands fumbled with the buckle of his belt, pulling the leather strap from his slacks, discarding it elsewhere in the room. “Now what?” you questioned, your voice laced with trepidation and nervousness. 
“Y’don’t need to be nervous, bun. S’just us. Just pop down on your knees in front of Pads. Atta girl, that’s it.” His palms pressed down on your shoulders, urging you into a kneeling position before the raven-haired male, his legs now devoid of any trousers. He groaned as you craned your head up to him, basking in the sight of you on your knees for him, relishing in the imagery. His navel tightened at the vision of your eyes wide and glassy, curious to continue your night with the boys, but innocent in every other aspect. All three males found themselves wanting to explore you deeper and deeper.
James to sank to his knees beside you, stroking the shell of your back with his large hands, the gesture comforting you from the unknown. “So sweetheart, y’gonna help Pads take his cock out?” Your hands grasped the waistband of his boxers, tugging the material away from his hips, his hard cock slapping his stomach upon impact. You found yourself clenching your thighs at the image of it, finally seeing what he looked like. The head was rouged and weeping slightly - with something you weren’t too sure of yet. 
“There we go, good girl. Now y’gotta grasp it at the bottom, there we go. Such a quick learner, isn’t she?” The praise caused you to dip your head slightly, embarrassed but enjoying the adoration. Your hand fitted perfectly around the base of Sirius’ cock, your thumb grazing the engorged vein that hovered on the underside. You weren’t expecting to enjoy the feeling of his cock in your hand, though you found the fleshy feeling of his most intimate skin against yours causing both your heart to swell and your cunt to drip slick onto the apex of your thighs. 
You instinctively squeezed lightly with your hand, applying pressure to his cock, feeling confidence grow in your aroused body as Sirius hisses between his teeth with pleasure, his toes scrunching with the sensations revelling in his figure. You began to move it up and down, paying attention to the way he relished in certain strokes, different pressure, particular movements. You swirled your hand around the length, lazily stroking the skin, dipping your thumb into the slit at the head every now and again, giggling at the way his hips bucked at that particular motion. “Y’laughing at me, sweetheart? Best get y’mouth doing some work now to stop that from happening. Otherwise Moony here’ll have you bent straight over his knee.” 
The aforementioned male crouched down to gather your hair within his palm, carding the strands into a tight grip in his fist. He allowed you leeway to lay small kitten licks across the tip of Sirius’ cock, giving you the satisfaction of exploring the male at your own pace. However, it wasn’t long before he was applying a smidge of pressure onto the back of your skull, lulling your mouth forward until the ring-adorned male’s cock was slotting between your lips perfectly. 
Strangled groans and grunts of your name spilled from his lips, his aristocratic features upturned with a slight flush, a sheen of sweat glistening over his angled cheekbones. His hair was slightly tousled, having gripped the silky strands with the impending pleasure pooling within his body, attempting to hold on as long as possible. 
The warm and wet cavern of your mouth enveloped his cock, the warm and heavy weight laying across your tongue feeling foreign, though pleasurable nonetheless. You moaned around his length at the sensation of James’ tongue lapping at your breasts, his fingers rolling and pinching at the buds, his tongue nibbling at the flesh. Sirius’ hips jutted slightly at your sounds, the soft vibrations ricocheting up his spine, bleeding out into the rest of his bloodstream. He looked down to you, craning his neck downwards, almost finishing at the vision of his cock stuffed into your mouth, head bulging at your cheek, saliva dribbling down your chin as tears pooled onto the precipice of your lash line. “So fucking pretty. Pretty bird, gonna make m’cum. ‘N y’gonna take it all, yeah?” 
His hips began to move on their own accord, timed perfectly to coincide with the bobbing of your head. “Okay bunny, so y’gonna hollow y’cheeks yeah? S’gonna make him feel really fucking good. Then when he says he’s gonna cum, y’wanna swallow around his cock in y’throat and drink it all up, yeah. Good girl,” Remus hums, the praise and the sensation of James’ lips around your swollen nipples causing a tightening sensation to blossom in your tummy. 
The animagus’ fingers twitched beside his spread thighs, his head thrown back as he finally cried out his release, the lycanthrope aiding in helping you satisfy your shared counterpart completely. He pushed your head down until your nose was buried in the dark thatch of clipped curls that decorated his pubic bone, your throat fluttering around his length as he spurted ribbons and lines of his seed into your throat, your eyes watering even more with the feeling. Your name was spilled from his lips like a mantra, phrases and curses that would make anyone blush being blurted out, as he rode himself through his orgasm, waves of pleasure bleeding into one. 
His shoulders slumped as he finally came down from his high, his chest heaving and pectoral glistening ever so slightly. His cock popped out of your mouth, the lewd sound of squelching resonating in the room, James to rising up from his position between your swollen tits, his lips similar to yours - puffy and glossy. Sirius’ fingers - decorated and adorned in rings, rose to caress your jaw, his thumb tracing over your puffy lips. “Fucking hell,” he breathed out, voice hoarse and overwhelmed with pleasure, “how haven’t you done that before?” 
“S’like Prongs said, she’s a quick learner.” Remus spoke, brushing away your hair until it rested neatly against your body, smoothing out the bumps and tangles from his previous grip on the locks.
“Actually, I think that ‘apple bobbing’ game has something to do with it. Those damn muggles, horny bastards.” 
hp/marauders smut taglist: @indigoh4ze @barksexybark4u @wolfstar-lb @ildm4ev @barnesleftarm @bellatrixscurls @kayleighh @remusjlupinisdead @waszuka @rosie-anne @tasteofyourlight @leah-johnsonn @siriusstwelveyears @wlfstxr @fairydxll @smalllotte @i-love-scott-mccall @teenwolfbitches28 @lliasky @wrongilbert @ameliasbitvh @raelol @papillon-mechant @fandomsimp001 @lexandra-maluary @siriusblackslover1ol @kayleighh @uh-isabella @rinny-babe @certifiedhorny @wrongilbert @itsmentalillness @waszuka @coryhuh @brattypeony @love-marauders @bethkteale
© lonelyhe4rts 2021
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piecesofem · 6 months ago
Ok so I just had an idea idk if it’s good and if you don’t want to write it that’s fine.
Poly!Marauders x reader where the reader forgets her Safeword during a more intense scene and she doesn’t know what do to. Maybe one of the boys realises that she not ok during it and stops or maybe they just continue the scene because they don’t know that she doesn’t like it but in the next days she acts pretty weird when she is around them.
I hope you understand what I mean idk if I explained it good 😅
- the anon who requested misunderstanding
What’s the word?
A/N: Thank you for the request! I took a little creative freedom with this one and basically summed it up through the span of the night it happened, just because I feel like Remus is so attentive that he wouldn’t let something like the reader’s uncomfortability slip past him in a moment like this. I also feel like they would immediately fix the situation right then and there, so there isn’t that aspect of weird/uncomfy lingering feelings for a couple of days. That said, I hope you still enjoy it! I would love your feedback and would love more marauder’s requests!
Pairing: Poly!Marauders x Fem!Reader
Warnings: 18+, smut in the beginning, vaginal penetration, oral sex, kissing, touching, angst, feelings of loss of control, mentions of panic and fear, but followed up by tons of smut
Word Count: 2.9k
{tagging: @prettywhitedoves @maraudersandco @escapingrealitybyreading (just let me know if anyone would like to be added to any tag lists!)}
You felt nothing more than the foggy haze of submission circulating through the depths of your mind as Sirius pounded into you at a relentless pace. Your entire body moved with each and every thrust as he continued his merciless thrusting to ultimately reach his high within the next couple of seconds. Leaving you a babbling and begging mess as he departed from on top of you with a sweet kiss to your lips, James walked over to tuck a strand of loose hair behind your ear and away from the stickiness of your sweat ridden cheek. Pressing a kiss to your cheek as he bent down, he brought himself to whisper directly into your ear in an attempt to make it easier for you to comprehend in your state of mind. 
“I want to try something, poppet. You think you can help Daddy with it, hmm?” he hummed before placing another sweet kiss to your cheek.
Desperately nodding your head in such a mindset that you couldn’t fathom doing anything less than what the curly-haired boy was craving, you peered up at him with glistening and pleading eyes while giving him a small nod. 
“Use your words,” Remus chimed in from his position against the pole of the bed down near your legs. 
“Yes, Daddy,” you mewl towards James as you watch him subtly turn to the nightstand beside the bed to grab the silky cloth of his maroon and gold tie. 
“I want to blindfold you. Is that alright?” James questioned, holding the tie in his grasp. 
Fervently nodding your head yet again, you tilted your head up to where he could easily slip the tie behind your head to tie it swiftly. Although your immediate thought process told you that you would enjoy the sensation of unknowing, your current state of mind couldn’t seem to handle the thought of not being present in what was happening around you. 
Feeling a hand gently brushing down the smoothness of your skin from the inside of your thigh, you gently flinched at the sudden sensation as you were unprepared for it. You ultimately relaxed within seconds as you felt small words of praise from James as he pressed tender kisses to the insides of your thighs before reaching the heat of your used core. Gently lapping his tongue over your glistening folds, you felt yourself mewl at the mere touch of his coarse fingers rubbing against your aching bud. 
While you felt the nerves of anticipation and nervousness lessen as you knew for a fact James was giving you nothing but serene pleasure between your legs, you couldn’t help but feel yourself flinch at the feeling of two sets of hands rubbing all along the sides of your body and your chest. Although you knew exactly who the hands belonged to, the feeling of not being able to please or touch the three boys surrounding you was sending your head into a deeper and foggier haze the more it continued. You began to feel as if you were losing all grasp on what minor control you had of the scene, and while it typically wasn’t difficult for you to let go as you were very comfortable with the boys, you couldn’t help but feel as if you were slipping at an uncomfortable and unbearable pace. 
As James continued his venture between the thickness of your thighs, you let out a slight whimper as you suddenly began to feel the nerves of anticipation and fear overcome your sexual desires. Thoughts of trepidation sped through your mind as you realized that not only were you not pleasing any of the boys in your current state, but you also couldn’t even tell where you were at this point. Being so lost in your submissive headspace and nearly exhausted from everything in which you’d done beforehand, you couldn’t seem to piece together the correct sentence to bring everything to a halt. 
You had forgotten your safeword. 
Immediately feeling the depths of fear and anxiety flooding through your body, you began to let out a series of babbling whimpers as you tried to squirm away from each and every new touch. You began to hide your blindfolded face in the safety of your shoulder as the warmth of tears slid down the apples of your cheeks, subtly soaking two wet patches through the silky material of the tie. Immediately noticing your cries weren’t from overstimulation as you had only finished twice so far this evening, Remus swiftly took his hands off of your body before holding it up to bring the other boys’ actions to a halt as well. 
“Wait James,” Remus instructed as the curly-haired boy instantly pulled himself away from you.
“Bunny. What’s the matter, hmm?” the lycanthrope asked softly before gently removing the blindfold at a pace in which wouldn’t frighten you. 
Removing the tie swiftly revealed your widened tear-stained eyes which glistened with a mixture of panic and fear. You racked your brain in an attempt to piece together the right words which described the intense feelings you were currently trying to process. Seeing as you were so deep in the midst of your subspace, you couldn’t fathom disappointing any of the boys, yet you couldn’t bring yourself to continue with the intensity of the scene longer. This enticed an overwhelming emotional turmoil to overcome your body as you suddenly found yourself bursting out into tears before swiftly hiding your face in your hands. 
Quickly grabbing a blanket from its position on his bed, Sirius sprung into action first by sitting you up and draping the quilt around your bare shaking body. You curled your legs up to your chest in an attempt to do a better job at hiding your vulnerable state from the boys as you found solace in the comfort of the blanket around you. Giving you a second to process your emotions, James sat quietly at the foot of your bed while gently rubbing your ankle with his calloused hands with a worried look sprawled across his face. Sharing a look between the three of them, Remus slowly crept towards you from his position on the side of the bed. 
“Bun, can you tell us what happened?” he asked just above a whisper, bringing himself to sit against the headboard beside you. 
“I-I,” you try to say as you are cut off by the overwhelming thoughts of disappointment coursing through your veins with each and every passing minute. 
Pulling you into his chest slightly, you move to where you are straddling Remus’ now clothed lap before hiding your face in the crook of his neck. James and Sirius sit to the side embracing one another’s closeness as they try to calm you down with each boy gently rubbing the small of your back. 
“Are you hurt or did you just get scared?” Sirius asks as he’s the first one to break the silence apart from your muffled sobs. 
“J-just got scared,” you sputter out before letting out a small breathy heave onto Remus’ already warmed skin. 
“What scared you, poppet?” James quips from his position next to Sirius. 
You felt the overbearing feeling of guilt come over you as thoughts of regret and disappointing the boys raced through your mind. After a few seconds of letting the salty tears flow down the apples of your cheeks, you bring your glistening eyes out from the protection of Remus’ neck by just barely shifting your head down while still resting against the boy’s chest. 
“I’m sorry. I wanted to be good for you,” you mewl as uncontrollable tears suddenly fill your eyes upon seeing James’ worried face. 
“You were so good for me pretty girl, but Daddy needs to know what happened so we don’t scare you again, yeah?” the curly haired boy responds before gently bringing a finger to wipe off the flowing tears from your sticky face. 
“I-it was just too much. I wanted to like it and I wanted to be good, but I couldn’t see any of you and I didn’t know what to do. Didn’t know where you went or who was touching me or if I was making you feel good…” you ramble while trying to piece together all of the racing thoughts in your head. 
Sitting there patiently listening to the entirety of your explanation, the boys shared a quiet look before turning their attention back towards your cowering figure who’d ultimately been consumed by the idea that you’d let them down. 
“I wanted to say something but it was too much and I-” you say before cutting yourself off as the feeling of pure stupidity rushed over you. 
“You what, puppy?” Sirius softly chimes while gently rubbing your calf from his position near James. 
“I forgot my safeword,” you whisper before bringing your teary doe eyes to look up at Remus for any small form of consolation. 
Seeing as how you typically leaned towards Remus for any form of comfort whether you were in the depths of your subspace or not, you couldn’t help but practically beg him with your eyes for the right words at that moment. 
“Oh bun, we’ve gotta remember our safeword. I’m so sorry we scared you,” he says as he gently strokes your head alongside your head. 
“No I’m sorry, Daddy,” you begin to cry out as the overwhelming feelings rise up in you once again. 
“Sh sh sh, it’s alright. We’re not upset with you, bun. We just always want you to be comfortable and feel safe while you’re vulnerable, but in order to do that you’ve gotta remember that word. Do we need to think of a different word that’s a bit easier to remember?” Remus coos before going on his small tangent about the importance of the situation. 
“No, I can do it,” you desperately whimper from your position in front of him. 
“What’s the word then?” Sirius asks gently from beside you. 
Instantly turning to face him at the sound of his voice, you sit there staring wide-eyed at him for a second as you rack your brain for the simplest of words. It was nearly on the tip of your tongue but you couldn’t find yourself being able to say it as it seemed the entire word and its meaning had utterly slipped from every crevice of your brain. You shook your head from side to side with teary eyes as you found yourself being unable to answer his question. Quickly seeing the wheels desperately turning within the corners of your brain, Sirius nods reassuringly in an attempt to calm your nerves. 
“Gryffin. That’s the word, darling. It’s alright though, we can talk about it tomorrow, hmm? Think it’s time to get you cleaned up,” Sirius says while silenting telling James to run you a bath through his slight head motion towards the bathroom door. 
Nodding your still slightly confused head, you wrap your arms around Remus’ neck as he moves to stand with you still in his arms. Carrying you towards the bathroom, the sandy-haired boy is muttering sweet nothings and praises in your ear before stripping his own sweats and lowering the two of you into the tub. You whine as you feel the stinging feeling of the warm water hitting the sensitivity between your legs before squirming slightly in Remus’ arms. 
“I know, I know. It’ll feel better in a second,” Remus coos while gently stroking your hair. 
Turning you slightly to where you’re lying against the hardness of his chest, Remus sits comfortably behind you as James comes to wash your body muttering soft apologies and praises into your skin as he gives you slight pecks here and there. After the boys successfully wash you from head to toe while Sirius picks out night clothing for each of you, Remus helps you out of the bathtub to dry you off. 
After wrapping you in a lengthy fuzzy bath towel, Remus moves to depart from your side to grab the clothes Sirius had laid out for you. However, as you felt Remus’ lanky figure move from the comfortableness of your side, you instantly let out a sizable whimper before he could even get more than a couple of feet away from you. Swiftly turning back to meet your pleading eyes, he brings himself in front of you while gently bringing his hands to encompass your own. 
“What is it, darling? What’s wrong?” he questions, rubbing the backs of your hands in an attempt to soothe your fussy nature. 
“Don’t want you to go,” you practically demand from the depths of your minimally lingering fog. 
Peering into your eyes for a couple of seconds, trying to register the state of your current mindset, Remus gives you a small nod before dropping one of your hands to lead you out of the bathroom with the other. As the two of you walk out of the bathroom, you are met with two still slightly-concerned faces sitting on the edge of Sirius’ bed. Biting the inside of your cheek, you let your eyes linger on James who is peering back at you with a hopeful glance. 
“I’m sorry I couldn’t do it. Are you mad Jamesie?” you meekly question, sending small little stabs through the bespectacled boy’s heart at the tone of your question’s origin.
“Of course not, darling. You did so well for us,” he pipes up before swiftly opening his arms for you to sit up in the midst of his lap, still engulfed in the fuzzy towel from your bath. 
“But you didn’t even get to finish,” you say with slightly watering eyes. 
“I didn’t need to. Wanted to take care of you tonight and make you feel good,” he says, gently pointing his finger to your chest in order to get his point through to you in your reemerging state. 
Nodding in understandance, you shift in the curly-haired boy’s lap to face both Sirius and Remus simultaneously. 
“I’m sorry I forgot our word. I tried so hard, but it wouldn’t come out,” you begin to ramble before Sirius takes both of your hands into his own, pressing tender kisses to each of them. 
“Don’t apologize. Just need to make sure you’re safe and comfortable, yeah?” Sirius mumbles gently against the softness of the skin on the backs of your hands before giving one a gentle pat, “We can chat more about it tomorrow, but let’s get you to bed for now,” he comments while holding up one of Remus’ bigger sweaters that he’d previously picked out for you. 
Nodding your head, you strip yourself of the towel encompassing your smaller frame to allow Sirius to shimmy the sweater on and over your head. Giving you small praises and tender pecks along the way, he furthermore helps you into some comfortable underwear that he’d grabbed from your small drawer of clothing in his wardrobe. While the other two boys seemingly made their way to their beds in an attempt to tidy up before sending one another off to bed, you let Sirius sweetly brush the slowly-forming knots out of your damp hair in the bathroom once more. After being properly pampered and eased back to your typical state of mind, you press a kiss to the plumpness of the raven-haired boy’s lips before uttering small thank you’s for his gentle actions this evening. 
“Just doing my job, puppy,” Sirius reassures while returning the kiss and following it up with a peck to your forehead before ushering you back to the bedroom where your other two boyfriends laid relaxed in their beds. 
“Alright, where ya going tonight?” Sirius asks while rubbing the sides of both of your shoulders from his place behind you. Leaning back into his touch, you brush yourself up against his shirtless and sturdy build behind you. 
“Wanna sleep with all of you..” you mumble quietly, knowing that the idea was impossible with the size of all three boys. 
“Don’t mumble, bunny. Speak up,” Remus gently reprimands from his position behind his book. 
“Wanna sleep with everyone tonight,” you say, looking at Remus expectantly. 
“You know we don’t all fit, bun,” the lycanthrope remarks with a sigh while putting his book away, knowing that getting you to bed would be more difficult than usual at this point. 
“But we’ve never even tried,” you slightly whine, giving him the biggest doe eyes you can possibly imagine. 
Sharing a look between the three of you, Remus lets out another sign before motioning each of you over with the flick of his hand in your general direction. Speaking a small charm to enlarge his bed to the size of a king, you practically squeal from your position in front of Sirius before pouncing yourself on the bed next to Remus. 
“Fine. Just this once,” Remus whispers down to your position next to him before pressing a kiss to your shuffling forehead. 
Curling yourself into his side and James makes his way over behind you, leaving Sirius to curl into the other half of Remus’ side, you find solace in the comfort of all of the boys surrounding you. Whispering small praises in an attempt to relax you even further from the events of this evening, James rubs small circles from his hand’s position underneath the wool sweater encompassing your frame. Pressing a small kiss to the back of your neck, you feel yourself doze off to the steady rhythm of Remus’ heartbeat along with the comforting movements of James’ chest emitting from his steady breathing. Encompassed in nothing but love and safety, the four of you slip into solaces of sleep basking in the general embrace of each other. 
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saintlike78 · 3 months ago
Panic [Poly Marauders]
Pairings: Poly! Marauders x fem! reader
Words: 2.6k
Summary: Throughout the day the reader feels the beginning of a panic attack, letting it build up and taking their frustration out on their three boys, leading them to punish them. The punishment is the final push toward the inevitable panic.
Warnings: brief NSFW (+16!), TW anxiety and panic attack, oral (m receiving), crying, panic attack, punishment, mention of anxiety-related nausea, loads of fluff at the end. As always lmk if I missed anything.
Tumblr media
It started slowly, you weren’t sure why, you never really were. The slight clamminess of your palms, the subtle increase of your heart rate and the constant feeling of dread for what was to come - it was suffocating.
You’d gone to bed like normal, but laying there in Remus’ arms, you couldn’t find rest, your thoughts prancing all around your mind, leaving you anxious and awake, watching the hours pass by.
Waking up for classes, you were exhausted and still very much on edge; the lack of sleep and anxiety causing a sour mood to hang over you, your voice curter and your answers more snappy than usual.
All you wanted to do was be alone and gather yourself and calm down in your own space, not wanting your anxiousness to show.
But the alone time you desperately craved was never granted; your day having been filled with classes and your boyfriends in between classes, normally you wouldn’t mind spending all your time with them, but you could feel their agitation toward you as you throughout the day acted as, what they would perceive as a brat. You weren’t doing it on purpose, you could feel the dread and anxiety mix in your stomach leaving you nauseous and short-breathed.
“What’s with your attitude today, huh y/n?” Sirius made a point of using your name, none of them in the mood for your short temper.
“I don’t have an attitude, Sirius,” you sassed back, trying to ignore the bubbling of nerves that was building in your stomach.
You were utterly exhausted; having been on edge the entire day and you were in no mood for punishment or even a scolding for that matter.
Sirius crossed his arms over his chest as he scoffed, “you’ve been acting like a brat the whole day and you know it… so don’t sass me, pup.”
“You’re the one who’s been after me the whole day,” you crossed your own arms as you rolled your eyes - an action you would come to regret just as quick as you’d done it.
“Hey! Stop with that,” Remus stood from where he sat on the bed, walking to stand in front of you and taking your face in his large hand, forcing you to look up at him and making your false confidence falter.
“You really are looking for trouble, aren’t you? Well, lucky you, you’re in trouble now,” Remus squeezed your cheeks before grabbing you by the arm and hauling you toward the bed.
The anger you’d felt, the one causing you to act up, was replaced by fear and nerves, your stomach tightening in an unpleasant way. Your head was practically spinning, it felt as if you were floating or rocking on a boat, your head felt light and your heart beating rapidly inside your chest.
“No, I’m sorry,” you tried, your voice slightly shaky, but not noticeable to the three boys that surrounded the bed you had been thrown on.
“Bit too late for that now… should have thought of being nicer earlier,” Remus shook his head, his hands grasping your ankles and pulling you towards the end of the bed where he stood.
“I think since you think you have such a smart mouth, you can use it for something more useful on Jamie, hmm?” Remus tutted pulling you off the bed and down on your knees in front of them.
You just nodded, trying to keep in the tears that were threatening to spill, your eyes red and glassy; your breathing was picking up and the slow feeling of panic rose within you, but you tried to take unnoticeable deep breaths and calm yourself so you could take your punishment well and be done with it.
Your fingers fiddled with the hem of your skirt as James stepped out of his trousers and boxers, Sirius helping him unbutton his school shirt.
Remus sat behind you on the edge of the bed, grabbing your hair to keep your gaze set forward and your posture straight.
Your body was tense, your hands shaking slightly as James stepped in front of you in all his naked glory; under normal circumstances, your mouth would have watered along with the dampening of your panties, but now as your heartbeat increased in panic, it was a less than ideal place to be in.
“You’re gonna be good and take it… no more acting like a brat,” Sirius informed, seating himself beside Remus, waiting for you to start.
You slowly reached up, trying to keep your hands as still as possible, to grasp James’ half-hard cock, working it to full hardness.
A sigh of satisfaction left James’ lips, his head falling forward to stare down at you, but you couldn’t bring yourself to meet his stare, your mind crumbling all around you.
“Come on, I told you to use your mouth, bunny,” Remus pushed your head forward slightly, keeping his grip on the back of your head and leading your mouth toward James’ cock.
Your lips parted letting James lead his tip into your mouth. You were quickly reminded that it indeed was a punishment, James pushing his whole cock into the warmth of your mouth, hitting the back of your throat; you gagged around him at the sudden intrusion, earning yourself a disappointed ‘tsk’ from behind you.
James didn’t give you time to recover, snapping his hips and fucking into your mouth roughly with the help of Remus holding your head in place.
Tears were streaming down your face, a mixed result of being gagged and the deep panic that bled through you.
It was hard to breathe, all your focus was on relaxing your jaw and drawing in air from your nose; your shaky hands finding a place on James’ thighs to steady yourself and try to keep your hands still.
“Godric… fuck, baby, I’m gonna cum,” James moaned, his thrusts growing faster and more stuttered.
Your mind was racing, and you were thankful that James’ orgasm was close, yet you knew that this was far from the end, the boys were cross with you and were probably planning a longer punishment because this one had been rather easy, compared to what you were used to.
You could feel your lungs burning with the strain of drawing in the deep panicked breaths you were trying to take with James’ cock in your mouth, the displeasure was all you could focus on.
Only a minute passed before James let out a loud groan as he came down your throat, his hips thrusting slowly to work himself through the orgasm; you tried to swallow, but you sputtered and coughed as James pulled out, trying to gather air back into your lungs.
You were trying, but failing, to regulate your breathing, you felt faint, and your hands were shaking too much to hide, it felt like you were going to be sick.
Remus had let go of your head, so you turned around to face him, still on your knees; you grasped his hand in your trembling ones.
“Remmy…” your voice shook as you said his name, his eyes falling to yours and one eyebrow raised as he waited for what you had to say, confused as your hands shook around his.
“…Remmy… I think I-I’m having a panic attack,” you breathed out through hyperventilating breaths, tears gathered in your eyes, threatening to run over the tracks of tears already on your cheeks.
“Wha-… huh, bun?” he wasn’t expecting for you to say that his eyes flitting to James and Sirius as they looked at you confused and slightly concerned.
“I can’t catch my breath,” now the boys were very concerned, your laboured breaths loud and fast as you tried to fill your lungs with air, but obviously failing.
Remus was quick to stand from the bed, hooking his arms under yours to hoist you up to stand on your feet, he searched your wide blown eyes, but finding only panic and impending tears.
Sirius had stood from the bed as Remus did, he watched in panic at how you were panicking, not knowing what to do, but wanting to act fast.
Sirius grabbed your hands, pulling your attention to him, “okay, puppy, come now, deep breaths for us, follow mine.”
You stared at Sirius and tried to follow along with the deep breaths he was taking, a few frustrated sobs interrupting you, but Sirius didn’t falter - letting you take as long as you needed.
James had quickly found his boxers and put them on before standing behind you, a hand on the middle on your back and the other on your shoulder. The hand on your back he used to slowly rub up and down the expanse of your back, using what he knew to calm you and doing an excellent job at it.
You tried to control your breathing and match it to Sirius’, but the pounding of your heart made that nearly impossible, it was frustrating you and stressing you out even more.
“Come let’s sit, honey,” Remus seated himself on the bed and grabbed your waist to pull you down to sit on his lap.
He took your hand and placed it on his chest, keeping one of his on your back.
“Deep breaths, my love… there you go… doing such a good job,” it always surprised you how calm Remus could act in certain situations, even if you knew he was freaking out internally.
A couple of minutes passed in silence, your hand still on Remus’ chest as your breathing grew less rapid and your heart rate went down and was now just a faint thumping in your chest.
Sirius and James had sat beside yourself and Remus, waiting patiently, just being there for you.
It was your voice that pulled all their focus to you, “I’m sorry.”
“Why are you apologizing? You can’t help when they come, it’s not your fault, darling,” James said, referring to the panic attack, as he slowly rubbed your back.
“I know, but I still hate that I freaked you all out… and that I’ve been on edge the entire day and took it out on you, it’s not supposed to be like that,” your head dipped, the panic you had felt was replaced by guilt.
Remus used his finger to tilt your chin up, “honey, there’s no need to feel bad, we understand… but we want you to tell us when you’re feeling anxious so that we can help.”
You nodded, you knew he was right and that all they ever wanted was to help you through it and to be there for you.
You leaned forward to brush your lips against Remus’ causing him to smile softly before connecting your lips in a slow kiss.
Your lips moved slowly against each other, but you disconnected faster than either of you would have liked; you leaned toward Sirius with your lips puckered, he wasted no time in leaning in to get a taste himself, a small smirk playing on his lips as your lips met.
The kiss with Sirius was hungrier and faster, it was hard to stay balanced on Remus’ lap as you kissed the raven-haired boy beside him; Sirius kissed you like it was his power source.
His lips followed yours as you pulled apart, a displeased grunt leaving his throat, but you just giggled.
“Now it’s my turn,” James announced happily, not giving you a warning before you were pulled from Remus’ lap over to his own, his arms around you and his eyes staring into yours as he wiggled his eyebrows.
“Hey! I didn’t know we were allowed to do that,” Sirius whined, crossing his arms over his chest.
James smirked, but shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly, “sometimes you just need to get creative, pads.”
You shook your head with a smile before connecting your lips with James’.
He held you tight against him, your fingers digging into the bare skin on his shoulder as his mouth worked hungrily against yours.
“Alright, I think it’s my turn again!” Sirius complained, leaning across Remus to grasp at your arm, but James tightened his grip on you; they fought for you as if you were a pretty doll, each of them wanting a turn playing with you.
Remus’ voice overpowered everything else, his voice of reason and calm enough to gain the focus of everyone, no matter where he was.
“Are you feeling better now, bunny?”
His hand slipped into yours, giving it a squeeze, a gentle smile formed and lighting up his entire face.
“Much better, Remmy… thank you, I love you,” you nodded with a smile of your own, squeezing his hand in response.
James hugged you tighter, burying his face in your hair and soaking up the heat from your body, feeling you relax against him.
“Do you want us to give you a bath, baby?” James’ muffled voice spoke through your hair.
There was no need for an answer, all you had to do was nod your head slightly for James to hook his arms under the bend of your knees and carry you to the bathroom with Sirius and Remus close behind him to help with your bath.
Sirius filled the tub as Remus searched the bathroom for different things to put in the bath, things to make it as relaxing as possible, even though he knew you would be happy with just the bubbles.
James kept you in his arms, even after you told him you had no problem standing, but he refused to let you down; he said that it was for your comfort, but in reality, it was an excuse to keep you against him for a while longer. James wouldn’t tell you, but he felt guilty, guilty for not noticing how you had been feeling or stopped the punishment, not even thinking about it; they all loved you and you were much more than just something to use for their pleasure, but James felt as if he’d used you and pushed you further down your spiral until you cracked – it felt like it was his fault.
He felt a slight bit of comfort just being able to hold you and care for you, praying that you wouldn’t hate him – even though he knew you could never.
The smell of lavender filled your nose, the warm water engulfing your body as James’ slender fingers massaged your shampoo into your hair. A sigh escaped you, your eyes forced shut by how relaxed you felt, you could practically fall asleep in the tub if you wanted but decided against it.
It was mostly James who cleaned you, practically shooing Sirius, and Remus away when they tried, so they opted to sit and observe instead, their calm voices adding to the relaxed atmosphere in the bathroom.
Sirius beat James to it with a towel when it was time for you to step out of the bath, smirking at James when he rolled his eyes but took a defeated step back to let Sirius dry you off and wrap his arms around your towel-clad figure.
Your body was clean and along with it, your mind. Lying in bed with the loves of your life, you felt safe, listening to their quiet voices lulling you to sleep, the fatigue finally catching up with you and encapsulating your mind.
“I don’t think I can stay awake much longer.”
“it’s okay, bunny, just sleep,” Remus whispered, pulling you closer against him, your eyes shut and breathing calm.
Small whispers of ‘goodnight’s’ and ‘I love you’s’ were the last you heard before you were pulled to dreamland.
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