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#poly parents

Taiyang pulled the girls close to his chest as Qrow searched for an umbrella in the bag they’d brought with them. 

“I thought you said the forecast called for sunshine all week, Tai!” Qrow shouted over the sound of the quickly picking up rain. 

“It did! That’s the only reason we chose today to hold the funeral, remember?he snapped back. Ruby whimpered and huddled closer to Yang, trying hard to stay out of the rain. He scooped her up and plopped Yang in Qrow’s arms. “Fuck the umbrella, we’re gonna make a run for it!” he yelled. Ruby buried her face in his neck as he adjusted his grip on her.

Qrow plastered Yang to his left side. “Hold on tight, firecracker,” he murmured. Yang nodded and locked her arms around his neck.

As they started their sprint into the treeline, Taiyang spotted a large raven take flight.

He turned his head and focused on the forest.

The rain stopped.

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yes!!!! tai + summer own and run the bakery the girls live in. raven was away for most of their childhood travelling with qrow bc she realized after yang was born she really wasnt ready for the level of commitment necessary for raising a child and being married. qrow settled down with james around ruby’s 10th birthday and yang’s 12th birthday! raven came back ocassionally through their childhoods, but came back for good a couple years after qrow did

also raven owns a motorcycle!! she has scheduled “bonding days” with ruby and yang (one-on-one usually) to make up for the years she missed. she also bought yang a really old beat up bike for her birthday and they work on it together! raven also actually taught ruby how to sew!

qrow + james arent around often, but theyre currently getting ready to adopt! (whether thats gonna be an oc or oscar is yet to be seen fhenfnemdl) ruby and yang are very excited to be getting a cousin

summer + raven are married, but summer also refers to tai as her husband because in every sense besides legally, they ARE married. lots of the stuff they put into their pastries are also grown by tai!

summer’s wedding band is actually one of those that goes with an engagment ring. like they slot together? but instead of putting her engagment ring from raven on top of it, she puts a ring from tai :“) (she wears her engagement ring on a necklace)

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Poly Str flower shop/ tattoo parlor au please

I’m not going to lie I got two requests back to back and both of you said please and I am just so dang happy that you both said please. Thank you!

Okay so obviously, Raven runs the tattoo parlour. I’m gonna make Taiyang run the flower shop because he’s so soft, and Summer is the customer that goes between them. Let’s go.

  • Taiyang has wanted a tattoo for a while, when his newest regular customer, Summer, tells him that the chick running the place across the street is super good at what she does, he decides to bite the bullet and get his (show symbol) tattoo. Raven is snarky and a little mean, but she keeps him calm and does a great job. As thanks, he gives her a bouquet of sunflowers.
  • Raven’s arms are both full sleeves. One arm is done in monochrome and red, with bold lines and brilliant details. The other arm is in watercolour, with colours outside the lines and purposeful gradients. Summer adores these arms and wants to get watercolour tattoos like Raven has, but she’s scared of needles. Taiyang ends up going with her to get her first tattoo - a simple long-stemmed rose on her shoulder blade. Taiyang does a lot of rambling to calm Summer down, and Raven ends up joining him, telling stories about her brother.
  • Summer is always buying flowers. Raven and Taiyang bond over their mutual frustration at the idea of Summer having a secret significant other. Their bonding turns into their strong feelings for each other, but neither one wants to date the other and ruin their friendships. Nor do they want to deal with what that means about their feelings for Summer.
  • Summer is the catalyst. She sits them both down and explains her feelings for both of them. She wants to date them both. They ask about the flowers she kept buying, and find out she’s been buying them for her best friend, James, who has been in the hospital for a long while. By the time the night is over, the three of them agree to go on a date.
  • The dates go well, but the best date is the one where they all end up in a traffic jam in the way to the beach. They spend three hours chilling out in the car, singing along to old music, and teaching other their music tastes. They never make it to the beach.
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Petrichor - the smell of dry rain on the ground.

Taiyang took a deep breath as he stepped out on the front porch. He looked down at Zwei. “Smell that boy? Petrichor. It’s gonna rain soon.” He gazed up at the sky, noting the puffy clouds starting to build from the East. He heard the porch creak under Raven’s feet a moment before she began to speak.

“Summer loved the smell of petrichor,” she said. Taiyang hummed softly. After Summer didn’t come back from her mission, the rest of STRQ had made a pact to not speak about her unless necessary. Too much pain for all of them.

“She did,” he replied. He turned his eyes to his garden, his rosebushes with their lovely white blooms, and tried to swallow around the lump in his throat. Raven settled on the top step.

“Remember how she used to drag us out into the rain to dance?” she asked. Her voice held an uncharacteristic softness. He finally looked at her and saw her tracing her fingers over the flaming rose tattoo on her thigh. Tai’s hand instinctively found his own rose and feather tattoo on his side under his shirt. Summer’s completed the set with a burning feather on her bicep.

“Yeah,” he whispered. She turned to look up at him.

“I saw Ruby. She looks exactly like her mother.” Tai choked, a laugh and a sob trying to come out at the same time.

“She does.” Raven turned away and looked back out over the yard. Tai sat next to her and watched the storm roll in, carrying the scent of petrichor closer and closer.

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Poly Parents AU where no one dies or runs away and nobody gets involved with Oz鈥檚 plans (for now) and Yang and Ruby have the bet trio of parents ever. And they drag their new partners home for nondescript winter holiday, and Summer goes 鈥極h no where are your families do I need to adopt you鈥 and it鈥檚 awkward but the chieftain of Menagerie and his wife end up sitting at the dinner table and Winter just dragged a hungover Willow Schnee in and Everyone has nondescript holiday turkey together

_NPR winds up joining as well, because Mistral is pretty damn far to travel for the holidays. Jaune goes home to visit his family. Summer finds out she DOES have to adopt Ren and Nora, and Pyrrha’s parents can’t make it but the video call her. Summer promises she’ll get plenty to eat and wishes them a merry solstice. It’s almost too much for their little Patch home to take, honestly. Raven comes in a little late with Qrow, they’ve been working to restore the tribe to it’s former glory. When she spots Ghira she immediately rushes over to talk with him about trade routes for supplies from the main land to Menagerie (they keep being hijacked by petty humans). Summer and Tai shake their heads, because of course their wife would still be on business mode. Ironwood walks in with Winter and Willow and greets Summer first. They’ve been best friends since Summer kicked his ass in the Vytal tournament.

Ruby and Yang have a sprawling family all the sudden (not that they didn’t before) and they love it.

The Winter Solstice Fest is the best time of the year, because they can count on all of their family being there.


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Nosy neighbors…

I swear if I could I’d make my neighbors disappear.

Typical dysfunctional Christian family on a high horse. Believing themselves better than other people.

Told my sister that what we are doing is illegal ans if anyone called the social workers on us we could lose our child.

Well, our child wants for nothing. We literally couldn’t take better care of her. And living in polyamort IS. NOT. ILLEGAL.

I swear, some people are so unhappy that they just want to see others unhappy too.


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deciding who to come out to and who not to.

Much like being queer, pagan, differently abled, or a Nickleback fan… almost every interaction you have, you have to decide if this piece of information will be introduced into the conversation. Here are some of my personal, recent judgement calls:

-Doc in a box (urgent care) I’ll probably never see again, not worth it.

-Hairdresser that several of us would like to see, worth it.

-Kids’ soccer coach, haven’t told her because it’s fun to make the other parents wonder.

-Old friend I hadn’t seen in awhile, worth it.


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