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#polyamory issue
people really get SO mad about polyamory for absolutely NO reason lmao. on pretty much any post about it, there will be a ton of people just frothing at the mouth with rage in the notes like “they’re just whores” and “can’t wait for them to break up” and “that’s disgusting” or “that’s a sin” or whatever the fuck.
like damn, I'm sorry you’re so wildly insecure you project it onto other people’s happy relationships, but maybe keep your jealousy issues to yourself bc nobody cares lol
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polyamoryfacts · 3 years ago
Three rules for couples opening up their relationship
A lot of polyamorous relationships start with a couple opening up and laying down some ground rules to ensure their safety as an existing couple. After all, it is a dangerous world out there, and you never know who might want to threaten the home you spend to much energy building.
I have distilled for you some of the most important rules you NEED to have if you are a couple opening up your relationship.
Do not go out with people whose inhumane beauty makes you want to grovel at their feet. Chances are they are an angel whose sight was simply not meant for us humans to behold, whose very radiance burns into your retina even with your eyes closed, and whose piercing voice will haunt your dreams for seven years.
Don't invite new partners into your home unless you have been dating for a while. There have been a lot of vampire sightings lately, and once you invite them in, they will crash on your couch for days, promising to leave "tomorrow" whenever you address the subject.
Do not have sex with your new partner in the spousal bed. It is your most intimate place in the whole house, and both werewolves and nighthags can pick up your spouse's scent from there. (Also, werewolf fur is bloody hard to get out of your sheets).
Communicate, communicate, communicate! Personally, my favored method of communication is telepathy, but others prefer divining their partner's intentions from tea leaves or the shape of clouds in the sky. There is no right or wrong way, you do you!
That's it for today, folks! Remember to renew your wards and stay tuned for a new issue of polyamory facts!
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agdistis-sanctified · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Domino (2018) #3
Am I free to take this seriously?! Is Domino polyamorous?! Who is she even dating right now; I’m behind-
Either way I want to take this chance to thank King Midas aka Gail Simone for my life; I love this series so far. Neena is precious. Her squad is precious. The strong female presence (between Domino, Outlaw, Diamondback, and Topaz) is priceless. Everything Simone touches becomes gold.
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fictionkinfessions · 8 days ago
Got high for medical purposes and I got so many new memories for my Kaminari timeline! Like I remembered that didn't actually have like 5 different timelines where I dated 4 different people I just have two and was in a polycule with Kiri, Baku, and Deku in one of them! I've been trying to figure this out for ages and it feels good to finally know. I miss our little group so much. I hope theyre all doing ok. They really deserve better. - a Denki Kaminari
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lovelyflags · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Here are some more mainstream identities’ flags but with the colors adjusted to be easier on the eyes! I wanted to maintain the significance of the original color schemes but adjusting them in ways like tweaking the colors to compliment each other a bit more or desaturating colors that gave me some eyestrain. (The most significant example of this was the polyamorous flag which were very much a pure saturation blue and reds that were rough to look at, but the reasons for blue and red were nice and I didn’t want to disregard that) The only one I took significant liberties with was the lesbian flag, as there is controversy around it recently, so I decided to stay close to the most common flag but wanted more fuchsia shades to represent femmes and and oranges for butches, rather than the original menagerie of pinks. Feel free to use or share!
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polyamorouspunk · a month ago
Communication is key.
You’ve heard me say it over and over again.
The most important thing in any relationship is communication.
The first rule of polyamory is communication.
And it is- but that doesn’t mean it’s always the answer.
Sometimes taking a step back for yourself is the right solution.
Sometimes saying “I don’t want to talk about this anymore because we aren’t making progress, only setting ourselves even further back” is the right answer.
Sometimes people need space.
Yes, communication is important- but if that communication is being told to drop something, or to put it off, that’s important too.
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To the nejire that keeps seeing themselves excluded: it annoys me too. First of all, regardless of any ship, we're the big 3! We're all important parts of the group. And then in regards to ships, you were also important there too. At least in my canon, we were all together and it makes me very sad to not see you in content with us. I hope people see how amazing you are - Amajiki Tamaki
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fictionkinfessions · 16 days ago
tw vent rant thing
i miss the good old days 3 months ago when i wasnt trying to act like i wasnt in a kinshift around my parents. now i have to say i "accidentally" cosplayed tubbo when getting dressed this morning in a sweater, overalls, and a coat, even when its nearly 100 degrees outside, and claim my sudden obsession with drawing pigs is for "simple fanart purposes" and not to draw myself interacting with my son.
i also realized my polyam relationship is structured around my old kin relationship - weve got my girlfriend, who is incredibly similar to tommy, and my partner, who is incredibly similar to ranboo.
i feel so lonely because im pretty sure that even if i told my partners about the way i kin tubbo, they wouldn't understand it fully or they would think im just pretending to be closer to the character or something. they probably wouldnt get that i have a giant hole in my heart that michael used to fill, or that they somehow miraculously fit into the holes that being away from tommy and ranboo left.
maybe thats why i gravitated towards them - they brought me this sense of familiarity and comfort when i didnt have karl (one of my dsmp kin friends here on tumblr) to fall back on and talk to
that doesnt change the fact that i feel terrible, like something bad might be happening to michael right now and i wont be able to help. now i need to find him and maybe i wont feel so terrible all the time anymore :(
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polyadvice · 2 years ago
Do you advocate polyadvocy?
Do you advocate polyadvocy?
I have genuinely no idea what that means. It returns zero Google results.
If you mean "polyamory advocacy" in the sense of fighting for laws and other policy changes regarding healthcare, finances, insurance, child custody, adoption, hospital visitation, employment, etc. that serve the needs of polyamorous people and families, absolutely.
If you mean evangelizing polyamory as a relationship style that everyone should adopt, or trying to convince or cajole people into polyamory, absolutely not. There's a time and a place for "hey, there's this thing, it might resonate with you, here's some info about it!" - people deserve access to information that might help them understand themselves and be intentional and healthy about their relationships - but that's where it should end. 
If you mean something else, then I can't answer your question, because I don't understand it.
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i only just kinfirmed him, but it turns out i've been rich for ages now! i've been getting memories this whole time and i didn't even realize, passing them off as headcanons. anyways i absolutely adore my two boyfriends jeremy heere and michael mell!!!
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fictionkinfessions · 10 days ago
Twitter fucking sucks. They harass anyone who’s Hermitkin or even hermitships because “they aren’t characters >:(((“ but for some reason when it’s in 3SMP they are? When they’re in FUCKING MCC THEY ARE??? Also they focus on the irl hermits more than anyone. You’re telling me that I, a Grian kin with like 80 followers who is put off by IRL hermits, who just wants to talk about loving my partners, is doing more harm than Stacy with 2k followers who makes edits of real people’s faces, pries into their real life and family, and calls grown 20-40 year old men her “little meow meow”? Tumblr actually knows how to fucking operate a fandom, why can’t twt? Sorry for the rant but it genuinely makes me upset that I have to get harassed for being Hermitkin >:(((((((( -G #🧶🍄🐔
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I had two partners and now I have zero I am so lonely all the time. I want the gentle affection I had with them back. I miss them. - Eliot Spencer
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fictionkinfessions · 7 days ago
Principal Skinner here! Bit of an odd kin to hear from, but i really do miss my Edna. She didn't die in my timeline, nor get married to Ned Flanders. I can't remember whether or not we got married yet, however I do remember it was a polyamorous mutually romantic relationship with SuperIntendent Chalmers. It's slightly farfetched, I know, but if there's a chance either of you happen to read this just know that I miss you both and would love to hear from you again. - Principal Skinner
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Tongue Tied
Warnings: Alcohol, smoking, food mention, romantic kissing, polyamory, brief past issues with eating mention, anxiety mention
Ship: LAMP
Plot: With The first year of University over, the four gather for a small party and reminisce about the year, looking forward to the future to come. 
Look! A feel-good fic! I can write those!
“Take me to your best friend’s house
I loved you then and I love you now,”
-Tongue-tied, Grouplove
Soft giggles fill the air as music played in the background, one is nursing a box of pizza on his skinny-jeans clad legs, another lying on the couch blowing smoke rings into the air like he hadn’t promised to give up (To his credit, he’d cute down dramatically over the last year). Two boys tangled in each other’s fingertips laugh with reddened cheeks, singing along to the music like they were on stage, arms outstretched and comical expressions on their faces.
The youngest, Virgil, is an art student who had claimed at least two boxes of pizza for himself and had pastels staining his arms and cheeks, little clouds of blue in his purple hair. The eldest, Patton, who had now untangled himself from the other boy to bounce around the room, causing smiles on everyone’s face as he proclaimed his love to the other’s through the lyrics. 
The second youngest, curling smoke from his lips from his first cigarette of the night (He had promised he would quit, and he will, he’s getting there, slowly), grins up as Patton plops himself down in his lap, kissing the back of his free hand warmly. “You’ve only had one today Lo! It’s 6PM, that’s progress!”
“Thanks, Patton,”
The last, now picking slices of pizza off of Virgil’s box and ducking the hand that swats playfully at him, grins through a mouthful of food “Yeah! Well done Logan!” Logan waves a dismissive hand, putting the cigarette out into water-filled can that used to hold cider, fire health, and safety- don’t throw a cigarette into a can of alcohol. 
He shuffles, scooping Patton up into his arms before sitting up and plopping him into a more comfortable position on his lap, rubbing the other’s back as he nuzzled happily against his boyfriend’s neck. “So, how has everyone’s first year gone thus far?” He picks up his actual can of cider and sips it gently. 
“Wonderfully, I got cast in the end of year production, everything’s going fabulously, I got a skincare routine together and I look flawless,” Roman starts, a wide grin on his face, ironically as he gets tomato sauce down his chin and Virgil quietly exclaims an ‘ew’ in response. 
“That’s great Roman! What about you Virgil?” 
Virgil blinks, swallowing his pizza thoughtfully “It’s been alright I guess,” but when Patton’s smile slips a little he elaborates “I sold a couple of illustrations, had a few commissions, things are going good,” He gives his boyfriends a small smile as they beam at him, thankful for his contribution especially as even with them he was still a little nervous talking around others “Oh and I’ve got a counselor for my Anxiety now,” 
“That’s wonderful Virgil! What about you Logan?” Patton’s hands clasp together, ecstatic to hear about his boyfriend’s years achievements, as he wiggles a little to look down at Logan, who has resigned himself to leaning back against the couch (it had become very apparent that Patton was not moving anytime soon).
“I cut back from one and a half packs a day, to one maybe two cigarettes, I decided to indulge in, what Patton likes to call ‘down time’ which is basically playing video games for an unnamed period of time, I attempted to make friends without calling people boring or dull, as I’ve been informed normal people do not like that,” Virgil snorts slightly, nodding. 
“Well done Lo! I suppose it’s my turn now,” Patton’s voice falls a little softer, his smile small on his lips “I’ve started putting on weight steadily now, and I’m still underweight but I’m getting there, I started getting help for it too! Oh, and I haven’t told you yet but my work has been entered into an international Graphic Design competition!” 
“Well done Patton,” Logan smiles and kisses the other’s cheek gently. The elder giggles right before he’s scooped into Roman’s arms. 
“Stop stealing him Logan, we share in this house,” Virgil laughs gently as Patton squeals, Roman spinning around with the other in his arms, laughing. Logan’s lips break into a grin, before he slides to the floor, dodging the two to steal some of Virgil’s pizza. 
It’s nice to see Patton smile properly again, it’s nice to see him not looking so exhausted. It’s nice to see Virgil not jumping so much, and Logan not itching for a cigarette, Roman’s confidence as big as they were when they were kids. 
It’s nice to feel whole again, as Logan kisses Virgil lightly and Roman flops on the floor with Patton still somehow still cradled to his chest, their lips meeting in a quick peck. It’s be home at last. 
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fictionkinfessions · a month ago
all of my danganronpa kins are confusing because I can't figure out my relationships in any of them
I know in my Hajime timeline I was dating nagito, but I don't know if chiaki was a partner or a qpp. (Or my relationship with others)
My kokichi timeline is just a huge mess though, i don't know my relationships with anyone besides rantaro. Kaede? Dunno if she was a gf or qpp. Or shuichi or several others.
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ncityzen · a month ago
This is too niche for tumblr bc no one here comes from where I come from lmao but there's this sort of discourse going around among young people here that wants to be 'woke' or whatever about romantic love where suddenly everyone's like "they sold us a disney kind of love that doesn't exist and it's harmful blah blah blah" and I get what they mean by that bc it does lead to people staying in abusive relationships and all that but it's also creating this kind of "edgy" discourse that basically only serves to put up even more walls and be cynical about everything and idk how to tell people that this is not the way to live
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avengerscompound · a year ago
What do you think a poly relationship with Brunnhilde and Natasha would be like?
Tumblr media
Being in a polyamorous relationship with Brunnhilde and Natasha Romanoff would include:
Starting up as friends-with-benefits
Natasha being the one that pointed out there might be actual feelings happening
The polyamory being a non-issue
Brunnhilde calling you her queens
Brunnhilde thinking it’s pretty funny to carry you both over her shoulders
Tumblr media
Natasha not thinking that was very funny at all
Them both drinking you under the table
Russian pet names from Natasha
Asgardian pet names from Brunnhilde
Not being sure if Nat or Brunnhilde are the boss at any given time, but knowing it’s definitely not you
Tumblr media
Exciting, passionate and boundary testing sex
Getting the ‘Don’t hurt my friend’ talk from both Thor and Clint
Having to be quite independent because of how busy they both get
Them being quite protective of you
Both taking a while to express their feelings
Tumblr media
Getting to see them spar
Having them back you up and support your decisions
Their quite violent responses to the three of you being catcalled
Being fine with PDA
But neither sitting still long enough for proper cuddle sessions
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fictionkinfessions · a month ago
well… huh! didn’t know people hated me THAT much… don’t think i wanted to know…
i was an awkward, weird guy who didn’t know how to talk to people i liked. i was YOUNG. hell, canon-me was under insane amounts of stress and was hyperfixating on one person to try and take some of that stress away. was it healthy in canon? hell no! but jesus, don’t fantasize about torturing me for it! what the fuck!
doesn’t help that in my timeline, i was in a happy and healthy romantic relationship with both sonia and gundham… sigh. wish i never knew that people hated me so much. i promise i’m not a bad person. i’m just awkward and neurodivergent and don’t know how to make friends.
kazuichi souda 🏍🔧
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