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#polyatomic ions

you think that one’s bad, here’s how I remember Acetate:

CHOrizard drank Acetate and it was bad, so

C H O and bad (like negative, - )

Charizard has 2 wings, one on either side, and a long body in the center, like more than 2, so 3 

C2 H3 O2 with a - charge 

Acetate is C2H3O2-


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here’s how I’m gonna remember polyatomic ions Chromate and Dichromate. 

they don’t have simple formulas that are easy to make up mnemonic devices for, they have the formulas CrO4^2- and Cr2O7^2-

looking at the 4 ^2- and 7 ^2- , I googled pokemon numbers 42 and 72, 

which are Golbat and Tentacool, which both happen to be really freaking annoying pokemon to stumble across, 

so Chromate and Dichromate are really annoying to remember, just like pokemon numbers 42 and 72 are really annoying to fight lol

knowing that, and that Chromate at least means it has Chromium and Oxygen and a charge, and that Di- means 2, I can remember:

Chromate is like a Golbat, annoying, and 42, thus it’s CrO4^2-

Dichromate is like a Tentacool, annoying, and 72, thus its Cr2O7^2-

I know that all barely makes any sense, but I’ve worked with even more stupid mnemonic devices before. Like to remember that Potassium is K, this kid in middle school would literally just stutter the letter K and then say Potassium, like kkkkPOTASSIUM, and I here I am in college still using it myself lol. So I’m sure I can work with something logical like that.

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I’ve spent all day making these stupid charts for memorizing ions. 
I tried to highlight similarities and differences of names and formulas within the charges. 

If you want to use it, you can get it here. You can view and print without a google account. I don’t know if you have to have a Drive account or not (I’m pretty positive you don’t have to). I think you can download in any file type except PDF. PDF didn’t work for me when I was testing anyway.

To work around this, you can open the print window and there should be an open as pdf, export as pdf, or save as pdf button somewhere.  

When you print, do a test page. I used a landscape orientation so I could fit more columns in the tables. You may have to switch the page orientation in your print window for it to print correctly. 

If you use it and find a mistake LET ME KNOW! You can either leave a comment on the document or message me here.

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i need to memorize ~ 12 chemical formulas by 10 am. i am looking at flashcards, repeating the formulas to myself, closing my eyes and repeating them, closing my eyes and writing them, and writing them over and over again. is there anything else i can do to memorize info with limited time?

[ i need to take out psyche and replace with the formulas of polyatomic ions ]

the professor said, “you better not wait till the last minute to start memorizing these” and i just stared straight ahead

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I have a polyatomic Ion quiz tomorrow in Chem.. 
I only know NH4 1+ which is Ammonium and OH 1- which is Hydroxide. 
I think I know C2H302 which may or may not be acetate. 
I know hypochlorite- ClO 1-
Chlorite- ClO2 1-
Chlorate- ClO3 1-
Perchchlorate ClO4 1-
I’m kind of screwed. 

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