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catpop12343 · 2 days ago
The masculine urge to kiss handsome man on the lips
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pansexualshitposting · 2 days ago
Shout out to all the brave and wonderful people who uses multiple mspec labels!!! You rock!!!
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thegreylakes · 2 days ago
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aceandarothingies · 7 months ago
Stick it to Rainbow Capitalism!
Since rainbow capitalism sucks, here are some small queer shops to support this coming pride month instead of giving all your money to Disney and Walmart!
Pride bows!
All the buttons you could ever need or want!
Dice and dominoes!
Bottle charms!
Armour-inspired jewelry!
Stickers, stickers, and more stickers!
Black queer art prints!
Cross stitch!
Earrings, earrings, and more earrings!
Bat dolls!
Bracelets 1 and Bracelets 2
Dragon dolls!
Queer Goats!
Abrosexual pride!
Do no harm, take no shit!
Pride moths!
Misc. Identity merch!
Pride shrimp!
And finally, it's not specifically queer, but these shops do custom flags!
If you have a shop or know a shop you want to promote, please reblog with a link!
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Did anyone else notice that Lukadrinette's colours are the same colours as the Polysexual flag (pink, green and blue)
I just think that's neat
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butch-apple-pie · a year ago
Friendly reminder to all wlw: u don't have to be butch OR femme. You can be both, neither, 55% butch and 45%, whatever, but you don't have to be one or the other if you don't want to. Those aren't the only options of expression for wlw
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fixing-bad-posts · 3 months ago
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[Image ID: A tumblr text post, edited blackout-poetry style to read, "discourse is so tiring and the vast majority of identities like pan and omni and polysexual have created a unique brand of inherently sexy people. Have a nice day."]
discourse is so tiring and the vast majority of identities like pan and omni and polysexual have created a unique brand of inherently sexy people
have a nice day
Submitted by @ask-reagon-dreamer-ask-blog-open
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oh-treacherous-doctor · 4 months ago
I saw a panphobic post on my dash from someone I thought I could trust, so this is a reminder:
This user supports bisexual people
This user supports pansexual people
This user supports polysexual people
This user supports omnisexual people
Being bisexual is not panphobic
Being pansexual is not biphobic
No sexuality is transphobic
If you don't support all mspec people equally, then get the fuck off my blog
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novas--fandom · 8 days ago
A little reminder:
Gay polyamorous men are valid.
Lesbian polyamorous women are valid
Bisexual polyamorous people are valid.
Pansexual polyamorous people are valid.
Polysexual polyamorous people are valid.
Omnisexual polyamorous people are valid.
Abrosexual polyamorous people are valid.
M-spec polyamorous people are valid.
Arospec polyamorous people are valid.
Acespec polyamorous people are valid.
Transgender polyamorous people are valid.
Non-Binary polyamorous people are valid.
Genderfluid polyamorous people are valid.
Multi-gender polyamorous people are valid.
Agender polyamorous people are valid.
Intersex polyamorous people are valid.
T4T polyamorous people are valid.
NBLNB polyamorous people are valid.
Neo + Xeno pronoun polyamorous people are valid.
Disabled polyamorous people are valid.
Neurodivergent polyamorous people are valid.
Mentally-ill polyamorous people are valid.
BIPOC polyamorous people are valid.
Asian polyamorous people are valid.
Jewish polyamorous people are valid.
Closeted polyamorous people are valid.
Polyamorous sex workers are also valid.
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List of queer love languages
(Feel free to add on!)
Bitch (affectionate)
Sending memes in the middle of the night
Jokingly flirting but it’s not actually joking
babe (platonic)
playing with pets/stuffed animals
Doing completely separate things in the same room but enjoying each other’s company nonetheless
Finding random items in thrift stores and giving them to your partner like a crow
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snootyfoxfashion · 5 months ago
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Sexuality Pride Bow Ties from StudioChuffed
LGBTQ+ // Gay Male // Lesbian // Bisexual // Pansexual
Polysexual // Asexual // Demisexual // Aromantic
Aroace // Abrosexual // Omnisexual // Polyamorous
Gender identity bow ties here!
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ghostiestims · 6 months ago
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Bisexual, Polysexual, and Pansexual Pride flag cookies🏳️‍🌈
Pride Flags  🏳️‍🌈 The Graceful Baker / Youtube
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ladyorlandodream · 6 months ago
Pride Month is about to begin and I take this opportunity to make a very important reflection, dedicated not only to straight allies but also to the LGBTQ+ community, please: - if a man is with another man, do not assume that he is gay - if a man is with a woman, don't assume he is straight - if a woman is with another woman, don't assume she is a lesbian - if a woman is with a man, don't assume that he is straight
help us spread respect for multi-sexual identities
if you are in doubt...ask!
we are valid
Tumblr media
(Note about the flags: the lesbian flag is not the rainbow of the image, it has its own. But the person who made this scheme reported that for graphic reasons she was unable to insert both. Note 2: I read some hashtag with hate about the comment of the flag, that rainbow is for everyone. It’s true and somehow it isn’t, therefore that note was written because otherwise I’m pretty sure someone will have argue about the absence of the lesbian flag. Love for everyone!)
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