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#poor Micheletto
ducavalentinois-archive · 4 months ago
@musenssang​ ( for micheletto )
Tumblr media
   BLOOD DRIPS DOWN HIS CHIN ; he has been in bed for well over half the day and had insisted no one inform Micheletto who had his own duties to attend to. He had not wanted the other distracted by an attempt on his life. A WEAK ATTEMPT AT THAT. The poison hadn’t been strong enough to kill Cesare , and it had been canterela at that. A poison that Cesare had long ago strengthened himself against , learning from the best. WHEN THE ASSASSIN ENTERS HIS CHAMBERS - Cesare knows someone has spoken out of turn , although something tells him it is unlikely they did so willingly. For all that Italy had once hated him , there were those who were now loyal even if it meant their lives.  “Micheletto.” THERE IS A WARNING IN CESARE’S VOICE ; he wants no fuss. The pain would pass soon , and no lasting damage was done. “I am quite well , as well as i can be in such circumstances but i am in no danger. You may ask the dottore if you do not believe me.” HE LEANS BACK INTO THE PILLOWS , wiping at his mouth with the back of his hand. “It was a poor attempt of course , whoever did it , i do not believe their heart was ever in it. There certainly wasn’t enough within the wine to kill me , only to knock me down.” OH AND HOW HE HAD FALLEN - lucky that his horse had not panicked and crushed him beneath it’s hooves. Machiavelli and Alessandro had gotten the King back to the palace. “The serving boy who was with us has disappeared so i can only assume it was he who was coerced.” 
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madonna-la-cardinalessa · 9 months ago
The Borgias Review 02.02 “Paolo”
As always, this is for entertainment only!
Review under the cut:
4:30 [Giulia after a night with Rodrigo]
Tumblr media
Sandy: Look, Giulia tries to look sexy and fails
7:22 [Prince Alfonso of Aragon is tortured to death]
- no pic cuz too gory -
Leni: NoOoOoOoO my poor babyyyyy T_______T (yes, I did like him!!!)
10:17 [fake!Ascanio Sforza enters the scene]
Tumblr media
Sandy: Oh no, look: it’s Fake-Sforza
11:40 [Rodrigo has no plan what’s going on in Rome and blames fake!Ascanio for not handeling the stuff better]
Tumblr media
Leni: What kind of abilities does Rodrigo as a pope actually have??
Sandy: praying and humping
12:00 [fake!Giuliano has got a capuchin who has to test all his food]
Tumblr media
Leni: Not again a fkn monkey
Sandy: And again I say, that capuchins come from south America. Friendly reminder that America wasn’t discovered there yet.
Even though the storyline in this show makes less sense than in Borgia Faith and Fear, I admit that according to the events that happened during the past episodes it might be possible that we already are in 1498 in which it would be possible to have a capuchin as a pet.
15:20 [Rodrigo going on a night trip with Giulia&Victoria to get to know peasant’s life. However, Rodrigo does not seem to get the situation of some beggars.]
Tumblr media
Leni: Omg Rodrigo, you’re not yourself >.<”
Sandy: Have a snickers! xD
19:45 [Giulia will take care for charity finances, the nameless cardinal is not amused (Sandy told me that this one might be the non-existing Cardinal Versucci mentioned in the s1 end credits]
Tumblr media
Sandy: *annoyed* Great, now Giulia is also a financial genius.
27:00 [Juan secretly follows Lucrezia who is about to meet Perotto Paolo]
Tumblr media
Leni: Does he follow her because he is a.) curious b.) cares for his sis who goes outside at night alone or c.) cares for his family’s reputation
Sandy: a and c!
36:00 [After he let Paolo in, Cesare secretly follows him and Lucrezia]
- no pic -
Leni: lol Cesare secretly goes crying
Sandy: No, he secretly goes stalking
38:50 [Micheletto strangling a whore saying: “I can hear what you are thinking.”]
Tumblr media
I forgot to ask her for general thoughts xD Mine were: Poor Paolo and that this episode was better than the last one. Also Juan finally starts to annoy me while I found him cute in season 1. 
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madonna-la-cardinalessa · 10 months ago
The Borgias Review 02.01 “The Borgia Bull”
And it’s time again for “2 historians judging watching The Borgias”. As said in the post which contains the complete review of The Borgias season 1: This is for entertainment only! We do not intent to hurt any fans with this. Since we both are pretty aware about this time period and study history in our bachelor and master rn we can see what works and what doesn’t in this show and for some people this might not only be funny but also interesting to read (even though this is by far no analysis!). For the time references I apologize again because it might differ from player to player. 
And because of the current situation it is not possible for us to do a The Borgias marathon again since meeting physically is…problematic. So we decided to watch the episodes while doing a WhatsApp call every Tuesday evening. This is why each episode of season two will get it’s own post this time yay! :D We hope you enjoy!
Review of the first episode under the cut:
Since I suck in html I won’t colour Sandy’s and mine parts this time and simply write like: Sandy: or Leni:
4:50 [fake!Giuliano holding a mess or something wearing a ..weird coloured ourfit] 
Tumblr media
Leni: lmao, fake!Giuliano, why are you wearing a green gown? You’re a cardinal and you know, the term “cardinal-red” actually has a meaning xD
7:00 [Cesare enters the room, the audience knows it’s of course thanks to him that fake!Giuliano is poisend] 
Tumblr media
Sandy: Oh look, Super Brain Cesare enters the stage. Wait, no it was Mastermind Cesare, sorry.
Leni: omg wtf is with his hair? Cesare got a permanent wave???
(Also as if the real Giuliano della Rovere would have been so dump to get poisend)
18:50 [Juan and Cesare bitching at each other and starting a fight]
Tumblr media
Sandy: Ehhm, did they hate each other already in the last season? Or is this kinda rushed? xD
Leni: I think they had like one scene in s1 in which they showed how the fame made Juan evil...but yeah this feels rushed.
21:40 [Rodrigo and Giulia discovering some old ruins while hunting]
Tumblr media
Sandy: *annoyed* OH NO, do not tell me, they discover some fkn roman ruins now and initiate the Renaissance because of this now.
Leni: Yeah, maybe Neil&Co did not know, that the Renaissance was a thing before the Borgia already. But since all characters (except Juan lol) are so good and lovely and whitewashed in this show, it makes sense that they alone bring Italy the light of the Renaissance ofc.
29:00 [Rodrigo can’t sleep and gets up to walk around in the apostlic palace at night]
Tumblr media
Leni: Where is he going?
Sandy: Probably looking for his golden calf to worship it.
35:00 [Giulia noticing how much influence she is loosing towards Rodrigo]
Tumblr media
Sandy: You know what? This Giulia is the personification of the cheerleader bitch in american movies.
46:40 [At the mask ball, Giulia gets advice from Vanozza how to keep Rodrigo under her influence]
Tumblr media
Leni: As if a Giulia Farnese would have taken advice from a Vanozza Cattanei and if a Vanozza Cattanei would have helped a Giulia Farnese with giving her advice jjkdfjdsjfll.
50:00 [..GAY! xD Giulia making out with Victoria (was that her name?) because it’s sexy and Rodrigo pays attention and therefore f*cks them both that night]
Tumblr media
Sandy: *annoyed* Now, the americans are so prudish and censore every f*ck in a show but they are always okay with girls kissing girls because it’s hot?
Leni: I think that’s a man's thing. You really see who scripted this show 
In general in this episode: Micheletto’s appearance
Leni: Why is Micheletto always dirty? And like sweating? Like ALWAYS??
Sandy: Maybe because he knows, that he is the worst assasine in the world and so he always sweats xD
Sandy’s general thoughts: I kinda got the feeling that a lot happened while nothing happened actually. What really made me upset was that the episode made it look like the Borgia initiated the Renaissance like: So yeah, here is the Renaissance, have fun! And then they start to celebrate roman feasts which some people would call ehm idk maybe... HERESY?????
Leni’s general thoughts: My PoOr BaBy AlPhOnSo of NaPeLs T_____T how can they torture my precious psycho kid Alphonso in that way??? Fake!Charles, I hate youuuuuu *cries for 10 hours straight*. And yeah, I think this episode’s plot was pretty boring. I enjoyed the few scenes with Lucrezia but kinda got the feeling that Giulia played a more important role than her now. And of course some things just did not work (like almost everything).
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musenssang · 11 months ago
Micheletto strangling juan because juan is strangling the poor girl is good shit 
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fangrl-esque · 6 years ago
Oh my gosh Micheletto my bABYYY!!!!!!
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