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#poor girls

Whoever chose Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofia’s dresses today, needs to be fired… I mean, this is Leonor’s most important event of the year, and one of the most important for King Felipe and Queen Letizia. A lot a people watch it because she delivers a speech, and they chose the worst outfits possible. I mean, I have no words.

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They are all getting naked for the internet, is like oh poor me, I need to show my little butt to get likes. Perhaps I should try it too, the ego grows large in an instant.


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Are you telling me that Katherine, Daniela and melissa just travel all the way to Europe to play 1 game and now have come back and travel to Brasil.

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I'm the same person who mentioned taking my Honors Bio exam, and it seems that studying 12 page long study guide and three different packets for six hours really did pay off. I passed with a high grade and I've never felt more relieved. Also, that prompt for Dacia and Biela killed me, who said you could hurt them! :)
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Reading stuff about GoT and apparently Khaleesi(title meaning wife of a warlord) became a popular baby name. I do like the way it sounds, but why would you do that to your child?

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Nephthys: You okay?
Sigyn, sighing: Loki gave Hodr a mistletoe-laced arrow which killed Baldr.
Nephthys: Honey, my husband literally chopped his brother into tiny pieces and scattered him everywhere. It's going to be okay.
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