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#poor peter

Peter: *walking through a dark room towards the faint glow of the single street light reflected in the mirror in the room across the hall*
Tony: Can you even see where you’re going?
Peter: *runs into door*
Peter: Kind of.

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It’s set in a universe where I kind of just nitpick from certain comics, so it’s not really a specific universe or media.

Peter was not always a spidery Spider-Man. He was actually his own normal Spider-Man self, no extra spideryness at all, up until one day he disappears. No trace, no warning - just vanishes. There’s a debate on where he’d gone, or what happened, but in the end everyone (the general public) either assumes he died or retired.

Fast forward a few years, and Deadpool gets a job from SHIELD to infiltrate an undisclosed facility, and while he’s there he comes across some information regarding a patient being kept inside the building. 3 guesses as to who the patient is. Deadpool is losing his mind because Spider-Man has been missing for YEARS, and of course he’s not going to leave without bringing him with him, but when he finds Spider-Mans cells, he is very very surprised at at the Spider-Man that he finds inside.

Before this all happened Peter had previous boyfriends/girlfriends such as and including Harry Osborn, Mary Jane Watson, Betty Brant, and I’m still deciding if he had a fling with Johnny. Knowing how much of a ho Peter can be, he probably will.

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Peter: Mr. Stark I’m confused.

Tony: why? What’s wrong?

Peter: you see, we watched SpongeBob today…

Tony: and?

Peter: he is a sponge. A super absorbent and lives in bikini bottom.

Tony: so?

Peter: Harley says he is a tampon. Is he?

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Peter: *goes under water for .02 seconds*
Tony *already in his suit*: HE'S DROWNING!!! MY KID IS DROWNING!!! CALL HELEN CHO!!! *plunges into the 4 ft. water*
Peter *soaking wet in Iron Man's arms*: what the heck
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TW: Mentions of blood

“Tony, we need you for this mission. C’mon.”

Tony stared at him with a dumbfounded expression. “I’m not leaving my kid, Rogers.”

They both looked to Peter, who lay silent, a thick layer of bandages wrapping around his torso. 

Steve sighed. “Tony, I know you don’t want to leave him, but he’s fine. He’s recovering.”

The inventor massaged his forehead, glancing around the dark room. “I can’t let him wake up alone.”

“He won’t be alone. The mission will be fast. Peter probably won’t even notice you’re gone.”

They both jumped as Sam burst into the room. “Are you guys coming? We need to go now.”

Tony hesitated. “FRI, if Peter wakes up, tell him I’m on a mission and I’ll be back soon. And tell him not to move around too much, and to call me if he needs help. Call me if he wakes up, too. Got it?”

“Overprotective, are we, boss?” the AI replied. 

He smiled. “Always am.” The genius bent and kissed Peter’s cheek gently. “Stay safe for me buddy, okay? I’ll be back before you know it.”

Tony looked sadly at his kid’s closed eyes, then followed Steve out of the room. “I’ll be right back.”


The first thing Peter noticed was the empty space beside him. No familiar heartbeat, no breathing, no talking.

Where was Mr. Stark?

Tony was always there.

He groaned and blinked. “Mr. Stark?”

FRIDAY’s kind voice filled the room. “Tony is on a mission right now. He will be back soon. He requested I tell you not to move around, and to call him if you are in need of help.”

Peter nodded. “Is he okay?”

The AI hesitated. “My attempts to contact Mr. Stark have been unsuccessful.”

He froze. “What?”

“I’m sure boss would not want you to worry, Peter.”

“He-he hasn’t responded? What about the rest of the team?”

“No one has answered.”

Oh god, what if Mr. Stark was hurt, or captured, or-

No, he wouldn’t say it. 

“I have to help him!” Peter shifted to the side of the bed and carefully stood up. 

Bad idea.

His torso flashed with a hot pain and he doubled over. “O-ow.” 

“Peter? Please sit down to avoid hurting yourself further,” FRIDAY said, urgency crossing her voice.

“N-no, FRI, I’m fine.” He breathed deeply. “See? I’m good.”

“Peter, moving any more would cause your stitches to come loose. Please sit down,” she insisted. 

Peter winced and leaned heavily against the wall. “No, I- I gotta make sure they’re okay.” He stumbled to the hallway. 

He needed to help Mr. Stark

The boy staggered down the hallway, the pain increasing. He could hear his stitches tearing, which was definitely not good.

He didn’t remember being in so much pain before. 

Ugh, it was so hot

Wait, what was he doing? Where was Mr. Stark?

Oh right… Mr. Stark needed help

He needed to help him!

“Help who?” he mumbled aloud, sliding down the wall. “Help? Who’m I helpin’?”

He winced as a voice pierced his ears. “Peter, I have contacted Mr. Stark and emergency medical services, but my communication seems to be failing. Stay awake until help arrives, Peter.”

He blinked slowly. 

There was a voice in the ceiling. So weird…

Was it Clint?

Wait… who was Clint?

The sky voice was still talking, but he didn’t really understand it. 

Medical services. Mr. Stark. Stay awake.



Tony had to keep himself from calling Peter every ten seconds, reminding himself that FRIDAY was there and would alert him if anything happened.

He had a deep feeling that something was wrong. 

The genius hummed anxiously. The mission was relatively simple. Just a quick trip to a suspected HYDRA facility, then out again. No fighting. 

“Cap? I’m gonna head out.”

“Tony- wait, you’re leaving?” Steve exclaimed. 

“Yeah,” he replied, then blasted into the sky. 

“FRIDAY, call Peter.”

“Of course, boss.” There was a pause, and then- “My attempts to contact Peter have failed. Would you like me to try again?”

Tony could feel his heart beating out of his chest. “That’s not possible.”

“My sy-sytems have been compromised, boss. I-I can’t-”



The screen flickered. “Fuck,” he snapped, increasing speed as the back up power lit his face. “Fuck, fuck, fuck.”

God, he needed to get to Peter yesterday.


He landed on the compound roof, cracking the cement. Tony sprinted to the medbay, stopping only when he spotted Peter’s tiny body on the ground. 

“Peter!” he screamed, falling to his knees and cupping his face in his hands. “Whoa- no, no no no, what happened?!”

Oh god, there was blood. Peter’s blood, Peter’s blood on his hands.

He pressed his fingers to his neck, where Peter’s pulse beat rapidly. “Oh, baby, oh my god. Wake up, kiddo. Wake up!” 

Tony gently scooped Peter into his arms and rushed to the medbay. The lights flickered on, and he set his kid carefully on his bed, kissing his forehead. “I’ll be right back, baby. Hold on for me.” 

He dashed to the cabinet, frantically searching for a needle and thread.

Tony hated himself for doing this. Hatred that burned and solidified permanently. 

But he took the needle, his hands shaking, and stitched Peter’s wound back up. 

It was something he would never, ever forgive himself for, leaving his kid alone, who got hurt because of him. 

God, this was all his fault. 


“Stark! What’s wrong?” Steve cried, his heart leaping as he spotted Tony, slumped over in a chair by Peter’s hospital bed, head in his hands. 

Tony startled, jumping up to stand in front of his kid. “Oh. Steve, it’s you.”

They both pretended not to notice as he wiped tears from his face.

Tony Stark doesn’t cry.

“What happened? Is Peter okay?” 

Tony sighed, scrubbing at his eyes. “He pulled a few stitches. He-he was up looking for me. God.”

Steve frowned. “Didn’t you tell FRIDAY to alert you if that happened? Is that why you left?”

The inventor bit his lip. “FRI- she was hacked.” 

All his fault.

“What?! How? Did you fix it?” Steve said. 

“Yes, I fixed it.” He rolled his eyes. “I don’t know how, and I need to figure that out.”

Steve noticed the way he looked at Peter in worry and protectiveness. 

“Look, Tony, we can get someone else from the team to track whoever did it. You can just focus on Peter, okay?”

Tony’s eyes gleamed with relief. “Thanks, Rogers.” He sat back down, grasping Peter’s hand and smoothing his hair back. 

Cap nodded. It never failed to surprise him how much Tony loved this kid. How overprotective and worried he was all the time. 

He spotted a few gray hairs in Tony’s normally black ones.

Ah, the perks of being a dad.


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Chapter 2.

TW: Mentions of death


“Tones! Wake up, man!”

He came to with a gasp. “Rh-rhodey! No, no, nonono, Peter- Peter, I-I need to save him- I need him- gotta get to Peter, please- please, I can’t lose him-”

“Whoa, Tony! Calm down, what do you mean? Peter’s okay, man, you’re not gonna lose him.”

“N-no, no, Peter, Rhodey I need to find Peter- I need to save him, Rhodey, please.” Tony staggered to his feet. 

No no no please not his baby

Rhodey and Cho watch worriedly as Tony raced from the room.

“What the hell happened?” 

“Peter’s dying,” Cho said bluntly. 



Tony sprinted to his kid, throwing open the door to his bedroom. “Peter!” He pulled the half-asleep boy into his lap. “Oh god, oh my god, Peter, no, nononono, I can’t lose you please. Please, I- I can’t, I need you- please-.”

“Mr. Stark!” Peter cut him off. “Mr. Stark, it’s okay! Don’t worry, I’m here, I’m fine, you’re not gonna lose me. It’s okay. It’s okay, Mr. Stark.” 

But it wasn’t okay

Oh god, Peter was dying

His baby was fucking dying

Tony squeezed him tight, choking on a sob. Peter hugged him back.

“Mr. Stark, what’s wrong?” he whispered.

“P-Peter- god, no, no, I got you sweetheart, I’m not losing you. I can’t, I can’t.”

“Mr. Stark, take a deep breath!” Peter instructed. “It’s okay. You won’t lose me, I’m right here. Don’t cry.” 

Tony pressed a firm kiss to his curls, cradling him close.

He would not let go

He wouldn’t let anyone take his kid


He was dying, Cho explained.

Tony shook his head frantically, rocking Peter back and forth. 

No, it wasn’t possible

Peter leaned into his touch, whispering a soft “Oh.”

He kissed Peter’s cheek. “L-listen to me, kiddo,” he choked. “I will not let you go. Ever. You’re gonna be okay. I’ll fix this. I won’t let you go.” 

Tears dampened his sweatshirt. “Shh, baby, don’t cry. I won’t let anything happen to you. It’s okay, you’re okay, Petey.”

Peter sniffed, squeezing Tony’s torso so hard he could barely breathe. “I’m scared.”

Tony cupped his cheek, looking into his blank eyes. “I know baby. I know, I know. But I won’t anything happen, okay? You’re gonna be okay.”

God, he was terrified. 


Peter flinched violently when May, Clint and Nat burst through the door. Tony glared at them furiously. 

“Peter- oh god, honey, no,” May whispered. “Oh Lord.” 

“May!” Peter said, looking in her general direction. “May, it’s okay. I’m gonna be fine.”

“Oh honey.” She pulled him into a tight hug. 

Tony wiped the tears stains from his face and smoothed Peter’s hair. “We’re gonna be okay.”

Natasha stepped forward, eyes worried. “маленького паучка? You better be okay. Or no more chocolate pudding.” 

Peter grinned at her. “I won’t, мама паук. Don’t w-worry-”

Tony lunged forward as Peter fell to his knees, coughing heavily.

“Peter- Peter, kiddo, whoa-”

He gasped as Peter went limp in his arms.


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Rules for Narnia

If you wish to go to the beach during the summer remember to pack some sort sun ray blocking implement as Peter is known for turning into a lobster after staying out in the sun too long.

@narnianetwork Aslan’s Army Recruitment

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I stopped writing in the middle of a sex scene so now I feel like Peter is just stuck kneeling on the floor of a car, giving a blowjob to Tony until the next time I find some time to write.

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