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#pop rock

Album: Heartbreak Weather

Artist: Niall Horan

Favourite Track(s): Heartbreak Weather, New Angel

My Thoughts: Honestly, four seconds in I was completely sold. It’s a bit less folky than his first album and more pop-rock, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I love the simplicity of his lyrics, and it all around has a soft vibe that I like. Gotta love Nialler, bless up the Horan squad.

send me an album?

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“I'd drive right off the Earth to find you if it meant that I could see you tonight.”

- “Favorite Place” sung by All Time Low (featuring The Band CAMINO)

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Daily Listening, Day #93 - April 2nd, 2020

Album: So (Geffen, 1986)

Artist: Peter Gabriel

Genre: Art Pop, Pop Rock

Track Listing: 

  1. “Red Rain”
  2. “Sledgehammer”
  3. “Don’t Give Up”
  4. “That Voice Again”
  5. “In Your Eyes”
  6. “Mercy Street”
  7. “Big Time”
  8. “We Do What We’re Told (Milgram’s 37)”
  9. This Is The Picture (Excellent Birds)”

Favorite Song: “That Voice Again”

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Pops Record Collection: War – Greatest Hits

“I only liked one song on that, ‘🎵All my friends have a low rider🎵’ Do you know what a low rider is?”


“Yeah, one of those sedans from the 60s modified to jump up and down? I’d never want one, but, man, those things are cool.”

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What I want, you’ve got and it might be hard to handle. But, like the flame that burns the candle, the candle feeds the flame, yeah, yeah. What I’ve got’s full stock of thoughts and dreams that scatter. You pull them all together and how, I can’t explain. Oh, yeah, well, well, you, you make my dreams come true. Well, well, you, oh, yeah, you make my dreams come true.”

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