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@docholligay I was thinking about this earlier and in know life is stressful right now soooo…. Here’s the outline of an AU based on Moulin Rouge where it makes sense that Haruka is the prostitute and Michiru the client.

Haruka is one of the “low tier” prostitutes at Moulin Rouge. She doesn’t make a ton of money so she supplements with helping keeping the entire building up and running. Between the two jobs she manages to keep her place at there but it’s always by the skin of her teeth.

Michiru is an upper class woman looking for high class prostitute. It has to be a high class prostitute because, of course, everyone knows and accepts that the upper class uses prostitutes but it’s only acceptable for them to use the high class ones. After all, someone with a pedigree like Michiru’s needs to show, even in her prostitutes, that she has incredible taste.

Michiru goes to Moulin Rouge to meet the Satine-stand-in and, through a variety of ridiculous and over-the-top mixups, meets Haruka instead. And sparks fly. And for a moment Michiru thinks that at least one thing in her life has turned out better than she thought. But then it turns out Haruka isn’t who she was supposed to meet.

But of course, Haruka’s head is full of true love and how it can overcome all so she pursues Michiru until she wins and they begin a covert relationship. However, they’re eventually round out. A lot (but not all) of the people at Moulin Rouge are outraged that Haruka would dare to steal from one of the shining stars of their get up (a lot of these people suddenly find themselves with just ridiculously bad luck and no one notices the Minako’s self-satisfied smirk) and people are appalled Michiru could sink so low. Haruka, seeing that Michiru is about to lose her standing in high society, which she considers far more important than her, pretends that she’s only been with Michiru because of the money and Michiru leaves in a rage.

However, eventually Michiru realizes what Haruka has done (be an idiotic martyr) and goes after her. After very dramatic declarations of love (on Haruka’s part) they agree to run away together, even though Michiru will be disowned and Haruka will lose her home. However, it won’t matter because they’ll be both be free and together.

Except, whoops, Michiru is dying and forgot to tell anyone and now she’s dead. It’s all very dramatic and sad. Trust me, I just can’t write it well.

Anyway, turns out that since Michiru had yet to be disowned by her parents, she still has a lot of money, all of which she leaves to Haruka (the will is somehow ironclad, shush, this is based on a movie where they fucking dance on clouds, just shush).

So Haruka ends up with all the freedom and the money in the world, which is what she had always dreamed of, but at the cost of Michiru’s life.

Again, it’s all very sad and dramatic. Trust me.

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take me away by hadley fraser and r*m*n k*r*ml**

’i’m ready to return to the place i last felt stillness, to the place where i met when i was five, when the only thing that mattered was picking colours i could paint with, i’m too damn young to watch my life just pass me by’ or ‘take me to the top of the highest mountain peak, let me scream at the top of my lungs til i can no longer speak’ because both of them Are Moods

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i don’t have a spotify playlist dedicated to em— i don’t have any playlists at all on there actually whxnhajsnd even on other applications i just play songs that make me think of em so so so i can list you some songs if you’d like 😳😳


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i’m just trying to enjoy the ffxiv soundtrack on spotify but it really is damn impossible to enjoy anything on this fucking thing because you listen to two songs and they hit you with 3 adds in a row

like, they’re trying to force you into subscribing to a premium membership by pure force of being obnoxious. 

they’re there like HOW many adds can we put in a row before they will subscribe. How few songs can they listen to before we shove in these adds.

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i’m trying to broaden my music taste and could use some reccomendations of bands and artists to listen to!


  • new artists
  • small/underground bands
  • LGBTQ+ artists
  • highly specific spotify playlists
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i think this is just me old man yelling at cloud-ing but i rly fell out of american music within the past 2 years because i have boring bitch disease and no longer live w people that let me know whats good but also i just dont rly vibe w a lot of the chart stuff rn but i also think that radio is dead, or at least the stations i know, and when everyone gets to choose their own music bc of streaming we dont really have the same POP culture where everyone knows the same stuff and i think its going to be hard to have like a new gaga or whoever yk?

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