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Our Visitors, by the way, either didn’t rent a Lunar Wing or were asleep for so long the lunar wings lost their glow and stopped working. Darkrai didn’t wipe them out either; something else caused it though.


I have an idea on who could’ve caused this, but it’ll have to wait for now.

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Okay here my first one of my pokemon gen series

That’s gen7, Alola, here you meet the twins Philomène and Héliodore with their ‘mon Robin and Sandor. And Hau and his Lisbeth

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Ok so I’m actually really happy with this piece. This setting is a coral reef in Neverland.

 Esva and Fenellope (the gay merms here) are gonna be an active part of my pokeask blog, (neverlandfaerai), and I wanted to draw something for them. I’ve already updated their refs on that blog so now it’s not the old refs I drew years ago thankfully

In the background we got more Darkrai/ Faerai merms, a Primarina, Popplios, a Lileep, Luvdiscs. Above the water is a Celebi, and Neverland Celebis though they’re super tiny and basically dots here

Coral Reefs have always been scary to try to draw bc of all the detail, so I’m really happy that I tried tackling them here. I would like to draw them more

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hello pokemon community on my preffered hellsite,

i am looking for a popplio. for various reasons i cannot move my prized primarina from my DS to my Switch at this time, and i am very sad. i would like a popplio and in exchange i can provide mudkip, litten, Alolan Raichu, or any of the swsh starters with minimum of ‘great’ stats.

bless you all.


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