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6agentgg9 · 2 days ago
I just saw that you created hugglIngs as I searched for poppy playtime. And I must say: THEY ARE SO ADORABLE!
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here one 4 u
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darodugo · 2 days ago
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Why do Mommy Long Legs and Spinel look alike???
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zurcaytrack · 2 days ago
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Some Huggy wuggy doddles that I made during artblock
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murmurmurena · 2 days ago
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Congrats me, I have Trashy-Washy now
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xlazulii · 2 days ago
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One of my favorites in poppy playtime 🤍
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immelyna-14-tb · 2 days ago
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Solo digo-
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somecleverartname05 · 13 hours ago
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I had too much free time so here’s a Bunzo gif
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junebugdunes · 12 hours ago
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low effort Mark doodles cause I've been kinda burnt out lately, his poppy playtime stream was really good
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apah-720 · a day ago
Sneak peek
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And a copilation of some fictional crushes XD
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keeper-of-gates · 2 days ago
those kinds of players: anyway i'm gonna fuck your wife now
Daddy Long Legs: What?! You're not allowed to f*** my wife! Player! Come back here right now! Player! WHAT THE F***!
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just-someone-online · 2 days ago
Ayo, got any headcanons for The Prototype? (That will most likely be disproven in future chapters, but whatever)
A few, yeah. But some of them lean a little more towards theories than headcanons.
The reason why he makes dead toys (And normal humans, judging by the bones in his arm) a part of him is because his body is actively breaking down. What he'll do when he runs out of toys is anybody's guess.
The reason why he waits until the toys are dead is because he isn't strong enough to take any of them in a fight. Maybe when he was first created, but now that he a hodge podge of parts? He wouldn't last a minute with Huggy or Mommy at their peak.
This one comes from Poppy's unused dialogue from the debug version of chapter two. (Terrible things have happened, and I am the cause, being able to exist as a doll, it has killed so many people, so much is so unknown to you). While Poppy was the first living toy, The Prototype was the first attempt to recreate whatever created Poppy. And while his mind is as sharp as they come, his body and personality leave a lot to be desired.
He's connected to Poppy somehow but he isn't sure how. I wouldn't quite say he can control her, but he can influence her actions to an extent. Poppy is, unfortunately, none the wiser.
Part of why Poppy was in the case was to protect her from The Prototype.
It was also to protect the scientists. Poppy used to hold a lot of sway over most of the toys. And with The Prototype - an extremely hostile entity - whispering in her ear? It would be a bloodbath.
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noelianoe1 · 2 days ago
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kissy missy in a mini-train
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Mommy Long Legs: *Posts a super low-quality image to the group chat*
Huggy Wuggy: If I had a dollar for every pixel in this image, I’d have 15 cents.
Mommy Long Legs: If I had a dollar for every ounce of rage I felt in my body after I read this text, I would have enough money to buy a cannon to fire at you.
Boogie Bot: Actually I did the math, Huggy would have $225, not $0.15.
Huggy Wuggy: Fam I’m right here....
Candy Cat: If I had a dollar I would buy a can of soda :)
Kissy Missy: while you’re there could you buy me an apply juice please?
Candy Cat: Sorry I only have a dollar.
Kissy Missy: :(
Boogie Bot: Hey I just realized I was wrong. Huggy would have $22,500 because it's a dollar for every pixel, not a cent.
Candy Cat: If I had $22,500 I would buy a can of soda and an apply juice.
Daisy: You can buy anything you want with $22,500.
Bunzo: Yeah and they want soda and apply juice.
Cat-Bee: Apply juice to what.
Huggy Wuggy: Directly to the forehead.
Bron: Great chat everyone
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creatur3-featur3 · 22 hours ago
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Oops forgot to post this
Comm for cool person
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choclateteez · 2 days ago
4town playing Poppy Playtime Chapter 2!! (Pt 1)
Hates horror games with a PASSION
Was only convinced to play it after repetitive begging by Tae and T
He hates spiders so Mommy Long Legs was already on his bad side from the START
He thought Poppy was adorable though
"guys, shes helping me :o"
He actually enjoys learning more about the lore rather than the gameplay
He sing-narrates. For sure.
Lots of cursing. Lots of it. He tries to keep it at a minimum especially if he's streaming or else management will be on his ass about it, but ITS TOO SCARY
Keep in mind, his fans clip the fuck out of these streams because they get to hear him scream mommy all the time💀
Hes pretty good at the puzzles. It takes him a few minutes to get the gist and he's already on to the next thing
The first minigame messed him up in the head. The sound of the cymbals coming down makes him get the pattern wrong and it starts a chain reaction
"Okok, blue, green, orange..blu-NONONO SHIT"
The second minigame wasnt too hard for him actually. He was dead silent the whole way through for this one
The last minigame had him anxious asf. He just hears that disgusting caterpillars legs crawling after him, and he wanted to bang his head on the table every time the lights turned on
The chase scene? No. Absolutely not.
"Its called hide...AND...SEEK!!!!" "uuuh okay?" "One. Two." "OH I NEED TO GO!! I GOTTA GO"
"those noises are DISTURBING"
The furnace thing confused him. He thought his chat was trying to troll him and he actually paused the game to talk about it
"Surely im not supposed to hide in there??? You guys are- ok let me pause this. If i were in this situation guys, the LAST PLACE i would even THINK to hide would be a FURNACE. Where is the logic in this???? Nonono im not hearing you out"
That one last scene where the door is opening slowly had him internally seizing
"Is she- IS SHE GALLOPING!?!?! This door better open or SO HELP ME GOD"
Mommys death scene actually really disturbed him. Not because he felt bad for her, but her screams and the splatter of blood was a tad too gruesome for comfort. He stayed there gaping for a good second
He expected the ending a mile away
Aaron Z
He's a pretty stoic gamer (think penguinz0) but things do get to him if theyre scary enough
He's listened to Tae and T rant about it, so hes pretty informed about the context of the game
When he does get jumpscared, its more of a delayed reaction. Hed stare at the screen for a second, put a hand on his chest and mutter "Jesus..."
He didnt trust Poppy at ALL
"Dolls arent supposed to talk, sooooo im calling it, shes evil"
"Bro, i dont need your help, whats crawling through the vents gonna do?? Go away, this aint fnaf, tf"
He hums a lot during gameplay, and it gets louder during scary moments
The first mini game, mans was FOCUSED
He lowered the volume and focused on the patterns
Chat called him a cheater to which he replied "think smarter, not harder"
T walks in on his lives all the time. Its like. He gets a sense the moment he clicks on his cam
"T, get out, im focusing" "I didnt even say anything🕴"
2nd minigame still didnt phase him too bad
The 3rd one though!???!
He couldnt for the life of him stand the sound of the thing following him
He got stuck in the foam pit and he just heard it coming towards him, and he actually stood up and walked away from the monitor every time the lights turned on
All with a straight face😭
He had a hard time figuring out where to go once he got to the end
"Where do i go? Chat where???...chat hes getting closer to me, and I DONT- i dont know where to go, im going to fucking die. Up?? Up where- Ooooooooooh..."
He handled the chase scene well externally. Inside though, he was actually ending it all
The death scene disnt bother him to much, but he still didnt like it
When poppy changes the trains course "SEE? WHATD I TELL YALL? WHAT. DID I. TELL. YALL.
This is the end of my first tumblr work lol! Pls be nice. More parts coming another time!
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spooky-nachos · 21 hours ago
A small art on "Poppy playtime"
Damn, how I like these living toys 🤧
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arrowsperpetualcringe · 10 hours ago
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and now for something a little less fucked up
Believe it or not I actually have headcanons for these characters.
Will I reveal them?
Probably not, they're so dumb, so have this out of context 😂
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clanwarrior-tumbly · 22 hours ago
The one thing that's weird to me about Poppy Playtime is the in game artwork. You see Playtime Co strikes me as a company that's a stickler for details on their toys, murals and posters so why are they wrong?
For example the first time we see this is in chapter 1 with Huggy Wuggy, he's wearing a blue bowtie same with the toy versions of Huggy, but yet in some of his posters and murals he's wearing a yellow one.
The same again happens in chapter 2 with Mommy Long Legs, she has pink hands and shoes with blue wrists and socks same again with her toy versions but yet in some of her posters and murals they're blue hands and shoes with pink wrists and socks.
So far the only one who seems true to their murals and posters (no toys seen yet) is Kissy Missy. Back in chapter 1 when we see Kissy Missy in her rule poster for the first time and she's wearing a blue bowtie like Huggy. Then when we finally see her in chapter 2 she's wearing it there as well.
So is Mob games trying to hint at something do you think? Like Kissy Missy is the only true version of her toy self and the rest are fakes and the real ones are hidden away somewhere? Or maybe I'm just looking too deep into this while waiting for chapter 3 who knows?-🌸
Honestly it's still early in the game so I say anything goes ghshgha. Nothing is too deep here haha
Those are some weird little details. I highly doubt it's an oversight on the developers' part so maybe there's an in-universe reason for that.
Maybe Playtime Co ran out of yellow materials for Huggy's bowtie when he became so popular and couldn't get anymore for some reason?? Idk you'd think they'd keep their literal mascot on-model but hmm...
Ig they weren't too worried about him (or any living toy) being a perfect replica when they were so focused on bringing him to life and getting his behavior under control. Their priority wasn't a silly bowtie at the time
Maybe Kissy is different bc she's the only one to (so far) express benevolence? And she cooperated with staff and allowed her to look more like her cartoon-self?
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kawacy · 3 months ago
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Poppy Playtime
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