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alien-of-sirius · a day ago
Filmler ve Filimler
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emirkocturk · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Eğer olurda yüreğin daralırsa şayet gel hiç çekinme kaldıysa çiçeklerim bütün bahçem senin ve her şey senin cennettin..
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yourdailyqueer · a day ago
Tumblr media
Sha'Carri Richardson
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Lesbian
DOB: 25 March 2000
Ethnicity: African American
Occupation: Olympic Prof sprinter
Note: Was disqualified from Tokyo 2020 due to testing positive for marijuana, which is a banned substance in the Olympics.
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anes-tesia · 11 hours ago
Encuentro placer en el caos y el infierno me resulta acogedor.
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royal-confessions · a day ago
Tumblr media
“Princess Anne is a very loving and affectionate mother and grandmother unlike what people say about her.” - Submitted by Anonymous
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4ugk · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Bayonetta Anime Statue DESCRIPTION
Acy & Force Studios
Material: Resin + PU + Alloy Bayonetta Statues
Size of Version A: 47 x 39 x 40cm Estimated
Size of Version B: 47 x 39 x 40cm Estimated
Quantity: Limited to 288pcs
Shipping Date: Q1 2022 Estimated 
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fudemushi · 3 months ago
watch samurai flamenco
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nicolauda · 5 months ago
prince phillip is dead and the newsreader was like “this has come as a shock to many” babe where have you BEEN
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yourdailyqueer · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Alana Smith
Gender: Non binary (they/them)
Sexuality: Bisexual
DOB: 20 October 2000
Ethnicity: White - American
Occupation: Olympic skateboarder
Note: First openly non-binary athlete to represent the United States at the Olympics and had the pronouns “they/them” inscribed on their skateboard.
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punkfaery · 8 months ago
my cat hates taking his pills. the only way we can get him to eat them is to turn it into an elaborate pantomime - we take the packet out of the cupboard slowly and hold it up, saying “oh!! what’s this? what’s this? a TREAT? a TREAT for louis????” while making surprised faces. we offer him a pill... then, before he has a chance to sniff it, we wag our fingers at him and replace it in the packet so it becomes a Tantalising Forbidden Mystery. we continue doing this until he’s so confused and excited that he will eat the pill as fast as possible, just so he can find out what it is before we can take it away from him again. as soon as he’s eaten it he looks utterly disappointed and betrayed, like a child who just ate a delicious sweet only to find it was a chocolate-coated brussels sprout. it never gets old
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royal-confessions · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
“If Harry and Meghan had dignity they would have given back the Titles. They claim that the BRF is a racist institution with family members making racist remarks. Why would they keep something as important as that if it came from racists? They are no longer working Royals. Can't they make it on their own without Titles? Racist Titles? It seems so hypocritical. What will their children think of them when they are old enough to understand. The BRF never want to see her again. And Harry cannot be trusted and if they had any pride or self-esteem just give them back. Why do they cling to them for dear life. The RF just keeps going on without them with record high poll numbers. So they are not missed in any way. Without the Titles, maybe they would be nobodies. And that is their fear.” - Submitted by Anonymous
“Harry is still royal. He is still in line to the throne. He didn't give up his Prince title and uses it when he wants. He also didn't give up his Duke title he got as a wedding gift, which Meghan uses it when she wants as Duchess. Why do you think they are whining about Archie Prince title? Also, doesn't Harry know that Charles was already wishing to downsize royal family even before he got married? Harry and Meghan think the reason is racism when it's not. Want to live free? Hand titles back.” - Submitted by Anonymous
“The Royal Family have told Harry and Meghan to not merchandise their titles, and Meghan drops a book signed as Meghan, duchess of Sussex, why are they keep poking the RF?! For someone who was done so wrong by her new family and the royal institution, Meghan definitely loves to use her titles as her last name. I’ll never understand how they hate the RF so much, but they both lose their mind when someone doesn’t address them as HRH or use the duke/duchess title. The hypocrisy is outstanding” - Submitted by Anonymous
“At least Wallis and Edward had the sense/decency to leave the royal family and live their lives out of the public and not bother the BRF anymore. Meanwhile Meghan and Harry claim the BRF is so terrible but then want to use their royal titles as a means to gain status/influence/work deals! If being an a royal in the public eye was so awful then go live your lives privately” - Submitted by Anonymous
“If meghan hates the rf that much she should give up her title ASAP” - Submitted by Anonymous
“Audacity of Harry to use "HRH" on the Diana Awards post. Which part of agreeing not to use it is he struggling with?” - Submitted by Anonymous
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4ugk · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Pikachu Cosplay Sasori Statue Figure DESCRIPTION
ZL Studios
Material: Resin + PU Pikachu Cosplay Sasori Resin Anime Statues
Size: 34 x 25 x 28cm Estimated
Shipping Date: Q4 2021 Estimated 
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dingdongyouarewrong · a month ago
if you call someone ‘terminally online’ or ‘extremely online’ you are also extremely online because only terminally online people know and use those terms as insults in the first place. that doesn’t mean you’re wrong about the other person but you have no claim of superiority and offlineness over them. i am including myself here
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dogposts · 29 days ago
Just using the dog's ear as a blanket..
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