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“Maybe we could go to Reiner’s house?”

That’s what Bertholdt suggested with a timid voice when he and his friends got surprised by the sudden downpour. The park was now covered with a white curtain of cold drops and the tree they all huddled under struggled to protect them from the rain.  

Bertholdt would have gladly sheltered them at his studio since he didn’t live that far from the park. But his place was too cramped to welcome such a group. Marcel and Porco’s house would have been a better plan if only it hadn’t been located on the other side of the city. As for the girls, Pieck was from the neighboring town and Annie’s flat mate refused to let the Galliard brothers in since… the last time.

Now, the Braun’s house was close, spacious and empty at this hour, save for Reiner, his boyfriend, who’d surely open the door for them. It was obviously their best option at the moment and Bertholdt felt relief when the others promptly agreed to his suggestion. Soaked like they were, they didn’t need much convincing, anyway.

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My MRB fic is finally done! Lot of reibert, lot of flirty Marcel, a little hint of trans!Porco, Ace!Annie, Nb!Bertholdt but also pikuani, marurai and maruberu. And a dog! Thank you @whiteasy for encouraging me, and thank you @wanderingtycho for editing! <3

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For the tenth time this evening, Porco dove his hand in the pocket of his jeans to pull out his phone with a quiet grunt. His thumb slid on the partly cracked screen, searching his messages, and for the tenth time this evening, he found himself disappointed. He stared a moment at the lack of new text before impatiently refreshing the phone application. But the result remained the same. He then quickly checked his voicemails in case he had missed a call but… No. Nothing. Neither from his brother nor even his parents. How come he still hadn’t received anything yet?

With a frustrated sigh, Porco dropped his phone next to him on the sofa and turned his attention back to the movie he was watching with Bertholdt. His boyfriend gave him a worried look that Porco tried to avoid by keeping his eyes locked on the TV. He muttered a deceitful “I’m fine” to reassure him but he felt his guts clenching at such a pitiful lie. He didn’t even know why he’d hide the truth from his brunet.

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My first Gallibert fanfiction! Or PeanutButter as I like to call it. Short fic, I know but I’m no writer ^^’ I dedicate this fic to all my little chouquettes who love PeanutButter <3 I hope you’ll enjoy it and if you do, please, go thank @whiteasy cause she’s the one who encouraged me to turn this idea into actual fic <3 And thank you again @wanderingtycho for the help on editing it, you were great help <3

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Si te gusta las brochetas, en este vídeo de @amochurrascooficial verás una gran variedad de ellas🍡🍢
Brochetas de pollo, carne de cerdo, cafta, corazoncitos de pollo, pechuga de pollo con bacon, ternera con queso y bacon, picaña, cafta de pollo con queso.

¿ Podrías describir Cuáles son la brocheta que te gusta más?

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