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#pork belly burger
johnnyprimecc · a month ago
Little Rebel
I came here with my wife and another couple to try out some of the menu items, as this place just recently opened about a month ago. We tried two flavors of wings: maple waffle, and everything bagel. My favorite was the everything bagel. They even came with little blobs of creamed cheese. The popcorn shrimp was addictive. I could easily eat 3 bowls Massive chicken sandwich, topped with…
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dailycravings · 3 years ago
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Pork Belly Shrimp Burger With Fries From The Wharf in Garden Grove, California via: @theirregularlens
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theafternoonmoon · 3 years ago
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Everyone here in Portland cooks like they care. Pork belly burger was such yummy comfort at bird + bear. Even the side salad with kale, spinach and pickled red onions was delicious. Energy to write more poems.
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tomsburgerblog · 3 years ago
The Lumpia Burger at The Oinkster (Los Angeles, CA)
Burger Week 2018. Burger No. 5.
It’s safe to say that this burger, an original creation by Oinkster head chef Andre Gurrero, was the strangest burger on the docket for The Oinkster’s Burger Week 2018. The name was even strange—so strange, in fact, it was the only burger this week The Oinkster deemed necessary to brand with a sub-title: “The Thrilla From Manilla.” If you had no idea what lumpia was, this sub-title sort of let you know that you were in for a Filipino experience.
Overall Appearance: 3 Points (of 5)
I really didn’t know what to think about the Thrilla from Manilla. I’m not the most ardent consumer of Filipino food, so I was rather surprised that this burger didn’t immediately turn me off.
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Bun: 7 Points (of 10)
The Lumpia was served on a pan de sal roll (a traditional Filipino bun), which was a completely appropriate choice for this burger (and one I’ve used in my own burger-making adventures). It was perhaps a little on the stiff side, but overall, no complaints.
Meat: 22 Points (of 30)
One of my biggest challenges with this burger was that the patty isn’t beef—it’s pork. I’ve sort of had an unwritten rule that I’d only write up beef burgers on these pages, but I couldn’t not write this up since it was part of Burger Week. Now the door is open and all meat-types are are fair game. The patty was decent enough, a little dry perhaps, but quite flavorful. But the Lumpia also had a chunk of pork belly that draped over the pork patty which really added a depth of flavor to the whole.
Cheese: 0 Points (of 15)
The Thrilla from Manilla ain’t down with the cheese. And there’s nothing wrong with that.
Vegetables: 12 Points (of 15)
The Lumpia Burger was a little hard to grade in the vegetable category. First of all, there’s the mushrooms, which are wrapped in lumpia, a thin, crepe-like pastry (think about what egg rolls are wrapped in). It’s also the burger’s titular ingredient. I’m not the biggest fan of mushrooms, but wrapped inside the deep-fried lumpia, I didn’t even know they were there. And the lumpia added a nice crunch to the whole experience. Secondly, the Lumpia also came with a (quite tasty) green papaya relish, which, in this case, was more vegetables than sauce.
Sauces: 5 Points (of 10)
In addition to the green papaya relish (which, again, was more vegetable than sauce), the Lumpia was graced with a sweet Thai sauce. This stuff was a little too sweet for my taste and really sticky.
Messiness: 4 Points (of 5)
The main reason this burger gets a high score for messiness is the stickiness of the sweet Thai sauce. Itreally should have been served with a handi-wipe.
Burgerness: 6 Points (of 10)
This burger was a little weird and definitely not something I would have ever ordered, but I was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed it as much as I did. I don’t know I’d ever order it again, but I’m glad I tried it. It jut goes to show you—sometimes you have to trust the chef.
This burger had no cheese. Without that category The Thrilla earned a raw score of 59. But, as we do here fairness here on Tom’s Burger Blog, we factored out that category, and the Lumpia earned an adjusted Burger Score of 69.
Burger Score: 69
The Lumpia Burger was $12.00 at The Oinkster, 2005 Colorado Blvd, Eagle Rock (Los Angeles). This one was consumed on June 8, 2018
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iheartfoodposts · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Sticky Belly Pork Burger - Sticky Asian style melt-in-the-mouth pork belly, stuffed into a soft brioche bun and loaded with quick pickled veggies and a jalapeno kick!
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incorrectbatfam · 17 days ago
Not sure if you’ve done this, but what’s the most cursed thing the batfam members have been caught doing when they thought they were alone? And who caught them?
(All of these were witnessed by Bruce because Alfred knows how to avoid such situations)
Dick: biting into a banana sideways and with the peel
Jason: collecting belly button lint samples from every bad guy he beat up
Tim: rocking back and forth on the kitchen floor in his bathing suit eating a cold gas station burrito as all of Kanye's award speeches played over surround sound
Damian: putting fake shark fins on all the minnows at the pet store
Duke: going through gala photos and swapping everyone's faces with Nicholas Cage (except Nicholas Cage, who got face-swapped with Commissioner Gordon)
Cullen: putting ketchup and pork chops in an Oreo milkshake
Stephanie: cutting a Superman logo–shaped boob window in the bat costume
Cassandra: changing her screensaver to teeth
Barbara: dressing up mannequins to look like her and placing them around the house
Harper: buying every Bruce Wayne LEGO figurine to assemble a Brarmy™
Carrie: Hiring the Wendy's mascot to chase Ronald McDonald with a KFC drumstick into a Burger King
Kate: chewing on fortune cookie paper for two hours after a meal
Alfred: taking a shower
Bruce: looking at his reflection after three days of no sleep and finding a lukewarm slice of Kraft cheese clinging to his stubble
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let-us-taco-bout-it · 2 years ago
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📸: fitwaffle
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waltdisneyworldfood · 3 years ago
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Pork Belly Burger at D-Luxe Burger in Disney Springs At Walt Disney World
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fritesandfries · 9 days ago
Taiwanese Hamburger 虎咬豬
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A few places, like Momofuku Ssam Bar, may have popularized this idea of meat (usually pork belly) nestled between a steamed lotus leaf shaped bao (bun), but the concept of this is Fujian Chinese in origin and it’s been around for awhile. In Taiwan, a similar version is lovingly called the Taiwanese hamburger. It makes sense because Taiwan, is right across the sea from Fujian and experienced a huge influx of Chinese immigration during WWII & the Second Sino-Japanese War.
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Three important items for these ‘burgers: steamed lotus leaf buns 荷葉包, spicy pickled mustard greens (post forthcoming) and pork belly. I have seen vegetarian AND vegan friendly options, but I plan on creating this for a future post! As for the buns, this is so embarrassing to admit, I have not been able to successfully make steamed buns from scratch like my grandma so I do not have a recipe listed below. Fortunately, you can find steamed buns at most Asian grocery stores.
Braised Pork Belly
For 4 servings:
2 tbsp. vegetable oil
1 bunch green onions, roughly chopped
3 garlic cloves, roughly chopped
1 lb. pork belly (Duroc or Berkshire), cut into 4 strips
½ c. Shaoxing wine
2 tbsp. dark soy sauce
2 tbsp. light soy sauce
4 star anise pods
2 3-inch cinnamon sticks
1 tsp. fennel seeds
1/2 oz. yellow rock sugar
2 c. water (or enough to cover the pork)
Accoutrements: steamed buns sliced cucumber, cilantro, steamed buns, ground peanuts, spicy mustard greens
Heat vegetable oil over medium heat in a dutch oven. Add green onions and garlic. Cook until fragrant, about 1 minute. Add pork belly and cook until all edges are seared. Remove pork belly and add the remaining ingredients. Bring the mixture to a boil. Add pork and reduce heat to low. Cook on low heat for 2 hours, occasionally flipping the pork.
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To serve, sandwich pork between steamed buns with cilantro, cucumber and ground peanuts.
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40sandfabulousaf · 3 years ago
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Tumblr media
Hubs wanted the pork belly burger. The patties were prepared the same way as the last, but this time I lessened the sashimi soy sauce used to fry the onions and added paprika and pepper.
I also placed a cheddar slice (I’m not paid to mention President brand in any posts, but I love the texture of their cheese) on 1 side of the butter roll and a square of butter on the other. After topping the bread with onions, I microwaved them just enough to melt the butter but not completely while the patties were frying.
The combo worked; hubs is a very satisfied man 😁
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dadgotfat · a day ago
Tumblr media
In the two years since I moved in with dad, adopted his eating habits, and stopped going to the gym, I've packed on a big fat belly and a pair of chunky moobs. "Whoa, son, look how much you've porked out! You might even fatter than I was at your age!" dad exclaimed after seeing me snacking and lounging shirtless the other day. "Anyways... what sounds better for dinner tonight? Burgers or Chinese takeout?"
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videogamingpalate · a year ago
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Judgement Braised Pork Belly Burger by Victoria (Pixelated Provisions).
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veronicasvanitycc · 6 months ago
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This post is specifically for other CC creators. If you can/would make any of these items for the Sims community, I would lose my mind. Or if you know where they can already be found, please let me know! ❤ All credit of course will be given and you will be shared on my tumblr and patreon. I am also a member of TBS/DSC on facebook so you will be shared there as well when I post! If you see anything on the list that you would love to see in the S4 Community, reblog pleaseeeee!
If any of these items are found, I will update the list with a link for everyone. ❤
Lot Traits
Elementary School
High School
Salon/Nail Salon
Tattoo Studio
Low Income Housing
Apartment Building
Bachelor Pad
Deco Sims
Sitting Santa (LP Photos)
Male Strippers
Toddlers (Daycare)
Babies (LP Maternity Ward)
Zoo Keepers/Amusement Park Workers/Disney Characters
Casino/Resort Workers
Basketball/Football Players
Teens (Prom/School/Having Fun etc)
Prison Inmates
Band "Geeks"
School Jocks
Tanning/Waxing Salon Clients
Tarot/Paranormal Sims (Tarot shop)
Church (Pastor/Choir/Confessional)
TSA/Airport Staff/Judge
Postal Workers
Edible Foods & Recipes
Beef & Cheddar Sandwich (Arbys)
Curly Fries
Chili Dogs
Cheese Curds
Fried Okra
Garlic Parmesan Fries
Pulled Pork Sandwiches
Honey Walnut Shrimp (Panda Express)
Crab Rangoon
Teriyaki Chicken
Fried Cabbage W/ Bacon
Brisket/Cornbread/Collard Greens
Corn Dogs
Funnel Cake
Mushroom & Swiss Burger
Taco Platter/Rice/Beans
Chorizo/Egg/Cheese Burrito
Biscuits & Gravy (I thought I saw this released???)
Sweet Potatoes W/ Brown Sugar & Marshmallows
California Sushi Roll
Shrimp Tempura Sushi Roll
Philadelphia Sushi Roll
Chicken & Wild Rice Soup
Sloppy Joes & Chips
Mexican Red Rice
Toastadas & Ceviche
Taco Salad
Carne Asada Tacos
Birria Tacos W/ Consumme
Honey Biscuits (Churchs Chicken)
Dirty Rice (Bojangles/Cajun Style)
Sub Sandwiches (Subway Build)
Bratwurst W/ Saurkraut
Carnitas W/ Red Rice
Waffle Fries (Chick Fil A)
Swedish Meatballs W/ Butter Noodles
French Dip Sandwich W/ Au Jus
Seafood Boil
Chicken Fries (Burger King)
Spicy Chicken Sandwich (Popeyes!!!!!!!!!❤)
Whopper Sandwich (Burger King)
Salt Fish & Cabbage
Cobb Salad
Creamy Chicken Over Rice
Ackee & Salt Fish
Boiled Peanuts
Sweet Tea
Functionality is hard so decor items are are just as good!
Diving Cage (Decor/LP Use)
Waterslides (Is it possible to make other designs through necrodogs functional water slide?)
Earring Display Turnstyle (Claires Build)
Ear Pericing Gun
Earring Stud Stand (Choose your studs before you get your ears pierced lol)
Ear Cleaner
Tattoo Goo
Incense Tubes (Retail Style/Pick & Choose)
Aquarium Touch Pool (Anything works for this!)
Wall Candy Dispensers
Prison Visitor Phone (Anything for a visitation room)
Dunk Tank (Necrodog Fair Pack Add On?)
Whack a Mole
Tall Froyo Ice Cream Machine
Ring Toss (Necrodog Fair Pack Add On? Jcope?)
Goldfish Toss (Necrodog Fair Pack Add On? Jcope?)
Kiddie Coster (Necrodog Fair Pack Add On?)
Balloon Darts (Necrodog Fair Pack Add On? Jcope has one, but something not as circus related?)
Bumper Boats ( I am dyinggggg for this!!! Even if its decor only)
Cornhole Game (horseshoe toss style)
Snow Cone Machine (This would be dope to be functional!)
Coin Operated Rides (outside of stores)
Functional/Non Functional Casino Stuff/Games Etc
Wet Bar (Sims 3 Conversion?)
Freakshow Decor (Venice Beach Freakshow)
Bingo Ball Spinner/Cage/Caller? (What do you call it lol)
Bingo Cards
Plastic Surgeon Chair
Sol De Janeiro Stuff (I need!!!)
Fake Nails (Boxes for retail)
Body Jewelry Decor Displays
Store Signs
Del Taco
Burger King
Churchs Chicken
Jack In The Box
Golden Corral
Cheesecake Factory
Cracker Barrel
In & Out
Dairy Queen
Raising Canes
Texas Roadhouse
Carls Jr,
Captain D's
Bush's Chicken
Disney World
Horrorland (Goosebumps Style)
Ulta Beauty
Museum Of Death (LA Museum)
Shady Acres (Junky Sign/Trailer Park Build)
Jelly Belly
NFL Store
Spelman College (Britechester/Foxbury Text Override Mod)
Morehouse College (Britechester/Foxbury Text Override Mod)
Michael's (Craft store)
Hobby Lobby
Caesars Palace
Hells Kitchen
Party City
American Girl Dolls
"The Boardwalk" (Like the Santa Monica Pier Arch)
Charlotte Russe
Motel 6
Good Burger
Mondo Burger
Planned Parenthood
Rainforest Cafe
Universal Studios
If you know of any place I can find these items, please let me know!!! If they are used in any of my builds, I will give you that entire build early access as well as share you all over and probably obsess over you for the rest of my life. ❤ (creator or not) I am aware that this gives away my future ideas, but oh well. We can all win yall.
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burgersoverload · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Parlour in St Paul, MN. Blend of ground chuck, ribeye, and brisket, with white american cheese. Left fried egg(obvious), right with thick cut pork belly bacon. My new found top burger in Minnesota. Put it on your list if you live here or are going to visit. They have another location in Minneapol
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hyunnie · 5 months ago
changbin: damn what do i wanna eat
changbin: i ordered pork belly and curry but hannie ordered a burger and it looks good so now i want a burger
changbin: this dwaekki is turning more into a pig..
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