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csa-survivor-confessions · 7 months ago
Is it possible to self harm with porn and masturbation? I'm a survivor and when I was a young teen I would look at a lot of fetish content and extreme porn and convince myself I liked it, and would experience distress or disgust afterwards that often drove me to self harm in other ways. A lot of that content is really triggering to me now and can make me break down or panic if I accidentally see it. I don't know what to call this and don't know if it's even valid.
Yes, pornography and masturbation are pretty common ways to self-harm for sexual abuse victims. It can follow the same patterns of other self-harm functions as punishment, addiction, and meeting emotional and arousal (the nervous system kind not the sexual kind) needs.
In our current culture, there is often a dichotomy between people being shamed for any sexual activity at all and then people who try and push all sexual acts as something people should want. And a lot of survivors get stuck in these mindsets and can lead to things like convincing ourselves we like things like violent porn we don't like. This can cause deep shame and harm to us.
These negative emotions brought up by harmful/unwanted usage of pornography can lead to other harmful behaviours, this is not uncommon.
You can just call self-harm or self-injurious behaviour and it's quite common.
Be Blessed,
-Admin 2
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garliclesbian · a year ago
happy sunday sluts let’s get psychosexual
//tw pornography mention// as well as a lot of other fucked up shit that aired on the cw’s supernatural
i made a post like this before but it was too meek, apologetic even. i’m done pretending. so let’s talk about the (highly inappropriate) lengths supernatural went, to signal us that there was something inherently weird about dean’s sexuality. because it’s almost always dean that’s affected by the deeply horny plot points on the show. it was dean who (to name a few), got groped by alien tentacles, was horny for a poodle, attended an orgy with crowley, “serviced oberon king of fairies”, enjoyed wearing women’s underwear, wants to get slapped during sex, fell for a male siren, had the hots for cartoon character... the list goes on. additionally pornography, in context to dean, gets mentioned much more often and more explicitly than others. while for others it’s usually a throwaway line, in dean’s case we explicitly know what kind of porn he consumes (sigh. racist fetshisation and hentai). not only are both of these pretty “out there”. they also don’t match any of the women dean is seen to pursue. (of course in real life if and what kind of porn you watch is not at all indicative of your own sexual preferences, but i digress because this is tv world.) the only person to match dean’s porn references was a lesbian’s and the first out gay recurring character on the show. and of course the other time is when cas watches the “pizza man video” but if i think about that any further i won’t make it out alive....... anyway supernatural couldn’t show gay affection or sexuality on screen because it’s weird. but they took every possible chance to tell us, that dean’s sexuality, as opposed to everybody else’s is....what exactly?????
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systemofthestars · a year ago
The fact it's considered conservative and mocked if the reason you think something is harmful is that it hurts children is fucked.
Child rights and the trauma we put kids through is a problem.
It's not a problem inherent to say "think of the children"
I mean childhood trauma is a health crisis demonstrably, so thinking of the children is a way to combat health issues. 
And  also children just deserve a safe place to grow and respect
For the love of God yes think of the children. If you think of children you will generally come to conclusions that help everyone.
I understand that people often consider white able middle to upper-class children are the only children to think of. But it’s better to widen it to think of all children then mock people for maybe thinking children shouldn’t watch porn. 
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dizzyhslightlyvoided · a year ago
My dreams just wandered a bunch.
I remember a completely made-up depiction of Hades (the game), a smutty webcomic with just goofy character designs but gorgeously-rendered background, playing with dolls and more advanced versions thereof like roleplay.
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mountaingoatsstanaccount · 2 years ago
hey tumblr... did you know. u can criticize the porn industry for many things- there’s plenty of valid criticisms! without saying “porn is evil ban all porn”
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prokopetz · 4 days ago
Folks like to point to the fact that, when confronted with a popular character, Tumblr will be like “what if they were an uwu pastel catboy” and Twitter will be like “what if they had a twelve-inch dick” as evidence of a fundamental cultural divide, but what you need to understand is that before the porn ban came down, Tumblr was like “what if they were an uwu pastel catboy and had a twelve-inch dick”, and that impulse has never really gone away.
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iamthelowercase · 3 years ago
I’m living with my parents and they use OpenDNS filtering on the wifi.  There’s some filtering set up to block, you know, 4chan, porn sites, you know.  Which, fair enough on the face of it!  And I’m a 20something of the internet generation, I can find other sources or ways around if I want to.
(I’m not affected by other people’s pornposting being banned from tumblr because I never used tumblr for porn in the first place.  I’ve always used reddit and imgur and text sites.)
The nudity/pornography categories have a problem where they block specific tumblr blogs.  Not tumblr as a whole!  I would be miffed at that, but I would acquiesce.  No, specific, individual tumblr blogs.
And not the few blogs I would occasionally check in on that were in fact porn, either!  Those always came through fine!  No, the things being blocked were @queenieofaces, who is the exact opposite of porn.  And @vanishinginthepark.  And-- gosh, I looked through once.  Several other aces, who have never posted an image, people who have never so much as posted a link to description of genitalia.
The straw that broke the camel’s back was finding @straightpeoplereceipts blocked for nudity/pornography.  Literally all I wanted to do was check them out to see if they’re cool.  I checked on queenie to confirm that this is in fact the same old bullshit.
So since I’m already running a wifi subnet anyways, I just went and changed what DNS it uses.  Bypass this bullshit altogether.
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